No Nibbles For Frazier

January 3rd, 2015

leslie frazier 1219A few weeks ago, Lavonte David revealed that Bucs defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is “taking control of everything.”

Entering the season of coaching changes, the last thing the Bucs needed was another upheaval on the coaching staff.

So Joe was very eager to see if Frazier would get any bites for a head coaching vacancy. In 3 1/4 seasons as the Vikings head man, Frazier was 21-32 with a playoff appearance in 2012. Heck, he even got to the playoffs with a Florida State quarterback.

However, it seems like Frazier hasn’t garnered a nibble on the market.

This is good news. As Joe wrote, the Bucs don’t need more unexpected change.

Frazier, a former stud NFL cornerback, is an accomplished coordinator and a steadying influence.

Joe still can’t figure out why Frazier couldn’t put his head together with Lovie Smith and stop Greg Olsen or backup QB Derek Anderson in December, for the second time. But Joe’s just going to have to live with that mystery.

37 Responses to “No Nibbles For Frazier”

  1. White Tiger Says:

    I’m not thrilled with Leslie Frazier – never have been – never will be.

    Hearing that Leslie Frazier is ‘taking control of everything’…not a good thing.

  2. ufcguy Says:

    We need to do a rod marinelli and steal him here

  3. lurker Says:

    lol…where is he gonna go? do dc’s from 2-14 teams get interviewed?

    i’m still waiting for all the people who were so sure rod marinelli is coming this year. hmmmmmmmm, where would he go with frazier still dc. also, dallas is in the playoffs and the bucs are … well, a 2-14 team.

  4. Patrickbucs Says:

    Like the crusty old man on the corner, set in his ways. Our coaches attitudes are a reflection of our players and our system: passive and old

  5. SAMCRO Says:

    Frazier will be fine. He will bring continuity to the team going into their second year in the Tampa 2 scheme. Plus, the players seem to really like him and would go to war for him. Frazier must be able to convey exactly what Smith desires in his defense. Add that to what appears as a great personal relationship with each other, it’s apparent to me they are a perfect harmonious match. We keep Frazier to implement Smith’s design.

    Personally, I believe that if Frazier was invited into an interview for a vacant HC position he would turn it down, simply out of respect for Smith, and to finish what they’ve started. ….but hey, it the money’s right …who knows?

  6. LargoBuc Says:

    Not to be cynical but who would want anyone from this team. Sure our defense played “better” down the stretch but thats not enough. This small market team epitomizes’ mediocrity.

  7. Cascade Says:

    Marinelli is here as soon as the Cowboys are out of the playoffs, if it’s true that his contract is up. I wouldn’t expect him to replace Frazier, but would think he’d have a title like Assistant Head Coach – Defense.

  8. alanbucs Says:

    @SAMCRO.. Agreed. We really need to build continuity with this team but many people want to get rid of all of our coaches. Lack of continuity has been one of the main problems for years here and its why we can’t build consistent winning even we have a 7-9 or 10-6 season in between losing seasons.

  9. Mcruzer Says:

    Cascade, there is not a chance of Marinelli coming here unless it is as DC. His run def was ranked 8th and his pass def was ranked in the top half of the league. If the Cowboys dont keep him, he will be among the cream of the crop of available DC candidates. He wont be an assistant head coach anywhere.

  10. Bucnut2 Says:

    Not sure it matters who DC is. This is Lovie’s defense and in spite of his public talk, its hard to believe that he is not VERY involved.

  11. The Buc Realist Says:

    Demote Lovie to DC, hire Marinelli to coach d-line, Frasier can coach secondary or linebackers.

    Hire a Real Head Coach!!!

  12. lurker Says:

    jurry jones will pay $$$ to keep marinelli, and should.

  13. lurker Says:

    why the helll would rod marinelli want to get a demotion to d-line?

  14. Dylan Says:

    Bigger question is why Fraizer seemed to have forgotten to teach the art of tackling.

  15. The Buc Realist Says:

    rod Marubekku will not come to Tampa, there is more job security in Dallas. Just want to see the bucs break the record for ex-head coaches on 1 staff!

  16. lurker Says:

    lol, there is always oc

  17. The Buc Realist Says:

    OC- Josh Mcdaniels
    O-line coach – Tony Sparano
    TE coach – Mike tice

    we better throw in Rah for secondary coach for extra measure, when is his contract up?

  18. lurker Says:

    would sparano for oc work well here? i wonder if he would leave oak town if he isn’t hired as headcoach.

  19. sho-nuff Says:

    another boring limb off of the overrated dungy tree….this franchise needs to completely turn their backs on that fake

  20. Cascade Says:

    If you’re doubting that Marinelli would come here, perhaps you’re forgetting that he and Lovie are very close friends. That makes a difference. I would be surprised if he didn’t end up here, if his contract with Dallas is indeed expired.

  21. DB55 Says:

    Lmao … Frazier as a hc is Worse than lovie as a hc …. Lmao

    Nobody got time for that.

