Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

December 1st, 2014
Bucs ER Mike Evans hauls in a Josh McCown pass Sunday. (Photo courtesy of

Mike Evans hauls in a Josh McCown pass Sunday. (Photo courtesy of

A long look at the Bucs yesterday, today, and what to expect tomorrow and beyond.

When the Bucs lost to the Vikings in overtime, Joe deemed the defense had turned the corner. Holding an NFL team to 13 points in regulation is damned good.

However, Bucs defenders all told Joe, no, they had not turned the corner. You won’t hear them saying that now.

No matter Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton was puking all over the place and needed several IVs to keep him upright due to the flu, the Bucs held the AFC North-leading Bengals to two scores, 14 points.

That’s impressive. Sadly, the offense once again wet the bed.

Lovie Smith said yesterday when practicing two-minute drills, the same kind the Bucs meltdown with seemingly each week, no stupid mistakes are made. Yet in games, the Bucs react like scared children with dumb mistakes time and again. And it isn’t just two-minute offenses. How about how the Bucs shat their pants whenever they enter the red zone?

Of course, the Bucs visit the red zone so few times, Joe can sort of understand how the offense reacts like it is entering a haunted house or something.

Sacks, penalties, dropped snaps, you name it. If the Bucs truly do not commit these same mistakes in practice, that tells Joe this offense can’t handle the sting of battle, the glare of the spotlight, when the TV cameras are rolling and the crowd is loud. Not sure how you overcome that.

Offensive Coordinator

No, acting offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo will not return as the offensive coordinator next year. Joe would be shocked if that happens. And when Lovie brings in a new coordinator, who knows if that guy wants to keep Arroyo?

This may be Lovie Smith’s most important hire. If he doesn’t hire a competent offensive coordinator and the same sloppy play continues next year, trust Joe, Team Glazer will be taking notes.

Where Are The Billboards?

Remember last year when the Bucs were mired in a terrible losing streak and a local radio network began putting up billboards to get fans riled up to run a coach out of town? Well, the Bucs have the same record as Lovie’s predecessor, and Joe is wondering where those same billboards are?

If said radio network was going to use a man’s job and his family as a punch line to get him tossed all under the guise of a sad, cheap marketing gimmick, Joe wonders why Lovie is so special he and his family don’t get the same honor?

Or are the suits at said radio network a bunch of hypocrites?

(No, Joe is not advocating a coaching change. Just think it is pretty sad if not shameful how a radio network used a man’s livelihood just to grab a few pairs of ears.)

Counting To 11

Joe finds it bordering on comical that so many people on the team are supposed to count how many players are on the field, and yet all of them dropped the ball at the same time.

If Robert Herron knew he was not supposed to be on the field when Oneil Cousins was lined up at tight end, then why didn’t he run off the field? Or why didn’t Cousins tell Herron to get off the field?

Something doesn’t smell right in Denmark, here.

No More Hopscotch Math

There is no way to spin it. The Bucs not only stink, they are out of playoff contention now that the Bucs lost and both New Orleans and the Dixie Chicks won.

Joe never bought in that the Bucs were a playoff contender, no matter what the hopscotch math suggested. There is little about this team that suggest winner.

Now, if you want to discuss how the Bucs are a mere win from the coveted No. 1 overall pick next spring in the draft, then Joe is all ears.

Top-flight Development

Joe has detailed how overlord of football operations Lovie Smith swung and missed so awfully in free agency, but Lovie has developed defensive players.

Linebacker Danny Lansanah is one of a few pleasant surprises. The guy was a bubble player holdover, a signing by former rockstar general manager Mark Dominik nearly one year ago today. And Lansanah openly talked about going back home and starting his non-NFL career if he didn’t make the Bucs.

Now, not only on the team, Lansanah is starting. Playing yesterday in place of injured Lavonte David, Lansanah racked up 14 tackles.

Yes, Lansanah has been one of the few bright spots this season.

Doug Martin’s Return Short-lived

Man, Joe never saw Doug Martin run the way he did in the first half in a long time. He looked like the old Martin. Always looking for daylight, keeping his head high, avoiding would-be tacklers. That was the first half when he gained 55 yards.

