Jameis Watch: “Edge: Winston”

January 2nd, 2015

Jameis WinstonCrab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, Heisman-Trophy-winning, national champion James Winston, the pride of Florida State University, continues to look like a much better quarterback prospect than Mike Glennon and Josh McCown.

It’s Joe’s daily nugget on the Jameis Watch, celebrating the best quarterback to wear No. 5 ever in the state of Florida.

Joe can’t wait to poll his readers early next week on who they like better for the Buccaneers: Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota.

Former NFL player and current NFL.com draft guru Bucky Brooks already has weighed in. He served up a detailed grading of the two stud quarterbacks out of last night’s Rose Bowl blowout, won by Mariota and the Oregon Ducks.

Brooks says Winston has the NFL edge. Here’s one of his category breakdowns:

Pocket presence

Learning how to play amid chaos is the biggest challenge for NFL quarterbacks. The best quarterbacks have the ability to feel the rush, but are disciplined enough to keep their eyes down field on their intended targets. Watching young passers transition from the college game to the pros, I believe it is the one skill that can’t be taught at the highest level. Thus, elite quarterback prospects must display the courage and composure to function with rushers in close proximity as a collegian, or it’s unlikely they will develop those skills in the NFL despite running through an assortment of simulated drills on a daily basis.

Mariota is an extraordinary playmaker, but he doesn’t show exceptional poise or patience within the pocket. He looks uncomfortable working through his reads when his primary receiver is covered, leading him to quickly flee the pocket or move around to create a potential big play in a scramble drill. While he routinely converts these chances into explosive plays — passes of more than 25 yards — Mariota must learn to play within the confines of the pocket when it crumbles. It’s the same lesson Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick,Cam Newton and Johnny Manziel are grappling with as pros. Mariota will be challenged to do the same at the next level.

Winston is a superb passer from the pocket. He stands tall at the top of his drop and doesn’t flinch when rushers are in close proximity. Most important, Winston consistently works through his first, second and third receiver in the progression before attempting to flee the pocket. Although his run around fumble against Oregon will make every blooper reel following the season, Winston showed tremendous pocket poise for most of the game. Watching him consistently deliver bullets to receivers working between the hashes, I walked away convinced that he could effectively function within an NFL pocket from Day 1.


Yes, the debate will rage on for weeks. The Bucs have quite a decision on their hands, one that starts with the hiring of the right offensive coordinator.

132 Responses to “Jameis Watch: “Edge: Winston””

  1. Barry Says:

    Haha, it’s going to be a long 5 months with Joe/Dewmig/Justin

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How ’bout some equal time, Joe?…..or are you trying to influence the long overdue poll.
    You could have done a poll earlier and tracked it like you do the “Lovie Confidence Poll”……
    Most analyists in Mock Drafts have us taking Mariota.

  3. Louis Friend Says:

    Everything we really need to know about these two is between their ears and not something the eyes can see. Hopefully the Bucs can decipher which of these guys is going to figure out what they need to. One of them probably won’t, if the law of averages holds.

    Jason Licht and company have a very tough job ahead of them. If they guess wrong, the entire front office and coaching staff’s jobs are in peril.

  4. Zam Says:

    With the Bucs o-line, get ready for a lot more of those Jameis fumble plays if he comes here.

  5. Todd Says:

    Winston sucks draft the duck this should not even be a debate anymore

  6. Name Required Says:

    Mike Mularkey possible… yawn. This good ole boy coaching network needs a shot in the arm.

  7. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Joe nose Jameis

  8. bucfan999 Says:

    Winston looked exactly like a former Buccaneer QB who wore # 5 (Josh Freeman) when he had that fumble. Edge Winston my A-*!!!!! We’ve already been through that show give me Mariota any day!!!

  9. Louis Friend Says:


    You let one play decide a player’s value?

  10. Lovie equals 2015 Blackouts Says:

    JBF = troll

  11. SuperSam Says:

    Freeman 2.0

  12. Flmike Says:

    Yet, Winston didn’t feel or see the rush last night, he threw off his backfoot several times and nearly fumbled on the goalline because he didn’t feel presseure coming from his backside….every year there’s a QB or two who everyone thinks is the next Manning, the one who sees the field and feels the pressure, having watched a few FSU games this season, what I see is a great college QB, it takes more than talent to make it I the NFL, I don’t see anything more than that from Winston, and I also get the feeling Jimbo is sick of his act and is going to push him to take it elsewhere. Brains and talent are what’s required at the next level and from what we’ve seen he only possess one of those thing…

  13. Louis Friend Says:

    Losing last night’s game on the national stage was the best thing that could’ve happened for Winston. The media focus on him was never going to end until he fell back to earth a little – and he came crashing back down.

    The unbeatable, unbreakable mystique around him is gone, now he’s just a QB. Best thing in the world for him and the team that drafts him – there’s finally something bad on the football field to talk about aside from his personal life.

  14. Joseph Mamma Says:

    If he has maturity issues and has been in trouble with the law in college, what’s he going to do with 30 million dollars? If he locked up, and I’m not saying he will, but knowing our luck, that’s a distinct possibility, it won’t matter what kind of pocket presence he has. I say take the best leader, with the most maturity (Marriota), even if he is less developed at this point. I don’t care what Bucky Brooks say’s, there is no A. Luck in this draft ready to lead his team from day 1.

