Hunting For A Quarterback

February 16th, 2015


Joe has no idea why too many Bucs fans want to trade down in the draft, when Tampa Bay has such a glaring need at the most important position on the field. It makes no sense.

Until or unless the Bucs address this, and not with some other team’s garbage (good quarterbacks are not let go), the Bucs will continue to be the second-class outfit they have been since Chucky was jettisoned.

To that end, WDAE-AM 620’s Tom Krasniqi took to the airwaves of BSPN to discuss how the Bucs will solve this massive riddle.

90 Responses to “Hunting For A Quarterback”

  1. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    The answer is simple, and as Jay Mohr said last week, it’s as much of a lock as anything has ever been in the draft.

    The Bucs are drafting Jameis and they are getting the best QB to come into the league in the past 10 years.

  2. ElioT Says:

    “Makes no sense”?

    If the Bucs don’t feel Mariotta or Winston fit the bill and someone is willing to trade the farm for the #1 pick, than it makes perfect sense Joe.

    I’m not saying it’s likely or that I would be happy if it happened, but to act like it’s unfathomable is ignorant. Simple as that…

    Can’t wait for the Draft!!!!

    Go Sucs!!!!

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    I can see it, No 1st round QB is a “Lock” to be a “Franchise QB”. and add that the Bucs are way below average in talent in so many positions.

  4. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Sorry Realist, but Jameis Winston is a lock to be a franchise QB. He will lead this team back to the promised land and all the haters will slowly disappear when he starts winning games and turns this franchise around.

  5. Jerseybuc Says:

    It makes sense because drafting the WRONG QB can set back the franchise years. If Josh Freeman didn’t go off the deep end we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  6. Joehelldeloxley Says:

    I need a reminder: who was our QB the last time we won the SuperBowl?
    Brad Johnson, yes! A pure franchise QB as you like to say!
    Of course, if we can pick the next “choosen one” go for it sure but still, are we completly sure that Mariotta or Wilson will be the the next “someone” ?
    I heard that so many times since I’m following the Bucs and the NFL.
    All the buzz around Winston rmeinded me the buzz around RGIII and some others one, “you are crazy if you are not picking him” !
    And now ?
    First, the staff and the GM are actually cleaning the roster, getting rid of some people, negociating new contract, then we will see about the free agency and the the draft.
    We, fans (and sometimes newspapers), are putting things not in the good order.

  7. Fishfries Says:

    And passing on a potential elite QB while missing on that pick can set the franchise back years as well.

  8. Fishfries Says:

    Maybe the Bucs should just wait for the next andrew luck or draft a QB in the middle rounds and pray he’s Brady or Wilson. That sounds like a educated plan.

  9. knuckledragger Says:

    How anyone can honestly believe they know what the Bucs are doing before the Combine and the Investigations are over is beyond me. Some of you should really try thinking for yourselves. It’s refreshing.

  10. Jameisisnotarapist Says:

    Once the clouds of bias clear, bucs fans will be very happy with the Jameis Winston pick. Funny thing is though, the nation was brainwashed into hating this man that they can’t even see their own biased thoughts and actions.

  11. knucknbuc Says:

    People do know that if we trade down and get picks that none of the guys we get with those picks are sure things also right???

    How some could want to trade down and not to lock up the most important position in football is beyond me .

  12. Fishfries Says:

    Theses Winston haters think he’s going to come in and go on a raping spree throughout the bay area while robbing banks.

  13. Trade_Down_Mob Says:

    Joe says:

    Joe has no idea why too many Bucs fans want to trade down in the draft, when Tampa Bay has such a glaring need at the most important position on the field. It makes no sense.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist dude… If, and I repeat IF, the 2 QBs don’t seem worthy of the #1 pick and if you have serious concerns that the player could either bust completely or be a long-term project, then it only makes sense to investigate a trade down to bolster your team with more picks.

    With all the concerns about Winston possibly imploding due to immaturity, bad judgement, and the small issue of maybe being a sexual predator… and with the concerns about Mariota adjusting to the pro game… How could they not be considering a trade down? That seems a more appropriate question.

    No doubt they need a QB, but you don’t reach for a need position if you have no confidence in the players… Especially with the #1 overall pick.

    Don’t let your Winston worship get in the way of clear thinking.

  14. Lion Says:

    The fans that are saying down are the casual fans that have no clue what it takes to win in the NFL and what it takes to advance in the playoffs. The fans that want to trade down don’t understand how the NFL works.

  15. Trade_Down_Mob Says:

    ^^ not a correct assertion… they may just disagree on the valuation of Winston and Mariota.