Then came the second half and Martin looked like he did all season. He only gained three yards in the second half. Not good.

Better Fix Offense, Quick

Does anyone think the Bucs can outscore the Lions unless the Bucs get three defensive touchdowns?

Until this offense gets its collective head out of their rear ends, and quick, it’s hard for Joe to see a win in Motown against the playoff-bound Lions.

NFL Thoughts

Lions: Yes, the Lions are for real. After a mid-season slump, they rally to thump bratty Jay Cutler and the Bears. When healthy, this team is dangerous.

Eagles: Joe can’t get over it. Imagine what could have been. Chip Kelly coaching the Bucs. Man.

Seahawks: The thrashing they laid out on the 49ers was impressive. Can’t count these guys out, especially now that the Cardinals are circling the drain.

Chargers: Joe thought these guys were down and out. Now, they are in the thick of a battle for a wild card berth, upending the Crows yesterday.

Bills: Buffalo stomps the Browns and now it appears to be Johnny Football time in order to save the Browns’ season. With Buffalo and Miami playing decent football, this is the best the AFC East has been in a long time.

Texans: They just opened up a good old fashioned can of Texas whoop-arse on the Titans yesterday. Just flat out beat them up.

Colts: Man, Andrew Luck is from a different planet. Dude is so good.

Jaguars: The Jags won a game? The Jags won a game! They rallied from 21 points down. Must have been fun in the pool. Tom Coughlin is toast, man.

Vikings: Joe can’t ever remember a team returning two blocked punts for touchdowns, but that’s what the Vikings did to beat the Stinking Panthers. Teddy Bridgewater was strong hitting 15 of 21 passes for two touchdowns.

Saints: Maybe the Saints finally turned the corner going up to Pittsburgh and punking the Steelers. If before the game, someone would say Jimmy Graham wouldn’t have a catch, it would be a Steelers blowout, right? Well, Graham never had a catch.

Lambs: Totally alley-whipped the Raiders. Scored 38 points in the first half and ended with 348 yards offense. Yes, Jeff Fisher still coaches this team.

Dixie Chicks: Matt Bryant kicked five field goals, four in the second half, to lift the Dixie Chicks over the reeling Cardinals.

Packers: Joe just loved seeing Aaron Rodgers and the men of green punk Bill Belicheat in the frigid cold of the frozen north.

Broncos: Peyton Manning… yada, yada, yada. Chiefs offense stunk out loud last night.

Non-NFL Thoughts

1. So Bo Pelini got launched from Nebraska, a full year after he dared school officials to fire him. Guess his warm personality finally wore thin with the easy-going Nebraskans. Frankly, Pelini, a defensive guy, had worse defenses than his hated predecessor Bill Callahan. Having a lousy defense year in and year out, which is supposed to be your specialty, along with threats to your bosses, often result in unemployment.

2. Where will Will Muschamp end up? Notice now that two guys with strong ties to Jimbo Fisher, both regarded as strong defensive coordinators who made their bones in the SEC, are now looking for work. And FSU could use a defensive coordinator. The plot thickens.

3. Interesting that as of this writing, Brady Hoke is still employed.

4. Just as Joe expected, FSU was playing with matches again. If the Gators had any kind of offense, then they would have beat FSU. Don’t be shocked if Georgia Tech upends Florida State this Saturday.

5. Joe had Twittered over the weekend about the rotten Big XII. Careful, SEC-types, you shouldn’t mock the Big XII too much. Think about it: A second-rung Big XII program has played in the SEC championship each year it has been in the SEC.

6. If Bama losses to Missouri and the SEC is shut out of the four-team playoff (not unlikely), the eruption you are going to hear from SEC country will shake the ground so much, you would have thought Fort Sumter was attacked again. You will see an eight-team playoff really, really quick which is what it should have been all along.

7. Jameis Winston’s worst three games have come in his last three games. Hhhmmm? Sounds like someone figured out a pattern on film. Just like the NFL, college football is copycat, too.

8. With Mississippi State losing, Ohio State figured to slide in to No. 4, but not now with their second-string star quarterback J.T. Barrett breaking a leg, that won’t happen.

