Report: Bucs Playing With $23 Million+

February 8th, 2015

lovie and lichtThe Bucs have a pile of cash to play with when the free agency dinner bell rings in 30 short days.

And they could almost double it by cutting dead weight, such as Josh McCown’s fat, $5 million contract.

It’s tough to find reliable sources on NFL salary cap and contract data. Teams and the league don’t release details. So there are always varying numbers out there.

Joe typically trusts specific contract info from Mike Florio, of Florio is an attorney and is an expert at all the NFL contract nuances. See his recent Michael Johnson time bomb. is pretty organized with its salary data, and they claim the Bucs are now playing with $23 million+ for free agency, though in reality the number is less because the Bucs will have to use about 30 percent of that to pay their draft picks. On the flip side, cutting guys like McCown, Dashon Goldson and Michael Johnson would put the Bucs up around the $40 million range.

The Bucs can spend. They’ll likely be among upper third of the league in available cash when the dinner bell rings.

Man, the Bucs have holes and could go in several directions.

Joe just hopes whoever picked last year’s free agency crop of offensive linemen is locked in a soundproof cage and released in September.

37 Responses to “Report: Bucs Playing With $23 Million+”

  1. Broy34 Says:

    They can spend but can they spend well? I wasn’t the least excited about anyone but Verner and that was a signing that replaced the release of the best corner in the league so their best move was still a downgrade. If they sign a bunch of lineman and maybe an edge rusher then we’ll all know yhe pick is Winston/QB. Then again Lovie never drafts first round o line(thank god for that, look at the Rams 2000’s draft picks for example) I will bet money lovie doesn’t spend the first pick on a tackle or even a d end since he can coach up anyone on d which I’m not sure of but if it’s that mentality that brings Winston here that’s fine with me. Cuz in 2 years if lovie was gone they’ll bring someone like Gruden in for Winston

  2. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    Another reason that letting go of Darrelle Revis was stupid. Bucs have deep pockets every year. No way Liar Smith cuts Johnson till next season, wouldn’t the Bucs incur a huge penalty? Hell, stubborn Lovie might not even cut McClown, it’s a toss up. Then again he did cut him before.

    Goldson and Anthony Collins are must-go’s however. Getting paid too much money to play poorly. I don’t care if McClown is on the roster so long as he doesn’t see the field. He’s a good mentor if anything.

  3. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    They “played” with the Glazers money last year too……

  4. Hawk Says:

    A certain portion also needs to be set aside for Lavonte David.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Goldson, Collins, McCown & Koenen…….$15.5 mil in cap savings……these 4 need to be gone….

  6. Tony Says:

    There is no reason to cut McCown, he is the PERFECT guy to mentor a young QB. $5 million combined with the rookie QB commits about $10 million to that position, only for this season.

    Please tell Joe what young QB McCown has mentored. –Joe

  7. Tony Says:

    come to think of it, either of these QBs needs a good mentor like McCown. jameis to keep his head on straight and Mariota to learn the position at this level. If Glennon isn’t the guy, which he isn’t if you draft a QB, you have to move him.

  8. nate Says:

    Lets drop vincent jackson and doug martin sign demarco murray and dez bryant..

  9. Jose Says:

    Pay MR David then worry about free agents.

  10. Socalbucsfan Says:

    Pay 5 million for a happy footed QB coach/player….no thanks! That’s what a qb coach should be teaching him!

  11. ddneast Says:

    I don’t care if McClown comes back but not at 5 mill. 1.5 would do it and no one else is going to offer him that money.
    Goldson hasn’t made a play in two years and John Lynch was a better cover safety than Goldson. Say goodbye Mr. Cool and mellow.
    The Bucs missed on only two FA’s last year in Johnson and Collins so their record isn’t as bad as it seems. However, because of those misses I think Licht will structure their contracts so they don’t get dinged like they did last year.
    Actually, this is one thing Mark Dummynick did rather well.

  12. Dr J Says:

    Bucs are going to have to overspend to get FAs here. Who the hell would want to come to the bucs when we suck so bad and are notorious for letting newly signed FAs go or failing with them to produce.

  13. Patrickbucs Says:

    Nate, love the idea especially Bryan, but zero chance Dallas doesn’t at least throw the franchise tag on him.

  14. Capt. Blighe Says:

    If they don’t take a QB at 1 Im done with them.
    But surely they will, they have to.
    Keep Glennon for Backup and let McClown go.

  15. mac Says:

    They will cut Goldson, Collins and maybe McCown… They will not cut M. Johnson…

    I wish Licht could get V. Jackson and Mankins to rework their contracts as they are both grossly overpaid… We cannot afford to cut them because we have nobody else to replace them and we cannot afford to lose any of the few solid players we have…

    We will need @ $5 million to sign draft picks and another large portion of cap space will be needed to resign Lavonte David…

  16. Luther Says:

    Cut McCown and draft Winston. We have to take the plunge into free-agency and try to get some OL and DL help. Not sure getting rid of Foster is a good idea and not sure about Goldston either.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    McCown is expendable because we will have new OC & new system……there are several veteran FA QBs that can mentor & serve as backup for far less $$$….
    We could restructure McCown for probably 1,5 to 2mil…per year for 2 years.

    I do think Glennon will be traded….the biggest mystery for the Bucs was not playing him in the last few games…..Bucs knew he wouldn’t be here next year.