  16. Lion Says:

    The argument of there is no QB worth taking number one is the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard, especially considering there are two QBS that are worthy of the number one pick this year. Winston is a top two QB prospect of the past decade and Mariota is not far behind, he would just need a little more time but no less worthy. How did trading down work for the Rams? They got a ton of good players and still suck, because they don’t have a quarterback. You can’t win without a QB in the modern NFL and the only way to get one is to draft them. Saying to trade down is about as ignorant as you can be.

  17. Joe Says:

    The fans that are saying down are the casual fans that have no clue what it takes to win in the NFL and what it takes to advance in the playoffs. The fans that want to trade down don’t understand how the NFL works.

    ***IF*** you already have a top-flight quarterback, that is smart. The Bucs don’t.

    The Bucs have been in last place in the NFC South the past four years. The Bucs have had garbage quarterback play the past four years. Not a coincidence.

  18. Greg Schiano Says:

    Did anyone get to see the pictures of the Rapist Winston….his gut was almost as big as the one on the Big Poodle!! The boy has been chowing on some serious stolen crab legs this past month!! He will wuss out and not throw at the combine because he has been smoking too much of the hippy lettuce and trying to assualt the munchies!!

    The Buc’s need a QB, but not one who will not be playing 2 years from now. The rumors about Winston’s rampant drug use and his packing on 20 pounds in the last month is a clear example of his lack of will power! Reports are he has been dipping too many crab legs in that butter and will have to waddle to the combine!

    The Buc’s are averaging a #1 pick about every 25 years, so someone needs to step in and help Lovie get this one right! We all know he can’t evaluate talent….with all these Rapist lovers it is pretty much a given that the Buc’s will not do their due diligence on this highly talented current/future criminal!

    What good does it do to pick a QB who winds up on the NFL Exempt list and the Buc’s have to pay him for watching while he awaits trial!??

    Mariota or Bryce Petty may not be the most gifted athletes, but barring injury or some mental meltdown, both of these QB’s will be playing for the Buc’s for the foreseeable future! All you are guaranteed with Winston is that he WILL screw up…not IF he will screw up, but WHEN will he screw up!

    Greg Schiano

  19. fritz50 Says:

    “are we completly sure that Mariotta or Wilson will be the the next “someone” ?”

    Come on, when is anyone ‘completely sure’? Andrew Luck would have failed, under the previous regimes (here). True. he had a great chance at Indy. but that wasn’t guaranteed. You all want guarantees and they ain’t none, in real life, or the draft.

  20. Trade_Down_Mob Says:


    Well, you apparently confuse opinion with reason.

    You are of the opinion that both of the QBs are worthy of the first overall pick. I don’t have an opinion on that because I’m not a scout or personnel expert. I’m merely suggesting that any front office has to have a comfort level with the player and decide if they’re confident the player will succeed. Players expected to be stars bust all the time, and it’s the front office’s job to look deeper than all the hype to prevent that.

    So, rather than calling this reasonable suggestion dumb, idiotic, or ignorant, perhaps you should consider checking yourself. You seem to be a sucker for the hype.

    But I agree they need a QB.

  21. Lion Says:

    Trade down you seem to be a sucker for the over blown off field concerns of Winston and the on field concerns of Mariota. If we don’t get a QB now we’re going to suck next year and the next year and the next year. Mariota and Winston would be top prospects and any other draft as well. So you want to argue with the experts that if not for the over blown off field concerns with Winston he is one of the best QBS prospects coming out of college in the last decade plus. He is on Andrew Lucks level of talent at this point in his career. There aren’t any QBS remotely close to him and Mariota for the next few years, so if we don’t take one of them you better be prepared to suck for another 5 years minimum buddy and you can bank on that.

  22. Fishfries Says:

    TradeDownMob, all your doing is stating the obvious. That notion goes for any player no matter what position. Teams don’t draft players their uncomfortable with. Thanks for telling us what we already know.

  23. Xavier Says:

    No player selected in the draft is a guaranteed franchise caliber player because they are unproven. Every player carries a certain amount of risk. It just makes sense to pick the best possible player for the hardest position to fill which is QB. We have the #1 pick which is rare. We must pick a QB! Anything less would be a travesty of epic proportions.

  24. Yungry Says:

    Winston is a thief!!!!

  25. Trade_Down_Mob Says:


    Winston is NOT on Andrew Luck’s level. Everything I’ve read agrees with that, and I read a lot of stuff.

    I prefer Mariota because he is not going to implode on or off the field, whereas Winston might. An immature kid doesn’t usually get more mature when you dump millions of dollars in his lap.