  15. bucrightoff Says:

    Let’s hope Mariota has a massive NCG and Winston goes back to FSU to play baseball. Then we can get the RGIII package to trade out, maybe even more.

  16. DB55 Says:

    Well winstons RB n WRs certainly did him no favors. From what I saw, Winston was hitting windows like he would in the NFL while marriota was running a great offense. If you draft mm then be sure to hire Scott frost too. And yes Winston did look like freeman. (I just puked a little in my mouth)

    F* if you do, F* if you don’t. I say load the cannon and call it a day.

  17. Luther Says:

    I saw the same thing and I’m not a scout. Winston had several throws where I was mystified how he got the throw off or hit a guy that had blanket coverage. Most of Mariota’s throws had me wondering how the receiver was so wide open. For me, it comes down to this: Winston had more wow throws than Mariota and Mariota had more wow runs. The runs will get you hurt and the throws will win you championships.

    Don’t screw this up Lovie…you better draft Winston.

  18. Bucnut2 Says:

    FLmike, you nailed it!

  19. Bucnut2 Says:

    trade down!

  20. Todd Says:

    Mariotas wr’s are open because he is always a threat to run for a first down

  21. Tony Says:

    Sorry, you don’t get to make up stuff about Joe. Not here, anyway. And you might want to learn the meaning of the word “agenda.” –Joe

  22. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Mariota is the obvious choice, Joe, you are being silly. If we had the #2 pick, I’d be interested in hearing about Winston everyday. But we guaranteed we’re picking the best player in the country with our #1 draft pick….. Everything that Winston can do, Mariota can do better. #thatsthetruth

  23. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Stupid typos….. Anyway, why would ANYONE want Winston over Mariota?!?? That is ridiculous when you consider all the variables. I can’t wait til the poll shows Joe the true pulse of an base, so maybe we can star getting some Mariota columns…. It’s Mariota Mania, Joe, get with it.

  24. sam Says:

    Gotta get those Clicks! Thats all this is about. Anyone who watched that game last night saw Mariota had the better game. Joe is having some fun with us to get some clicks. That being said you dont base the pick on one or 2 games. You look at the whole body of work. In my mind its still Mariota though. THe maturity issues that Winston has had…and showed last night drop him out of the first round for me.

    Sir, did you read this post. It’s quotes from an ex-NFL player employed as a draft guru by NFL.com and NFL Network. There are numerous experts who believe Winston is the No. 1 QB in the draft. –Joe

  25. passthebuc Says:

    Could it be that Winston had it too easy coming up. so much natural ability that he thinks he it will work out with just ordinary attention to details. If so, he will either be doomed in the NFL or it may take 2/3 years to get his head on straight.

    Either way, I would not risk the no.1 pick on the chance. I say trade down and piled up draft picks. Next year there will still be good QB’s in the top 5 choices and we will be there to pick. I think the QB from Ohio state (Jones) has more upside than Winston. 6’5/250 and still learning.

  26. nybucsfan424 Says:

    lol freeman 2.0 HAHA There was a few times when they showed him in the huddle and i thought the same.

  27. Dan Says:

    Let’s hope Lovie doesn’t draft a guard. Keep Mcown and say all is well.

  28. sho-nuff Says:

    slow, emotionally challenged and folds like a taco when the pressure is on…it’s exactly what this franchise deserves more weak freaking sauce…haven’t you people learned anything from the pill popper freeman? I truly hope you get your wish so I can listen to you cry for years to come….

  29. Tom Edrington Says:

    Winston would not know how to handle the losing he’ll face under Lovie….

    Mariota would die a slow death but at least would be able to outlast Lovie…

    Lovie should steal Warren Sapp’s handle:

    QB Killah….

    It’s that simple

  30. bucsfaninmiami Says:

    But its aldo the same lesson that Russel Wilson has already grasped. Most of wilsons plays are outside of the pocket. Big Ben, Aaron Rodgers, russel wilson, cam newton, tony romo,andrew luck. Those QBs are all in the playoffs right now, and their highlights reels are more passes outside the pocket than inside the pocket. I agree standing tall at times is important, but unless you are brees,brady or manning, it is vital to be able to escape the pocket with the quickness. And we are all losing site of one important thing. TURNOVERS. winston is and will always be a turnover machine. I was reading a stat line 2 days ago, that said winston had 17 potential interceptions dropped, and 5 interceptions nullified due to defensive penalties this year. And thats ranked LAST out of all FBS schools.

  31. BucNears Says:

    Joe it’s only you debating.. You seem to feel the urge to prove everyone else wrong. From now until the draft one will read who’s better.for both guys. I didn’t see a poised QB in Winston yesterday.. He fell apart and by contrast Mariotta looked in control the entire game. Quit force feeding us this crap. Do your poll today and outside of the fsu fans you will find you stand alone. The fans in this town want Mariotta and the majority of the experts like him over your mental case. Quit quit quit before you look even more foolish than last year, even though I think it’s too late. I’m with some of the other posters.. You’re only doing this get eyeballs and reactions from your readers.. It’s the only logical reason you would continue this farce.