9. Joe is on board that Alabama is No. 1, even if it had to squeak out a few wins. Funny, no one holds that against Alabama.

10. Gators fans: How would you like Hugh Freeze leading your program? If he can resurrect Ole Miss, imagine what he can do in Gainesville?

36 Responses to “Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow”

  1. Tom Edrington Says:

    Dalton puking?

    Wonder how many Buccaneer fans were puking after this one?

  2. bucco brice Says:

    no more Freemans or Testaverdes please!!!>(the Winston watch)…start a Brandon Scherff watch 🙂 ..QB prospect, mid-round…

  3. RastaMon Says:

    With the Jags winning Bucs are picking #2 as of today

  4. Dean Says:

    Let’s look at the massive attempts (and failures) at upgrading the 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
    LT, LG, C, RG…..and that’s just the O-line.
    DE and Safety on the defensive side.
    QB on the offense.

    Those are the positions we need to address in FA, trades and draft. Starting with QB. You can’t have the 4th best QB in your division and ever hope to have a chance. Take a flyer on one of the top 2 QB’s available. Don’t go chincy with a 2nd-7th round pick or somebody else’s Rex Grossman. Go for it all…if it fails, at least you tried. Could it be worse than 2 wins?

  5. Snook Says:

    Love the weekly YT&T, Joe.

    And I agree about Missouri. An average Big 12 team has gone 14-2 in conference play the last 2 years. (To be fair, they went 2-6 their first season in the SEC – 2012). First time Missouri has had 1 loss conference seasons since 1948-49.

    But all you’ll hear from SEC fans is that… “Oh, that’s the East. Of course the East is weak.”

    Let’s face it. The SEC is down this year. The East sucks. GA Tech proved that Saturday. And the West isn’t anything special. The two Mississippi teams are a one year flash in the pan. Alabama is good. Auburn has 4 losses. Arkansas, Texas A&M and LSU have a combined 15 losses.

    Saying its a good conference because they beat each other is like saying the NFC South is a good division for those same reasons.

    Sorry. Its a down year. Just accept it.

  6. Snook Says:

    “If the Gators had any kind of offense, then they would have beat FSU. Don’t be shocked if Georgia Tech upends Florida State this Saturday.”


    If the Bucs had an offense, they’d probably have more than 2 wins.

    But they don’t.

    FSU rolls on. Everyone says they’re overrated. Funny how no one has been able to prove it. And if you can’t prove it, is it actually true?

    Georgia Tech isn’t doing anything against FSU other than losing. FSU isn’t Georgia. Georgia sucks. Two losses to two teams who threw completed less than 10 passes (UF & GT). FSU beat UF. And they’ll beat GA Tech.

    And then Oregon. And then Bama. Then what will the whiners say?

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s time for Glennon, Pamphile, Herron & Sims to see lots of playing time….time to look towards next year…..past time…

  8. BucsQcCity Says:

    Bucs d will turn the corner when redzone d improve. Right now they just stop playing at their own 20

  9. NewTampaChris Says:

    How can a bunch of close wins over crappy teams qualify FSU for the playoff?

  10. Patrick in VA Says:

    Good that the book is coming out on Winston now rather than having an NFL team (perhaps the Bucs) shell out a bunch of cash before figuring out the holes in his game. Doesn’t necessarily make him a bad QB but having to improve on the areas that are being exploited, plus his off field issues, should slide him down to the end of first or even to the later rounds.

  11. bucrightoff Says:

    Eagles: Joe can’t get over it. Imagine what could have been. Chip Kelly coaching the Bucs. Man.

    Franchise altering miss right here. We may have 4 or 5 different coaches in Chip Kelly’s entire tenure in Philly. This miss is why we’re the debacle we are, without a shadow of a doubt.

  12. Jared Says:

    Joe, great comment about the billboards. Its a shame what they did last year and you are right, they are hypocrites. Glad to hear someone call them out on it.

  13. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Still enjoying all the FSU hate.

    If anyone noticed, the SEC East champ lost to Indiana. At home. To Indiana. Indiana.

    But, my all means, lets not screw up ESPN’s storyline.

    People also complained about FSU’s schedule last year too. Didn’t stop them from beating Auburn.