  26. Trade_Down_Mob Says:


    Apparently I wasn’t stating the obvious because there are people here, including Joe, who question why the Bucs would even consider a trade down. Winston and Mariota have question marks. If I’m stating the obvious, then why do people have so much problem with the idea, unless it’s just blind love for Winston.

  27. Chef Paul Says:

    Does that mean the combine will our Hunting Ground?

  28. Lunch Bag Al Says:

    This team was a decent run blocking o line and decent QB play away from several more wins last year. This team could not run the ball last year when it needed to, this team coughed up the ball so many times in the redzone, or backed up behind our own twenty. Because of that, the D was on the field way too much.

    Draft which ever QB you want with the #1 pick, but PLEASE, bring in as many Olinemen via free agency and the draft as possible.

  29. Trade_Down_Mob Says:

    Mayock: “It’s not a good quarterback class. I’m scared to death of Jameis Winston off the field, and I’m scared to death of how many interceptions he throws. He threw seven interceptions against Louisville and Florida, and could have been 12 or 13 if the other teams could catch the ball.”

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m for Mariota….but would be OK with Winston….but definately pick a QB…

    That being said…….Joe overstates the # wanting to trade down….Joe’s own poll had that group around 15%…

    This I will say… depends on the offer….

    If someone gives us a couple of all pro Olinemen….and all of their picks for 2 years….then maybe….

    Of course, that’s rediculous….but how can the question truly be answered without knowing the offer?

  31. The Buc Realist Says:

    I will say that the “trade down mob” has history against them. When has a team with the #1 pick ever traded down?

    I know that Eli Manning was traded, but the Chargers drafted him did not trade with the Giants until after they selected Rivers.

  32. Robert 9 Says:

    it’s a combination of a few things

    1 neither qb is worthy of the 1st pick -one is a project, and one is an ego maniac

    2 some of us don’t think MG got a fair shake. those that do will be the same one’s saying winston did not when he crashes and burns if we draft him

    3 the trenches are very, very, very weak. We could gain picks and strengthen the trenches and let koetter give MG a fair shake and still pick up a similar qb like hoyer or matt moore for back up.

    this all depends on what teams are willing to give up to get the 1st pick. I may want to trade back, but hey, if there’s not a good value to be had roll with a QB with the pick

  33. Johnny Dejay Says:

    @Creamsicle “The Bucs are drafting Jameis and they are getting the best QB to come into the league in the past 10 years.”

    What? Better than Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Aaron Rogers? I think many people would disagree with that statement.

    What struck me while researching past drafts is that only 1 or 2 guys per year break into the top 10 or 12 in the league. That’s a very risky proposition at best, which is why the trade-down-mob exists. More draft picks means more appearances at the podium, which will inevitably mean more good selections (and more bad selections, but let’s focus on the good!)

  34. Mr. Patrick Says:

    The Bucs know that you don’t draft the wrong QB or one that you don’t feel right about just to say you drafted a QB. It will just make your situation worse.

  35. rayjay1122 Says:

    I have seen the comment that Winston is the best QB prospect to come out of college in the last 10 years. Damn! If that is a true statement, then how crappy have QB’s really been this last decade. I will not bash Winston for his off the field allegations since I was not there and do not know what the reality is, however from what I have seen of him on the field, I am not overly impressed. I think he is a ticking time bomb and I would not take him in the 1st through 3rd rounds. Smart money is on Mariota. I think that kid is going to be electric. It may take a season or two for it to start paying dividends, but I am not convinced Winston will avoid being an NFL bust. I could care less what all of the “experts” say. Look how many times the experts miss on their evaluations. They are like Nostradamus, if you predict enough stuff, you are bound by pure chance to be right once in a while. Winston’s on field performances are not great enough to offset the off the field history. He is just not a good risk. Mariota or bust!!! Literally!!!

  36. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Cream
    The best QB to come into the league in the last 10 years? Really? OMG, I hope I can stop laughing sometime today
    Biggest Bust in the last 10 years maybe

  37. Bucs#1 Says:

    Draft Mariota or trade down

  38. biggun Says:

    Draft down ……

  39. Edward Meehan Says:

    Simple. if you cannot teach Glennon to be a top ten QB in this league, which we have not done, Taking J or M will not make a difference. Both are 2 years away from productivity and without an offensive line, they are headed for the IR list.

  40. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    9 of 12 for Winston. I hope they are right, 87 needs a new jersey!!

  41. Kalind Says:

    Greg Schiano is ticking me off. Talk about trolling..jeeeeeze.