    Again, Joe is hardly alone in thinking Winston is the top QB in the draft. Feel free to look around. Second, please explain to Joe how this attracts “eyeballs?” You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. About .01 percent of Joe’s readers ever comment on the website. So you can trust that Joe is not catering to them to get a reaction. –Joe

  32. lightningbuc Says:

    Bucky Brooks, who Joe claims is an “expert”, had John Manziel as the highest rated QB in his final 2014 mock draft. With QB picks like that, Bucky may want to limit his “expertise” to kick returners, which is what he was.

    Brooks is not Joe’s premier draft guy. But he’s devoted year-round and is hardly a quack, employed by the league and a former player. Hey, Trent Dilfer says Winston is “the guy,” too. Shaun King. There are many others.–Joe

  33. BucNears Says:

    And Joe.. I have not heard anyone say or print that Winston should be first. In fact I’ve read where’s it’s overwhelming in favor of Mariotta so why not show us those instead of a few that pick you’re bust in waiting. Winston if drafted in first round will drop into the mid 20’s.

    There’s been plenty. You’re welcome to search the Internet. Trent Dilfer is one. Here’s a Tweet from him that speaks to much of what he’s talked about publicly. There are many others, Shaun King, Derrick Brooks. Take a peek in the ESPN “Insider” pages, as well. Many others. https://twitter.com/tdespn/status/538815158005800962 –Joe

  34. lue0615 Says:

    I don’t care who has the edge we need the right OC to help either QB we take!!!

  35. MTM Says:

    Pocket presence is great if your never going to get sacked. The great QB’s move out of the pocket and make plays by buying time. This will be on display for the second straight super bowl victory by Wilson and the Seahawks.
    The idea that a QB that has the ability to run can’t succeed in the NFL is ridiculous.

  36. DB55 Says:

    Marriota? More like Scott Frost am I right?

  37. DallasBuc Says:

    Take Winston. Don’t look back.

  38. ChanEpic Says:

    Anyone claiming Winston looks like Josh Freeman in any way other than the most arbitrary physical resemblance, should have their posting privileges taken away.
    It isn’t just about physical resemblance. Winston makes the better play and most of the time better decision when pressured. Josh Freeman would tuck and run WAAAAYYY more often the Winston did/does. Winston, won a national championship, a Heisman and had 2 undefeated regular seasons. That is a resume Josh Freeman would DREAM about. If you can’t tell the difference in play from Josh Freeman to Winston, I’ve also got a Ferrari to sell you, sure it looks like a Ford Pinto and drives like a Ford Pinto but it has an engine and wheels right? They must be the same thing.

  39. BuccoDav Says:

    I’m not sure I understand why it is more impressive to force a spectacular throw into tight coverage than it is to go through your progressions and find the open receiver…
    I saw many of Winston’s good throws last night came with excellent o-line protection, about 5-6 seconds. He’s not going to have that kind of time in the NFL to find an open receiver. Definitely not on this team.

  40. lightningbuc Says:

    There are many others, Shaun King, Derrick Brooks.


    Would this be the same Derrick Brooks who is on the FSU Board of Trustees? No homerism there, huh?

  41. Luther Says:

    @BuccoDav the r3eason is that you don’t have receivers running wild in the NFL. Just ask Mike Evans what he thinks about the coverage in the NFL vs college. Ball placement is crucial on fades, slants and back shoulder throws. Winston also threw to receivers just as they broke open through lanes that were barely open. His receivers rarely got wide open because of busted coverages due to scheme.

  42. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Both QB’s have uncertainies….TRADE down Twice in the 1st round !

  43. SAMCRO Says:

    I was more impressed with Mariota and how he commanded that difficult hurry up offense with relative ease. I’m sure he hasn’t played in that specific system his whole life, and he appears intelligent enough that he should easily be able to transition over to a pro type offense.

    Edge: Mariota

  44. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Winston didn’t see nor feel pressure coming. He looked lost with the speed of the Oregon D. NFL will be faster.

  45. Jeagan1999 Says:

    First……I gotta give a shout out to my Ohio State Buckeyes for beating Bama in an amazing game last night! #BuckeyeNation! O-H-I-O!!!’!!

    Now back to figuring out which QB the Bucs will take….I think Mariota and Winston both do some great things, but I think Mariota has the higher upside. I know everyone says he is a “system” QB…but he had to LEARN that system, just like he will LEARN a pro style system. I think Mariota has intelligence, poise, patience and the kind of playmaking ability that will make him an elite QB in the NFL, in time. Winston just comes with too many ?????’s Plus Winstons off the field behavior is worrisome. Winston would benefit by being drafted by a team outside of Florida and the south, so he is away from all the potential distractions that would come by being too close to Tallahassee. I believe Matiota is our guy!

  46. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Haha, I think Joe might be ‘smokin it and passin it’ with Winston…. (j/k, Joe)… Lmao, have u guys seen that Winston clip on Vine? What an idiot. Jameis Winston is Josh Freeman 2.0. All the physical talent in the world, but not the mental attributes of Mariota-type player.

  47. ChanEpic Says:

    I’m hearing a ton of conflicting takes. People seem to be saying: “Winston won’t survive with THIS Oline” but they would rather bring in the true definition of “System QB” that would require the Oline to be well versed in the scheme and conditioned enough to run that up-tempo office.

    I have 2 problems with that.

    1. There is NO WAY the Oline isn’t addressed and hopefully improved over last year’s unit, regardless of who is drafted.

    2. The system that made Mariota successful is being run by what 2, maybe 3 teams in the NFL?

    I’m of the mind that is way too much change for one QB and for THIS organization. Maybe one that is more poised for such a drastic change.

