“Unmitigated Failure”

December 31st, 2014

marty-mornhinwegA Jets beat writer says the Bucs are about to entertain an offensive coordinator candidate that’s spent the last two years stinking up New Jersey (more than it already stinks.)

Yes, that guy is Marty Mornhinweg, whose resume spans success in San Francisco and Philadelphia, sandwiched around one of the worst head coaching tenures in NFL history (Lions 2001 & 2002).

Mornhinweg moved on from the Eagles to the Jets after the 2012 season. Joe will let Jets beat writer Daryl Slater take it from there.

Mornhinweg’s two years with the Jets were an unmitigated failure. Just take a look at the Jets’ rankings in key offensive categories:


Yards: 25th
Points: 29th
Red zone: 27th
Third down conversions: 13th
Rushing: 6th
Passing: 31st
First downs gained: 27th
Sack rate: 31st


Yards: 22nd
Points: 28th
Red zone: 32nd
Third down conversions: 20th
Rushing: 3rd
Passing: 32nd
First downs gained: 25th
Sack rate: 25th

You get the idea. The Jets were never really a competent offensive team under Mornhinweg. Funny how that happens without a decent quarterback in town.

64 Responses to ““Unmitigated Failure””

  1. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    A Mariota candidate.

  2. THETRUTH Says:

    Just like lovie likes it , what in your right mind will make you even see this guy. They hire someone like this my season tickets will be canceled , can’t waste hundred of dollars again for more of same. I only went to two games this year and gave away my other game tickets when I could find someone to take. This guy will make me give upy 4 seats.

    Prefer trestman he is an OC and good with QB especially young ones like Norve turner not a head coach but good OC

  3. Eric Says:

    This is a joke it has to be if it is not this reinforce my theory that no good coordinator want to come here and have half his play book tied behind is back by an ultra conservative head coach!

  4. Harry Says:

    This is insane…

  5. Keith Says:

    Get real, Mariota can’t run a West Coast offense.

  6. biff barker Says:

    Running both the West Coast offense and Cover 2?

    Lovie, the next NFL pioneer!

  7. Matt Says:

    If we hire him we will be looking for another QB AND a new coach in 2016.

  8. sosobuxguy Says:

    He is still better thank what we have now

  9. Kalind Says:

    Thank you for putting this out there Joe. I read that name, and I thought my head was going to explode from the steam pressure (thank god for my ears).

    The others they plan to interview are solid. No problem. But only interview this fool if you need a good laugh (after this season, I’d understand if they did)

  10. pewterpirate99 Says:

    “unmitigated failure” That’s why they will probably end up hiring him, because this organization has made bad decision after bad decision since the firing of Jon Gruden. The ineptitude of this ownership and front offices/coaching staffs that THEY ( not Malcolm but the three stooges ) have assembled just completely boggles my mind. I have ZERO confidence in this ownership to turn this laughing stock of a team around, they simply just don’t know how.

  11. Scott Says:

    I called this move earlier in the season as more of a realistic possibility of who we would end up with. I wouldn’t be upset with this guy but, I myself would want trestman.

  12. Mike10 Says:

    You’re going to see Love (and Licht?) screw it up again this offseason. All last offense moves were made where we scratched our heads and said “we’ll see”… And we saw 2 wins. Idk what the solution is other than opposite of whatever we did last year!

  13. Couch Fan Says:

    Im not surprised. Lovie has no clue what he is doing. The next OC will likely be just as tragic as the last one. Buc Fans are screwed.

  14. Barry Says:

    Joe, didn’t You, Steve, and Justin know what you were getting with Dungy? Sorry Lovie? I mean what were you expecting? What’s happening is what you all wanted so bad, “Lovie,Dungy Ball”. No?

  15. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    I’ll take a coach (Lovie Smith) that can hold a team to 20 or less most of the time with an offense that doesn’t have to do to much to win over a potent offense with no defense or special teams any day.

    Only one team was able to win like that and it had Peyton Manning as it’s QB but they got destroyed in the superbowl. A rookie QB with a good OC and QB coach will develop nicely with a Lovie coached team. Don’t turn the ball over, lean on your running game, and support the defense with time of possession. Will make the oc look like HC material, turn Lovie into a great coach, and be a stud for the Bucs for a decade. That’s how you develop a QB, it’s not by depending on him to win every game his rookie year. This guy right here though would be wrong for mariota or winston.

  16. Desanova Says:

    Glazers give Buc fans lump of coal for the holidays. Lovie still here and still hiring like its 2003.

  17. JMN Says:

    How this guy continues to be employed is beyond me?

