Winston Says He’s Competing Against Manning, Brady

February 20th, 2015

jameis 0212bSmiling, cool, loose and happy before hundreds of media at the NFL Scouting Combine this afternoon, Jameis Winston stomped on the notion that he’s battling Marcus Mariota to be the No. 1 overall pick.

Don’t be confused. Winston made it clear he wants to the No. 1 pick and it’s important to him. He also said he wants to play for Tampa Bay.

However, Winston said his only competition from here forward is against NFL quarterbacks and defenses, and he specifically referenced competing against Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

Just give the guy the damn rock. Joe’s ready for opening day.

51 Responses to “Winston Says He’s Competing Against Manning, Brady”

  1. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    NFL DB’s are lick’n their chops…..

  2. MarshallU Says:

    I think that Mr. Jamarcus Winston may be more than a little dillusional

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    That’s the fire the bucs have never had at the quarterback position.

    Draft Winston! Trade Lovie and Glennon

  4. Robert 9 Says:

    he was sure kissing up to coach smiff!

  5. Rrsrq Says:


    Right on! Never had that since, never, maybe Doug Williams

  6. Yungry Says:

    Did they test his eye sight at the Combine?

  7. tmaxcon Says:

    Robert 9

    Everyone kisses arse during job interviews.

  8. tmaxcon Says:


    You are correct, After I hit submit I thought about Williams.

  9. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Only way to silence the “Jamarcus” haters is to win. Can’t wait for the silence and the sudden change in screen names from the trolls.

    Jameis to TB. Winston to Evans. TD.

  10. MarshallU Says:

    The only way that Jamarcus Winston will compete against Manning and Brady is on Madden

  11. Skyline Crew Says:

    He said he wants to play Manning in the SB or Brady in the SB he wants to be know like that. Essentially, he wants to be Russell Wilson.

    I didn’t like that he wouldn’t talk about his past transgressions:

    “What I do tell them is I have to earn your trust. I can’t talk about any of the situations in the past or anything like that, but what I can do is prove to you and let you watch me grow into being the face of your franchise.”

    Why won’t he talk about them? He knows he is going to be asked them. Is that what he is going to tell a GM or coach? “I’m not talking about that.”

  12. Barry Says:


  13. mikeh Says:

    WHAT A SHMUCK!!! already dreaming he is a hall of famer! please!

  14. HawaiianBuc Says:

    It’s hilarious that the guy who spins everything against Jameis has the audacity to claim others are spinning. LMAO. You said he was scared to do the press conference, yet he did it today (and pretty much did as well as you could, although I admit it means nothing). You said he was scared to throw, yet he’s throwing tomorrow. Sounds like you’ve been dead arse wrong about everything so far. Crawl back into your hole.

  15. HawaiianBuc Says:

    “WHAT A SHMUCK!!! already dreaming he is a hall of famer! please!”


    You’re seriously not this stupid are you? SMDH. What exactly do you want him to say? Fact is, you’ll criticize him for whatever he says. You’re a comedy show.

  16. Rrsrq Says:

    You like it, I love it, swag

  17. mikeh Says:

    and your a idiot! just like that bozo of a QB.

  18. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    and your a idiot! just like that bozo of a QB.

    You seriously can’t make this stuff up

  19. JTHV Says:

    Gator fans are trash.

  20. Bucs#1 Says:

    Winston has been schooled and taught what to say very well. When the NFL thingie doesn’t work out for him, maybe ha can sell used cars

  21. mark Says:

    Payton and Brady are laughing there *sses off.
    Attention DE’s and OLB’s you have a new target.

  22. Skyline Crew Says:

    JTHV Says:
    February 20th, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    Gator fans are trash.
    I could say that about Nole fans as well. I’m not a Gator fan, but just letting you know that a lot of the Nole fans on here aren’t any better than the Gator fans on here.

  23. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    ” Is that what he is going to tell a GM or coach? “I’m not talking about that.”

    You infer SO much. What he says to the press at the combine has zero to do with discussions that he has with teams.

    Somehow, he could say everything right for people JUST like you, and you all know that it would not be good enough.

  24. JBuc Says:

    Skyline – why would he feel a need to talk about his history with the media? He will be asked by the coaches, GM’s, and owners by the teams he hopes to earn a job with and I am sure he will answer their questions in private. If he doesn’t, then he is smart enough to understand his draft status will be impacted.

    Neither you or I or anyone in the media has any impact on that so why waste his time?

  25. buddha Says:

    “This is not no competition between me and Mariota.” Well at least that dispels the notion that he could have graduated from Stanford. Don’t they require English at FSU?

  26. wifebeater5 Says:

    I couldn’t understand a word he said.

  27. JBuc Says:

    Criticize this kids performance on the field all day if you like but pretty sure a lot of you have other “issues” with him that are very apparent.