  48. CIT Says:

    Is this a joke?

    I mean I know this a bucs sports blog and not the wall street journal, but at some point shouldn’t there be some type of commitment to journalism? Who are you trying to convince with this ridiculous slant towards Jameis and why the need to find articles like this to share, is any part of it news-worthy or bringing something fresh to the conversation?

    Sir, what makes you think opinion writing is not journalism? Feel free to buy a Sunday newspaper, or study the history of journalism. Second, not everything written in the daily Jameis Watch is pro-Winston. In addition, unlike most media outlets, Joe doesn’t “play” or promote any one story on the site more than another. That’s the definition of fair, which you won’t find anywhere else. –Joe

    I have to believe there are a ton of readers that want a “1st pick watch” where we get to talk about other options for the draft. My eyes are just glossing over at this point with “Jameis Watch”.

    Is it because Johnny Football has looked so stellar on and off the field that your confidence in Winston soars?

    If you added a comment ranking system where people are able to upvote or like others comments I think you’d see very quickly what your readers really think. Sure a ton of them don’t comment, but a lot more won’t hesitate to vote on other smart comments they agree with.

    Lastly, Joe doesn’t write with a care about what the readers think. The day Joe does that is the day Joe needs to hang up his keyboard. –Joe

  49. ufcguy Says:

    Unfortunately I think Winston is not coming out. It is getting to where I think he still wants to stay in school and play baseball as well. This will be a disaster for Tampa bc after watching mariota I came away unimpressed. That offense and turnovers killed fsu. There will never be a game where he has guys wide open like he did in college. I saw a couple short throws and a blown coverage 2x. He didn’t face a true pass rush either. I’ll say it now. Trade down if Winston doesn’t come out. I have no answer. At this point for qb. Possibly get a free agent. That is about it. Id rather go Williams or Gregory and best oline. Unless we get a coordinator who tailors a chip Kelly offense. We can’t pick this kid

  50. mikeh Says:

    don’t worry folks! lovie dovie will not draft either one unless the glazer boys make him. and they probably like glennon who knows! by the way where are all the Winnie Winston fans today? lol pinhead lovie clock is ticking for you!!!!!

  51. finishers Says:

    The O.C. we get will tell the story.

  52. mikeh Says:

    I personally think Winnie Winston I overrated great collage career but overrated!

  53. MTM Says:

    Mariota can’t help it if his receivers are wide open. That is a product of their offensive scheme. The dual threat of RB and QB makes defenses play more man coverage or they get roasted playing zone.
    Winston looked like a Buc quarterback all right scrabbling in the pocket then fumbling the ball for a TD.
    All these draft gurus can suck it. Their percentages are awful.

  54. Skipper Says:

    The only comparison between Winston and Freeman I the physical stature of them both. Winston is a leader of men on the field. Mariotta will not have the luxury of receivers wide open because of the system in the NFL. If I am GM, I’m not fooling around and would take Winston, he’s a gamer.

  55. ihateloviesmith Says:

    there is more than two QBs in this draft yea mariota and Winston sure 1-2 whatever but do not forget about petty, he has a rocket arm can make all the throws, and has a damn good resume check out his stats over the years, plus all American team leader, big mature. imho would make a damn good NFL QB. might be the perfect choice to trade down a few spots for more picks in draft and still could lead our team to the playoffs, plus give us an extra pick or two we could have our cake and eat it too, with a franchise QB and an defensive end to replace Johnson, throw in some corn fed o- line man and were good. do your home work on petty and you just might agree, lets not get too enamored with just the top two QBs before we look at who is available and the big picture, this could be a blessing or a curse to be in this years draft position, blessing if they are diligent and wise.

  56. John Curtis Says:

    Winston stated after the game he was looking forward to playing baseball for FSU this spring. Looks like he may not be coming out.

    Time to shut down the “Jamieus Watch” and start up the “Marcus Murmurs.”

  57. kevin Says:

    Joe when you run your poll early next week maybe consider doing multiple choice on what readers would prefer be done with the first pick. Winston. Mariotta… trade down….or OL

  58. Todd Says:

    So joe you can go to bed every night knowing winston will not get in trouble off the field ?

  59. biff barker Says:

    Joe, why don’t you just ask Jameis out on a date and get it over with?

  60. Todd Says:

    Winston is going to get sacked all day in the nfl he can move around in the pocket like mariota! And has joe noticed winston has gained a lot of weight while at fsu ?

  61. Todd Says:

    Sorry Winston can’t move around in the pocket like mariota can

  62. poorglennon Says:

    Just listen to #5z presser…..badder,ain’t. I think his wonderlick will be embarrassing. He’s looking forward to playing baseball next year…..so am I. The majority of Buc fans are either Gator or Nole fans. Any Nole or Duck fans are obviously bias. #5 needs to go back to college. Fall in next years draft. To a winning team. This guy will be a train wreck for a 5 win team like the Bucs or Titans next year.

  63. Dick2111 Says:

    Winston arguing with his head coach on the sidelines near the end of the game showed me everything I need to see about him. Pass.

    As for Marcus Mariota … bright future in the NFL, IF he gets with the right team. The Bucs aren’t that team right now, but might become that team in the future … but only if Lovie is willing to truly reinvent the offense. With his mindset and track record, not sure that he’s willing to do that.

