Marcus Mariota: Stock Up?

January 13th, 2015

A prominent draft guru and former NFL scout says Marcus Mariota closed his season on the upswing

Jameis Winston did not hurt his outstanding draft stock one bit against the University of Oregon on New Year’s Day. Winston did plenty that made pro scouts drool in ecstasy.

And, frankly, Marcus Mariota went out on an upswing, too, despite the loss in the national title game last night.

Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah, now a draft guru for, summed it up better than Joe could. Jeremiah penned a look at some likely pros playing last night. Here’s his snippet on Mariota.

Marcus Mariota

It sounds strange to say, but after being at Oregon’s 39-point victory over Florida State last week in the Rose Bowl, and then watching Monday night’s 22-point loss, I actually thought Mariota played better against Ohio State than he did in the big win against FSU.

Ducks receivers must have been approaching a half-dozen drops in the title game. In the Rose Bowl, Mariota missed several throws, had one passed picked off and at least one more that should have been intercepted. Against Ohio State, he didn’t have the support of a running game and the Ducks couldn’t convert in the red zone.

I saw a lot of criticism of his play Monday night on social media, but he didn’t really have that bad of a game. The bigger question now is what he’ll be at next level. Projecting that takes some imagination.

He doesn’t take full drops, which complicates the projection. If he comes out this year, I believe NFL teams will find him to be one of the most difficult evaluations of the last five years. Having seen him live and also studying him off tape, I see an eventual payoff for a team that selects him, but it might be years down the road.

If a team takes him and expects success in Year 1, he’ll need to play in a similar system that Oregon does. If you draft him to fit a traditional system, he can do that but I believe it will take a lot of time.

Joe’s not down on Mariota. Joe simply thinks Winston is a significantly better NFL quarterback prospect and leader.

If the Bucs call Mariota’s name in April, then Joe will raise a cold beer in salute and start wondering how the Bucs will avoid a four-win season in 2015, and what the plan is to develop and train Mariota effectively.

116 Responses to “Marcus Mariota: Stock Up?”

  1. Fishfries Says:

    Cheers on that last paragraph. Spot on!

  2. Morgan Says:

    Very disappointed in Mariota’s performance last night. I think his stock went down a great amount and made Lichts’ decision much easier.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree with the analysis…..Mariota had little to no running game…..absent WRs showed….several drops….I also didn’t like the playcalling in the red zone. He missed a couple of passes but who doesn’t.
    Hard to judge a QB on a game or two….Look at how poor Denver did in the Superbowl & Manning in last weekend’s game for example.
    I will go with either QB and I’m OK waiting for Mariota….I think in the long run he will be the better choice.
    We have a lot of needs so it will take a couple of years anyway.

  4. bucrightoff Says:

    He was alright, made some nice throws, missed some easy ones. The concern is the only king of hit he took that resembles an NFL hit he had to come out for a play. As a running QB you worry about his exposure to injury.

  5. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Trade to the Eagles and get the truck load of pics and foles….winston is going to be good, but simple economics implores this trade

  6. bucs4lyfe Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:

    January 13th, 2015 at 8:21 am
    I agree with the analysis…..Mariota had little to no running game…..absent WRs showed….several drops….I also didn’t like the playcalling in the red zone. He missed a couple of passes but who doesn’t.
    lol sure lets draft a guy and give him the same excuses we wont give josh mccown or mike glennon. if that’s the reason he didn’t play well then there’s no reason for our team to draft him because it’ll be much worse here and besides I understand the let the guy sit and learn deal but if your going 1st overall you HAVE to be ready to start day one if need be and if he cant then he’s not a number one pick

  7. Kalind Says:

    I think Mariota is a good QB. He’s just not what we need. We need Winston.

    Mariota misses a lot of easy throws from the pocket.

    Mariota people, does that worry you? Worries me.

  8. Dan Says:

    Finally you hit it on the head Joe! Winston, Mariota, we all have a preference but at the end of the day we’ll all get behind who we pick.

  9. Lovie equals 2015 Blackouts Says:

    Oregon lost last night because the stinkin offensive coordinator threw sideways all night long.

    That was is master plan? Throw screens all night?

    I know that Oregon’s offense plays that type of offense, but jeez, sometimes you gotta start getting vertical… especially when you are behind.

    Urban Meyer is a great coach.

  10. Frantman2 Says:

    How about Cardale Jones’ stock? After last night’s game, if he declares for the draft he’s at the top of my list. He’s eligible to declare, has all the same if not more measurables as Jameis just not the experience (or the baggage).

  11. Ben Says:

    My question is what has Mariota won and is that any indication of his success at the next level? I really enjoyed the post here a few days ago that detailed the number of INTs successful NFL QBs threw in college. How about another with what they won at the college level?

  12. HotRod Says:

    I also prefer Winston but will be excited with either one, I’m so sick of hearing Bucs fan on one side or the other “If they pick (Winston/Mariota) I’m done, I’m never supporting them again!” Give me a break, the only way anyone should be pissed is if they trade it away – you don’t get a chance at a first round #1 overall QB very often.

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Cardell Jones’ play action worked like charm because he had 230 yds from #15…..both of our current QBs would be in the pro bowl if we could run like that….

  14. Eric Says:

    Picking Marcus over Jameis would be an error in my book, but I will be totally behind him if they do.

  15. BoJim Says:

    Finally. A Mariota article. This should make the MM people happy. DOH!!

