Chipper Shopping Evan Mathis

March 12th, 2015
Eagles are shopping right guard Evan Mathis.

Eagles are shopping guard Evan Mathis.

You know the Bucs need a right guard. Joe knows they need a right guard. Hell, the Bucs know they need a right guard.

Now the Bucs believe that since left guard Logan Mankins has found a place to practice his barbecue pitmaster skills, they are good at left guard.

They are not good at right guard.

Center/guard Stefan Wisniewski visited the Bucs last night and after wolfing down a Tampa Cuban sandwich, high-tailed it to Seattle where the Seahawks need a center.

Bye, Stefan.

Now comes word that Eagles’ strongman Chip Kelly has put Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis on the shopping scale, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. Could the Bucs use Mathis? Hell, yes! Should the Bucs be interested in Mathis? Hell, yes!

Joe is just guessing that it would take a Tim Wright-Patriots type of trade to get Mathis, who was still damned good at 33, even after an injury.

37 Responses to “Chipper Shopping Evan Mathis”

  1. Luther Says:

    No trades. Wait for him to be released.

  2. Jfgobucs Says:

    Joe…what happened to the DE visiting..Haven’t seen anything

  3. bucco brice Says:

    no,no,no…no more trading picks for 1-2 year rentals…draft picks for this team should be out of bounds. except to trade down and gain picks…

  4. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    I think a possible reason Wiz was chased off was because L&L wanted him to be a guard and not a center. They need to wake up and realize that EDS is a terrible center. Why not force his ass to play guard and get somebody that actually knows how to snap the ball from the shotgun without rolling it on the fcking ground.

    As for trading for Mathis, I could easily see Doug Martin being shippeg off to Philly if DeMarco Murray doesn’t sign. At least, that’s what L&L would do, and give their golden boy Charles Sims the starting job on a silver platter.

  5. BucsfanNJ Says:

    Id trade anything from 5th round and below for him. He would be more valuable to keep our new QB healthy, and mentor what ever new OL we draft this year. Pull the trigger L&L

  6. Rob Says:

    injury history and tried holding out for more money last season. No thanks

  7. iamkingsu Says:

    Wait til the f’n draft. Its deep with O lineman

  8. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    33 freaking years old. Yeah, trade picks away for a player that will be out of the league in a year.

  9. Matt Says:

    Nope dont want another bloated salarY on the oline. Draft a guard with a premium book and let’s get this homegrown talent going.

  10. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Until Wisniewski signs somewhere, we’re not out of the picture with him either.

  11. iamkingsu Says:

    I just read the article he 33 Joe?? Tighten up mane

  12. Bubba Says:

    Send Goldson and a pick over for mathis. Hopefully will want to restructure.

  13. iamkingsu Says:

    You’ll see pro bowl or former pro bowl player and lose all perspective. I’m still not over giving up Tim Wright!

  14. Lunch Bag Al Says:

    What about Barksdale as a RT. If they are gonna throw Dotson to the LT, we need a solid RT. He is solid. That being said, I do not think Dotson should move to LT. He has been arguably our best lineman at the RT spot.

  15. BucIt941 Says:

    Grubbs was traded for a 5th rounder. I say Evans is in that same market and for just a 5th rounder. I am ok with the trade. Unless the Eagles want to do something crazy like trade Bradford, Mathis, and Murray plus their 1st for Tampa’s #1 overall

  16. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I’m pretty much with everybody else here. NO draft picks. Somebody like Martin perhaps. Let’s face it…any players with value on the Bucs are so desperately needed we can’t afford to trade them.

  17. justabucsfan Says:

    I know the bucs need A LOT of help on o-line but I would not trade anymore than a 5th rounder for this guy simply because he is 33 years old. Wouldn’t be worth it to only have for a couple years. And on top of that I don’t trust Chip Kelly as far as I could throw him and neither should the bucs organization.

  18. Thibs5599 Says:

    Yes yes yes. Bucs need to protect their soon to be rookie QB. Even if he only plays another year or two Mathis is worth a fourth or fifth round pick. How many fourth or fifth round picks have the bucs, or any team, wasted over the years on slobs. I’ll take a sure thing for a few years with a late round pick vs a rookie who could be out of the league in a year.

  19. Kevin422 Says:

    No trade!!!! We need to get better at developing linemen ourselves. Warhop has a big job ahead of him for a 2nd year in a row; he needs to get it done. L&L will I’m sure make getting O-Linemen a higher priority in the draft this year.

  20. robert 9 Says:


    wtf? like someone else said wait till he gets cut. sometimes I really question your thought process joe…on beer no, but football yes.

  21. Bucsqb12 Says:

    Winston says please do it!

  22. ElioT Says:

    NO WAY! Dude will be 34 years old before year’s end.

    What the hell is with Lovie and his offensive line?


    Go Sucs!

  23. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    “And on top of that I don’t trust Chip Kelly as far as I could throw him”

    I suspect that’s a compliment eh. Meaning you respect Kelly enough to believe that like Bill Belicheat he would get the better of any deal with the Bucs.

    I share your distrust of all teams letting free agents walk. Why? Some are genuine cap causalities and occasionally if you’re dealing with stupid team you can get a good deal…can you say the Bucs letting Michael Bennett walk?

    My first question with every FA acquisition is why did their team let them walk?

  24. bucs4lyfe Says:

    joe wants us to go for every offensive lineman out there no matter how average or old

  25. BirdDoggers Says:

    Wait until Mathis gets cut. He’s still a good player but won’t be for too much longer.

  26. Not "The Kevin" Says:

    TOOOOOOOO old to trade for. Screw you CHIPPY!!!!!!!!!!

  27. iamkingsu Says:

    If these guards pro bowl guards are going for 5th rounders?? How in the hell did we get hosed for a 4th rounder plus Tim Wright?!? Im so uncomfortable with having these mofos in the front office!!

    And don’t give me that crap about being a desperate before the season crap

  28. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    What happened to the two Olinemen…..Pamphile & Edwards?

    No trading picks… Martin & get a pick…..maybe.

  29. Architek Says:

    He’s old!

  30. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I wouldn’t mind doing it as long as it was a 5th rounder or worse; and then drafting LT in top of 2nd; and another Guard in the 3rd for depth/ grooming.

  31. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Nah. Unless we are talking about a LT we can wait to get it in the draft. Its flush with guards and centers who played at a very high level.

  32. Daniel Says:

    Wait. You can draft a solid starting young guard in the 2nd or 3rd especially in this draft class.

  33. Pelbuc Says:

    How bout bucs trade to philly Cousins, Gilkey , Josh Allen, Goldson and Koenen for Mathis.

  34. Pelbuc Says:

    After Winston, the draft better be Oline, DE and LB.

  35. ddneast Says:

    MariottaorWinston you really are an idiot to.
    Joe, would you quit trying to trade the future of this team away to start a Geriatric ward on the offensive line.
    The only trade I would make for this guy would be an even swap with the Hawk.

  36. tval Says:

    He is great pass blocker decent run blocker..young for 33, never was used until cpl years if theres a 1-2 yr deal with evan for a 5th rounder you get a steal. Eagle fan will be irate, says enough..and make their line weaker/less continuity(same conference) so chip is gone in 2 years..youd rather have evan than face him in playoffs, for 2 years, trust me

  37. Matt Says:

    Sterling Moore would f been nice I guess that’s not happening now.. Joe Barksdale would be a cheap deal for a solid RT even if he just got backup money which after the draft I assume that’s what he would be .