  64. CC Says:

    Mariotta = Vince Young

  65. Jimmy53 Says:

    This isn’t close—you have to draft Winston. Mariota is a good QB for that gimmick offense, but Winston has better accuracy and technique. His ability to directionally lead his receivers is better than most QB’s already in the league. While this doesn’t automatically spell success, it’s a significantly better bet than Mariota.

    If you understand the needs of the pro QB, then it’s easy to see that Winston is far and away the better choice.

  66. Patrick in VA Says:

    @77bassguitarist – I haven’t found him anywhere. i know he’s got the BucsBlitz thing he’s doing but I haven’t seen him anywhere since the format change. It’s unfortunate, their time slot was the best thing that station had going on.

  67. Ctyree40 Says:

    Not sure what game or games your watching but Mariota goes through his progressions extremely well while Winston seemed uneasy with a 3 man rush all night.
    Mariota has a quick release, Always has his eyes down the field and looks comfortable in the pocket… Winston looks like Byron Leftwich!

  68. Please Says:

    This guy also had Manziel as the 5th best player in last year’s draft. Grain of salt please!

  69. biff barker Says:

    Todd Says:

    January 2nd, 2015 at 11:51 am

    Sorry Winston can’t move around in the pocket like mariota can

    Dilfer and King disagree.

    You’ve been told!

  70. poorglennon Says:

    What do you think about coming out? Could also be asked. How do you feel about getting drafted by the Buc’s or Titans…..i’m looking forward to playing baseball. I also noticed his release point is low for a big QB. His footwork needs work. Baseball thru a couple passes. His weight will be an issue. He reminded alot of Josh Freeman last night.

  71. Jj Says:

    Didn’t Lovie Smith say he want to build a team like Seattle and San Francisco.. There’s your answer at Qb MM!!

  72. Todd Says:

    Really biff it looked like winston got pressured and dropped the ball last night

  73. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    Soooooo some want Jamis who threw for 17 pickS in the 2014 season playing mostly UNRANKED teams compared to the QB McClown that threw 14 picks that everyone is raising hell about. WHAT?

  74. 77bassguitarist Says:

    @Patrick…agreed it sucks their format got cancelled

  75. Todd Says:

    Don’t even say the word mccown Id take winston or mariota over him he stinks!!!

  76. biff barker Says:

    For the record, Brooks has turned his cheek in silence regarding Lovie’s dismal failure here.

    Meanwhile, it’s no surprise he’s endorsing the FSU guy either. Like King, he’s become sadly predictable.

  77. Cmon Man! Says:

    Winston pooped himself when the game was on the line. He reminded me of everything that the Bucs offense looks like right now. Was there a banana peel on the field? He not only slipped and fell but fumbled the ball into the arms of a defender who barely broke stride scooping the ball up on his way to the endzone. LOL Marriota looked a little jittery at first overthrowing some receivers. Understandable given the magnitude of the game. However, he got the ball out on time and moved around and made plays when he needed to. I would love to see the Bucs grab him and the Oregon OC and run that offense in Tampa.

  78. biff barker Says:

    Todd Says:

    Really biff it looked like winston got pressured and dropped the ball last night.
    Actually Todd there is a whole lot to like about Winston as an athlete.

    While many have been incessantly beating the Jameis drum, all I can see is a Jamarcus Lardass in the making. There is a reason why several GM’s have their barge pole out.

  79. SSG Mike Says:

    Did this guy see the same game as the rest of us? While I think Winston has more raw talent Mariota has the talent and the head to make it easier and faster in the NFL. I hate comparisons but I see Winston getting paid and going the way of Shaun King.

  80. Walter White Says:

    All this Winston noise is like the Falcons game in week 3 – can we please just skip to the draft and not have to suffer through all this pointlessness?

  81. Sam Says:

    So yeah Joe I did read the article. I read everything about my bucs or potential bucs. I disagree with much of it from a guy even I have barely heard of. You did the same thing with Johnny football last year. If you truly believe Winston is the way the bucs should go….fine….say so. If you are like I suspect a true fan of our bucs….you should do a weekly feature on Marcus as well. You SEEM to have your mind made up about 3 months ago. Give the rest of us slow folks the time and info to get caught back up. Also not sure who your ad provider is but most of them count simple page views vs unique page views so if true you do get paid per comment.

  82. SAMCRO Says:

    It’s uncanny how much Winston reminds me of Leftwich. Similar release and build.

  83. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Poorglennon, I saw the baseball throw a few times in his passes. I also saw him sidearm it a few times as well. He has sort of a windup when he throws the football. That is from playing baseball.

  84. Rob Says:

    I’ve looked high and low, and I can’t find a single mock draft from a national source that thinks the Jameis Winston should be the #1 overall selection. Nearly every single one of them has Mariota at the top. But hey, ‘edge Winston.’

  85. Joe Says:

    I can’t find a single mock draft from a national source that thinks the Jameis Winston should be the #1 overall selection.

    That’s your problem right there.

  86. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Also, if Winston plays baseball he can’t enter the draft. He said yesterday he looked forward to baseball. He is staying. No doubt with the recruits that FSU has acquired, they should be in the playoffs again next year.

  87. Joe Says:

    Also, if Winston plays baseball he can’t enter the draft.

    Not true. A player can enter the draft and play baseball. Just can’t hire an agent.