  16. New#8 please Says:

    The guy rarely had the ball. Ohio state chewed up the clock. I thought he looked good. Made quite a few nice passes (from the pocket) and on the move. Love his poise and attitude. Took a few shots as well and think he showed he’s a tough kid too. Hoping to see him in pewter in red this year. Go bucs

  17. P'cola Buc Says:

    Let’s face it…..truth be told…no one knows for sure who would be the better NFL quarterback. At one point we will need to place our faith in Lovie and Koetter. Football is their specialty…they should know better than we do. Tough call between Mariota or Winston…..All I do know is that I feel strongly we draft a quarterback with this 1st pick. We have the first pick which doesn’t come around often. You draft the highest rated quarterback when you have this opportunity.

  18. finishers Says:

    Winston or trade down!

  19. bucs4lyfe Says:

    Floridians aren’t like new Yorkers…..we wouldn’t walk up to Winston in the street and heckle him about crab legs, he better hope he comes to tampa and doesn’t slip past 1 or 2 and get to new York…and let most people are saying here I hope this fan base gets behind whoever we pick and don’t sit back and wait for the guy to have a johnny football moment in his first game as a pro because regardless of what is said they both have to transition slowly into the nfl because the game is much faster at the next level

  20. BucsQcCity Says:

    After last night I’m more in the Winston camp only because I feel there’s a greater risk in drafting MM. Oregon system didn’t allowed MM to carry on the team in the second half. I was hoping to see them drop the read option and go into full shoot out mode when OSU stopped the run but it didn’t happen.

    MM has good arm, good mobility, can throw in the pocket under pressure but if you remove the read option part of the game, he did change plays at thr LOS and he did go through its progression but Winston is just better at most of these thing at this point IMO.

    Bucs can draft either of them and I’ll be happy. Licht and Lovie can’t trade down from the 1st pick. They didn’t earned that right yet with last draft picks.. If ASJ, Simms and/or pamphile, edwards, herron would have contributed significantly to the team then I would be ok to trade down but at the moment it doesn’t like a solid draft…

  21. pick6 Says:

    Always a mistake to reduce your evaluation down to one game, but MM was the second most impressive QB on the field Monday. Barely noticed him, and I was obviously looking for him

  22. Tom Edrington Says:

    If it were me, I’d want the Ohio State kid, with another year of seasoning, he could be a really, really interesting prospect, big, strong, great arm and performed under the heat with very, very little experience, add some experience and he could be a better NFL prospect than both Mariota and Winston…

    Simple as that…….

  23. zack49 Says:

    the way i see it is they were kids the game was one sided they had no rushing game like us but to the qb he will be a great qb for what ever team he goes to and if we get Mariota we will have a great qb for the future i belive he could start but give him time gooooo bucs

  24. Pickgrin Says:

    I saw a QB last night who got a taste of what life is like when a good defense is constantly stuffing your run game and in your face on passing plays. A lot like what he will see week in and week out in the NFL. Mariota played OK last night – but missed some throws and didn’t respond all that well to the level of Defensive pressure that Ohio State brought (which he is not used to seeing with Oregon’s regular schedule in the WAC). Seems to me that last night’s game was confirmation that Mariota has a ways to go before he would be a consistently effective QB at the next level (if ever). I am convinced Winston is the better prospect and should be chosen #1 by the Bucs.

  25. ufcguy Says:

    That’s been the Oregon offense all yr. That’s why it’s laughable that everyone here keeps praising the kid. He got his first real taste of a good defense. No where to run and guess what Ohio State tried to lose that game 4 turnovers! They should have beaten him by 40. So take that and shove it up ur ass. Like I said overrated!

  26. NewTampaChris Says:

    If you listened to Chris Landry on WDAE, he is very concerned that Winston’s character will cause him to flame out. He said that QB is the one position that you can’t hide character flaws.

    If that’s true, it doesn’t matter how “NFL-ready” Winston may be compared to Mariota.

  27. ChessMaster Says:

    Drops killed Mariota last night.

  28. phreakybucfan Says:

    I have it dead heat between Mariota and Winston. I wanted to see something from Mariota last night that put him over the top. I didn’t see that. I believe the most important intangible in a quarterback is leadership, and at no time did I see Mariota pumping up his teammates. Right now I would say I would take Winston because he seems to be the better leader, and it also seems like the off-field issues didn,t affect his play. Winston reminds me most of Rothlessberger (in more ways than one), Mariota reminds me most of Kaepernick (I know that,s spelled wrong). At this point I would take Rothlessberger-Winston over Kaepernick-Mariota.

  29. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    I doubt any team that may be enamoured with either Winston or Mariota will trade up with the Bucs since both will probably slide down the draft boards a little. That said I’m hoping Lovie and Licht do the unpopular but probably best thing for winning now…select Leonard Williams with the #1 and then draft OL, LB, and then grab a QB that our OC thinks he can develop. Start Glennon, McCown (or preferably another vet bandaid), or rookie…whoever Koetter thinks has the best chance to lead the team. While I may not be sold on Lovie Smith I do think he should build the team the way he knows how…his career probably hinges on next year’s performance.

  30. Jon Says:

    Hahahaha draft mariota draft mariota I might stop being a BUCS fan if we don’t draft him!! Who am I?? Oh yeah everybody on this blog daily…mariota sucks, showed it last night he doesn’t run a pro offense. He looked scared in the pocket when he was there all of 5 times. Can’t wait to see you guys jump off the bandwagon and get on the Jameis train to tampa baby while claiming you knew mariota sucked all along hahaha

  31. Another J Says:

    I think Jameis Winston’s stock went up last night!

