Bucs Fans Shift To Jameis Winston

January 19th, 2015
The polling data tells the story

Polling data tells the story

Joe regularly polls readers using software that only allows one vote per computer/phone.

The last two polls were about the NFL Draft, and Bucs fans have shifted their opinion in dramatic fashion.

Last week, fans were asked, “What Do You Want The Bucs To Do With Their No. 1 Overall Draft Pick?”

Results of just under 3,000 votes were as follows:

Draft Marcus Mariota 26.73%
Draft Jameis Winston 51.12%
Trade down                   16.13%
Draft a defensive end    2.21%
Don’t know                   3.81%

On Jan. 5, these were the results of the same poll, also with just under 3,000 votes.

Draft Marcus Mariota 52.07%
Draft Jameis Winston 25.25%
Trade down                    18.28%
Draft a defensive end     1.36%
Don’t know                    3.04%

This a pretty stunning shift to Winston.

One could argue Joe’s support of Winston has driven some Mariota fans nuts and they no longer visit JoeBucsFan.com. Joe finds that theory ludicrous. Joe’s site traffic numbers are, in fact, up since the end of the Bucs’ 2014 season, and Joe knows fans have more backbone that that.

Perhaps the thought of drafting Mariota, and having him ride the bench for a year while Josh McCown plays another season, is too much for some to stomach.

Joe will poll readers on the subject again next week.

82 Responses to “Bucs Fans Shift To Jameis Winston”

  1. MadMax Says:

    Leonard Williams please

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think Mariota played an additional game after the first poll…..didn’t perform up to expectations and many fans changed…..I don’t think either QB should be evaluated on the basis of one game….It’s still a team sport.

    When you completely take away Oregon’s running game……and he lost his 2 top WRs……things can change.

    So….Jameis benefits.

    As for Mariota folks leaving Joe…I don’t think so…but, lets face it….Joe’s strong support and overwhelming positive articles have an influence on the voting.

  3. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    Joe, I remember seeing the numbers 2 to 1 Mariota over Winston on the first poll, what happened?

  4. Waterboy Says:

    I’ve always been in the Winston corner but didn’t vote in the first poll. It’s either Winston or trade down for me I honestly don’t even expect Mariota to be the 2nd QB drafted once the combine and private workouts are done.

  5. Waterboy Says:

    Geno Smith looked better and put up better numbers running a similar spread offense in college so why would the Jets draft Mariota if he falls past Tennessee?

  6. BrianDorry55 Says:

    I knew as soon as the season ended and all of the talking heads started talking up Winston and questioning Mariota, that half the Mariota lovers would fall off…good stuff.

  7. Brandon Says:

    No, what it is is the stupidity of most fans and their knee-jerk reactions. After Winston lost to Mariota, fans jumped off the Winston wagon and hopped on with Mariota, then when Mariota lost, they started jumping off the Mariota wagon.

    Unless either guy’s performance in those games was extremely impressive or extremely poor, it should have done little to change minds of scouts. They know enough about each player on the field, what they can and cannot do. I doubt that either of those two games changed much in the eyes of scouts. And I’m sure at least 95% of all scouts prefer Winston’s game tape to Mariota’s. The difference between the two on the field is glaring and greatly in Winston’s favor.

  8. meh Says:

    I haven’t shifted. Mariota, please. I wanted him last year until he decided to stay in school, and I still want him this year.

  9. Brandon Says:

    Waterboy Says:
    January 19th, 2015 at 10:09 am
    I’ve always been in the Winston corner but didn’t vote in the first poll. It’s either Winston or trade down for me I honestly don’t even expect Mariota to be the 2nd QB drafted once the combine and private workouts are done.


    It wouldn’t surprise me if the Eagles took him after a slight move up into the early teens.

  10. Casual Observer Says:

    Many fans finally realized that Winston likely will become the poster boy for the NFL. And they want him to see him in a Bucs uniform on those posters. Good advertising for the team.

  11. lions Says:

    An accused rapist as the face of the franchise, I could def. see the Bucs doing this. Fit’s right in with the incompetence of the franchise over the years.