    This years team lost 13+ starters to the NFL. Young WR’s who have quit on routes. Backup centers getting blown-up. Jameis has a gimpy thumb and knee. So, it’s not last years team, but, until they lose, they haven’t. Despite being told it will lose every week.

  14. Brandon Says:

    Lansanah should be starting at MLB. He’s played very well as the SLB and now also as the WLB. If he can play those two positions, he can definitely play the MLB and probably do it far better than Mason Foster…though Foster has improved a bit since coming back from injury.

  15. Patrickbucs Says:

    Joe and Snook:

    Nice bit if reporting in the SEC and Missouri btw. Missouri lost to Indiana and spanked at home by Georgia. They didn’t play Bama, Auburn, either Missippi school or LSU and barley beat Arkansas. That’s like an FSU schedule. Also Missouri had BCS success before arriving to the SEC.

    Georgia Tech ties it on a miracle good game but let’s not go overboard. I’m praying FSU makes the Final 4 and Oregon wins it all.

  16. Patrickbucs Says:

    Also Georgia smoked Clemson the first game of the year when they were healthy..

  17. Buccfan37 Says:

    Alabama is not going to lose up against Missouri.

  18. AK Says:

    The Bucs were ready to hire Chip Kelly, I can’t blame them on that ‘miss’, the guy backed out at the 11th hour, just like Parcells did to us twice. Unless it was money related (supposedly it wasn’t), I can’t lay the blame on the Bucs for that one. He was a weasel.

  19. bucrightoff Says:

    I can take a pretty good guess why Chip backed out. He didn’t want to be involved with a Free Man….

  20. 87ForJameisOrMariota Says:

    Big time FSU fan here and I say the Noles first loss comes at the hands of GT.

    It was a fun run though. Well sometimes not so fun, but it’s all good.

    If Winston wants to stay another season (not likely), I’d be happy with that. Not only for FSU, but to piss everyone in the country off another season.

  21. Buccfan37 Says:

    Although I would not mind seeing Alabama lose to Missouri. For college, Alabama is the Denver or New England of the NFL, I actually hate Alabama.

  22. Buccfan37 Says:

    I hate Alabama way more than FSU. I hope they beat Georgia Tech.

  23. Snook Says:

    Nice bit if reporting in the SEC and Missouri btw. Missouri lost to Indiana and spanked at home by Georgia. They didn’t play Bama, Auburn, either Missippi school or LSU and barley beat Arkansas. That’s like an FSU schedule. Also Missouri had BCS success before arriving to the SEC.

    Georgia Tech ties it on a miracle good game but let’s not go overboard. I’m praying FSU makes the Final 4 and Oregon wins it all.


    Missouri had BCS success before the SEC? When? Best bowl they’ve been to is the Cotton in recent years and they never had consecutive 1 loss seasons in the Big 12. They’ve done it in the SEC 2013-2014.

    Funny to hear anyone comparing an SEC school’s schedule to an ACC schedule. Half of your conference is worth a crap (technically only 4 teams).

    Interesting how Missouri can beat an Arkansas team that Ole Miss couldn’t score ONE point against. Powerhouses from the West (LSU and Ole Miss) got blanked 47-0 combined by that same Arkansas team.

    I love the “have your cake and eat it too” arguments from SEC fans. Missouri plays a weak schedule yet they’re 2-0 against teams from the better division. Whatever.

    And sorry, but GA Tech tried to give that game to Georgia but the football gods wouldn’t allow it. That’s why the 53 yarder floated through. The 99 yard fumble return was questionable – forward progress anyone? And the dumb play by their QB to pump fake and drop the ball. The only 2 reasons UGA was in that game. GA Tech ran the ball for 400 yards. Against the supposed #9 team in the nation. Right. And FSU is overrated. At least they win.

    After Sunday, they’ll have 2 wins over common opponents of Georgia – who is still the 15th team in the nation right now.

  24. Snook Says:

    And this same Georgia team that couldn’t’ beat GA Tech or UF? They BLEW OUT Auburn. And all of this happened in NOVEMBER.

    Oh, and they also managed to beat Arkansas. The best 6-6 team in the history of college football apparently.

