Dirk Koetter Talks To Joe, Will Interview Today

January 3rd, 2015
Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter

Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter

Of course, Joe spent yesterday pounding and grinding the streets of Tampa and Clearwater Beach looking for Bucs offensive coordinator candidates.

Joe caught up to Dirk Koetter, the Falcons offensive coordinator, who is in Tampa now for his chat with the Bucs today.

Kudos to Koetter for talking to Joe. Unfortunately, Koetter wouldn’t dive into very serious football chatter.

Joe tried to talk to Koetter about his experience with Blaine Gabbert, the super-talented, spread-offense, rookie quarterback who landed in his lap in Jacksonville in 2011, where Koetter had been a successful offensive coordinator.

Gabbert, the No. 10 overall draft pick in 2011, was just 21 years old and bombed in his 14 rookie starts, though he had three fewer interceptions than Josh McCown did this season.

How did that experience shape Koetter’s take on rookie QBs and their development? Oh, well, Koetter didn’t want to get into meaty football talk.

Koetter’s next season, in 2012, he landed the Falcons’ OC gig and was about 10 yards from a trip to the Super Bowl while calling the shots for Matt Ryan and friends.

Joe wishes Koetter well. He certainly proved in Jacksonville that he can pound the rock in a way that would make Lovie Smith proud.

If Koetter does land the Bucs job, look for David Garrard’s name to surface as a potential backup/mentor to a Bucs rookie QB.

38 Responses to “Dirk Koetter Talks To Joe, Will Interview Today”

  1. White Tiger Says:

    Not sure what this will do for us? Unless Lovie’s decided to scrap the idea of an Philadelphia Eagle-like, pro-style, spread offense? Perhaps Weiss and Koetter are simply put of respect?

    None of the top 5 QB’s in this draft are drop-back QB’s…defintely NOT Mariota and especially NOT Jameis Winston…

    It’s either Roman or Chudzinski…or maybe Tedford was telling the truth and Lovie sees something in Arroyo…? I don’t know what it might be (maybe an uncanny similarity between Arroyo and Tony Dungy’s dream OC’s… Todd Christiansen & Mike Shula)?

    The pro-style spread certainly doesn’t tend toward keeping your QB upright for long stretches of games (even less than the WCO). Perhaps Lovie thinks the old Peyton Manning/drop-back style has a longer NFL shelf-life?

    …then again, that only works if you have a very expensive and talented offensive line…ALREADY in place…


  2. stevieB Says:

    Winston is definitely a “drop back” play from the pocket QB.

  3. todd Says:

    @ joe who would be your perfect oc hire if lovie drafted Winston ?

  4. BillT Says:

    There is NO WAY Garrard will be brought in as a backup. He is 36 and hasn’t played in 2 years. You need someone way more serviceable than that, especially if you are drafting a rookie QB

  5. Warthog Says:


  6. Morgan Says:

    What exactly did Koetter say – I don’t get much out of this piece.

  7. meh Says:

    Kind of a loaded first question for him, Joe. I love it!

  8. Keith Says:

    Garrard played with the Jets in 2013 and they wanted him back last year to mentor Geno.

  9. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    White Tiger Says
    “Not sure what this will do for us?”

    Everyone wants they pretty name, and Dirk Koetter isn’t it. But he does have some positives.

    1. The Falcons often played no huddle or very quick huddle offense. This made them a very fast paced system. Before the Rose Bowl, when I was more neutral on the two QB options, I thought Dirk Koetter would be great for Winston. Winston pretty much destroyed any home I had in him. I don’t want the next Jamarcus Russel.

    But the fast paced style would be well suited for Marcus Mariota. Marcus is not known to be a pocket passer, although he proved he has the ability in the Rose Bowl. Dirk Koetter would need to work with him on the teachable pocket passer mechanics, but Mariota can learn.

    2. Dirk Koetter did a pretty good job with Ryan, another #1 overall pick (anyone remember the falcons record going into that draft?) Matt is a different style quarterback, but that does mean Dirk cannot work well with Winston or Mariota.