  32. Warthog Says:

    How is this guy different to Dennis Dixon?

  33. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Trade down twice in the 1st round….Dak Prescott with a later pick

  34. Architek Says:

    Cheers to that Joe – I agree.

    Mariota wasn’t bad but it just seems like something was missing just couldn’t pinpoint it. I’m not down on Matiota at all and I support whomever the Bucs draft at QB.

    Whatever the case may be – I’m more concerned about the organization doing what it takes toake sure the kids are successful. Support and continuity and stability play as much a role in success as on the field.

    Freeman had no stability and he was a mess on his own but the Bucs didn’t really help him out the gate. Hopefully Winston and Mariota will have a better shot at success.

  35. ufcguy Says:

    Dak is even worse sec overrated trash

  36. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    For those that want the OSU QB who has played all of 3 games. From the same article.

    Cardale Jones

    When you study the quarterback position you always look for players with exceptional traits. Jones has many — rare size and arm strength, and he has above-average touch and athleticism. He had a couple turnovers, but I was really impressed by how he didn’t let the game get away from him like Jameis Winston did in the Rose Bowl. Jones showed much more poise, and was even keel throughout the game. He reminds me of Daunte Culpepper.
    When you are 250 lbs you don’t really have to worry about being stopped. I watched several times where he should have been sacked, but he is just so big that he couldn’t be brought down. He wasn’t that great. He made some nice throws, but you wanna call Mariota a running QB. Jones is the definition of a running QB. There were times where he ran 3 QB sneaks in a row. The dude was like Bettis out there (a big ol’ bus).

  37. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Some good articles out there of OSU defensive players ripping FSU defense for giving up against Oregon. Some of the FSU defensive players draft stock went down from the Oregon game.

    “You can bet that if Bosa noticed an effort problem on the FSU defensive line, NFL scouts will notice it, too. Florida State’s defensive line features two of the top underclassmen in the nation in Mario Edwards Jr. and Eddie Goldman. Edwards has reportedly decided to apply for early eligibility into the 2015 NFL Draft. Goldman has yet to announce his intentions.”-NFL

  38. Flumunda Cheese Says:

    Anybody who honestly thinks cardale jones or dak prescott are going to better pros than jameis winston or marcus mariota (whom i’m not even sold on) should not be allowed to watch football anymore. we don’t need either of the reincarnations of tim tebow. neither of those guys will even be holing a clipboard in the nfl in 3 years…ridiculous.

  39. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I’m sure the majority (except for FSU homers) can agree that we would support either QB that we draft. Some of us just have a preference of who we want.

  40. Martinii Says:

    After watching him in his last two games and reading volumes of commentary and fan comments I have (as far as the Bucs are concerned) been swayed to the Winston camp. My choice doesn’t mean I don’t think Mariota will not be a good NFL QB but the Bucs must win now. We need Buc fans in the stadium, and we can’t wait 2 years for that to happen, the FSU connection will overshadow the Glazers off field concerns, and you can’t deney Winston is a leader and pro-ready prospect. Mariota is a system QB and Tampa is not anywhere close to providing him with the system he could flourish in. Our veterans will keep Jameis under control. Pick Winston number one and Go Bucs…..

  41. Dick2111 Says:

    I’m starting to wonder if we all watched the same game last night. Into the third quarter, Mariota was 20 for 26 (77%) AFTER having his 2nd and 3rd string receivers drop 3 passes. He finished 24 for 37 (65%) for 333 yds. Oh ya, also ran 10 times for 39 yds (Cardell Jones, on the other hand, ran 21 times for 38 yds) against a great defense.

    Ohio State’s defense worn down the Oregon OL in the first half, and Mariota was under pressure almost night long. I thought it was easy to see how it took the Ducks out of their preferred game-plan.

    IMHO Mariota played great considering that he was constantly under pressure and always ‘playing from behind’.

    Wonder how Winston would’ve fared in a similar situation. He almost always had a clean pocket and tons of time to find his receivers, and he’s excellent in those situations. Folks saw in the Seminoles-Ducks game though how he responded to pressure. Not pretty in my opinion. Extrapolate that to the NFL and he’d look even worse.

    Chris Landry’s right. Winston’s not as NFL-ready as many seem to believe, unless he’s given an OL that can give him all kinds of time. Somehow don’t think our Bucs meet that criteria.

  42. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:


    I’ve said that before about Winston and the pressure. He doesn’t do well when he is being pressured. He has mechanical flaw even with a clean pocket, but they are more pronounced when he is being pressured. I have posted articles on this as well from other analyst.

  43. OB Says:

    I m behind whoever Koetter picks even if it is Jones if he comes out.

  44. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    The Tewbow /Prescott comparison are bogus…while Prescott does run similar the Tewbow….he has a NFL arm….
    that said Cardale Jones….who has until Thursday to declare for the draft ..has a magnificent arm….short compact windup…explosive overhand release…what his throws compared to Jameis long wind up 3/4 sidearm release

  45. Marquistador Says:

    ***this will not happen*** but I’d like Mariota to pull a Russell Wilson and transfer to a school with a pro style offense. I know he’d only return to college to win a title with Oregon, but I’d like to see this. He has already graduated…. It is an interesting thought

  46. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Maybe Mariota could transfer to FSU. ahha.

  47. Soggy Says:

    Will lovie get rid of his Good guy mind set just to draft winston, I don’t think MM is the answer and if lovie did not want mattress in the yard and so on how is winston chances of being drafted by lovie that should be what is most on peoples minds not MM vs Winston..IMHO, I really can see L&L trading down, Getting a QB elsewhere..