    Dude. Quiet time for you.

    Banana hammock. Bro, you’re right on, same with a couple others on here. Jameis is as close to a lock as it gets. The ‘issues’ aren’t even issues. The accusation, was just that, some fool girl having buyers remorse. How can you hold that against another person sans any evidence?? (enter a-hole conspiracy theorists.)

    I’m about to Dolan these Jameis haters. We other Bucs fans don’t want you.

  42. Erik with Says:

    Creamsickle… I’m sorry, but anyone who says ‘Winston is a lock to be a franchise QB’ is a complete moron. FSU didn’t even want him around anymore, which is why he declared for the draft.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter bcuz we’re drafting Mariota #1. Ad 87 will be buying me a jersey, L & WD.

  43. Yungry Says:

    When was the last time a thief was selected 1st overall?

  44. SSG Mike Says:

    No matter what I still hope the Bucs pick up a late round QB project. Just in case neither Mariota or Winston work out and Glennon continues to be, Well, Glennon. There are a lot of talking heads out there that are not sold on either of the top 2 QB’s if they are right then trading down for a boat load of picks this year and next year wouldn’t be so bad of a deal. If Lovie wasn’t going to be on the hot seat if he has a crappy season I think he would but I think he is going to bet the nut and take one of the 2 top QB’s. I would rather Mariota but will be happy with either just feel that we will definitely need a super strong mentor and babysitter for Winston to keep him from getting paid and then going crazy. It truly is time for the Bucs to have a “REAL” franchise QB for the next 10+ years! We as fans deserve it! By the way, any more chatter about Hardy to the Bucs? 4 inches of Snow today here in Colorado Springs, ready for the draft and free agency to start.

  45. Bucs fan 76 Says:

    At least this years draft has two QB that have 1st round talent. The Bucs need to do their homework and roll the dice and draft the best one. The draft has always been a crap shot and even more the way the bucs draft.

  46. Pickgrin Says:

    It is absolutely inconceivable that the Bucs do not pick 1 of these 2 QBs with the #1 pick. The only means for any NFL team to majorly upgrade the QB position is via the draft. Ya think we might need a major upgrade at the most important position on the field?

    Both Winston and Mariota grade higher than any QB who came out the last 3 years. And Winston absolutely grades out as one of the top 5 QBs to have come out in the last 10 years. If the Bucs don’t uncover anything they can’t live with about Winston via their investigations – and if they like him when they meet him and are impressed with his football knowledge (which are both just formalities as far as I see it)- then Jameis Winston will be your Buccaneers Quarterback for many, many years to come. Winston dislikers – you better just start preparing yourselves for that likely inevitability right now.

    If the Bucs decide for some reason that they are not willing to make Jameis the face of the franchise – then Mariota will be the pick and it is quite likely that both these QBs will be at least good NFL QBs and a major upgrade over anything we have had recently.

    A QB it shall be. Just wait and see. The experts agree – that Winston’s no Free. Lovie tanked skillfully – in order that he – could end years of Bucs futility – by bringing in the REAL #5 from Tallahassee.

  47. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Jameis Winston is coming to Tampa!

    Come to grips.

  48. Skyline Crew Says:

    Draft Mariota and we are winning for years and years.

  49. John McKillop Says:

    @CreamsicleBananaHammock, No doubt we need a quarterback. You need to take off the rose colored glasses where Winston is concerned. He is not even close to being the best qb to enter the NFL in the last ten years. I prefer Mariota, but will support whomever they choose to draft. I think Winston is a trainwreck waiting to happen. Go Bucs!

  50. MarshallU Says:

    Bucs need to draft Marcus Mariota and establish a winning culture here

  51. MarshallU Says:

    When Winston runs his 40 yard dash at the combine, they should tell him that Publix is giving away free crab legs. He will run like the wind

  52. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Lets take Leonard Williams, wait for Winston to fall and snatch him up

  53. Skyline Crew Says:

    Yahoo Sports has a nice article about Mariota and Winston working out with each other. Getting either one of these guys is going to be good for the team, I just want Mariota over Winston.

    People around Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston didn’t really know what to make of the top two quarterbacks working out with each other before the combine, but the players were on board.

    “You talk to them and they’re like, ‘No, I want to work with him,'” said Ryan Flaherty, who has been training both of them at Prolific Athletes in San Diego. “That’s the best part. They’re both wanting to be the guy and they’ll fight for it, but they’re pushing each other.”

    “It hasn’t been hard for the players who might go No. 1 and 2 overall in the draft to measure up against the other, because they have seen each other often in San Diego.”

