Father Lovie?

February 22nd, 2015

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Long-time readers of Joe know how Father Dungy got his moniker; he seemed better suited (and maybe more motivated) to be a priest than an NFL head coach.

Reading the typing of Woody Cummings of The Tampa Tribune, perhaps that moniker could apply Lovie Smith, for it was Smith who said he wouldn’t mind being a father figure to Jameis Winston when if the Bucs draft the Florida State quarterback first overall.

Smith believes a head coach, even at the pro level, has to play the role of father figure, too, and he’s prepared to do that should the Bucs spend the first pick in the draft on Florida State QB Jameis Winston.

But only to a degree.

“I don’t want to be a babysitter,” Smith said this week at the scouting combine. “I mean, we’ll give direction, but we want to bring in men that are going to make good decisions, and we want to know that if we commit to you, then you have to make a commitment to the team, and that commitment is doing what you’re supposed to do, especially at the quarterback position. “But at the same time, there’s a reason why we have a player development director. And part of my role is to be in that role a little bit, too. Whether it’s as a father figure, a head coach or whatever, I have to set the pace on how you’re supposed to act, and I am involved in that. I do give advice, and a lot of times it goes from coach to father figure. But I cherish that role. I really do.”

This is good to hear. Joe is not going to pretend he knows Lovie Smith. But the few times Joe interacted privately with Lovie, Joe noticed he is such a nice guy and does seem to have that fatherly way about him at all times.

He also seems to treat his team like they are his adult children, you know, treats them like men?

If Lovie truly is willing to embrace Winston and help him grow as an adult, then the Bucs should already have that draft card filled out for the evening of April 30.

74 Responses to “Father Lovie?”

  1. Babaloo Says:

    After watching the combine it did look to me like Jameis looked like he was the leader of the group. At least he was the most outgoing from what it looked like. Honestly he looked good. I might back off my marriotta backing for a bit. Let’s see what free agency brings, hopefully 2 upper tier offensive linemen.

  2. P'cola Buc Says:

    For me the most telling part of watching the NFL network yesterday in regards to evaluating who I felt would be the best #1 overall choice, was when Winston and Mariota were both at the NFL network’s “table”. A sharper contrast between 2 personalities could not have been found. Winston presented himself as a leader, one who could effect a room. He had the commentators smiling and laughing. Mariota was so quiet and reserved. At this point in time, I feel Winston could be the better one to motivate the Buccaneers. Add this to the fact that he was great throwing on the field and was evaluated by the “Mooch” as having one of the greatest Football IQ’s ever….There is no sure thing when drafting someone….but as it stands right now, the Bucs should be happy to have him.

  3. robert 9 Says:

    after watching them throw I have to say Winston looked much better. mariota did not look comfortable in his drop back.

    as far as the video of x’s and o’s. Winston broke the play down well, but to be fair…..who could say someone is the quickest ever from breaking down one play?? and he gave him the answers before Winston re-drew it. I could have done a lot of that from my madden experience. Winston did well, just saying it was very limited information or much of a test.

    this is me giving Winston props. he looks good. I am now not in the mariota or Winston camp, but firmly in the trade back camp.

    Important to note that none of us know the editing job on the Mariucci segment. Possible they talked for an hour and all we saw was those five minutes. That’s the way TV rolls. –Joe

  4. flhillbilly Says:

    Jameis Winston with the #1 draft pick, yes with Lovie as a father figure, Dirk Koetter’s leadership, Derrick Brooks as a mentor, I think Winston will be fine.
    Fans, you can go and buy that #5 jersey now!

  5. MadMax Says:

    Jameis impressed me yesterday, but so did Mariota. If they think he’s turned a corner and he can be worth the pick at #1, then Im alright with it. Same with Mariota although I think he’ll have to sit and learn longer. Also liked what I saw with Lael Collins who just might be there near the end of the 1st.

    Cant wait to see Leonard Williams and McKinney today. Also, watch for this nickel CB Senquez Golson tomorrow. We might be able to get him in the 4th. A little small but knows the position well, and we need a great nickel with speed.

    I have a feeling we’re going MLB with our 2nd pick unless a cant miss Tackle falls to us. Hopefully Bernardrick McKinney will be there.

  6. JWBucs Says:

    I’m starting to warm up to the Idea of drafting Winston. I’m all in if he can stay out of trouble and if his work ethic matches his goals. Those are my only concerns with him.