  28. deminion Says:

    Draft him man

  29. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    Too arrogant too, too cocky! Wants to win the Superbowl next year and compete with Brady and Manning?

    His lack of intelligence clearly showed. If he is like that with coaches and GM’s, they are shaking their heads after Winston leaves the interview.

  30. Eric Says:

    Excellent job Mr. Winston.

    Im glad he thinks it would be a privilege to play here.

    It would be a privilege to have him here.

    Go Jaboo. Looking forward to seeing him sling the rock tomorrow. Looks to be in great shape and ready to roll.

    Go Jaboo.

  31. wifebeater5 Says:

    Google play has an ebonics translator add-on for your browser. After the draft the Bucs may bring him in as an un drafted free agent. You know camp meat are always interviewed.

  32. Eric Says:

    Imagine a black man standing up like that in the face of the pressure and delivering. He should be keeping quiet and serving tea in the dining room.

    Must have been “trained”.

    Nothing brings out the racist haters like Jaboo.

  33. Eric Says:

    The funny part is how they think they are so smart then totally reveal what ignorant bigots they are.


  34. Uranus Johnson Says:

    In what? Madden 16.

  35. bucrightoff Says:

    Remember, whenever you read anything Eric says, remind yourself he thinks Manziel is the best NFL prospect of the last 20 years. I know it then makes it impossible to read his posts as you’ll be pissing yourself laughing, but worth noting.

  36. MTM Says:

    Jameis sure came across like high GPA student from FSU. Highly intellectual. Let the reality TV crowd start praising his fire, conviction and confidence.

  37. Eric Says:

    I totally deserve ridicule about Johnny Football. Although I think Brandt said the same thing.

    I’ve learned my lesson. I fell for the glittery stats of the spread QB.

  38. jb Says:

    If they can fix his Leftwich-like delivery…I say sign the kid tonight.

  39. bucs4lyfe Says:

    What a bunch of pathetic haters with meaningless lives. Is he supposed to get up there and talk like he doesn’t want to be one of the hearts in the game. Was he supposed to mumble his way through it like Freeman? Damn so pathetic oh hey anyone remember that mike Glennon combine press conference hahaha… Damn so pathetic this dam base no lovie no way should you even think about drafting a quarterback that thinks he’s up for the challenge of going head to head against Tom Brady

  40. Eric Says:

    I imagine Jameis said the same thing when he led the Noles to the National Championship as a freshman. And a perfect season.

    Pretty long odds againt that one too…..

    Go Jaboo.

  41. Brandon Says:

    CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:
    February 20th, 2015 at 4:46 pm
    and your a idiot! just like that bozo of a QB.

    You seriously can’t make this stuff up


    Don’t forget he couldn’t even put “an” in front of “idiot” because apparently in this guy’s world, “idiot” begins with a consonant.

  42. Johnny Dejay Says:

    CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:
    February 20th, 2015 at 4:46 pm
    and your a idiot! just like that bozo of a QB.

    You seriously can’t make this stuff up


    I think Creamsicle meant to type “you’re” instead of “your” in that sentence; as in the contraction of “you” and “are” instead of the possessive pronoun “your” meaning belonging to you. He’s clearly not an idiot. /sarcasm

  43. lurker Says:

    hey johnny, when trying to correct someone, please do it correctly.

    creamiscle quoted mikeh. you attributed the quote, “and your an idiot,” to the wrong person. creamsicle’s quote was pointing out the ironic nature of mikeh’s post. who’s the idiot now?

    (or for mikeh: whose the idiot now?)

  44. mikeh Says:


  45. mikeh Says:

    JW. im a quarterback ands iz cans throws INTs just like mcclowns! ands iz bes a hallsofamers! haha.

  46. mikeh Says:

    oh Brandon you teaching school on here pinhead! stfu! really! your talking about a miss print on my part but your boy Winston talks like he is dumber than a box of rocks! all you Winston lovers look for anything you can find with us people who don’t agree with you! smart a** piece of crap! get a life moron!

  47. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Mikeh “You Mad Bro”? An if the INTs are that big of an issue for you please be sure and stress the fact that 15 out of the 18 picks were committed on passes 15 or more yards down field translation smart guy he was attempting a pro level pass. Not a screen route so commonly thrown by marita.

  48. lurker Says:

    hey meth mike, who are you to judge someone’s intelligence? ahhhh, you are irony embodied.

  49. Bojim Says:

    mikeh Says:

    JW. im a quarterback ands iz cans throws INTs just like mcclowns! ands iz bes a hallsofamers! haha.

    That’s classy man. You’re probably the guy I see on the roadside wearing a wife beater tee and pee stained gym shorts.

  50. tgreg Says:

    I don’t believe Manning or Brady will be playing in the Penal League

  51. LargoBuc Says:

    Winston has a fire inside. A will to win that players either have or dont have. An intangible that makes him worthy of being our QB.