  48. bucrightoff Says:

    Mariota would risk becoming a 2nd round pick if he transferred to a pro style school and struggled in any way. He’s at worst going in the top 5 now. If he’s going back it’s only to Oregon, the system there protects his draft slot more.

  49. Dewey Selmon Says:

    While Winston can start watching film and reading defenses, mariota has to concentrate on taking snaps under center and 5 and 7 step drops. Something he hasn’t done since high school. Do you really want to spend ur #1 pick on someone to has to relearn the basics and maybe has to sit and learn before playing? Ur #1 pick needs to be someone u pick and play.

  50. Bogiedr Says:

    Dennis Dixon.

  51. Marquistador Says:

    Winston for president!!! ha!

  52. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Dewey Selmon Says:
    January 13th, 2015 at 10:35 am

    While Winston can start watching film and reading defenses, mariota has to concentrate on taking snaps under center and 5 and 7 step drops. Something he hasn’t done since high school.
    That isn’t true. Mariota has been taking snaps from under center during the offseason and after practices. Why would we need to concentrate on it? The only thing that would be different is that he would see a smaller field when he is under center versus from the shotgun. I don’t see it as a problem and if you watched the playoffs this weekend you wouldn’t either. Majority of snaps from the QBs this weekend came from the gun and not from under center. I don’t see it has a big transition for him. However, any QB coming from college to the NFL is a transition and whether or not they can learn the playbook. It all depends on how much the OC decides to throw at the QB and how much of the responsibilities they can handle.

    The Lions coach said that they overwhelmed Stafford this year with more responsibility as a QB and he is in his 6th year as a pro.

  53. Gusjackson Says:

    Anyone saying to trade the pick……look at history. Has any team….ANY TEAM traded the first overall pick. No, reason being, you can have WHOEVER YOU WANT. No is he going to be there, no will someone trade up ahead of us. You get to pick the best college player available to improve your team. You keep that pick, trading the pick will me so f****** depressed I don’t know what I would do. Keep the pick and pick who ever you decide is the best play available. It better be quarterback, but whoever they decide is the best I’ll eventually go along with it. But trading the pick is just stupid

  54. Soggy Says:

    I am not saying trade it but I can see Lovie doing it.. If they think MM or Winston is not the answer.. Just saying there is a lot to consider not just MM vs Winston..

  55. bucrightoff Says:

    San Diego traded Mike Vick (#1 pick) for Tomlinson and Drew Brees. I’d say they hit a walk off grand slam with that one even if Brees wasn’t there long term.

  56. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Would you trust L&L and Koetter if they passed on both the Heismans and selected a QB in a later round that they felt was as good a prospect as jameis or Marcus?

  57. KMAC Says:

    Joe – How is Winston significantly a better leader? Off field issues which brought distraction to the locker room is not signs of a significantly better leader….Getting suspended during a season is not signs of a better leader. Mariota is a far better leader, better head on his shoulders and acts far more mature then Winston. A freshman with 2 games under his belt looked more poised and was a better leader then Winston against Oregon.

    You mention all of these “scouts” that have Winston being the best pro ready QB, yet none of them are talking about his bad throwing mechanics!!! He winds his arm up to make a pass, very Tebow like (not quite as bad) and that is a major problem!! Weve seen other QBs with this same problem (Tebow, Chris Simms, Leftwich) and every one of them have been major disapointments in the NFL. And that is just the throwing motion, his foot work is some of the sloppiest Ive seen, and yes his athleticism has bailed him out to this point but it wont in the NFL.

    I honestly dont think either one of these QBs are NFL ready but I also dont feel the need for the BUCS to draft a day one starter. Whoever we draft needs to sit and watch how it is done and let McCown have another year with an actual offensive coordinator and between the 2 of them teach one of these QBs how to play the game and be successful at the NFL level.

  58. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    If you want the best pick you pick Leonard Williams. However, we need a QB so it is between Mariota and Winston.

  59. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    StPeteBucsFan Says:
    January 13th, 2015 at 11:02 am


    Would you trust L&L and Koetter if they passed on both the Heismans and selected a QB in a later round that they felt was as good a prospect as jameis or Marcus?

    I don’t believe there is a QB in the later round that is as good a prospect as either Mariota or Winston.

  60. kaput Says:

    What Oregon does offensively and what Mariota would be required to do in the NFL are completely different.

    He looked underwhelming to me last night.

    He’s a project, and you don’t take project with the first overall pick.

  61. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Bobby Beathard was a great NFL GM who was a maverick and made his bones trading DOWN all the time.

    ALL NFL draft picks are an educated GUESS!!! One year Beathard traded down and found Mark Rypien in the 6th round.

    4 of 27 Heismans have had good NFL careers. That’s dismal. It’s not just the Heisman curse…it’s the fact that ALL draft picks are an educated GUESS. Beathard loved the law of averages. If your destined to fail half the time why not double your pics to make sure you get at least ONE good player from the deal.

  62. Tom S. Says:

    I laughed to the person who’d take Jones over Winston because no off the field issues. Perfect example of ignorance is bliss. For one, Jones made news by tweeting his complaint that he shouldn’t need to go to class because he’s a football player and got suspended for a game. He also has a notoriously bad work ethic. But OK, that’s a sterling off the field record I must say…

  63. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    I heard that interview with Chris Landry and almost puked in my car

    Chris Landry, the guy who drafted Steve McNair who was shot to death by his 20 yr old mistress, said that a QB w character concerns would never be successful. That interview was disgusting. I’ve never heard someone on sports talk radio who had such a vendetta against a 20 yr old kid. For whatever reason Landry hates Winston and can’t get past his hate to give a rational breakdown.