  7. Josh P Says:

    @Madmax would love to see them grab a QB(i prefer JW) and sneak back into the bottom of the first and grab a top OL(Collins or Erving)

  8. kaput Says:

    It’s Winston, all day long.

    The Bucs should spend money on shoring up the offensive line. If that happens, the Bucs could finally have one of the top offenses in the league, and a FRANCHISE quarterback for the next 10-15 years. And then we’re good most years.

    And then build the defense through the draft, giving Lovie exactly what he needs.

    This really could be the beginning of a great era of Buccaneer football.

    (And I’m a Gator.)

  9. Josh P Says:

    the one thing that should at least come from this weekend is the MGM should probably find a new residence..

  10. Eric Says:

    I have no idea what mooch and Jameis were drawing on the white board.

    But it didn’t strike me that Mr. Winston is even a little bit stupid.

    Just the opposite.

    Then there is that passing ability and leadership.

    It appears that the consensus is the man knocked the combine out of the park.

    Go Bucs.

  11. biff barker Says:

    Leadership can take many forms at QB. You can be gregarious and vocal or quiet and sure. Ultimately it comes down to consistency and making the plays that win games.

  12. Bucfan4life Says:

    These two QBs are light years ahead of the of the others in this draft. They both look like they have the potential to be franchise guys in this league. I think even Mariota supporters have to be excited about the prospect of either one of these guys. As much as I would logged to have a QB with Mariota’s speed back there, I think Winston’s back ground in that NFL style system cannot be ignored. For Mooch to say he is the best he’s ever seen as far as football IQ, that is huge. As a Bucs fan could you imagine a guy like Payton Manning calling the correct audibles at the line and picking part defenses? I don’t think anyone feels that Payton is an elite athlete, especially now at his age, yet because of his football intelligence he is still one of the top players in the league. If the IQ thing is real and not just hype I think JW is the way to go. I think both could end up epbeing pro bowlers though.

  13. Bucfan4life Says:

    Peyton not Payton

  14. Brandon Says:

    Now would be a good time for a Jameis hater to point out that Mooch and Winston were drawing up the floor plan of a Publix and the route he traveled and should have traveled to acquire crab legs…but I already said it, so come up with your own joke!

  15. kaput Says:

    I can’t, for the life of me, think of a single example of a quarterback that led by example only. Think of Manning, Brady, Mariono, Rivers, Brees, Rodgers, Roethlisburger, Elway, Kelly and all of the greats. they were all VERY vodal towards their teammates.

    I’m not buying the “quiet leadership” at quarterback works effectively. I can’t think of it ever working.

  16. Skyline Crew Says:

    Watching ESPN and NFL this morning and they dispelled the notion that Mariota is quiet. They said yes at podium and on TV he is, but when hr was behind closed doors and with players he had great charisma and was a charmer. I’m fine with that. I don’t care if he is reserves at the podium. I only care about the field and he gets it done. Mariota #1.

  17. MTM Says:

    Mariota’s demeanor is to give the media little to criticize. Just like many of the coaches in the NFL. I’m starting to get the vibe that media is pushing hard for Mariota to some how drop far enough in the draft for Philly to acquire. Goodell would love to see Kelly get his man and run his offense.

  18. Bucfan4life Says:

    Lol, yes the media is trying to orchestrate Mariota going to the team that currently has the 20th pick in the draft. As ludicrous as that statement is, if it was true don’t you think they would be saying Mariota should go mid to late first round! Go some of these posts are beyond stupid!

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m starting to get the feeling that we won’t really make a mistake with our choice….I stll favor Mariota slightly because of his ceiling….I am more comfortable with Winston’s character issues…..watching him closely….I think he just wants to be liked by everyone around him and some of the incidents may have been to simply draw attention…..but in an immature way.
    If you turn that around….it may mean he will be driven to win.

    If we are lucky & the Bucs work this right…..most Buc fans will be happy with either….but we absolutely, positively must choose one of them!!!

  20. Skyline Crew Says:

    Both QBs will go in top 5.

  21. mikeh Says:

    this just reminds me of another #1 pick jamarcus Russell the NFL experts were saying he had the best pro day in draft history and admitted that he was the biggest bust ever!

  22. mikeh Says:

    look it up! both QBs kind of scare me in different ways. but its all a gamble JUST ROLL THE DICE!!!!

  23. Couch Fan Says:

    I dont expect the idiots like Mikeh to ever change there idiotic and bias opinion but its good to see the real fans are at least attempting to give Jameis a chance now. Mariota was impressive as well. We can’t go wrong either way. Can’t wait!