  12. CAN'T FIX IT Says:


  13. Shipwrecked87 Says:

    It’s becoming a very silly time of year. How can so many people change opinions with one of these players not even playing a game since? It’s all NFL network propaganda by those who love the sound of their own voice. I’d be delighted with either QB as let’s face it, we’re desperate, though my preference is Mariota and it’d take me a while to start liking Winston. But I’m Fed up of hearing all this spread option rubbish being a deterrent. I respect Joe for sticking to their preferred QB since the last few games of the season, but the excuse against Mariota is a poor one.

    Mariota is very similar in style to what Manziel was last year, though not as good and there were no complaints then.

    Winston attracts problems though a la Manziel and could very easily attract the trouble again if drafted by the Bucs, just like they did with Manziel for the Browns.

    Will we be getting a presser soon for Koetter? All this debating is beginning to make me I’ll. if it is Winston, then I wanna start getting that idea in my head sooner rather than later.

  14. Bucs fan 76 Says:

    I was strongly in Marcus side before the last game he played. However, I haven’t see him throw a football longer then 40 yards I now question his arm strength. Also Winston hasn’t got in trouble for several months maybe he has see the error of his ways and grown up time will tell. Therefore, on the last poll I switched to Winston

  15. ufcguy Says:

    To the poster saying you won’t go to a game bc of winston….you need to go ahead and just jump off the skyway now. Bc that’s how crazy that sounds to anyone with half a brain. This team needs a qb and winston c will instantly make this team better

  16. Lovethepewter Says:

    Go read about Williams in our scheme. He’d have to play defensive tackle next to McCoy and we ain’t spending the #1 on a DT. Sorry for your loss…we ain’t picking a lineman. It’s gonna be winston so let’s just drop the Leo Williams talk already.

  17. MTM Says:

    Both Winston and Mariota have positive traits that will help them succeed in the NFL. I prefer Mariota’s speed over Winston’s pocket passing. At some point in a quarterbacks career they are going to have scramble out of the pocket buy time and make a play. Winston is much slower and is an easy target to tackle. Mariota will have the ability to buy more time and make plays. Time can kill an NFL defense thus leaving open targets.

  18. Lovethepewter Says:

    I post in caps to get my point across. Loser.

  19. robert8 Says:

    Winston has not gotten in trouble in a few months. lol

    it’s pre draft.i hope not.

    wait till he is an nfl qb and hits downtown tampa. he’ll make freeman look like a choir boy.

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I am glad we have an experienced OC to provide input into this deciprsion. I am fully prepared to go with either QB….

    I do believe some posters have dug themself so deep in their support of or strong opposition to one or the other….that it will be difficult for them to move on after the decision.

    I can alteady see these posts continuing long after the draft….and it will be monotonous and very negative.
    I will be looking for Joe to unite us…

  21. Pewter_Power Says:

    If they take Mariota it’s gi nna be another decade of futility. Winston or bust.

  22. Fishfries Says:

    That just shows you how wishy washy soceity is.

  23. kaput Says:

    The four conference championship game quarterbacks:

    Brady, Luck, Rodgers and Wilson.

    We need a quarterback if those are the kinds of games we want to play in.

    Drafting a defensive lineman would be incredibly short-sighted. It’s universally acknowledged that Watt is the best defensive player in the league. What games is he playing in now?

    So then it’s between Winston and Mariota, right?

  24. mark2001 Says:

    I think it significant to understand that the timing of the surveys had some relevance… The first one after FSU had lost in the semi-final championship game and the later, after Oregon lost to Ohio State. Secondly, the later had occurred after a bombardment of pro-Winston articles. But to be fair, many others pundits have also been posing the selection of Winston. Further, neither really adds anything to discussion about which is the best future QB for our team….We already know someone playing for FSU, USF, UF or the “U” would be a popular favorite…

    I know this wouldn’t happen, but frankly, I’d find it really interesting to know what results of this survey would be among season ticket holders, and how the decision both ways would effect their renewal decisions….because I don’t think the preferences of fans on any website, even a very good one as this one is, really makes a hill of beans difference….unless it sells tickets.

  25. Pewter_Power Says:

    What good is being able to scramble around and by time if you can’t fit the ball into tight windows? Mariota struggles with ball placement and anticipatory throws, you think he will consistently get wide open receivers in the NFL like he did at Oregon? Playing quarterback in the NFL demands you know how to play the game from the pocket, meaning you quickly process I formation, make great decisions and deliver the ball accurately. That’s why it is clear that Winston> Mariota.