    3. Dirk Koetter’s experience calling plays and with our division rival is a huge plus, especially since he had success with a young QB.

    4. Dirk Koetter’s system requires a smart, fast thinking quarterback. Mariota fits that bill, Winston does not.

    I think Dirk Koetter would be a good option.

  10. OB Says:

    We need an OC that can use all of our weapons and develop quickly, an OL that is good plus he needs to strong enough to keep a clueless offensive HC out of his stuff.

    Joe, tell me again why we are keeping Lovie?

  11. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Btw…where is the actual interview?

  12. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Oh, I get it…he “talked” to Joe, as in saying “No comment?” lol
    Just pickin’, Joe.

    Fellas, Koetter wasn’t interested in talking football, though he was very nice and told Joe to ask him anything. So there’s no point in Joe sharing the actual discussion. Joe and Koetter had a couple of laughs. All that’s really key is he’s in Tampa and interviewing. –Joe

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Looks like Joe talked to Koetter but Koetter didn’t talk back…..anyway….thanks for trying Joe.

    As for him as our OC…..anyone is an improvement and he does know how to gameplan against the NFC South.

  14. Bucnut2 Says:

    Joe is correct about OC. Whomever is hired will strongly signal who the bucs are drafting. If it’s chudzinski or another spread coach, it’s mariota. If it’s tressman, Weiss or Koetter type, it’s winston. If we draft mariota, if prefer chudzinski because of his work with Newton. If Winston, I favor tressman as I’m not a cutter. One other point, our skill players, Jackson,Evans ,Martin and ASJ do not fit a spread attack very well. If we decide to draft mariota I predit wholesale changes, starting with dumping Jackson, signing Cobb and looking at a sproles type in the backfield. In addition Herron will get a hard look at WR.

  15. Bucnut2 Says:

    Koetter fan

  16. BeeMoney Says:

    Koetter & Mariota is the combo we want!!!! Get it done Bucs


  17. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    It’s odd that he wouldn’t talk football…I guess he’s burned out after a long season…needs a break.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Don’t find that odd at all….probably smart not to get into any football discussions with press before his interview….

  19. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Thanks for that link. And I agree with you after reading that. Koetter and Mariota seem to be made for each other. The closeness between Koetter and Helfrich would have to be a bonus.

  20. Brandon Says:

    Do some of you fools that keep claiming that Winston isn’t a drop -back passer making that assumption purely because he’s black? In college, Andrew Luck ran more than Winston. I just don’t get it. The dude makes his throws from the pocket. How obvious could it be?

  21. Tom Edrington Says:

    I am an East Carolina guy and stay up on our former players. David Garrard probably could not pass an NFL physical. He’s got a bad knee that has gotten worse, also back problems…..just a lot of wear and tear on one of our favorite Pirates of all time.

    David was discovered at an ECU football camp, the coaches pointed him toward the offensive linemen at the camp, David picked up a football, stood at the 20-yard line and promptly threw a great spiral through the goal posts at the other end of the field. Even Lovie Smith would have let the big fella work out with the QBs.

    Going on 37, don’t see David coming back into the league, as I said up there, probably cannot pass the physical. Great guy, beloved by Pirate Nation.

    Simple as that…..

  22. port richey george Says:

    the head coach of the falcons got fired. I am sure this guys days are numbered in Atlanta. the new coach will probably bring in his own people. the advantage I see to this guy being the OC is he is very familiar with coaches, players and defenses in the NFC south. This could be an advantage in our division.
    I am sure he could assist with fixing the O-LINE. with lovie’s macro management coaching approach the new 0C will have total control over the offense with zero interference .

  23. BillT Says:

    Winston is a pocket passer which is the same as a drop back passer, so whoever is saying otherwise is clueless. Just because he’s in the shotgun is meaningless.

  24. BeeMoney Says:


    No Problem!!! If It Doesnt happen that way then I would be SHOCKED!!!! Then If You Dig Deeper You find this —-> http://athlonsports.com/college-footballs-best-coaching-trees —–> 5. Mike Bellotti Oregon (1995-2008)

    Read the names under #5 —> And the puzzle starts to come together and it just makes sense!!!!!