  24. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    lol do you really think JaMarcus Russell or Byron Leftwich were getting comparisons to Payton Manning and Tom Brady with regards to Football IQ? The only reason the weak argument for comparing Winston to those guys is the color of his skin and the desperation in your hearts that you can’t admit being wrong about this kid.

    The Bucs are drafting Jameis Winston, might as well start getting used to it

  25. mikeh Says:


  26. mikeh Says:

    YOU NEED A SLAP! couch. gfys

  27. Josh P Says:

    @MikeH it’s always a gamble…no pick is ever a sure thing.Off the field, on the field, injuries there’s to many variables. If it was you wouldn’t have the Tom Brady’s falling to the 6th round or Aaron Rodgers falling to the bottom of the first..or Tebow, Ponder, Manuel, Freeman, and a list of other that should probably never have been drafted in first round to begin with.

    You just have to review the film, weigh the cons and go with your gut..

  28. Eric Says:

    I’m glad to see at least some of the detractors are giving the kid a chance.

    What is being said about him is the same version of Jameis people who know him have expressed.

    Often the media image is different than reality.

    Choice is Jameis but Mariota showed me a lot, especially his much better than I expected arm.

    He ran that 40 like he had a rocket up his ass. Awesome athlete.

  29. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    @ Josh P

    “at should at least come from this weekend is the MGM should probably find a new residence..”

    Naw we were Bucs fans before Mike and will be after Mike (whether that be teade, retire, or cut). I still think he starts the season whether or not the Bucs draft a QB day one, two, three, or free agency)…obviously the fan pressure to start a rookie if drafted at #1 will probably shorten that start but we’ll see how things play out between now and Aprl/May

  30. Josh P Says:


    If they draft Winston he will be starting day one…If they go with Mariota i definitely foresee them going with Glennon to start the season and then transition into Mariota.

  31. Waterboy Says:

    mikeh Says:
    February 22nd, 2015 at 10:24 am

    this just reminds me of another #1 pick jamarcus Russell the NFL experts were saying he had the best pro day in draft history and admitted that he was the biggest bust ever!

    Jamarcus Russell came into the combine at 265 lbs. and I don’t remember him actually competing in any events he was just there. It was also rumored that he was lazy in college and so far I’ve heard quite the opposite of Winston. I don’t see the similarities at all other than playing for the same coach.

  32. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Both Mariota and Winston did well at the combine. No arguing that Winston is a charismatic guy, I can see why the FSU homers are so passionate in their support. I still think Lovie Smith would prefer to trade down for more picks or take Leonard Williams at #1…he clearly believes he can win with a great defense and a decent offense (which now has an experienced NFL OC who happens to go on record that he sees slot of good things in the talent including the QB position). That said I think if the Glazers pressure Lovie to draft a QB and let HIM select the one it’ll be Mariota since his quiet but confident demeanor seems to fit Lovie’s moreso than Winston’s demeanor. Either way though both QB’s looked good (although I am waiting to hear how posters who call Glennon cement shoes will spin Winston’s even slower 40 time) 🙂

  33. BoltIsle Says:

    Lovie did alright with Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall on the same team. I think he’ll be fine with Winston if that’s who they draft.

  34. rayjay1122 Says:

    I am excited about the chance to have our pick of the two. Damn I am glad we lost to the Saints at the end of the season. Could you all just imagine how bad it would to be sitting at the 2nd or 3rd pick. Everyone bitching about if we pick this guy or that guy should stop and look at the big picture and be excited. We are going to get a great QB….as long as they do not do the unthinkable and trade down and not get one of the two. I like Mariota slightly more only due to the fact that he does not bring negative off the field exposure to the Bucs if we pick him but I like Winston also due to his skill set and he does have confidence and charisma that I think rubs off on his team mates. I am glad the decission is not up to me because they are both likely to be really good in the NFL just with differing playing and leadership styles. It was funny to see Chip Kelly painfully watching Mariota yesterday and knowing he has no shot at coaching him…..bet he wishes he would have taken that Bucs job now!!!

  35. OB Says:

    Couple of thoughts, Lovie was such a good father figure that he inspired his team to win not one but two games and this is a feat compared to what his team won the year before.

    I don’t care what Winston or Mariota did this week, it is what they do when they come for the up close and long time with the Bucs. It is hard to act what you’re not if you have to do it 24/7 for about a week. They will then draft the one they think is best for the ages.