  64. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I respect your opinion that there isn’t anybody but Marcus or Jameis in this draft.
    I can promise you based on history there IS.. And you could retort that based on history we have a BETTER chance that our QB pick will work out if it’s a first rounder.

    And so we can all go back and forth. I’m pretty comfortable right now because I respect Koetter and Licht and I think they’ll come up with the right call.

    I could have broadened that question. Do you see any QB’s next year that would be worthy of a First round pick?

    It always scares me in life when people see a problem or need and panic because they need to address. It’s not about doing SOMETHING to fix the problem it’s about doing the right thing.

  65. jimmy53 Says:

    Some of you should just not be allowed to watch football anymore.

    I’ve read:

    Jameis stares down receivers–he’s known for having some of the best anticipation skills seen in years

    Jameis stands like a statue—ummm watch the highlight package pal, and when he rolls out he’s dangerous as hale.

    Jameis only hits his receivers in the #’s—the man is known for specifically leading his receivers away from defenders with the ball by targeting specific parts of their body—a skill he’s been perfecting since miiddle school, and he’s got the notebooks to prove it.

    Jameis has “issues” in clean pocket–this one is the dumbest I’ve read yet. Winston didn’t get a clean pocket this year, and when he did get one the season before he got the heisman and a MNC.

    Some of you need to take off, what I’m guessing are orange and blue goggles. Winston isn’t perfect (turnovers), but he’s the most complete QB to come out since Luck, while Mariota is Dennis Dixon Part II.

    My main concern which surprisingly, no one is talking about, is whether the management is going to want to throw Winston into the same city with the TB TImes, which hasd allowed Matt Baker to spearhead this rape story. EK, has proved one thing, that even with 3 independent investigations that didn’t go her way, she’s not going to stop until she gets P-A-I-D. Do the Bucs really want that headache?

  66. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    SPBF, if you’re a team in desperate need of a QB and you have the number one overall pick and there’s a QB there that’s worthy of the pick then you HAVE TO TAKE THE QB. It’s just that simple.

    Now we can argue back and forth about whether or not there’s a #1 overall QB available in this draft. After last night I think it became pretty clear that at most, there is one qb in this draft worthy of that pick.

    I saw Mariota make one NFL caliber throw last night and it was the third and six in the first quarter that was dropped. Other than that there was a lot of deception and throws to WR’s with no one within a 15 yard radius of his WR’s. Those throws will not be there at the next level and there is no way that you just take a guess and say that “well, maybe he can make those throws” with the first overall pick.

    If you go QB at 1 the only choice is Jameis. All you Mariota lovers (actually I’m pretty sure you’re just Winston haters) need to start pining for Leonard Williams because there is zero chance Mariota goes anywhere near one overall.

    I was less than impressed last night with Mariota and it was the same thing I’d seen from him all year long. Brett Hundley is going to have a better NFL career than Mariota and you can book that.

  67. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:


    I don’t see any of the other QBs measuring up to Mariota or Winston in this draft. Now last year I didn’t feel that any of the QBs should have been 1st rounders, but a need for QB meant they would go in the 1st. Next year, it all depends on who comes out. Miller from OSU could be good, Cook from MSU could be good. I’ll have to wait until next year and see who is coming out. Christian Hackenberg could be a #1 pick next year.

  68. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Just saw this in an article from Bucsnation “There’s a petition online requesting the Bucs to refuse to draft Winston because of his “misdeeds”. Calls are being fielded at the Buccaneer ticket office from fans who say they will cancel their season tickets if he’s drafted. Ultimately, if Winston is the pick you, as a Bucs fan, will need to look within yourself to decide whether you can root for him.”

    That is cray cray son.

  69. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Does hate = fear of making a bad investment.

    I would have loved Jameis to be a great citizen and top prospect. He has a great smile and his teammates seem to like him.

    He has already been the face of one franchise..FSU. Things did not get better for that franchise after the title. Things went downhill and FSU was tied to all of Jameis activities.

    Bottom line for me is not hate…it’s FEAR. If you need to insults us, and I’m cool with that it is a sports blog and sports debates are supposed to be passionate, at least call us by the right name.

    The vast majority of us who do not support Jameis are not haters. The proper pejorative would be fearful. If you like your ad hom a little more spicy then call us a bunch of fraidy cats..or wusses..because that at least is an accurate charge. Hate is not.

  70. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Luckily, there are only 24 supporters on it. I understand where the female fans are coming from, but come on.

  71. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I disagree that Winston is the only #1 choice. I would rather have Mariota at #1.

  72. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Again rightly or wrongly that is just the beginning. Bring Jameis to town and the circus comes with him.

    We can debate all day how unfair this is to poor misunderstood Jameis who is really a swell kid who has made some poor choices out of immaturity and let’s not forget the media has a vendetta against him!

    It’s not about fair or not or whether Jameis is really a great guy. It’s about the environment, again rightly or wrongly, that has been created.

    He has BAGGAGE. Whether he packed it or some angry jilted girl started it, or somebody in the media has it in for him….it is what it is!!!