  26. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Not surprised. Support for both is likely to bounce around…up and down…between now and the draft in April. Next week Mariota may be back on top. We may even see more fans wanting to trade down and select neither of these guys. Opinions will run the gamut before the Bucs decide what to do with that choice. Not unusual….how many times last year did we see the “experts” vasilate between Carr, Manziel, Bridgewater, etc….

  27. MTM Says:

    @ Pewter_Power

    It’s not Mariota’s fault receivers are wide open in the spread offense. Have you not watched Mariota play? His decisions are split second reads on the defense. The offense Mariota runs is not predicated on timing routes. Did you not watch Seattle beat Green Bay yesterday with a similar quarterback? In the last few years the great pocket passers have been knocked out of the playoffs. If the defense collapses the pocket their done. That will be Seattle’s plan against Brady because he can’t make plans with his feet let alone roll out. IMO.

  28. OhioBucFan Says:

    Fairness of the poll has to be questioned. Joe has always been pro Winston, I believe lot people still want MM. After seeing Winston perform in the Rose Bowl, I would not select him with the first pick. Winston is a head case who allowed his friends video tape his sexual escapades when he had a girl friend. That tells what he is going to be when he will be in NFL.

  29. bucs4lyfe Says:

    Yes do since it’s about football being accused of a crime it was proven you didn’t commit is enough to damn his career in the eyes of the simpleminded people who could easily have committed much worse crimes but your a nobody so you’ll never be remembered unless you decide to go the ted Bundy route to fame…. Accused not convicted, court of opinion doesn’t count in this situation when your a 2-14 team, you play to win the game including in the draft and life, if he’s a failure it’ll have nothing to do with damn crab legs or the accusation of tape

  30. BFFL Says:

    Actually national polls have Mariota in the lead. Joe’s poll is influenced by all the FSU fans.

  31. deminion Says:

    Draft famous

  32. bucs4lyfe Says:


    Did you watch that game? Russell Wilson was pure garbage and in the end he beat green bay in the pocket not with gimmick plays and people keep comparing mariotta and Wilson they are different quarterbacks. Mariotta of Geno Smith and rg3

  33. BFFL Says:

    Quote from Mike Holmgren regarding Mariota:
    Source: http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/106508356/marcus-mariota-oregon-ducks-nfl-draft-scouting-profile-mobile-quarterbacks

    “If you have a quarterback who can move, it’s an advantage,” Holmgren said. “But those quarterbacks that can move have to be able to pass the ball. Coming into the NFL, you can’t play the position without having that skill.”

    Like many NFL analysts, Holmgren wonders how well Mariota’s college offense prepared him for the pros.

    “If you come from a system’s offense like [Oregon’s], you, normally speaking, aren’t asked to do the same thing as pro quarterbacks,” Holmgren said. “He’s a good enough athlete that it will not be a problem.”

  34. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    It is about who will be the better NFL QB in 5 years not coming out of college…

  35. Luther Says:

    All I can do is tell you where the water is, I can’t make you drink it. There are websites out there so you can look at the film on both guys. Look at the film yourself, you don’t have to be an expert.

    Winston looks like a pro and a very good one in every way. Mariota, Hundley and Petty are not even in the same league. I was solidly in Mariota’s camp back in November and when I went back and looked at several games from both QBs, the film jumps out at you that Mariota is just not ready.

    Winston throws the full route tree, audibles and goes through his progressions consistently and Mariota is “fake, read, throw/run” and that is about it. He misses a lot of throws if his guy is covered. He just happens to have a lot of open receivers and that is just not the NFL.

  36. Supersam Says:

    That poll seems suspiciously similar to the bush presidency votes he got from dead people in Florida. Joe you sprinkle in a few Winston votes of your own did you??……

  37. Dewey Selomon Says:

    If Winston drops and the Saints move up and Payton grooms him behind Brees, we could all in trouble for the next 10-12 years.

  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    When it comes to the real poll……amoung the decision makers….it will go like this

    Lovie….1 vote
    Licht…..1 vote
    Koetter.1 vote

    JBF readers no votes

    Glazers…as many votes as they would like…..