  36. WS99 Says:

    “Important to note that none of us know the editing job on the Mariucci segment. Possible they talked for an hour and all we saw was those five minutes. That’s the way TV rolls. –Joe”

    My favorite parts of the segment was when he said “hopefully I have Vincent Jackson out there” and “we went like 50-1 in little league”. #allIdoiswinwinwinnomatterwhat

    I think the kid did a lot to raise his stock yesterday. Nice work kid now keep working. #FSU

  37. tickrdr Says:

    ToesOnTheLine! Says:
    February 22nd, 2015 at 10:54 am

    Both Mariota and Winston did well at the combine. No arguing that Winston is a charismatic guy, I can see why the FSU homers are so passionate in their support. I still think Lovie Smith would prefer to trade down for more picks or take Leonard Williams at #1…he clearly believes he can win with a great defense and a decent offense (which now has an experienced NFL OC who happens to go on record that he sees slot of good things in the talent including the QB position). That said I think if the Glazers pressure Lovie to draft a QB and let HIM select the one it’ll be Mariota since his quiet but confident demeanor seems to fit Lovie’s moreso than Winston’s demeanor. Either way though both QB’s looked good (although I am waiting to hear how posters who call Glennon cement shoes will spin Winston’s even slower 40 time) 🙂
    Good post, especially the last line!
    I agree with it all, except that I think Lovie will prefer Winston over Mariota.

    I still have concerns “on the field”. Only two years of experience at the college level, and 18 INTs in his sophomore year. If JW is not “fast”, how come he was sacked so infrequently? It may be that he has that incredibly quick football IQ, and a quick release. But could it be that he was playing behind an elite OL with FOUR players invited to the NFL combine. The poster, pickgrin, linked a video of JW’s highlights, which I did watch. On the vast majority of plays, he was not hit nor pressured, let alone knocked down; because the pocket to throw from was the size of a small area code.


  38. WS99 Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but he had something like 65td and 34ints in 2 years. 2-1 ratio isn’t bad. May I remind you that farve owns the record for most tds AND most Ints. Gun slingers throw Ints they also win more than they lose in most cases.

  39. chris k Says:

    I’m really happy Winston looked the part yesterday. Mariota has been my choice all along, but watching Winston yesterday makes me feel like we would lucky to hace either. I still say the Bucs have to be 100 percent convinced Winston is clean of any wrong doings if he’s the pick, but I’m gonna trust the professionals to get this right. Go Bucs!

  40. JBuc Says:

    All you people that continually come on this site and talk about trading down, you are aware it takes two to tango? To trade out of the number one spot, you need a helluva offer. Where is the evidence of a team that is willing to give up the farm to trade with the Bucs? It’s easy to come here daily and say trade down like it means something but unless you can give evidence of a real possibility for a trade, you just sound like an idiot.

  41. buddha Says:

    One man’s charisma is another man’s narcissist
    winston’s need for the spotlight, his lack of humility, and his compulsion to put himself above the team and the coach is precisely what will bring him down. The nfl is not the acc. He will be humbled and tested and I see nothing nothing in his character that makes Mr think he can handle it. Neither of these quarterbacks will start opening day.

  42. mikeh Says:

    @waterboy- pal check it out on NFL.com there is a story on what the experts thought! I am not dishing jamies. I am just saying as we all know its a gamble you just have to go for it! I admitted yesterday that I am impressed with Winston. but he still has that trouble crap and you never know! what he could do! roll the dice I guess.

  43. ADown88 Says:

    This has been the most mature Winston thread in the history of JoeBucsFan. I am very proud of you all. Go Bucs!!

  44. Josh P Says:

    If you don’t like Winston it all good but please get the JaMarcus Russell comparisons out of your argument..You lose a lot of credibility.. Zero professionals have compared Winston to Russell and there is zero reason for anyone on here to compare the two.

  45. ADown88 Says:

    ToesOnTheLine, TBBF, Robert9. Glad you guys aren’t just hating. Seems like we are becoming Bucs fans again, not lawyers.

  46. JTHV Says:

    Every sane person in the country thinks the Bucs will pick Winston.

    Those few angry Gator/Buc fans are arguing against him because he ran a 4.97 40 and had off the field concerns that every body else has seemingly moved past except said angry Gator/Buc fan.

    Winston was the star of the combine and wedged even more room between him and MM with his demeanor that everyone who cared to observe over the last 2 years already knew about him.

    This is a great day for Buc fans, Seminole fans and fans who just want to see the Bucs win games again.


    Go Bucs!

