Wake Up!!!

December 14th, 2014


This information gets Joe so whacked out he just wants to ram his head through the wall. It is unconscionable.

Does the Bucs offense stick their collective heads in a urinal at halftime (and flush)? What is going on?

On the very first friggin’ play from scrimmage in the second half, the Bucs get called for a false start by Garrett Gilkey.

On the very first mother-loving play!!! You cannot be serious?

In third quarters, it seems as if the Bucs take their share of dumb pills instead of IV fluids. This can’t possibly be PEDs.

Last week on the very first play from scrimmage to start the second half, the team called a damned timeout! The week prior, twice on consecutive plays they have 12 men on the field.

Somewhere, there is a Pop Warner coach out there disowning the Bucs for lack of discipline. Even said coach’s players are snickering at the Bucs (2-12).

The third quarter sees the Bucs go into Dumb and Dumber mode. Or is it dumb and stupid, to use a Lovie Smith phrase?

Then, there is more galling information from Thomas Bassinger of the Tampa Bay Times. It will make you mental.

This is just mind-numbing and unacceptable. Whatever the Bucs are drinking or eating at halftime, they need to stop and change right now. Well, maybe not. Let’s not screw with the first pick in the draft, huh?

Next year, when there is a new offensive staff, keeping collective heads out of rear ends at halftime should be priority No. 1.

17 Responses to “Wake Up!!!”

  1. Young buc Says:

    Joe please tell me how stop getting redirected I have an I phone

  2. Alexstotle00 Says:

    Maybe it is part of the Gameplan.

  3. SteveK Says:

    Glennon is better than McCown. I lose all confidence in Lovoe for thinking McCown is a better choice.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Gilkey is taking it on himself to tank for the pick….

  5. Joe Says:

    young buc:

    Sigh. As always, click home button then safari button (or whatever browser you are using).

  6. INDYbucsfan Says:

    @joe you said it yourself something like the worst possible thing that could happen is that the offense starts to finally click and lovie promotes arroyo to OC next year and we keep cry baby as our QB. So be grateful for this less than pop warner play calling and play. They are allllll gone next year. Btw we need a fuggin FS.

  7. Buccfan37 Says:

    yeah Lovie has been tanking terrific all season. Now I see why he does’nt want the ball to start the game. He must have his eye on a big defensive stud available in the draft. Second half futility onset disorder, like clockwork.

  8. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Maybe their passing around a J during the break. Hey dude don’t Bogarde that joint.

  9. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Lovie is stubborn and delusional, thinking that he can win with mclcown the Human Turnover machine! He cares very little about this team, the ownership, or the fans! The Glazers made a terrible mistake in firing Greg Schiano who won 7 games His first year,.. and won 4 of the last 8 in the season of Mersa, and a QB throwing in the towel, using a rookie QB who’s stats look a #ell of a lot better than this brown nose loser that Lovie subjects us to week after week! Good thing he was hurt for the pittsburg game,.. does any thinking fan believe we would have won with mcclown in Pittsburg?

  10. james in dunedin Says:

    How about we quit deferring when we win the damn coin toss.

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    Maybe you should have the Lovie confidence poll now, befor I forget what I just watched.

    Lovie runs that on Tuesdays to avoid emotional postgame responses. Only fair to do it that way. –Joe

  12. FowlBall Says:

    Lemme ‘splain about Gilkey:

    Warhop, our premier Offensive Line Coach brought Gilkey with him from Cleveland.

    If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’.

  13. Sapp, STFU Says:

    This is the last opportunity the Goasers have to trump Lovie and force a QB pick with #1 overall.

    Perhaps Lovie told the Glasers, “MG is not a franchise QB. We have a better shot at the #1 overall pick with McNown, so we’ll play him.”

    Add insult to injury, they dad’s initials are memorialized this season on this dreadful team.

  14. OB Says:

    Every week is an other play that have not either been seen or very rarely seen before. Today, I am sorry to say, was the 20 yard forward fumble by McCown. I wonder what next week will bring from a pissed off Packer crew that lost today.

  15. Polian Says:

    Joe, we got completely dominated but im so happy. We’ll get the first pick in the NFL draft. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Onipa’a Mariota here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Just was watching the NFL highlights and I see that Buc castoff Marcus Thigpen burned the Packers with a 75 yard punt return TD. Dude can do that for the Bills but is not good enough to stick on the Buc roster. Perhaps the Bills simply have better talent on their special teams but Tampa definitely has issues with talent evaluation….

  17. bucs1991 Says:

    I want Mariota so bad on this team!