  39. Will Says:

    This Bucs fan hasn’t changed anything. Most of these fans changed their mind based on one game and that is ridiculous. Mariota didn’t have a bad game either. Both sides of the ball were physically man-handled by Ohio State and Mariota would have had to be superman to beat them. Drafting Winston would be a fail of epic proportions. Mariota will be a perennial pro bowler within 3 years IMO. Winston is overrated big time and it’s funny when he didn’t have Benjamin to bail him out he sucked. Also, Winston had a bad year against average competition. I don’t get the love for Winston in the least. The guy has a great arm and is competitive and that’s it. He is careless with the ball, he’s gonna have weight issues IMO, he is not mobile enough to play behind the Bucs O’line and he has major character concerns. NO THANK YOU!

  40. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:


  41. Barry Says:

    Who’s the pollster? What’s their political affiliation? It’s Winston in this case. Unless the poll is done by an unbiased pollster the polls are always slanted towards their candidate. #Always

  42. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Barry

    This isn’t a scientific poll….it is merely a popularity contest as is the Lovie poll….at least a voter can only vote once….there was no bias in the questions which is where most polls are biased. It is what it is….and could change as a player’s popularity rises or falls….it will probably be event (or lack of) driven….ie the combine or pro day….and Winston (no news)….between now and the draft…

    You are correct that the bias from Joe has some influence….there was a similar poll on another site that showed a shift toward Winston in their second poll….but the margin between the two players was much closer…

  43. Pewter_Power Says:

    Comparing Russell Wilson and Marcus Mariota is a bad comparasion. Wilson has a much better grasp on playing from than pocket than Mariota. Sure Wilson can roll out and escape like Mariota but when the defense takes that away he has proven he can get the job done from the pocket. I’ve seen Wilson make tight throws that at this point I don’t think Mariota can make. Winston may not be as fast as Mariota but that doesn’t mean he is immobile. It’s not like he is Byron Leftwich back there.

  44. crazy Says:

    Winston will rise as long as he keeps his mouth shut and his nose clean.

  45. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ MadMaxx
    I’m with you. Draft Williams who is the best player in this draft, or trade down a little and draft Peat who will be your franchise LT for 10 years. There’s not a franchise QB in this draft

  46. Seminole Bill Says:

    My draft preference:

    1. Trade the #1 pick for a quality OLineman and a later round #1.
    2. Use the later round #1 and the round #2 picks for Olinemen.
    3. Keep McCown.

    If you watched the season, as I did, McCown was a good QB, when he was not on his back. Unless we have a good Oline, Winston or Mariota will be busts.

  47. Luther Says:

    What do we do when McCown retires? I can’t believe people want to trade or pick a D-Lineman. We NEED a longterm QB and we are at the top of the draft. You guys just don’t think logically. I’m glad none of you run the Bucs.

  48. P.Keyes Says:

    This could also be due to joe cramming Winston down our throats everyday. I’ve never seen a more biased sports writer.

  49. Luther Says:

    Personally, I don’t always agree with Joe. I certainly didn’t want Johnny “Playground”. I thought Carr and Garoppolo were the best 2 QBs last year. I also thought Bortles was over-rated. This year I go with Winston because he’s the best QB and I feel Mariota is over-rated.

  50. rayjay1122 Says:

    I watched some Winston and Mariota highlights on youtube and saw Mariota run a lot albeit he his pretty fast. I was underwhelmed with Winston’s highlights. There is just something about him and I am not referencing behavior, that scares me that he is just extremely over rated. Maybe it was his throwing motion or foot work. He does stand in the pocket in the face of pressure but if he got rid of the ball quicker or was more mobile, maybe he would not get hit so much. And then there is the interceptions and are his intangibles a negative? I am still not sure which direction is best for the Bucs, but I think Mariota will have the better career even if he does need a little more time to transition to the NFL. Just my opinions though. Anything is better than what we had last season.

  51. Luther Says:

    @rayjay1122 go to draftbreakdown.com. There are a lot more games to look at. I looked at several games for them both. Youtube is not good enough. Too much hightlights and terrible music to really be useful.

  52. Hawk Says:

    @ Seminole Bill

    I was right there with you, up until #3. You do realize that it is ‘JOSH’ McCown that played for the Bucs, right?