    “One thing Flaherty is convinced of after training both for the combine (they have worked out with separate quarterback coaches in California: Winston with famed guru George Whitfield and Mariota with former Patriots quarterback Kevin O’Connell, who will be the Browns’ quarterbacks coach when he’s done training Mariota) is both players have the drive to succeed in the NFL. Flaherty, a strength and conditioning coach, has worked with other top-level athletes like Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers and Serena Williams, to name a few, and he sees the same work ethic in Winston and Mariota.”

    “These guys, I have to kick them out,” Flaherty said. “Their work ethic matches their talent.”

    “They’re also working hard to best each other. Flaherty has noticed little things – if one lifts a certain amount of weight in a drill, the other puts on a little extra for his drill, or if one quarterback does so many pushups, the other will try to do one more – that make it clear they’re testing themselves against each other. Flaherty, who is also working with Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty before the combine, said Mariota and Winston pushed each other and rooted each other on in workouts, but the competition to be No. 1 is real.

    “To have to compete and work daily next to a guy who is the best with you, you can see where you can improve,” Flaherty said. “They’ve eaten it up. You want to see a guy who likes that challenge. That says a lot about them.”

  54. Hawk Says:

    Pickgrin said:

    “Both Winston and Mariota grade higher than any QB who came out the last 3 years. And Winston absolutely grades out as one of the top 5 QBs to have come out in the last 10 years.”

    Link? I would like to see who the top five are and how they have fared.

    I am beginning to think that this ‘Jameis Watch’ is going to polarize the fan base, to the point that the Bucs will be afraid of picking either one, for fear of the repercussions.

  55. Bucs#1 Says:

    Buc’s best move would be to draft Mariota. As fantastic as he is he is nowhere near hitting his ceiling yet. Winston has already hit his

  56. WisconsinBucsFan Says:

    There is no way Lovie takes a quarterback #1 overall!!! With the first pick in the 2015 nfl draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Leonard Williams Defensive Tackle U.S.C.

  57. Not ...... "The Kevin" Says:

    Because they know Mike Glennon has not shown what he is capable of due to the situation. No OC??????

    Not having an OC will make EVERYONE look horrible….including the O-line.

    There are no guarantees he will rise to the occasion and be the man for the job, but there are no guarantees that either rookie will either.

    The more I look into Mariota….the more I have to admit he has some red flags.

    And everyone already is aware of the red flags with Winston off the field.

    So what do you do???? Draft whatever QB you like best but start Glennon…

  58. Barry Says:

    I will give it to #TheCreepyCrab, rape a young girl and say moan=yes and get away with it. #ForthcomingCivilTrial #TheCreepyCrab be saying she had a Virginia so she was asking for it.

  59. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    The fanbase will be polarized with or witout JBF……like I said…the Glazers, Licht & Lovie would have been better off if we won the last game & didn’t get a choice of QBs…….but only better off from a PR standpoint. Lets hope the extreme scrutiny placed on the two candidates pays off.
    I think they will mount a huge PR campaign whichever QB is selected…..and especially if Winston is selected.
    The real backlash will be if neither is taken.

  60. Dan Wilson Says:

    I am not a Tampa fan, but if they take Winston instead of Mariota, they will regret it for many years. I don’t even think there is a comparison, including on field ability (don’t even think about the comparison off the field). But whatever Bucs………….go for the home-state Winston and you will be so sorry to pass on Mariota!

  61. Erik with Says:

    I agree with Dan Wilson. And all the other Mariota guys, obviously. Everyone should read Buccaneer Bonzai’s spot-on evaluation from the Jameis watch thread and then the Winston supporters should STFU.

  62. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Erik
    Agreed. Of the 2 QB’s, Mariota is by far the better prospect with the bigger upside. As I saw someone else say a couple of posts back, Mariota is nowhere near hitting his ceiling yet, but Winston has already hit his

  63. rayjay1122 Says:

    I read the article about Winston and Mariota training together. I thought I heard a detractor with Mariota was a hurt shoulder. From what I took from that article, the bum shoulder seems like a fabrication or at the very least has been extremely exaggerated. I have not once attacked Winston for anything off the field nor will I. What I find a little telling though is how much venom the Winston lovers spew at anyone who want Mariota. I mean really??? For those of you who want Winston and support your opinion with facts, then I respect your opinions. Some people just get violent though at anyone who has a different opinion and Winston has enough negativity surrounding him to need to be supported by the people with hateful attitudes. If Winston becomes our pick, then great, I will support him to the end however I would go all in on Mariota if I were calling the shots.