  73. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    SPBF they said the same thing about Michael Sam and guess what…no circus

    They said the same thing about Manti Teo and guess what…no circus

    I call it “hate” because if you are concerned about Jameis’ “character” then you haven’t gone past the ESPN articles with an agenda. You yourself said many many many times that Jameis yelling an obscenity was a deal breaker for you because you thought he was insulting an ongoing investigation. He wasn’t. Not even close to that, but you hadn’t gone past the headline so you had no idea what he was yelling or why he was yelling it or what it actually meant. You had your mind made up that he was making light of a serious situation. Even though he wasn’t.

    And that was your reason for all your concern over his “character.” Even though you were completely wrong.

    And this is why people who are concerned about Jameis’ “character” are called haters. Because Peyton Manning, Mark Sanchez and Zach Mettenberger have documented cases of sexual harassment but that just doesn’t seem to be a concern for anyone. Because Jameis and a dozen of his friends get into a bb gun fight like every other teenager but when Jameis does it he’s basically taliban. Because he says a naughty word and that automatically means that he’s incapable of quarterbacking an NFL team. It’s asinine.

  74. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:


    I agree, it is just the beginning, but if Big Ben can still be in the NFL and still be on the same team after twice being alleged of rape. I believe that Winston can get along fine here. However, the uproar would be drama for Tampa and Tampa loves some drama.

  75. ihateloviesmith Says:

    i think Winston is the more pro ready, game day choice, I do not know if he can be trusted though, that being said I would take a long hard look at the other QBs in this years draft, remember we do not necessarily need the next 2nd coming of tom brady, although it would be great, but if we can find one that has the qualities of should I say joe flacco, I for one would be pretty happy. I hope the management and coaches on this team do their homework , and look at all of these young men coming out this year, but if they go Winston- mariota, I will support whomever they choose although I do think Winston is the better of the top two choices

  76. Erik with Says:

    Ohio state had that gimmicky Oregon offense figured out, but I feel encouraged by some of the reads and throws Mariota made last night, especially down the middle of the field and also when he needed to escape and then find a guy downfield. He obviously missed a few easy throws, but I think he can be a Russel Wilson-type QB in the longrun.

  77. Erik with Says:

    I will support either QB we pick, but I’d prefer Mariota over the longhaul bcuz I think he’ll be more dedicated to his craft and consistently improve. (Just my opinion)

  78. Patrickbucs Says:

    He made 1 pro-style throw last night are you kidding me? That’s so hilarious, people see what they want to see. He has a big arm and completed at least 6 pro-style throws. Doesn’t anyone notice how many passes Brady, Rogers, manning, etc throw to guys on screens and wide open TE’s? Mariota missed a few throws like everyone does but made a lot of good ones while missing 2 WR’s and a TE. Some of you should stop commenting on the QB comparison because if Mariota threw for 500 last night and 6 td’s you still would say he sucks. But let’s draft the OSU QB, HE makes one read and runs.

  79. Rob Says:

    People are putting WAY too much into one game. Same thing for Winston’s last game. Once the Bucs evaluate these guys’ entire body of work the decision will be easy.

  80. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:


    Jones from OSU is the definition of a running QB. He ran 3 QB sneaks in a row at one point. However, at 250 lbs he is hard to bring down so why not run him. He won’t do that in the NFL if he gets drafted and if he gets to play. He only has 3 games under his belt, granted they were all high profile games.

  81. DB55 Says:

    With the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft the stinkaneers choose Leonard Randy Williams Gregory.

    Marriota is not ready yet. Sucks too cause I was ready to see him light it up but once he got hit he was done which has been my fear all along. IR by week 4.

    Too much hate for Winston he should go play baseball.

    Draft the much needed lineman. Grab petty if available and roll with the cannon from OTAs on thru the season. Fix the line and worry about a franchise qb later.

  82. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Rob Says:
    January 13th, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    People are putting WAY too much into one game. Same thing for Winston’s last game. Once the Bucs evaluate these guys’ entire body of work the decision will be easy”

    Way too logical. This place will have none of that.

  83. DB55 Says:

    Although I still maintain that our franchise qb is already on our roster. He just needs some TLC to grow and flourish.

  84. lion Says:

    I don’t get why on Earth any Bucs fan would want to sit and wait forever for Marcus Mariota to develop, and in the process lose a ton of games with another QB under center. Especially while Winston is ready to step in and run an NFL offense the moment he arrives. Why draft a project QB when you don’t have to.

  85. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:


    Well, Winston said a naughty word that one time so he’s obviously incapable of being an NFL qb

  86. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I’m pretty comfortable with your solution. Minimize risk and maximize potential.

  87. Willy D Buc Says:

    Forget Jameis Winston – Cardale Jones!!!

  88. Patrickbucs Says:

    I just don’t understand how a guy who is 6-4, 220 pounds is fragile? He can put in some muscle as well he’s 21. I’m not sure what an NFL offense is anymore? I think it’s more like the Pats or Colts with about 80 pct of their throws goingess then 5 yards then hitting a wide open TE for 25 yards?

    Guys the West Coast offense isn’t around that much anymore and if it is it’s not the full game plan outside of a few teams. I mean common does realize that Luck passed it to 1 RB out of the flat 11 times the other day? We have 2 huge receivers and a TE that teams have to respect our RB and slot receiver could have a field day in the correct scheme. Mariota can do that all day and then throw the strike downfield as he’s down his whole career and last night. The same ole offense is going away in this league. Not saying it’s a running QB league at all but it doesn’t hurt to have a guy that can when he needs to like Wilson, Luck, Rogers, etc.