  53. SuperSam Says:

    I truly believe McCown could be a pretty good bridge gap quarterback while we sit Mariota for a year, a decent oline and a offensive coordinator can do wonders for a quarterback ya know…

  54. Rob Says:

    I missed the second poll but did participate in the first.

    So there’s one missing Mariota vote.

    This has all the validity of an online poll on Fox or MSNBC. The content of the outlet in question is so lopsided that it’s pretty natural for the readership to swing that direction.

    Likewise the further you get away from Florida the more of a no-brainer this choice is. The built in FSU fan-base is loud and full of homers.

  55. rayjay1122 Says:


    Thanks for that info. I will have to check it out.

  56. Buccfan37 Says:

    I think the Bucs drafting a QB up top is now a given. I have also moved towards picking Winston. Mariota does not have enough meat on his bones. A couple of solid NFL hits will render him mush. Take the tougher physical specimen. Now if those that favor Winston can convince the Bucs to take Winston. That I’m not sure of.

  57. Bogiedr Says:

    Need a QB. Chickillo can be had in the third round, that is your edge rusher. He is about where JPP was before his draft, and the Giants grabbed him in the first round. Winston number one, left tackle second round, linebacker in the fourth.

  58. Dylan Says:

    #F*CkTheDuck winston 365 days a year

  59. Jeagan1999 Says:

    @Buccfan37…” Mariota does not have enough meat on his bones. A couple of solid NFL hits will render him mush. Take the tougher physical specimen.”

    You are of course welcome to your own opinion, but I think you are wrong about your statement above. Aaron Rodgers is 2 inches shorter and only 6 lbs heavier than Mariota….and look at how tough he was during the playoffs. Drew Brees is only 6 foot and 209lbs, and one of the top QB’s in the league. Mariota is young and there is still plenty of room on his frame for a few extra pounds of muscle. Who knows if he will be the better QB in the long run, but I think your statement is off the mark.

  60. White Tiger Says:

    Nah, once we knew Koetter was hired, the Mariota fans just stopped checking in as much, we KNOW the pick is in (and it’s Marcus, by a mile).

    We Mariota backers aren’t really fooled by a poll conducted about the QB we should take, after numerous fluff pieces on Jameis Winston, administered by self-professed Jameis Winston fanboy(s).

    At some point even we realize that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to argue with guys who buy ink by the barrel…

  61. mikeh Says:

    pick mariota! or trade down Winston is overrated! and a head case.

  62. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Mariota has the better skill set and mechanics. I’m not sure Winston can fix his problems.

  63. iamkingsu Says:

    I’m going to say this again. Winston is better than Luck coming out of Stanford

  64. Luther Says:

    I wouldn’t say he’s better than Luck but he sure is better than any QB from last year’s draft/ I also don’t care how much “meat” he has on his bones. Those who just want Mariota because he’s “smart” and a good boy are picking failure. He is a good QB but Winston is light years ahead of him. Too many scout say the same thing.

  65. bucrightoff Says:

    iamkingsu Says:
    January 19th, 2015 at 2:55 pm
    I’m going to say this again. Winston is better than Luck coming out of Stanford
    I’m gonna say this again, stay off the drugs Mr. Freeman!!!

  66. RustyRhinos Says:

    Not my vote for Winston

  67. Mord Says:

    In a few years’ time, I think Mariota will be the better QB.

    Winston is definitely talented and more ready to play immediately, but it is reasonably difficult to see him as a 30-something-year-old riding a stellar career into the hall of fame. The crapshoot with Winston is whether he has the character to make the most of his talents without derailing as so many who have entered the league with similar or even lesser concerns have.

    Mariota is definitely talented, and not quite ready to play immediately, but it is reasonably easy to see him as a 30-something-year-old riding a stellar career into the hall of fame. The crapshoot with Mariota is whether his longer development timeline might tangle him up in the modern-day mess of coaching carousels — will he adapt to the pro-style offense and get on the field faster than expected? Will his team give him enough continuity and patience to reach his highest potential?

    Both of them are a gamble..

    I’ll cheer either pick, but I’d rather see it be Mariota.

    Gut feeling says he’s far less likely to self destruct and waste his talents. My eyebrow involuntarily raises at Winston .. much like it did for Manziel last year.