  88. J Moné Says:

    Mariota is the man licht is smart and will get him

  89. Rutgers4Schiano Says:

    I agree with JOE, Ilike Winston better than Marriotta. However, there is a lot of comments Winston made after the game that makes me think he is staying at FSU. Go after Williams from USC and all O-linemen the rest of the way. GO BUCS………….Unless of course you can get Frost and MArriotta then maybe…………….

  90. biff barker Says:

    J. Mone, Licht is smart. Robert Kraft just said as much last week. Not a bad endorsement IMO.

    Too bad Love Me Not is calling all the shots.

  91. KMAC Says:

    Winston’s mechanics are terrible!! He has the same, slow, baseball-style throwing mechanics that have plagued QBs like Tim Tebow and Chris Simms in the NFL. You cannot dip your hands and wind up to throw the ball in the NFL, it will never work!
    Mariota is the real deal, true leader, great character, faster then winston, stronger arm then winston, better decision maker then Winston…I saw Mariota stand in the pocket and deliver strikes with defenders in his face. You are clearly either a FSU fan or an idiot to think that Winston is a better QB for the NFL then Mariota….Of course we know how much you wanted Manziel, so your talent evaluation of Qbs is def flawed.

  92. kh Says:

    Sorry Joe, you lost all credibility when it comes to QBs last year by trumpeting Johnny Football. If you want Winston its clear the pick should be Mariota.

  93. Joe Says:

    Sorry Joe, you lost all credibility when it comes to QBs last year by trumpeting Johnny Football.

    This just blows Joe’s mind. A-hole fans ready to kick dirt in a kid’s face after what, six freaking quarters? And the guy was BETTER than the Bucs quarterback!!! Where is your rage for McCown?

    By your standard you would have cut Mike Evans after two games because he had less than 100 yards receiving combined in both games.

    Additionally, Joe was the ONLY person screaming before the 2009 draft that Josh Freeman would be a “Bust in Waiting” and explained in detail why. Joe took holy hell for that. How did Freeman turn out, exactly?

    Why is it fans are jizzing in their pants over Mariota but NFL types don’t see it? Sorry if Joe trusts guys who either worked in the NFL making a living monitoring talent or currently work in th NFL doing same.

    Fantasy football has ruined America.

  94. Uk_buc Says:

    Question for people who watch college football more than myself….are either mariota or winston THAT good? Yes they are the best this year, but in the wider scheme of things, how do they match up to past #1 qbs? Clearly they aren’t Andrew luck, but if Cam Newton, Sam Bradford, rg3, and Matthew Stafford were also in this years draft (their post-college, pre-draft versions, ignoring their subsequent nfl careers) where would mariota and winston rank as prospects?

  95. JFF Says:

    Enough Winston trolling Joe. It’s a tired act and he’s not even declaring for this draft. Just give it up already.

    The Bucs need a quarterback. Joe likes Winston, as do many others. Trolling is you pestering Joe with your nonsense for a reaction. –Joe

  96. kh Says:

    Insulting Joe is never acceptable around here. Needless and malicious.–Joe

  97. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Joe Says:
    January 2nd, 2015 at 12:44 pm
    Also, if Winston plays baseball he can’t enter the draft.

    Not true. A player can enter the draft and play baseball. Just can’t hire an agent.
    I knew it was something. Thanks for clearing it up. I don’t think that will help then if he can’t have an agent. Thought?

  98. KMAC Says:

    Joe – “Why is it fans are jizzing in their pants over Mariota but NFL types don’t see it? Sorry if Joe trusts guys who either worked in the NFL making a living monitoring talent or currently work in th NFL doing same.”

    You need to do some research, every pro scout/coach and anyone who knows anything about the NFL, have Mariota as a day 1 starter and the best QB in the draft…McCown had a far better year then Manziel, and thats not saying much, your are clearly trolling here with your post , manziel cant even show to meetings on time, what a joke!

  99. White Tiger Says:

    Tony Dungy…or Bucky Brooks…hmmm…

    My money’s on Dungy…who not only prefers Marcus Mariota over Jameis Winston…he compared Mariota to Aaron Rodgers…

    …meanwhile, ‘Bucky’ tells me he SAW what I did NOT see…accuracy, playing within the system,

    I can’t actually remember seeing a performance THIS BAD – by a kid who allegedly is top college QB – especially since I SAW him constantly getting baited into making poor decision by a smart, quick defense that seemed to know EXACTLY what he was goingto do, and when he was going to do it.

    Sorry, Jameis does not only – NOT – have the edge in this draft…he just fell out of the first round.

    Kid needs to stay in school until he’s ready (p.s., he NOT ready).

  100. kh Says:

    Joe can’t handle the heat, so he shuts down the kitchen.

  101. Joe Says:

    Tony Dungy…or Bucky Brooks…hmmm…

    Given Dungy’s history with quarterbacks, Bucky Brooks is Ted Thompson.

    Asking Dungy about quarterbacks would have been like asking Don Coryell about linebackers.

    Just because Dungy’s kid played with a guy doesn’t mean he will be a good NFL player.

  102. Cannon Fire Says:

    Winston cannot complete passes from Orient Road Jail

  103. sethb22 Says:

    I thought Winston showed more pro readiness than Mariota.

