Hawk Goldson Wants…

January 20th, 2015
Bucs S Hawk Goldson offers his take on the Jameis-Marcus debate.

Dahson Hawk Goldson offers his take on the Jameis-Marcus debate.

For the second time in a week, Fox Sports Live had a Bucs player/former Bucs player on to discuss Tampa Bay and the NFL. Last night, it was safety Hawk Goldson’s turn.

In a sitdown with leggy Charissa Thompson, Hawk was pinned down when asked what quarterback he would prefer, Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota.

At first, Hawk squirmed and tried to punt. Thompson wouldn’t let him off the hook. After rephrasing the question, Hawk finally gave his answer. It may not be what you think. Video courtesy of Fox Sports 1.

37 Responses to “Hawk Goldson Wants…”

  1. JFat Says:

    Leggy is right…goodness.

  2. Barry Says:

    Between the two ? Gun to head? it’s Mariota. That’s what it comes down to for the decision makers. #Character Now, Glennon has already proven he’s a NFL caliper QB and can win in this league. So, do the Glazers/Licht/Smith use (gamble) the 1st pick on a QB who doesn’t grade out better then the young QB they already have? The responsible answer is No. If Glazers mandate a QB, then you must take Mariota.

  3. Waterboy Says:

    Easy decision Winston is far superior talent and you’re not guessing as much with what he can do. With Mariota no one knows because we haven’t seen him make the pro level throws. Btw Winston has a college national championship under his belt and only loss 1 game in his 2 year college career. If that’s not a winner then I don’t want to get used to any other definition of being a winning.

  4. JA Says:

    There should be a giant padded cell somewhere, filled with deranged Buc fans that have food dribbling out of their mouths while muttering the words, ” Glennon.”

  5. Tom Edrington Says:

    So The Hawk assumes he’ll be back this year?


    He’s right up there on the most over-paid, underperforming list.

  6. Waterboy Says:

    Glennon a winner in this league? What does he have like 4 wins in about 18 or 19 starts? 30th ranked offense? Oh but he is a nice guy!

  7. tmaxcon Says:

    JA – legenary post…

    I was try to respond to the Glennon is a proven winner post but was speechless. Wow Glennon has losing record that is a fact regardless of excuses and creative math. You are what your record says you are.

  8. Shipwrecked87 Says:

    Goldson knows

  9. topcoach1978 Says:

    His opinion probably doesn’t matter unless he is willing to take this pay cut!

  10. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Can we draft those legs?

  11. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    As long as they are not CRAB legs…;)

  12. Keyser Söze Says:

    What I got from that is the defense was pretty upset they were put into so many bad situations and field position by McCown’s disregard of ball security. You could see and hear it on the players after games when the defense played great but we lost because our offense couldn’t get first downs or hold on to the ball.

    Either one of these Qbs are going to be an upgrade over anything we have or is available via FA. I am still leaning towards Winston but MM is catching up. It comes down to Winstons maturity. I think it will say it all when the Bucs finally pick. If we draft Winston it’s because they did their research and feel comfortable handing the reigns to the man. If we don’t draft him then obviously they found too many red flags to overcome.

    If it were just on film and winning I like Winston hands down. He was deadly with a 6’5 receiver like Benjamin and we have two of those. He just knows how to give his receivers a chance to make a play. On the flip side, Mariota needs fast recievers that will get quick separation and we don’t have those type of horses in the stable.

  13. BirdDoggers Says:

    If the decision is that hard to make, it means the the answer could be neither. No one stands out as the unquestioned top pick. Sounds like a good opportunity to trade down if you’re not convinced either one will or can be an upper echelon QB.