  89. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I don’t think Winston is able to step in and run a NFL offense from day one. It will be very rough for him and we will still lose. So you either have a QB in there losing or you have one on the bench and you still lose. Which do you want? However, if Winston comes in from day 1 and starts he only has 16 games to prove himself or we move on.

  90. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    This is not just about character. You are correct none of us TRULY know Jameis. It’s about judgment.

    And yes a poster here mislead me about why Jameis yelled the obscenity. You’re still missing the point.

    If you are the face of a franchise…Jameis/FSU…you have to show better judgement. If you’ve been accused of rape, even though you’re innocent you have to be more responsible than yelling out a lame internet hoax which was incredibly vulgar while the investigation is still taking place.
    He didn’t have enough judgement to realize that innocent or not, if you ADMIT to sex with a girl, and you and your buds admit to taping it…that is not a classy thing to do. A juvenile testosterone laden mistake…I get that. But the public at large is not nearly as forgiving (especially women for some reason they relate to their sisters who HAVE been raped) and so that will always be a blemish on Jameis record.

    Could we get past that. Sure. But the lack of judgement and lack of concern for what it did to the FSU program adding fuel onto that fire with the obscenity clearly indicates not only a lack of judgement but another self important jock.

    This is not coming from Jameis haters…it’s coming from Jameis fear. Call us wusses and fraidy cats. I accept that charge. Just too much risk for the upside.

    In the past ten Super Bowls there have been more than a dozen different starting QB’s with varying styles. My point being there is no ONE solution.
    Football is still a team sport and losing Jameis is not the end of the world.

    He MAY be capable of getting to the SB with the right team. But no draft pick is a SURE thing. Why take the added risk that his impaired judgement may lead to embarrassment in the future and the certainty that if he’s drafted by the Bucs the circus comes to town.

    Somebody tried to use Michael Sams as an example of a circus that never materialized. Michael Sam was offered a chance to simply earn a roster spot.
    Nobody projected him as a starter much less the ‘FACE OF THE FRANCHISE”

    Any Heisman QB taken with the first pick would instantly get TONS of attention. People tend to view them as saviors of the franchise. The media would be rehashing Jameis stories from now until the cows come home.

    I’m not suggesting that’s fair or right, just what is going to happen if you draft Jameis.

    If you’re Andrew Luck sure of his talent…if you’ve done all the due diligence and you believe he found a sudden ability to possess a little common sense and judgement when he turned 21 this month, then draft him.

    I do not see Andrew Luck talent. Give that more than a dozen guys could get us to the SB we don’t have to take that risk.

    But again I trust Koetter and Licht to do all their homework. If they see Andrew Luck talent…if they see a chastened young man who is ready to clean up his act…then draft him and I’ll root for him.

  91. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “However, if Winston comes in from day 1 and starts he only has 16 games to prove himself or we move on.”

    Move on from an overall number pick after 16 games?

    I have to learn to leave this place for a while. You guys make my head spin.

  92. Dave Pear Says:

    Give the Baby Giraffe a chance.
    He’s 6’6″ 225 lbs.
    He can put on some muscle too.
    OTA’s and preseason with the first string, he could flourish.

  93. DB55 Says:

    If mg8 turns into a Flacco type I’d be content. Then it’s up to the def to win games ie not give up 8 4th qrt leads. We would compete n be happy.

  94. Dave Pear Says:

    Koetter will turn him into Matty Ice 2.0.

  95. DB55 Says:

    Last point, being unable to come back from a 14 point deficit is not good. You have to be able to climb out of that hole if you want to be successful in the NFL. Winston has proven he can do that and so has mg8. Sorry man but I’m not sold on MM but then again what do I know ….

  96. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Love and Warrick,

    So what does a #1 pick get? 3 years? A 2nd rounder gets 2 years, and a 3rd and beyond rounder gets 1 year?

  97. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I’m just trying to guess how long a QB gets since a majority have already written off Glennon after 16 games. Most had written him off after last year.

  98. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:


    Can you name any #1 overall picks in history that got only 16 games? It just doesn’t happen.

    That’s why there’s so much pre-draft work (combine, background checks, etc.) done, because it’s such an investment, from money to marketing and so on.

    Sam Bradford is still in St. Louis, he was #1 overall in 2010.

    JaMarcus essentially took his signing bonus, ditched his playbook, and checked out, mentally and physically, and STILL got 3 years.

  99. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I understand that LWD, however, I’m just seeing how much time Glennon got. He was a 3rd rounder and people gave up on him after half a season. He now has what 18 games under him and people have written off as a bust even though he has never technically had a fair shot at the #1 spot.

  100. bucrightoff Says:

    I think Skyline’s amazingly correct point is why should draft position matter? We should give up on Glennon quicker because he’s a 3rd rounder than we should a 1st rounder? Sorry but that doesn’t jive. Glennon showed waaay more in his rookie year than Blake Bortles did his. Why should Bortles be guaranteed another look but not Glennon? Just beause of draft position?

    But it’s sadly how it works. Manziel, for instance, would be cut already if he were a 3rd or 4th round pick. But cutting a 1st round pick after a year, even if highly justified, is still an embarrassment for a franchise.

  101. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    DB55 Says:
    January 13th, 2015 at 1:13 pm

    Last point, being unable to come back from a 14 point deficit is not good. You have to be able to climb out of that hole if you want to be successful in the NFL. Winston has proven he can do that and so has mg8. Sorry man but I’m not sold on MM but then again what do I know ….