    You never know how Mariota is going to respond to turning his back to the line of scrimmage for playaction passes in the pro’s under center. He seems to scramble quickly after his 1st read isn’t there from the Shotgun. What happens when he has to find his receiver off of turning his back to the field then go through his progressions? Can he do it? No draft guru can answer that.

    That’s why I feel that Winston is more prepared for the pro game… because he’s done it and showed he’s good at it.

  104. Cmon Man! Says:

    Ok the article you are referring to is a bunch of crap, Joe. Let’s compare some meaningful stats: Winston – 25 TD’s/18 int, Mariota – 40 TD’s/3 int. 3! That’s it. What’s more amazing is that Mariota has thrown just 13 int’s over his 3-year career while throwing 103 TD’s. I find it interesting that Brooks said it was even in clutch factor and in football intelligence. Given last night’s game it was pretty clear to me which guy wins those two categories. Also, how can Winston have better arm talent and yet be less accruate? Is that just arm strength? I guess if that’s what we’re going on the Peyton Manning would never have been drafted. One final point – it is interesting to me that Brooks doesn’t actually consider character or heart in his analysis. I would think that Mariota wins those categories in a landslide. Cmon Man!

  105. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Joe and Danny Synder seem to have alot in common

  106. Lovie equals 2015 Blackouts Says:

    You are far from fair Joe.

    You have a daily Jameis Winston thread but no daily Marcus Marriotta thread.

    So no, you are not fair. And it is obvious that you have bias towards Winston and not Marriotta… even minutes after the blowout last night… you decide to post a Winston article just to drum up comments. Clearly Marriotta was the better QB last night. That should have been the story.

  107. Brandon Says:

    I agree with Brooks. I’ve always said that I have Mariota 1a and Winston 1b and that was based on the fact that I like Winston more as a player on the field and Mariota more as person off the field but the difference in the two in the head to head matchup was glaring. Winston is the much more pro ready QB, he can start and win from day 1, Mariota will take time and even then, he is no guarantee to be successful. If Winston checks out mentally and does well in the interviews, he SHOULD be the #1 pick.

  108. Brandon Says:

    One thing I don’t like about Winston is that he said, “Losing is not in my vocabulary.” This bothers me that Winston has been in school 3 years and has such a limited vocabulary…unless he wasn’t speaking literally then I guess I wouldn’t have a problem.

  109. Buccfan37 Says:

    I didn’t get the game on TV and listened on the radio. Mariota seemed unstoppable and threw FSU aside like a pesky gnat. A blowout of epic proportions.

  110. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Best case scenario in my mind…find a trade partner willing to give up this year’s first and second as well as next year’s first, fix the OL and get some pass rushers in this draft, have Glennon keep the seat warm for when the Bucs tank for Hackenberg in a couple years. That kid showed some “next Andrew Luck” potential in his bowl game. OK fantasy scenario, but hey we all get to dream 🙂

  111. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    ToesOnTheLine….I am a trade down advocate too…

  112. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Not a message board/link board. Thanks. –Joe

  113. Kingpin Says:

    Total disagree with you!! Your a fool to think Winston gets the edge. It’s not even close and his stats will prove it and his character is shameful. You need to learn to admit when you are wrong and take your bias glasses off and man up!!! You wrong about Winston and you were wrong about Manziel!! Now Go Vols!!!!

  114. Kingpin Says:

    Also please give me a reputable mock draft site were Winston is picked number one. Waiting for that poll too that you are scared to give us!! Come on joe it’s not the end of the world to admit when your wrong!

  115. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Poll….LOL…who would be running the Poll…

    Joe’s already announced there will be a poll on Mariota, Winston or other coming Monday. –Joe

  116. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    It was a joke Joe…you missed….

  117. bucs84 Says:

    Winston had 17 interceptions in a pro offense. That doesn’t translate well the nfl.

  118. Jonathan Says:

    Anybody who actually thinks mariotta would be a better nfl qb than jameis Either hasn’t watched them play a single down, is a gator alum, never played themselves or is a religious zealot. Learn the game and then voice your opinion. Jameis stands tall in the pocket and delivers the ball in the face of a jail house blitz like a guy that used to play named Brad Johnson, heard of him?

  119. meatloph Says:

    Winston faced, essentially a standard NFL defense last night and couldn’t cope, i bought in until last night. I just can’t see that guy keeping his cool against harder competition when he gets to the next level. Sorry Joe, but I’m all in with Mariota and the spread offense.

  120. Joe Says:

    Winston faced, essentially a standard NFL defense last night and couldn’t cope,

    So, throwing for 29-48 and 348 yards means he “couldn’t cope?”

  121. meatloph Says:

    So, throwing for 29-48 and 348 yards means he “couldn’t cope?”

    He panicked and threw a hissy fit on the sidelines that sincerely almost got him benched in a playoff/bowl game. That’s a problem with coping with adversity.

  122. White Tiger Says:

    So, throwing 29 of 48 for 348 yards – in a game he LOST by 39 points, mostly due to the short fields that his 5 turnovers accounted for – means he could?

    If you didn’t like Josh Freeman – you’re not gonna like Jameis Winston. He’s Freeman with a bad attitude.