    … for what it’s worth …

  68. Will Says:

    I wouldn’t say he’s better than Luck but he sure is better than any QB from last year’s draft/ I also don’t care how much “meat” he has on his bones. Those who just want Mariota because he’s “smart” and a good boy are picking failure. He is a good QB but Winston is light years ahead of him. Too many scout say the same thing.

    The above quote is absolute BS. How about the 8 NFL scouts who were anonymously questioned who they thought was the better QB and all 8 said Mariota? WHO ARE ALL OF THESE SCOUTS YOU REFER TO?

    Also, Mariota is a great QB based on talent, skill, intelligence and character. No one would pick a QB based on being smart and a so called “good boy” alone. Mariota has to be the pick and I’m confident he will be.

  69. Waterboy Says:

    If Mariota is drafted in the top 15 he’ll be lucky to even be in the league in a 4 years. With a first round pick most fans aren’t going to be willing to sit around and wait on him to get on the job training and learn to be a pro level QB. It’s going to take him more than 1 year to get a grasp and master all of the things that he’s not doing in that gimmick offense that they run. Russell Wilson at least played in a pro style offense in college and was used to taking snaps from under the center and passing from the pocket. There’s just too many things that Mariota hasn’t shown while playing in that gimmicky offense that the run at Oregon. By the Way Darron Thomas also looked good running that Oregon offense and you see where he’s at now (arena league).

    1. He doesn’t take snaps from under the center and drop back to pass
    2. They rarely let him pass in the red-zone normally once they get inside the 10 yd. line they try to let him run it in, hit a quick bubble screen or hand it off to the running back.
    3. He has no pocket presence I’ve watched several games where he bailed out of the pocket when there were guys open. He eventually completed quite a few of the passes but missed initial reads that he should have been able to make without even having to buy extra time.
    4. I also question his arm strength after watching that National Championship game that was a weak throw at the end of the game when they were just trying to throw up a hail mary.

  70. Barry Says:

    I’m curious, you people really want your QB on ESPN for 2 years having his sexual assault civil case discussed? #CivilCourt #AccusedOfRape #NotMe #NotGlazers

  71. Waterboy Says:

    Barry Says:
    January 19th, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    I’m curious, you people really want your QB on ESPN for 2 years having his sexual assault civil case discussed? #CivilCourt #AccusedOfRape #NotMe #NotGlazers

    Doesn’t bother me much at all. He was ACCUSED of rape in a one on one situation with another individual but there wasn’t enough evidence for it to hold up in the court of law. I’m more concerned with how he progresses on the field and whether he can put the team back in a position to be competitive. Civil cases are all about someone trying to get a person to cave under public pressure possibly settle and provide an easy payday. If a crime was really committed a big payday won’t fix the problem. I also remember reading awhile back where the accuser and her lawyer were trying to extort Winston for some cash to make it all go away.

  72. Walter White Says:

    No poll or ESPN talking head’s “expert” opinion is going to mean jack squat come draft day. The Bucs WILL NOT draft Jameis. They may or may not take Mariota, but they WILL NOT take Winston. No way. If any Winston supporter would remove their “rose colored glasses” for 5 seconds and put their GM cap on and analyze the basic and undeniable facts in front of them, they’d easily see that for *the Bucs* to select Winston would be a massive, colossal, gargantuan mistake of epic proportions.

    The very idea that a coach (nor GM, nor ownership, nor towel-boy) who just finished 2-14 would hinge his (/the team’s) future on an immature kid with a truckload of baggage is complete nonsense.

    If not Mariota – fine. But NOT Winston. No way.

  73. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I actually watched plenty of games of both, and I’m voting MAriota because I have actually seen the signs in Winston that point to him failing in the NFL.

  74. MadMax Says:

    Mr. Patrick, we’re way in the minority brother….makes me think we’re onto something. And he can play DT and DE.

  75. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    I’ve read on here that some fans out there don’t want Winston to be “the face of the franchise”.

    I’ve read on here that fans that ticket sales will go down if they take Winston and I say it’s the exact opposite..

    Here’s a little proof that there are probably MANY FSU-Buc fans out there just waiting hear that name on draft day.