  64. rayjay1122 Says:

    I also do not get the whole trade down mentality??? If the Bucs do not feel like one of these QB’s are worth a #1 pick, then who pray tell will be willing to gift us a package of pics for one of them? If someone wants one of the QB’s bad enough to do such a thing, then why would one of the QB’s not be good enough for us to stay where we are and select? Riddle me that. I say one of the QB’s since QB is projected to go 1st. Nobody is going to trade up for another position in my opinion.

  65. Hawk Says:

    @ Tampabaybucfan

    I do not believe the backlash will be any different, regardless of what the Bucs do. The difference will be in what you pointed out… PR. *IF* the Bucs take someone other than one of the QBs, they will have to sell the fan base (during OTAs, camp, pre-season games), that the player will make an impact. *IF* they trade down, it will be an easier sell (IMO), because they can point at multiple players who can have an impact AND if they get a #1 in next years’ draft, they will be in position to trade up for one of the QBs coming out. Hopefully, they will have (successfully) addressed the O-line, so the new kid won’t get killed.
    Long story/short, your premise that a PR campaign will be needed is right, but I believe it will be needed regardless of what they do.
    But if they pick a QB, and he fails (his fault OR theirs), the PR campaign will crash and then burn for a long time.
    A lot will also depend on what the Bucs get during FA. Despite the rants of some of the ‘fringe’ posters, there is NO way the Bucs have made (or CAN make) a decision this early in the process. They might debate the decision right up until they are on the clock. From now on, I am going to shy away from ‘Jameis’ posts, because I am tired of both sides.

  66. lion Says:


    “The fans that are saying down are the casual fans that have no clue what it takes to win in the NFL and what it takes to advance in the playoffs. The fans that want to trade down don’t understand how the NFL works.”

    ***IF*** you already have a top-flight quarterback, that is smart. The Bucs don’t.

    The Bucs have been in last place in the NFC South the past four years. The Bucs have had garbage quarterback play the past four years. Not a coincidence.

    Joe, I was clearly talking about how bad the idea of trading down actually is. I was saying it would be stupid. I am not in favor of it. My comments stated that I was saying we need to draft a QB and not trade the pick.

  67. Eric Hernandez Says:

    Both Winston and Mariota fall between Luck and RG3. Winston not as good as Luck. Luck is an underrated athlete. I would give him a slight edge over Winston but not by much. Luck reads coverage better and has a quicker release.

    Now this is in regards to them as prospects. Luck as taken a team with less talent to the playoffs three straight years. I’d take Luck over Winston 10 out of 10 times. Winston will have a chance to show how good he is and if he does well. Those two maybe the guys for the next decade.

  68. BoltIsle Says:

    Luck is the rare gem. How many times has a talented QB come into the league after growing up watching their dad play the same position in the NFL? The experience of seeing, and being, in that environment is priceless. Tremendous advantage. Other than the Manning boys, can’t think of anyone picked so high, not necessarily the number one pick.

    As for the Winston people being “violent” in stating their opinion, you are cherry picking what you read. The Mariota folks are equally “violent” in expressing their point of view. Goes both ways, without question.

  69. mikeh Says:

    hey! creamsicle popsicile past 10 years? better than luck huh! whatever!!!!!!

  70. mikeh Says:

    im glad you and 87 are running this team really! ******

  71. mikeh Says:

    Winston is a turn over machine.

  72. lurker Says:

    Yungry Said:
    February 16th, 2015 at 1:39 pm

    Winston is a thief!!!!

    awwwwwwwwwww because he stole your heart on valentine’s day! how sweet 😉

  73. lurker Says:

    mariota is a sack machine and always hurt.

    he was sacked 7 times by 3-9 washington state. oregon barely won, then after an off week, lost to an unranked arizona team. his coach gave the excuse that he wasn’t 100% after the washington game. hmmm. and he is still injured from the national championship game.

    works both ways.

    win, it’s in his name
    #winninwithwinston #justwinstonbaby

    just say no to marcus mediocre.

  74. mikeh Says:

    LURKER lmao! I didn’t know mariota played D.

  75. tone850 Says:

    IT’S EASY JOE!!!



    Seriously though, don’t forget FSU, UF, and Miami still rule this state as far as die hard fans to any sports team. I’m sure it makes any gator fan cringe at the fact they have to cheer for Jameis if they happen to be a Bucs fan too.

    I know I prayed that Tebow wouldn’t come to the Bucs, for the same reason Gator fans wouldn’t want to cheer for Jamies, who by the way is actually NFL material.

    Oh for the record, this will be the first time a player from FSU or UF that is selected #1 overall.