  47. Josh P Says:

    @WS99 65TD to 28int. and in his soph season he played with younger talent at skilled positions and OL was not nearly has dominant as it was in 2013

  48. ADown88 Says:


    Think it was 65/28

  49. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “I don’t want to be a babysitter,” Smith said this week at the scouting combine. “I mean, we’ll give direction, but we want to bring in men that are going to make good decisions…” – Lovie Smith

    Well now we know we’re getting Mariota.

  50. carlstoe Says:

    Lavonte is a great quiet leader! Eli and Aaron Rodgers are more reserved! Andy Dalton and Foles don’t yelll on the sidelines!

    Leaders come in different styles! Our HC is a quiet leader.

  51. mikeh Says:

    also although imo. jamies has a lot of confidence and that’s great! but he does come off somewhat cocky and that can hurt you in games just as it has cam newton and his superman crap. but he will learn after a few lumps. lol

  52. mikeh Says:

    also he should not be imo. talking like he is up there with the bradys and mannings he is a rookie and you have to earn that! a little self absorbed but confident.

  53. mikeh Says:

    josh p who is arguing! that’s the problem with you Winston lovers you act like he is perfect or something. he is human and unless you can see the future. then why cant we say he could this or that. it HAPPENS!! all I said if you people read it was THE NFL EXPERTS SAID THAT J.RUSSELL HAD THE BEST PRO DAY EVER AT THAT TIME AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPEND. WAS NOT SAYING IT WILL BE WINSTON. BUT I CAN NOT SEE IN TO THE FUTURE EITHER!!

  54. ADown88 Says:

    People like mikeh and bonzai are just idiots. Can’t even take them serious.

  55. mikeh Says:

    ADOWN88- your are a IDIOT! the problem with you morons is you know it all! AND HOLY CRAP IF SOMEONE SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT BOZO! WICH I DIDNT IF YOU CAN READ! IDIOT. G.F.Y.S. PUNK!

  56. Josh P Says:


    I know what you said and i wasn’t referring to you.. but if you want to throw yourself in the bunch that’s fine.. Other posters on here have been comparing JW to JaMarcus for the past month and there is zero comparison between the 2.

  57. crazy Says:

    Good Jameis isn’t the problem. Bad Jameis is…

  58. mikeh Says:

    I HOPE THEY TAKE HIM AND HE SUCKS. I will be the first one on here laughing my a** off. joebucsfan is not just for Winston fans pal so f*** you!

  59. Bucfan4life Says:

    Joe – any chance of banning Mikeh from posting on this site? I don’t come on here to read some punk telling everyone to go f themselves. Some of these debates get heated because fans are passionate but this guy is just crude and over the top.

  60. Waterboy Says:

    The knock that I remember on Russel coming out of college was that he had questionable work ethic and that turned out to be the case in the NFL. Not to even mention his drug problem. The knock on Winston is that he had off-field issues and the knock on Mariota is he didn’t played in a system that didn’t require him to make NFL throws where he has to throw WR’s open, put the ball in tight windows or make his own pre-snap protection calls or audibles. All rookie QB’s are a risk but the question is which risk would the team be more comfortable taking. Me personally I’d rather gamble that a guy grows up and realizes that he’s not a kid anymore and takes on adult responsibilities.

  61. Josh P Says:

    Not sure if any of you caught the interview on Ron and Ian last week(Tuesday i believe) with Marcellus Wiley.. Great interview. He basically said that if social media was around back in the 90’s when he was drafted all the “Bad things” Winston has done now compared to what a lot of players had been getting in trouble for back then but was never reported it would be petty stuff and would have been a non issue back then..

  62. Josh P Says:


    Just don’t want to see you on cheering for him when he’s successful…go find a new team. Jags could use some more fans.

  63. mikeh Says:

    @ sorry pal lived in north east! all my life. but always been a bucs fan pal I would take pats over jags. lol I have family in Orlando seen games in the old sombrero! but yes I was not comparing J.W. to that piece of crap! Russell.

  64. Jack Says:

    I agree, Joe. Lovie is a great guy who gives second chances. Lovie is good for Winston. We’ll see what they do now.

  65. BK Says:

    Bucs cant go wrong unless they dont pick a QB. I think Mariota or Winston will be better than the past and that much is clear.

    Many of us have debated this too long (myself included about character)…. I watched the combine drills and I was more impressed with Winston than Mariota on the field and around the NFL table talk; Mariota was a bit quiet/passive for me as I like the chest out confident type at QB spot.