  76. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    lions Says:
    January 19th, 2015 at 10:21 am

    “An accused rapist as the face of the franchise.

    Accused, and investigation took place 3 times by 3 different parties and they all come to the same conclusion.

    If they try and sue him in civil court, I don’t even think they have enough evidence to even try the case.

  77. ndog Says:

    Again I will ask have some of you guys even watched Mariota play. Forget the running, can he throw the ball? The answer is not at the level he needs to be successful in the NFL. He is not overly accurate, lacks downfield ball placement when the receiver is covered, and does not show the patience when in the pocket and there is pressure. Other than that he is great.

  78. White Tiger Says:

    @ndog – sorry, sounds like you may be the only one that HASN’T watched Mariota…

    It’s easy, but I bet you won’t: BSPN still has every play broken down in clips – you can watch Jameis elongated/Tim Tebow-like/Byron Leftwich-y throwing motion.

    Ironically, the two FSU games I actually watched this year were the Clemson game and the Rose Bowl…I watched a very undisciplined QB go off the game plan and dig a hole. His answer to that predicament was to go off the game plan MORE to try and get it back – which apparently is what BOTH Clemson, and Oregon WANTED/BAITED Jameis into doing. Against Clemson, FSU had more athleticism, against Oregon, they didn’t…both games I saw JW’s coach absolutely go through himself to try and STOP the oncoming train wreck of Jameis going ‘rogue’ (to NO avail)…and the LAST thing you want is a guy who is SO belligerent, you have to threaten to BENCH him in the biggest game of his life…just to get him to STOP making it worse…

    Mariota’s problem? Marcus simply faced a better defense – period.

    In contrast to Jameis’ windmill wind-up, Mariota’s release is lightning fast. I think THIS characteristic alone is enough to create the wide open windows. As has been pointed out, he’s taller than Aaron Roger is right now, and nearly the same weight. He’s a better runner, and the throws I saw – and I’m a Buckeye fan – were 20, 30, and 40 yard flicks of the wrist. He doesn’t miss, because he’s so fast. He can scan the field, flick the wrist to an open receiver (whom he hits in stride nearly every throw) and if his routes are too slow developing, he’s got Russell-Wilson-quicks. BOOM, he gone.

    Sorry, the plays I’m watching (granted, they’re not coaches film), the games I saw, the head-to-head game…Mariota is WAAAAYYY ahead of Jameis Winston.

    …and he does all of this without any drama.

    You want a wall knocked-down? Send in Mariota. You want to pole-vault over a fence? Send Mariota. Are you in the middle of a gritty, gutsy game you’re trying to grind out and be disciplined so you can keep it close enough to win it in the end? Send in Mariota.

    You want to distract your team, watch someone meltdown, throw a backward fumble and allow the other team to score when you’re trying to mount a comeback? Send in Jameis.

    It’s that simple.

    To those of us who watch BOTH QB’s – and want our team to have the BEST chance to win for a LONG time you know, fans. Not fanboys.

  79. ChanEpic Says:

    White Tiger – don’t quit your day job as QB evaluator. Mariota is WAAAAAYYYY ahead of Winston except in career wins, national titles and pro style readiness. PFFFFTTT!!!

  80. Shipwrecked87 Says:

    Thank you White Tiger and ChanEpic. Sick of all this Winston shite.

  81. MGM#8 Says:

    I thought in this country you are innocent until proven guilty.Draft the best QB Winston.

  82. Gasparilla Says:

    Jameis Winston is the best player in this draft. And if you take away the rape accusation in which he has been deemed innicent of many times then I don’t think you have a lot to worry about at all. Its nothing but a student athlete under a microscope trying to be a normal college kid. Now Jameis is the obvious pick in my mind compared to Mariota. Mariota is an athletic guy but he’s not accurate and has trouble throwing in the pocket, not to mention he is a spread QB which is much different than an NFL style. Jameis Winston however has been playing in a Pro Style offense for a long time and is 29-1. Hard to argue with. Ive seen the guy throw darts right between two defenders on the regular. That is an NFL arm. If you go back and watch his tape this year I feel like he was more impressive than last year simply because none of his WR’s were open this year and he got them open by throwing darts. I think the choice is pretty clear here. If he passes all the pre draft interview stuff he should be the Bucs next starter at QB.