  76. lurker Says:

    so giving up sack wouldn’t be a sack machine….hmmmmmmm

    sack magnet then! we already have a sack magnet in mike glennon, we do not need another.

  77. lurker Says:

    if he gives up sacks, can we call him taint-ed, then?

    (i’m waiting for the gong.)

  78. Pickgrin Says:

    Hawk Says:
    February 16th, 2015 at 4:16 pm
    Pickgrin said:

    “Both Winston and Mariota grade higher than any QB who came out the last 3 years. And Winston absolutely grades out as one of the top 5 QBs to have come out in the last 10 years.”

    Link? I would like to see who the top five are and how they have fared.

    OK – fair enough – maybe that sounds like a bold statement to some. I take it as fact having heard or read a # of “experts” say either exactly that or something similar.

    There is no 1 link that lists all QB rankings over history in 1 place that I am aware of. And of course draft grades for any player or position are subjective to the eye of the grader which varies from team to team and among the various “experts” So you kind of have to piece it together – but I think there is enough evidence to at least support the premise.

    Here is a list of QB’s chosen in the top 10 picks over the last 10 years as a starting point:

    2014 1 3 JAX Blake Bortles
    2012 1 1 IND Andrew Luck
    2012 1 2 WAS Robert Griffin
    2012 1 8 MIA Ryan Tannehill
    2011 1 1 CAR Cam Newton
    2011 1 8 TEN Jake Locker
    2011 1 10 JAX Blaine Gabbert
    2010 1 1 STL Sam Bradford
    2009 1 1 DET Matthew Stafford
    2009 1 5 NYJ Mark Sanchez
    2008 1 3 ATL Matt Ryan
    2007 1 1 OAK JaMarcus Russell
    2006 1 3 TEN Vince Young
    2006 1 10 ARI Matt Leinart

    Ok – so with that as the backdrop (14 QBs chosen in the top 10 picks over the last 10 years) I will point you 1st to Walter Football who are fairly well respected draft analysts I believe.

    Regarding this year’s QBs – they have Winston ranked 1st and Mariota 2nd. In the info blurbs provided for Mariota – they say:
    “he has graded out far ahead of Blake Bortles, who was last year’s No. 3 pick.”

    So since Winston is graded ahead of Mariota – and Mariota is “far ahead” of 2014 #3 pick Bortles – and no top 10 rated QBs came out in 2013 (unless you listen to the MGM – LOL) – then that handles the 1st statement pretty easily. Winston and Mariota are the 2 highest graded QBs to come out in the last 3 years (2013, 2014, 2015).

    As to the 2nd statement that Winston is one of the 5 best QBs to come out in the last 10 years. That ones a bit trickier to prove – but lets go back to Walter Football again. Regarding Winston they say:
    “Winston is the favorite to be the first selection by Tampa Bay in the 2015 NFL Draft. Winston is a better quarterback prospect than Cam Newton, Sam Bradford or Matthew Stafford, and the Buccaneers have graded Winston higher than those signal-callers.”

    OK – well that alone (if taken at face value) automatically puts Winston in the top 5 best QB prospects of the last 10 years – because you just knocked 3 of the 5 total #1 overall picks from the last 10 years out of contention for being rated higher than Winston.

    BSPN’s Todd McShay concurs – but takes it a step farther:
    “”From purely on the field, the grade for Jameis Winston is just behind Andrew Luck’s in the last ten years and there is nobody else in between”

    Quarterback guru George Whitfield, Jr. has trained a # of top quarterbacks in the past few years, worked with Andrew Luck in 2012 and has been training Jameis Winston in California the last few weeks. He stated that “Winston’s football IQ and aptitude are on par with Andrew Luck. I don’t have any reservations about his ability to process information on the board and put it into practice on the field.”

    None of those opinions are definitive of course – but the contention of Winston as one of the 5 best QB Prospects to come out in the last 10 years is well within the realm of likelihood just by looking over the list of highly drafted QBs in the last 10 years.

  79. lurker Says:

    well done pickgrin. you made an assertion and then provided evidence to validate it. even the naysayers need to recognize your effort.

  80. Hawk Says:

    @ Pickgrin

    Thanks. You are right, in that there seems to be no link for it all (I have been looking for that kind of thing for several years). Although it is certainly piece-meal and a bit subjective (what isn’t?), it is good enough until one of the draft ‘stat’ sites start making one.
    The only problem I have is the phrase, “… Buccaneers have graded Winston higher than those signal-callers.” Since the Buccaneers have barely even started their evaluation, AND they are NOT giving out that type of information, I highly doubt that Walter Football ‘knows’ whether that statement is true or not.
    And I will leave with just one more thought. Just because a player is taken at ‘X’ spot, in the draft, does NOT mean that the player is rated at that value. Many teams ‘reach’, ESPECIALLY at QB.
    I would have preferred a link, so that I would have a source for a ‘stat’ that I have been wanting, but this was good enough for your post. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

  81. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I love the picture in this post,it proves that you WINSton detractors dont speak for everyone in Hillsborough county.