    I agree with Joe on the Mooch/Winston TV thing could have been created via editing so lets not put too much credence into it.

    I have reached a point of JUST PICK A QB!! I am good with either guy.

    GO BUCS!!

  66. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “mikeh Says:
    February 22nd, 2015 at 12:33 pm


    Bitter much?

  67. John McKillop Says:

    @Eric I know you are a Winston guy and I am a Mariota guy. I had some misgivings about Winston, I came away from the combine impressed with him more than I thought I would. I still hope Mariota is the pick, but I do feel more comfortable with Winston than I previously did.

  68. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Daddy Lovie, or Daddy Smith moniker Joe!

  69. Senor Mofo Says:

    Lovie was badly burned once before when he gambled a high draft pick on a guy with character issues (Cedric Benson).

    Something tells me he hasn’t forgotten how that turned out.

    Like it or not, Winston’s character issues will be a major factor in this decision.

    I love Winston as a player. And when he talks about football, he is a passionate, engaging, likable person. But when he talks (as he has no doubt been groomed to do) about earning people’s trust, about being the face of a franchise, about taking responsibility for his actions, and about how he has left his past mistakes behind him, he seems disingenuous. When I hear him say these things, I feel like I’m being conned. And if fans like me can feel it, you can bet Lovie, Licht, and the Glazers can feel it.

    If Winston is the pick, the Bucs should mandate that he do a year of once-a-week rational emotive behavior therapy sessions with the best psychotherapist they can find. No amount of mentoring or fathering from Lovie, or Brooks, or whomever, will get to the root of Winston’s underlying personality problems.

    If Winston is the pick, and his behavioral problems resurface, the whole organization will be thrown into a tailspin. The Glazers cannot afford for this to backfire.

  70. 1st Bucfan Says:

    Having watched Winston play for FSU and the combine I really belive he would be a great choice. BUT the Bucs need to see how the rape chsrges pan out. Might be a 1st choice that ends up in prison. Too bad.
    Mariota should be considered. Not as heavy, faster , throws just as good.

  71. Pickgrin Says:

    Finally! A semi-mature thread on JBF involving talk of these QBs. Really glad to see some of those who have been vocal critics of Winston soften their stance. I can only assume its because you saw at the combine this kid’s skills are more than legit and that his personality is certainly not that of a monster or immature idiot.

    What’s annoying about that though is all the negativity directed at Winston up until now that softens once people see what he did on the combine field and what type of personality he has. It just means that people who were criticizing Winton didn’t ever do their homework on him prior to seeing him at the combine. There are plenty of videos out there on youtube or whatever showing Winston being himself and displaying his personality and there are 27 FSU games to watch and see him do a lot more great things than hitting receivers in stride at the combine with no one even covering. BTW – he won 26 of those games.

    Funny how Mr Patrick and NYBucsfan and Barry et all are no where to be seen after a good showing by Winston at the combine. If they had been here – I’m sure it would have been to spew more baseless anti-Winston vitriol that has little or nothing to do with actual QB play – so I’m glad to see the discussion turning responsible here.

    Either QB would be a major upgrade for this franchise and both have the tools to be good if not great NFL QBs. They just have different toolboxes with some tools similar and others unique. I think there are a lot of people here – myself included who would be content with either choice even though they favor 1 QB over the other at this point. So lets move forward from that viewpoint and debate the merits of these guys and who is the best fit for the Buccaneers as opposed to all the ridiculous Jameis character assassination and negativity thrown back and forth between the “Winston camp” and the “Mariota Camp”.

  72. Pickgrin Says:

    1st Bucfan Says:
    February 22nd, 2015 at 6:32 pm
    BUT the Bucs need to see how the rape chsrges pan out. Might be a 1st choice that ends up in prison. Too bad.

    Do you have any understanding of how ridiculous that statement is? Hope you can catch up to current events at some point.

  73. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    ADown88 Says:
    February 22nd, 2015 at 12:00 pm
    ToesOnTheLine, TBBF, Robert9. Glad you guys aren’t just hating.

    Actually I’ve never been a Winston hater. My only concern was and still is his maturity level. His skill set has never been an issue save maybe his interceptions/care with the ball. Dude can ball though and while his speed a

  74. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    And conditioning were a little disappointing his leadership and charisma impressed me. I could see players wanting to play hard for Winston, BUT his immaturity based on things he’s done (accusations aside) are something to be concerned about at a pro level. Still part of the trade down/Williams crowd, but either QB (Mariota/Winston) wouldn’t upset me if taken by the Bucs