    Mariota has led his team from a deficit before to win. They trailed Michigan State 27-18 late in the third quarter before he lead them back to a win.

  102. DB55 Says:


    Last night during the broadcast the announcers said Oregon has not come back from 14 points in years. Idk that’s what they said last night.

  103. Patrickbucs Says:

    Do you guys really think Glennon is our starter next year, c’mon? I have 2 great season tickets for sale on the 25 yard line next year behind the Bucs bench 2nd to last row on the aisle if so. If that’s the case this regime is even worse then I thought it was. What a waste of a year for his development then as well if so.

    Would be happy with a Flacco type, you think? His playoff record is amazing as well as his td-int which I believe tied or broke an NFL record a few years ago. Who wouldn’t be enamored with that?

  104. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    I’m not saying it’s wrong or right. I’m just saying, up to now, that’s how it’s worked. Nor, do I see it changing.

    Maybe Parcells is to blame for the value sheet for draft picks. I think it was Parcells who came up with that….

  105. Patrickbucs Says:

    Hadn’t since 2010, against MSU it was 9. Oregon hasn’t been behind that much in his career because they usually score a lot early and he’s only lost a few games over his career so that stat is hard to breakdown. Winston did comeback a lot this year but his first half picks put them in that position in a number of games as well.

  106. Rick Says:

    I’m a huge Mariota fan, but if the bucs can trade down and accumulate picks to help the team.. cuz let’s be honest, 1 qb no matter who he is is gonna fix this train wreck, why not do that? Petty from Baylor or even the ohio state qb will be there later. Yes he has only played 3 games but he has proven he knows how to win. 3 big games in the big ten championship game, beats Alabama and then oregon for the national title. Like him or not he wins the big game as a third string quater back. Just something to think about..

  107. DB55 Says:

    I would say that Elliot won the game more so than jones. Myers even gave the credit to the defense w Elliot standing right next to him. 250 yards n 4 tds and we’re giving credit to the qb. Ok I guess

  108. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:


    I believe it was 2010 last time they came back from a 14 pt deficit.

  109. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Close LWD, it was Jimmy Johnson

  110. Rick Says:

    He’s a game manager. Everyone for the most part loves Russell Wilson, to me he’s not real flashy and relies on the run game with lynch in my opinion yet who gets the credit? Not to mention both of Russell Wilson and jones are very similar in running the read option, can throw when needed and Jones will truck a linebacker or corner weighing in at 6’5″ 250.
    All Im saying is we need offensive linemen badly. No qb no matter who will be successful with this line. One option to me is trade down and get picks while still upgrading the qb position. Yes I like the flashyness of Mariota or Winston but the team has a ton of holes that the #1 pick could help shore up with the stash of picks u would get in return.

  111. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:


    That was second option. Too lazy to check…

  112. bucrightoff Says:

    Of course we need Olineman badly. Ohio State won last night because they physically manhandled Oregon, not because of QB or anything else. But trading down is a two to tango situation, Bucs may want to trade down but they have to find someone who wants to trade up first. Ideally several teams to get a bidding war going.

  113. Patrickbucs Says:

    Jones is going to truck an NFL caliber linebacker? Ok

  114. Pickgrin Says:

    Those saying we should pass on drafting 1 of the 2 Heisman winners because we have Glennon on the roster obviously have no eye for football or what a good QB looks like.

    Glennon does not have IT. Sorry. he just doesn’t.

    Sure you can make your argument that all 18 games he started were behind a crappy OLine – and that he never got a chance as the #1 to take all the snaps with the 1st team in pre-season. Both those things are true. But the OLine situation is what it is – and the reason Glennon did not beat out McCown for those 1st team reps – is because Glennon did not look nearly as good as McCown did in training camp and preseason.

    Glennon now has 18 games on tape and if there was some indication that he can vastly improve – it would show on tape. Guess what – it doesn’t show. Glennon does not have IT. He is not mobile enough to make plays with his legs when needed – and he is not accurate enough nor does he make quick enough decisions to overcome his lack of mobility.

    Lovie gave Glennon at least 2 extra games once McCown was healthy again this year to show that he can be a good QB. It didn’t happen. If anything, Glennon got worse each game when he started 5 games this year.

    MG8 has the abilities of an adequate NFL BACKUP. He might get better over time and with more study and playing time – but as of now – Mike Glennon is NOT an NFL starting QB. That much was pretty obvious to me watching him play the last 2 years. And also it was apparently pretty obvious to our HC as well. You can cry “favoritism” towards McCown all you want – but if Glennon had shown any signs that he was or could be better than McCown – you can be quite sure that he would have been allowed to play out the rest of a lost season once it was clear that the season was lost.

    Lovie saw enough of Glennon in the starting role those 5 games to know that he is NOT the answer moving forward. Glennon will likely be traded for a 4th round pick on draft day once a new QB is drafted.

  115. bucrightoff Says:

    ^Or you put too much faith in Lovie’s abilities that have been shown to be mediocre to poor. Particularly when it comes to talent evaluation where Lovie has shown he’s one of the worst talent evaluators in the NFL. You’ll notice most of the exiled 2013 offensive line outperformed Lovie’s hand pick successors.

  116. Brandon Says:

    I definitely thought he played better last night. He made a few more downfield throws than in most games and was fairly accurate. He also showed better feet in the pocket th an usual. He also didn’t toss the ball into heavy coverage much. He looked okay, Wibaton just happens to be the far better on field product. Winston’s character scares me, but not ad much as Mariota does in projecting to the NFL.