  22. port richey george Says:

    the defense stunk earlier in the season. the excuse was they were still learning it. well, next year no excuses for the defensive players or Leslie Frazier.

  23. Please Says:

    Haha “Marubekku”

  24. White Tiger Says:

    Why would Marinelli come? That’s a pipe dream.

    We’re stuck with Leslie.

  25. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    White Tiger has a point; what would compel Marinelli to come to Tampa? During the 2013 season the Dallas defense was being torn apart and was ranked dead last…. This year they have made obvious strides and the credit goes to Marinelli so its a good bet that Jerry Jones and his giant ego will pay huge coin to keep Marinelli. Heck the Cowboys would not let the Bucs talk to him after the 2013 season, why would they give Tampa the opportunity to steal him and I doubt if the Glazers are willing to get into a huge bidding war with Jones…. Maybe the Bucs could have got him ala Gruden in a trade with Dallas last season but I think that ship has sailed; we are stuck with Mr Frazier for better or for worse….

  26. T REX Says:

    Then what the hell is Lovie doing? This organization is a total loser from the top down. Need new ownership badly.

  27. DB55 Says:


    Is CJ mosley playing with a cast on his hand? Say it isnt so. Aren’t the Ravens afraid he’ll hurt himself further? A rookie playing with a broken hand? Nahhh, that CANT be.

  28. BFFL Says:

    Frazier is fine. The defense has played good enough considering the below average play of MJ. The back 7 required time to learn the Tampa 2 and they finished the season exceptionally strong considering the inadequate contribution from the MLB position.

    Bring in Mariota and the Eagles/Seahawks offense.

  29. BucIt941 Says:


    That’s untrue if you know anything about the history between Rob and Lovie. In Chicago Rob was Lovies DC AND Asst HC. So yes there is a chance he could be brought in as an asst HC if they wanted to do that. They go literally WAY back all the way back to the Bucs and Dungy! They are very fond of each other and YES I strongly feel Marinelli would consider leaving a playoff team to rejoin his long time friend back here in Tampa if for nothing else to help him get the train back on the track! If this was strictly business I would say not a shot in hell Tampa would be able to get a talented DC like Rob! But with the ties to Lovie and the friendship they share, it is not only pausable but actually quite likely. He was gonna come here last year till he got blocked by Jerry Jones! Why not come the very next year? Why not come and add yet another amazing defensive turn around to his resume while he is at it. It’s not like this defense doesn’t have enough toys to get excited about and knowing Lovie will give him complete control over the defense is also enticing!

  30. Cascade Says:

    ^^ RoD, not Rob.

  31. Lefty Says:

    Let’s not let all this draft debate and D coordinator possibility muddle the fact that Lovie Smith the Coach and Personnel decision maker has mired this team in futility. So much has gotten worse from a performance standpoint and win-loss standpoint, that fans cannot truthfully have much hope for the coming years (not to say the owners aren’t a major part of this cluster F-()$!!)! Coaching has been disgraceful since Gruden was dismissed, but Lovie has taken major steps backward and given us very little to believe in. The Glazers gave this man the keys and he has promptly drove it off the bridge. Who knows what the right #1 draft pick is, but how is a fan to have faith in what this regime will do based on what they’ve done, and the manner in which they’ve done it? We need quality ownership and leadership, but unfortunately there is no hint of that within this organization.

  32. cmurda Says:

    I know Leslie has a solid defensive track record but the title of this post is comical. It would be hard to imagine a DC that piloted his team to a 2-14 record be considered for anything but a kick to the nuts.

  33. DallasBuc Says:

    It is hard to run a defense when the key talent you have is tossed sans McCoy and David. First year record on personel is a complete failure when you wave bye to Revis and Clayborn to make room for Verner and Johnson. The football players were replaced with actors.

  34. DallasBuc Says:

    It all comes down to Lovie Smith. Man is unable to consistently mark talent but consistently insists on being in charge of judging it. Sht is fckd.

  35. DallasBuc Says:

    Anyone else notice Rahsaan Melvin is good enough to not just play but start over the vet Cason for the playoff winning Ravens D?
    I had thought he was still on our squad on IR but I guess with our super-effing-talented defense this guy has no chance! Funny how a SB winning coach can find a spot for a talented corner mid-season.
    Good thing we evaluate talent better than that bum Harbaugh!
    LovieDovie has appeared in a SuperBowl ya know!

  36. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    White Tiger Says
    J“I’m not thrilled with Leslie Frazier – never have been – never will be.

    Hearing that Leslie Frazier is ‘taking control of everything’…not a good thing.”

    I agree partly. I hated the hire. His methods with the Vikings, the indecisiveness he showed in regard to quarterback, it wasn’t good.

    However…just to give props where they are due, with him “in control” of the defense, the defense indeed did start playing better. Still not good enough, but better.

    I was calling for Rod Marinelli to replace him, but now I think it would be smarter to bring Rod in as Asst. Head Coach and we can have both of them.

  37. bucs4lyfe Says:

    changing position coaches doesnt change the level of talent on this team