  123. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    We tanked a couple years too early…Hackenberg is gonna be that franchise QB that every team wants to tank for. Oh well it’s a Bucs life, we pick the year that 7-8-1 wins the South to fall apart when there’s no slam dunk franchise QB in the draft (in fairness which is the case most years)

  124. Cmon Man! Says:

    Jonathan – “Anybody who actually thinks mariotta would be a better nfl qb than jameis Either hasn’t watched them play a single down, is a gator alum, never played themselves or is a religious zealot. Learn the game and then voice your opinion. Jameis stands tall in the pocket and delivers the ball in the face of a jail house blitz like a guy that used to play named Brad Johnson, heard of him?”

    Because YOU know better, right? So who is better, the guy who will stand in the pocket and get drilled as he throws the interception, or the guy who moves around and finds the open receiver? I’ve heard the same argument time and time again. Winston “looks like an NFL quarterback” but he doesn’t play like an NFL quarterback. Just because a guy plays in a different system doesn’t make him a better player and doesn’t mean he will ultimately be the better player in the NFL. Fact is, Mariota got it done against a bunch of guys that will be playing in the NFL and Winston didn’t. Who is to say that Winston’s experience makes him the better player? He stands tall in the pocket but makes BAD decisions with the ball. Was he on time with his throws? Did he find the open receiver? Did he play behind a better line? Sure, Mariota looks like RG III, Collin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, and Johnny Manziel, but Winston looks a lot like Jamarcus Russel. I found the following write up on Russel:

    “Much like the Auburn staff did with Jason Campbell, LSU coaches patiently waited for Russell to develop. Their patience paid off in 2005, as Russell wrested the starting job away from Matt Flynn. Most experts now regard Russell as the most physically gifted quarterback to wear the LSU uniform.

    The talented junior has what many believe is the strongest arm in college football. He can throw the ball the length of the field and put on an impressive performance prior to the 2006 Sugar Bowl — while seated on the turf, he threw the ball 40 yards. Under the guidance of offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher, Russell developed a keen understanding of the game and clock management. He went on to compile a 25-4 record as a starter, the third-best record by a starting quarterback in school history.

    Russell and his favorite target, receiver Dwayne Bowe, combined to become the most prolific pass-catch scoring tandem in school history. The duo connected on 23 touchdowns. Russell leaves LSU as the school’s second-ranked passer with a 61.86 completion percentage and 52 touchdown passes. He is just the third player in school history to throw for more than 6,000 yards in his career and the first to lead the team to at least 10 victories in consecutive seasons. Russell also proved to be a heroic passer; he rallied the team to eight victories after trailing in the fourth quarter or overtime.”

    Man, Winston makes me think of this guy who never even made it in the NFL. I want a QB with something between his ears besides a giant ego and a sense of entitlement.

  125. poorglennon Says:

    #5 should not I repeat not stay in school. He’s an arrest or two away from being an undrafted free agent. He will get 5 Mill per for what 4 years. He’s going 2nd overall. I don’t want to pray everyday that this guy. Won’t mess up his life. Like his family does every morning. The only cash he’ll get is from his book deal. In 10 years……fumbled snap…..the Winston Jameson story.

  126. David Says:

    All of you people who are throwing stones at Winston better not live in a glass house. I think Mariota is an awesome qb and would welcome either qb here to Tampa to help us win. I think Winston is immature, but I also think the Oregon offense disguises Mariotas weaknesses. Doesn’t make a lot of adjustments at the line, looks to sideline for that, and nfl defensive ends a lil faster and stronger and will not miss as many sacks/tackles as FSU did last night.

  127. buxfan Says:

    Joe I’m with you. You put all the QB’s in the draft including the the ones we have here. Jameis is what all QB scouts and coaches look for. Pocket presence is amazing for a young guy. Go through his reads. Sometimes hit the 3rd or 4th WR. Not looking at his off the field issues. He would be the top QB taking.

  128. Just lose 'no more' baby!! Says:

    This is kinda strange I thought the complete opposite of Bucko Brooks

  129. cmurda Says:

    The Winston Jameson story…. Haha that was pure gold.

    I see the validity of Bucky Brooks piece. However, the run-ins with the law worry me. I’ not sold that this talented kid has his head screwed on tight. The yelling with the coach doesn’t overly bother me. This was a ig game. Emotions are to be expected especially while down 25. I just keep coming back to not wanting either of them at the expense of the #1 pick. Of course, as luck would have it, this draft isn’t a sexy one for teams to move up and give up a King’s ransom to us for the #1 overall. With that said, I’m still very hopeful that the Jets are ripe for the taking.

  130. cmurda Says:

    Did I enter the poop list? Both of my comments are awaiting moderation. I didn’t think I crossed the line.

  131. Rob Says:

    For those of you who are Jameis haters, obviously you just listen to the media and either don’t follow FSU football, or just hate to hate. For all you Mariota lovers, what the hell have you seen from him that constitutes a first overall pick? Yes he doesn’t make many mistakes, but from game tape and live games I have not been impressed at all. He throws loft passes to his wide open receivers and regularly misses them. Winston on the other hand is super accurate and can fit the ball into nearly any window (not to mention his leadership capabilities). Yes he trusts his arm a little too much sometimes which leads to mistakes, but his receivers don’t help him much when it comes to route running and catching his laser passes. If it were up to me (which it obviously is not) I would take Winston without hesitation with the first overall pick. If we passed on Winston, I also would not mind Leonard Williams or trading down. Please no Mariota

  132. Lee Says:

    “He looks uncomfortable working through his reads”

    No. He doesn’t.