  14. iamkingsu Says:

    Its easy to take care of the football when you’re throwing 5 yard passes and bubble screen. When he does take a shot downfield its to wide open receiver because the defense is off balanced or missed an assignment. Lets see if he can continue to take care of the ball with constant pressure in his face. What’s alarming is how many sacks he took against Arizona while playing in that offense. No way he should’ve took what was it 6 sacks? With his mobility? In that offense?? That means he will hold onto the ball and eat yardage when something is not wide open for him. Sounds like the hawk is another scoreboard watcher

  15. Soggy Says:

    The glennon hate I don’t get, sure he did not do great but if you’re QB of choice would have been thrown in the same mess as the last two year’s you know you would me making all the excuses in the word for you’re desired QB. Look at the excuses over this draft and truth be known we really do not know right now if either QB is better than glennon in the NFL ( Probably are and I hope they are) Glennon has always been a backup and I think he did his back up job well, Has he ever had the chance to compete for the starting role during the off season? 18 or 19 starts in the bucs mess over the last 2 years as a back up, think about it.. It”s just the HATE I don’t understand.. He did in fact get our/lovies first win this year.. His run out of bounds before the marker was a real bad mistake but name you’re QB that has not made dumb or dumber mistakes before..

  16. knucknbuc Says:

    Glennon isn’t very good that’s not hate it’s facts.

  17. Soggy Says:

    @knucknbuc, He is a good backup and that was my point I was making.. And there is plenty of glennon hate on this site..

  18. JFat Says:

    With you on that Soggy. I’d like a new QB this year but I wouldn’t be terribly upset of Glennon got a shot. He’s gotten a pretty bad wrap because he is slow or because he looks kinda funny I guess. “Doesn’t pass the eye test” is what I hear a lot…maybe he isn’t attractive enough for some.

    All I know is, if they draft a QB this year, they better make them compete with Glennon for the starter’s job. Neither of these guys should be thrown out there immediately just because of their draft status.

  19. Soggy Says:

    @JFat, Fair QB competition last year McCown vs Glennon that should have been a no brainer..

  20. Barry Says:

    If Smith would have started Glennon , Bucs would have been NFC South Champion. Smith’s biggest mistake was McCown whom he had to force feed us to justify his decision to name him the starter before McCown ever hit the field. It’s my understanding the decision to draft a QB 1st overall is on Jason Licht solely, and if so then who. #BadTrackRecordLovieQBs

  21. unbelievable Says:

    I’ll take her over either of them. I would have rather spent my sundays watching Thompson last season than the garbage that was our beloved Bucs.

  22. tmaxcon Says:

    Barry lovie has already stated publicly which joe quoted here that HE has final say on draft and fa. Given Lovie’s stubbornness and history of failure it’s scary to think what that pick maybe. His only option is Winston.

    Glennon had his chance to grab the division but he failed.

  23. Soggy Says:

    tmaxcon, Glennon should have done better with the few games he had this year but I don’t know if you can say he alone failed the division race, it was a all around team and coach fail before he was even on the field for what 4 games? Ok well I am done got to do some real work..

  24. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I will stick with what I have said all along and stick to it until draft day. The Bucs will not draft a QB with the #1 pick. I’m not saying that’s what I want them to do, but what I think they will do

  25. Ray Rice Says:

    I’ll buy that for $1. #Legs

  26. rjhurst813 Says:

    Man F Mike Glennon we have the first pick and we are still talking about this bum of a talent.

  27. Greg Schiano Says:

    All the GM of the Buc’s will be doing in the draft is picking the QB that the next coach is stuck with. Lovie cannot evaluate talent and he is a below average defensive coach at best. If the offense (it did ) stunk up the place in 2014 you could be hopeful for 2015 if the Defense was nasty and brutal…but they were sissy’s all season.

    The fact that Lovie has zero game management and game planning skills along with his absolutely abismal record on evaluating talent only means that whoever replaces this guy will have to make the pieces fit in 2016!

    The Bronco’s letting John Fox go after 4 great seasons and the Niner’s choking on the 7 million for an outstanding coach in Harbaugh gave Team Glazer the coverage they needed to pull out their Man Cards and fire Lovie after one season…but they are being advised by the Mouth of the South…the Big Poodle who feels that Lovie “can’t” be fired. That is total crap…he shows absolutely zero promise and all of us season ticket holders have one (1) option and that is to be hopeful the next coach gets the #1 pick in 2015 after Lovies second disasterous season!