  18. Rob Says:

    call Randall Cobb’s agent and ask how much he wants

  19. unbelievable Says:

    Keep Goldson and Foster until you find an upgrade. Same with Johnson- maybe they could even get him to restructure a bit, but that’s doubtful.

    Collins, Cousins, and McCown can all go IMO. Oh and Mankins was pretty bad too, although maybe in year 2 he can put his feelings aside and play some decent football, or at least mentor some young OL that we need to draft.

    V-Jax is fine, we have plenty of money.

  20. Big Irish Says:

    Get rid of McCown….Keep MG as a backup to Winston….And Let The QB Coach Mentor JW….THAT’S HIS JOB!

  21. The only Buc fan in Montana Says:

    Pay Lavonte David, keep McCown as a mentor, cut Goldson, Gilkey, Omameh, and especially Collins, trade Martin and Glennon, and no splash signings! Get several young, not-yet household name serviceable players and add depth at the same time. I could see at least one Guard, Safety, and Nickel CB handled this way, possibly a DE (maybe a 3-4 LB?) which would put us at say, QB of choice round 1, Perryman round 2, and a OT in 3. If all went well with what we get for Glennon, which I would hope/expect to be a 3rd, we could add a starting caliber DE as well… just my thoughts…

  22. Couch Fan Says:

    Keep McCown as a mentor for what? How to lose graciously? No thanks. Cut the guy and use the money on someone more deserving. Keep Glennon as a back up and let him compete with the rookie, they will help each other. McCown is useless, stop with the mentoring crap.

  23. WS99 Says:

    Serious joe you should ban some of these posters for pure stupidity.

    Chit, Mike Vick would make a better mentor than mclown. unless you just want to learn how to lose and suck your whole career. Gimme a break.

    And as for only missing on 2 FAs, seriously?

    Meyers (ghost), mike Jenkins (ghost), m wright (where are the Ints?), EDS (need I say more), mankins, Collins, cousins, MJ, mclown, punt returners, the list goes on and on. Let’s not mention coaches and coordinators.

  24. Destinjohnny Says:

    Do we trust Lovie the GM???

  25. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    They wouldn’t save much by cutting Michael Johnson. Not according to Spotrac.

    And it’s worth keeping him one more year to see if the issue truly was injuries.

    Most of McCown’s salary is incentive driven. Playing time and all that. Keeping him means counting his full salary against the cap, but in the end it will mean less. Part of the money we have now is because he did not meet the incentives this year.

  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Broy34 Says
    “Then again Lovie never drafts first round o line…”

    Your information is flawed. He drafted oline twice in the first round with the bears…and both were busts. Says a lot.

  27. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I don’t think 23m is near enough. Figure 10m for David. 7m for draft picks. That leaves 6m to play with.

    Not much at all.

    Cutting Goldson and our punter will save a pretty penny though. And our center.

    Cut EDS = 3.75m
    Cut Goldson = 8m
    Cut Koenen – 3.25m

    In a pinch, only because of his age, cutting Mankins would save another 7m

    Cutting Michael Johnson would only save 2m, and we would pay twice that at least to replace him.

  28. The only Buc fan in Montana Says:

    Alot of you are hating keeping McCown, but despite his play, the guy has great leadership and work ethic, plus he carries himself well, and isn’t that the area everyone worries about with Winston? I agree he’s not worth $5 mil, but I’d bet he’d take a pay cut over being unemployed?

    WS99, I hope that stupidity comment isn’t directed at me; if I can say my piece without name calling, what’s your problem?

  29. Joe Says:

    Alot of you are hating keeping McCown, but despite his play, the guy has great leadership and work ethic, plus he carries himself well, and isn’t that the area everyone worries about with Winston?

    A quarterback can be the second coming of Pope John Paul II, but eventually, but sooner or later, you need production. How did all his eagle scout traits translate to wins?

    The only thing Joe “hates” about McCown is his sorry quarterback play. Are the Bucs in the business of winning football games or are they a seminary?

  30. WS99 Says:


    No sir not at you.

  31. WS99 Says:


    No sir not at you. Although I’d probably be the first one out.

  32. BuccDeez Says:

    I almost agree with everyone. Let’s cut ties with goldson , johnson , mcclown , Dmartin, koenen & Eds. Maybe we take a shot at SUH! Maybe a safety like Reggie Nelson. Maybe we can do a sign and trade for BEAST Mode. We still look alot better on paper, Then last years off season collapse.

  33. Barry Says:

    Licht n Smith are going to keep/cut players and pay whatever they want to regardless of what media and fans think. So unless you are involved in these decisions don’t worry yourself over it.

  34. David Says:

    So we are going to trade Glennon and cut McCown?

    OK….you all do realize we need a back-up QB on the roster, right?

  35. Bama Rich Says:

    I know we are looking to have the “perfect gentlemen’s team” but Greg Hardy would be a nice addition.

  36. pick6 Says:

    do us a favor and avoid the hype laden introductory conferences. just quietly spend the money you’re mandated to spend and celebrate any good decisions after they’ve proven to be such, not on signing day

  37. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Bama Rich,the Buccs would be doing a great disservice to not take a stab at Hardy. If pulled off that would be monstrous for this teams defense. Not to mention taking ammunition away from yet another division opponents arsenal.