    How is the West so much superior again?

  25. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Snook gets it.

    Missouri was a middling to good program in the Big 12, but, they were NOT swinging the big D in the Big 12. That was Oklahoma, Texas, etc. So, a team that did not even dominate their old conference, came into the SEC and not only have not been dominated, but, have held their own, going to the Championship game several times.

    So, when people say FSU would have multiple losses in the SEC, I point to Mizzou. Let’s not count losses until they happen. AtM has done alright as well.

  26. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    “If Winston wants to stay another season (not likely), I’d be happy with that. Not only for FSU, but to piss everyone in the country off another season.”

    If it wasn’t for that University investigation hanging over his head IMHO that’s exactly what Jameis should do.

    We are talking literally millions and millions of dollars. The kid’s advisers should clue him in. Spend one more year in school and have a media adviser totally revamp his image. Lot’s of pics of Jameis at hospitals, schools mentoring young kids…Jameis keeps his mouth shut or says only the right things….If Jameis did this his draft stock would go through the roof!!! Again we are talking millions especially if you count endorsements. The kids does have an award winning smile and I’m not even a fan but ya gotta give props where due.

    In addition…FSU will be loaded again next year!!! Why not try for another great run. One thing I came away from the FSU-Florida game was how many really young players were standing out for both Gators and Noles. Both teams should be good next year if they can find QB’s.

  27. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Oh and in the case of one of those teams…a COACH. 🙂

  28. Phil Says:

    It sure would be nice to see a “FIRE LOVIE” billboard. We all know the Glazer’s listen to the billboard.

  29. Joe Says:

    In addition…FSU will be loaded again next year!!!

    Not really. If Winston stays, he is losing his top two targets (WR and TE) and four starting offensive linemen. And that is just on offense.

  30. tickrdr Says:

    So many roster/starter choices seem to be made by Lovie only after choosing the wrong player first, and finally rectifying his earlier mistake. Danny Lansanah outplayed Casillas in the exhibition season, yet Casillas was the initial starter, and subsequently let go. Similar to Tim Wright, who seemed never to get an adequate chance, since Lovie wanted a better blocking TE to bolster the running game. How has that worked out for us? So many other examples that others have listed.


  31. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    FSU will look to run A LOT more next year. Dalvin Cook to the rescue.

  32. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Not really. If Winston stays, he is losing his top two targets (WR and TE) and four starting offensive linemen. And that is just on offense.

    I certainly take your point. You could also have pointed out that he’s currently playing behind a very experienced OL that will break up. But you saw the freshman running back step in and just light it up. The Noles…and Gators for that matter…are now loaded with STUD athletes. The Noles have had how many top ten or top five recruiting classes in a row under Jimbo?

    Certainly a gamble for Jameis…but he’d still be surrounded by great NFL caliber talent at WR. It shouldn’t take Jameis that long to develop a connection with the new young super talent.

    But it’s all moot. The stupid University hearing is too big of a liability. If they could make that go away I still believe Jameis would be better served playing another year. With his smile he could TOTALLY revamp his current off field image. He’s in a three game slump at the end here. If they lose to Tech he needs to heal and come back next year and finish on a stronger note on the field as well. He must change the perception he’s an interception machine.

  33. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Oop…sorry Joe I see that you indeed did point out Jameis loses his OL.

  34. Patrickbucs Says:

    Guys it’s all about whom you have played, Missouri did not face the top teams in the West period. Look up what Missouri did prior to coming to the SEC, won the North like 3 or 4 times.

    You cannot compare their schedule to say Florida this year. There are 14 teams so schedules change each year. If FSU repeats I will be the first to congratulate but don’t compare the ACC and what Missouri has somewhat accomplished to how FSU would do in the SEC or how it’s down. Just wiki ACC BCS record for reference.

  35. Patrickbucs Says:

    Also why is it that only one conference has multiple teams that won the National Championship besides the Big 12? Look at how many have in the SEC? It’s not the same team all the time even though it’s been mostly Bama or Auburn the last few years.

  36. Kalind Says:

    When will you learn Joe! When! Jameis is English for ‘Win’. He isn’t losing.