    Fire Lovie NOW!!!

    Oh..by the way…Goldson doesn’t matter. the #1 pick does not matter. The Buc’s have no one to coach them so wake me up in a year and I will get excited when Team Glazer finally hires the Buc’s a coach!

    Greg Schiano!

  28. Buccfan37 Says:

    Glennon still has his fans. No matter how much some of you trash him, you are not convincing his fans. What part of QB of the future is confusing? The Bucs future!

  29. Joe T. Says:

    If the NFL has proven anything this year it’s that you can’t compete without a franchise QB. Is Glennon a franchise QB? Hell to the no. Let the “Glennon just needs a shot” talk go, please, for the love of God.

  30. bucs4lyfe Says:

    who cares, if the bucs are truly trying to improve the roster and win next year it’ll mean he was cut

  31. The only Buc fan in Montana Says:

    All you ‘experts’ who think Lovie should be fired after one season answer me this: who in the hell wants to come to a team where they have zero security in their job? That would be 3 coaches who lasted two seasons tops. Name me a quality coach who will be ok with that? Yep. None. Now, also, notice the good teams, what do their coaches have? Yep, security and stability. Give a guy a chance to build something, or, buy the team and do whatever you want, and the rest of us of sound mind will root for someone else. News flash, not gonna make the Super Bowl and have continued success right out of the gate. Didn’t work for Gruden, and it won’t for anyone else either!

    There are ALOT of folks on this site who need to find different teams to root for. It’s pathetic.

  32. ChessMaster Says:

    The winner of the chess game is the player who makes the next-to-last mistake. – Tartakower

  33. []_[]Buc Says:

    Yall are foolish if you don’t think the Bucs take their players opinions into consideration. Especially if you are in the camp that says that “fans opinions matter.”

    Uh oh, maybe the choice isn’t as clear cut as some people (especially the psychics of this board) say it is..

  34. buddah Says:

    The notion that Winston is a far superior talent is nonsense. He doesn’t run as fast; he has less, far less, escapeability; he makes more mistakes; and he is not as intellectually gifted. He may be more ready on day 1 because he has played in a pro set offense. That’s it. That doesn’t make him more talented. In fact, the PAC 12 is a much deeper and more talented conference than the ACC. Both these guys are talented. One simply comes without psychic baggage.

  35. Flmike Says:

    @montana, might want to check your history, Chucky won the Super Bowl his first season with the Bucs. Lovie will never win a Super Bowl, not with the Bucs or any other team stupid enough to hire him after he gets fired next January. He simply is not HC material, he does not have the eye for talent nor the ability to out think out coach or out plan 99% of the HC in the NFL. His track record as the decision maker for a team has proven to be beyond poor, be it Chicago or here, he is just not a capable HC nor pseudo GM which is what he is if he has power over personnel decisions. First step in righting this ship is for the boys to step in and remove all personnel decisions from Lovie and give them to the GM, next is to make sure as they did in Indy with Father Dungy that he has no say in the offense, you make Koetter Asst HC in charge of the offense, let Lovie coach up the defense, it what he knows how to do best, next you trade out of the first pick and collect as many picks as possible and start building this team the right way, from the lines out, be it Williams or a franchise LT, don’t waste this pick. I really like Mariota, but he’s a project, and you couldn’t get me to draft Winston if you told me I could have extra picks when he eventually screws up, because he will, he can’t help himself. I work in sports media and have heard conflicting reports on his work ethic and his communication skills, the latter is a provable thing just go listen to his interviews, I want the face of my franchise to be articulate and personable, Winston has a great smile but it comes with the vocabulary of a 14 year old , that will not cut it. The Bucs are no where close to winning anything, they are actually closer to the number one pick in 16 than they are the playoffs, if they show just minimal progress or regress, you have no choice but to fire Lovie and try and lure Sumlin, Shaw or Helfrich to the NFL, that’s why I think if they go QB it should be Mariota, he’s gonna be the better investment long term.

  36. finsher Says:


  37. []_[]Buc Says:

    Thanks Nostradamus.