What Could Have Been

January 23rd, 2015
In what turned out to be his final game as an offensive coordinator for the Bucs, Jeff Tedford thought he had the offense right on track to be successful.

In what turned out to be his final game, Jeff Tedford thought he had the offense right on track.

Though the Bucs now have a new offensive coordinator and a new quarterbacks coach, Joe thought he would give readers one last peek into his interview with former OC Jeff Tedford last week.

If Bucs fans haven’t quite washed away memories of 2014 with their favorite brand of bourbon, they’d remember that after a couple of horrific offensive performances in the preseason, the Bucs’ offense looked sharp in the third preseason game at Buffalo.

Tedford said at that point, the offense was right on schedule. Sadly, that was the last time Tedford ran the offense. He had blacked out prior to that very game, and in a matter of hours after touching back down in Tampa, found himself in the hospital.

“Oh, yeah. For sure. I thought we played pretty well in that first half with the starters,” Tedford said. “That’s the game, as you know, all the starters play for at least the first half. So, we moved the ball pretty well and scored some points. We had a pretty productive first half.

“So, yeah, I was very encouraged by it. Even in the second half when we needed to run clock we ran clock. So I was very encouraged.”

Obviously, we can only speculate what would have happened had Tedford never gotten sick. As it happened, ill-suited Marcus Arroyo, no longer with the Bucs, took over the offense and all hell broke loose.

No one will ever know what might have been.

18 Responses to “What Could Have Been”

  1. Tom Edrington Says:

    Please Joe(s), can’t you just let Ted Jefford stagger off into oblivion?

    The guy eerily looks like Bob Newhart……

  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    joe, get out of here with the look good in that one pre-season game. You know who dominated that game? GMC. and what happen the rest of the year. It did not look like it did when the regular season started.

    Also Tedford would still have to work with McCown and the O-line. They might not have the #1 draft pick, but they still would be top 5!

  3. DallasBuc Says:

    If only we could have run the very secretive yet highly touted “speed in space” offense with the great Trash McCown all would have been right with this Bucs offense.
    Spare me.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Tedford is history, gone, departed, terminated, through, finished, vanished, elsewhere, SYONARA, ADIOS, AU-REVOIR, Auf WIEDERSHEN, CHEERIO, ADJO, ANTIO, DO SVIDANIYA, HASTA LA VISTA, BYE-BYE…. SO LONG Of course, Schiano would say CAIO!!!

  5. Robert 9 Says:

    I love the new QB coach hire!

  6. biff barker Says:

    It’s still a mystery why the TE’s and slot WR were so underutilized.

    And Love me Not is still talking balanced attack?

  7. The Buc Realist Says:


    yep, every Bucs coach hire is the answer, and every coach fired was the problem!

  8. Robert 9 Says:

    you got me there realist.

    but arroyo was a joke, and tedford was not there.

    so I am happy with these two hires.

  9. biff barker Says:

    Realist, you still have Lovie as HC. Hint… Warhoo is still here too.

  10. Robert 9 Says:

    warhop still being there is a head shaker.

    I think lovie was horrible, but have not jumped on the fire lovie bandwagon. I still think tanking the season was part of the bigger plan. He payed mcclown 5 mill to do it too.

    now we have the 1st pick and the 2 new hires look like they have a lot more experience than the ones they are replacing.

  11. J Moné Says:

    Makes me so sad. Here’s to a better season in 2015

  12. ChessMaster Says:

    Losing can persuade you to change what doesn’t need to be changed, and winning can convince you everything is fine even if you are on the brink of disaster. – Garry Kasparov

  13. Mike10 Says:

    Is someone ever going to fess up to what the hell actually happened w that whole mess?

  14. DallasBuc Says:

    Mike10- that would involve taking responsibility for mistakes made and as we all know Lovie Smith can do no wrong

  15. Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:

    Let’s just hope Dirk “Diggler” Koetter can bring back some sort of respectability to our offense. Maybe some long deep shots with some short to intermediate stabs then pound it again with some long deep shots down the field. And of course there’s always time for a little run action, like they say, “if there’s grass on the field play ball”!

  16. Tom S. Says:

    I just want to personally thank Tedford for helping us achieve the top pick this year.

    If our offense runs smoothly maybe we go 7-9 this year, who knows. But instead we have the first blue-chip QB to come out since Luck. Who would you rather have 2013 No. 1 Eric Fisher, 2014 No. 1 Jadeveon Clowney or 2015 No. 1 Jameis Winston(Marcus Mariota)…I’m taking 2015 thank you Tedford 🙂

  17. pick6 Says:

    all i can hope for now is that we look back and say losing tedford at the last minute was the best thing to happen to the bucs since the Superbowl. the depends entirely on how our draft pick and new OC turn out

  18. Buctebow Says:

    I don’t care about Tedford, don’t care why he didn’t come back after week 11, he is a non-issue. Maybe he helped us suck more by not being there, but it doesn’t matter, we sucked, he is gone, we have the first draft pick….next.