  25. CC Says:

    How can you say Winston isn’t a smart fast thinking qb?
    Have you not seen this guy go thru his progressions and fire a laser into a tight window to his third option. There are qb s in the nfl who can’t do that and 2 of them are on the Bucs.

  26. J Moné Says:

    Win or lose someone is Buc’cd Mariota/Winston as a fan I want to see something exciting I don’t want the whole running mentality the rules are made to aerial assault all day mike Evans I wana see how good he can get I believe he is better than Odell Randall Cobb Lovie!!!

  27. Patrickbucs Says:

    It’s scary the thought that McCown is out possibly recruiting anyone. Trestman had 1 good year, defenses figured him out and he destroyed a franchise QB the following year and now that franchise is pretty much screwed. Yeah let’s hire him smh. Look at all the weapons they have at WR, TE, RB, QB. We are worse at every position so how will he help us as opposed to other candidates?

  28. Buccfan37 Says:

    Damn, it aint rocket science hiring some qualified help. Too many cooks in the kitchen wanting this that or the other. I’m getting antsy anticipating the draft crop of the Bucs.

  29. crazy Says:

    The brothers wanted Chip Kelly and an exciting explosive offensive attack. What’s happened in the last 3 years to change that? The 3 questions going forward are who can deliver it? What personnel changes are necessary? And is Marriotta worth spending a #1? Good Jameis might be but bad Jameis certainly isn’t.

  30. SSG Mike Says:

    I still think the best “Serviceable” QB mentors would be Hasselbeck or maybe even Orton if you can talk him into coming back. There are a few others that might work but where the heck does Joe get Garrard? I am definitely in for Mr. Koetterer! (insert Arnold Horschack laugh here)

  31. ddneast Says:

    LOL. David Garrard as a backup/ mentor? How many beers had you pounded down Joe before you came out with that one.
    Garrard at his height was a mediocre QB and he’s been out of football for two or three years. Find some shade, Joe.

  32. lion Says:

    Doesn’t that prove that this guy can’t develop a rookie QB? Or at least hasn’t shown that he can or knows how to.

  33. kevin Says:

    McCown is not going anywhere. He should stay on Tampa…..as our backup. I still believe McCown is a good Qb. He wont start for anyone else and is a veteran. With that said fix the o line and draft mariota.

  34. Lamarcus Says:

    Whos to say we r drafting a qb anyway its not mandatory

  35. JBuc Says:

    Not sure what others see in Mariota over Winston. Mariota plays in a style of offense that puts a lot of pressure on a defense due to his ability to run the ball. As a result, receivers tend run wide open and he has huge throwing lanes. Sounds great right? Sign us all up for some of that.

    Unfortunately, this exposes your QB and in the NFL that means trouble. I’m okay drafting the kid if you are fully committed to running this offense. However, I have seen nothing from him that makes me think you can throw him into any type of offense and he will be successful.

  36. Matt Says:

    Great job hunting down Koetter and getting the interview and asking the tough questions, Joe!

    It’s not a surprise that he was hush hush about things.

    David Garrard? Really? Lol.. no comment Joe.

  37. Stanglassman Says:

    Facts don’t seem to matter to a lot of the people who post on this site. In their mind Winston will never be a pocket passer and is too stupid to play QB. Lovie will always be uninterested in scoring points or adapting his system and is a intrusive micro-manager.

  38. Biggun Says:

    Ok here’s a twist for ya… We take Koetter as OC and trade our 1st round pick with Atlanta their new HC can get whatever he needs for that pick they trade Matt Ryan to the Bucs. We keep Glennon as backup because Ryan and Glennon were both coached by Dana Bible at their perspective colleges and are both pocket passers. Lovie calls Glennon his QB of the future this way he gets a veteran QB and his back up that can step right in no problems in a few years or a few games if needed. Concentrate on OL picks and FA’s to protect Ryan there will be a few available from the Falcons soon I’m sure.