  82. Pickgrin Says:

    Also just for reference and to show that it is obviously an inexact science – there are 2 “A” list QBs who came out in that time that are not on the list of QBs drafted in the top 10 – so they would not have been rated higher coming out than any of the above listed – but deserve mentioning since they turned into great NFL QBs.

    – Russell Wislon – 3rd round pick 2012
    – Joe Flacco – #18 pick 2008

    Bucs did not have the option of drafting Flacco as they picked 20th in 2008 (Aquib Talib). But they could have had Wilson in the 1st or 2nd round just like every other NFL team in 2012 – but blew their wad that year moving up twice to get Doug Martin at the end of the 1st round and Lavante David in the 2nd (along with the complete failure of a pick at #7 – Mark Barron).

    On a similar note but not within the 10 year window – the Bucs could have also had Aaron Rodgers in 2005 who was picked #24 overall by Green bay – But opted for Gaines Adams with the #4 overall pick instead. To be fair though – Rodgers would have been considered a serious reach with the #4 overall pick at the time of the draft and 23 other teams made the same mistake.
    An interesting and relevant side note on Rodgers is that he came out with many of the same questions or so called “red flags” that are attributed to Mariota this year. He ran a spread offense at Cal under Jeff Tedford and many teams were not sure how well what he showed in College would “translate to the NFL”.

  83. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I see people attempting to make Russel Wilson some grade A QB,but I dont see it. Wilson but in truth Wilson is the perfect fit for what they do in seattle,strong defense,mean run game and smart decision making from QB position along with the threat of occasinal read option. Carrol and GM specifically drafted him for that reasoning. If placed in another offense im not so sure he would be as prolific. Hince the sub standard performance from pocket against the Pack in the champioship game.

  84. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Simply put. Wilsons saving grace is Lynch and one the leagues best defenses.

  85. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    My question is what is the major difference between mariota,Darin Thomas and Dennis Dixon. They all look the same in that system. The latter two are no where to be found in the nfl. Say what you want same body type,same level passing,same running ability. Again the latter two are no where to be found in the nfl. Folks are not hating on mariota,weve just seen previous example of talented young men that didnt make it in the league and cant see a major difference in this latest example.

  86. Pickgrin Says:

    Hawk Says:
    February 17th, 2015 at 5:34 am
    The only problem I have is the phrase, “… Buccaneers have graded Winston higher than those signal-callers.” Since the Buccaneers have barely even started their evaluation, AND they are NOT giving out that type of information, I highly doubt that Walter Football ‘knows’ whether that statement is true or not.


    You may be right that the statement is speculation. However – consider that Charlie Campbell who is very involved with Walter Football is the former editor-in-chief for Pewter Report. So he still has a lot of good sources at OPB and has broken some big stories about the Bucs that no one else got ahold of over the last few years.

    He just put out a story today claiming his inside sources say the Glazers want Winston. Included was this quote which corresponds to the previous statement about the Bucs having Winston rated higher than other previous #1 overall picks in recent years.

    ““We heard in January that the front office preferred Winston, and the Buccaneers have graded him ahead of other quarterbacks like Cam Newton and Matthew Stafford when they came out of Auburn and Georgia respectively. Yasinskas reported that Smith and the coaching staff with new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter also favor Winston.”

  87. Pickgrin Says:

    OBP (not OPB) – One Buc Place

  88. Hawk Says:

    @ Pickgrin

    LOL! When I saw OPB, the first thing that came to my mind (honestly) was One Putrid Buc, but he is no longer a Buc.
    Campbell ‘might’ still have some ‘inside’ information, but I am willing to bet that draft information is NOT shared with as many people as most everything else, unless the Bucs WANT that information to be ‘overheard’.
    This is the ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ season. Regardless of what the Bucs do, it will NOT surprise me, and I will still cheer for a win every week.

  89. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Dont be salty,where there is smoke there is fire. Too many so called insiders for it not to be some relevance to these rumors. Now tell me,where are marita rumors being posted. I would take the time to read those as well…. If you can find one.

  90. Hawk Says:

    5,000 “so called insiders” does not make a rumor any more true.