  18. Joe Says:

    Joe, didn’t You, Steve, and Justin know what you were getting with Dungy? Sorry Lovie? I mean what were you expecting? What’s happening is what you all wanted so bad, “Lovie,Dungy Ball”. No?

    Clearly Joe has serious reservations (Lovie’s history with offenses), but never dreamed it would blow up like this.

  19. Edgar Says:

    Oh God no!!!!!

  20. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    He never had a QB with the Jets either. Geno? hhahaa get out of here.

  21. Rrsrq Says:

    This is a plan of the Glazers to move the team, no way you put this guy in charge of your offense and expect to fill the stands.

  22. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Most of you think you want a rivers,cutler,ryan,dalton,et. but they are all at home. You hate on cam compared to other QB’s but he’s playing on Saturday w/ 1 wr, a TE, and a good defense and special teams. As a matter of fact the cardinals,seahawks,cowboys, lions,ravens,steelers,bengals are in the playoffs with the same style that Lovie is trying to implement in Tamps, you know the same style that most of you criticize.

  23. lion Says:

    Wait, so the candidates are getting worse? Koetter yesterday now Mornhinweg. I hope this is all smoke and mirrors, which is most likely the case. Lovie and Licht have to know that they have to hit a home run with this hire and that their careers depend on it. These are all just the media names, I don’t think we know the entire scope of the search.

  24. CC Says:

    Would be a terrible hire.In Lovie we bust!

  25. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    “Though the West Coast offense can be complicated, the basic tenets of the scheme involve a quarterback using quick short passes within 15 or 20 yards from the line of scrimmage for a higher completion rate. In theory, it also allows a receiver, running back, or tight end to come up with big chunks of yards after the catch, and sucks in a defense before unleashing a deeper play down field.

    Typically, a team needs a mobile and accurate quarterback with excellent footwork, and works best with good route-running receivers and running backs in tandem with tight ends capable of blocking and getting to the middle of the field for short throws. A quarterback will usually get the ball out after a quick read and following a three or five-step drop back into the pocket.”

    Seems perfect for Mariota.

  26. ihateloviesmith Says:

    newbucfan, I am an old bucs fan, and I and a whole slew of old bucs fans are sick of this lovie dungy B.S. seattle is bad ass true enough, but we as fans want need and demand and I have been cheering since 1976, a dynamic offensive minded O.C. head coach and franchise QB, is it too much to ask, for an offense to be able to consistently move the ball into the red zone and score TDs more often than field goals, coupled with a stingy defense. how nice it would be that tampa had a perennial pro bowl QB that had the wow factor, ala a Rodgers or Manning where other fans in other citys actually bought our QBs jersey and were fans of our team also, where we could be a consistent playoff team, and have more than one prime time game a year. like I said been a fan since 76 thru the good and bad. and even when we were in our glory years with a top 5 defense ala dungy our offense just couldn’t get it done, bring in gruden ,next season superbowl champs. aggressive offensive play calling coupled with a franchise QB, is where this franchise finally needs to go.

  27. SAMCRO Says:

    Here’s an important stat that needs to be mentioned that was conveniently omitted. The Jets offensive line ranked 26th in 2013, and 21st in 2014. The game is won in the trenches, period. If you go back and look at Marty Mornhinweg’s history, you will see that when he was successful they had a top ten offensive line with the 49ers and Eagle’s respectively, with average QB play. In his bad years with these clubs their offensive lines were ranked in the bottom third. So with that in mind, if L & L don’t fix our O-line, Marty Mornhinweg, or whoever is OC, will struggle to succeed.

  28. ManzielMadness Says:

    the bucs are looking at PLENTY of options so I’m not too worried.

  29. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Bucs settle for mediocrity. It’s their greatest attribute. Don’t rock the boat fans, support Lovie and whatever he has in mind. Good things come to those who are patient. If you live long enough.

  30. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    If you guy’s thought that Gruden offense was aggressive then what can I say but “peace & blessings my son”. The only team I know of that has a good defense,special teams, and great qb whose jersey sells every where is New England. With every other team you’re dealing with an either/or situation. How good would a peyton manning led offense be with a dominant defense ala seattle that’s rare my friend.

  31. ruggyup Says:

    Beginning to appear Rex Ryan will be on the short list if the Glazers ever get a set of onions.

  32. lion Says:

    ManzielMadness that is quite reassuring, it confirms my earlier comment that Lovie and Licht know that their careers hinge on hitting a home run with this hire.

  33. Joe Says:


    Beginning to appear Rex Ryan will be on the short list if the Glazers ever get a set of onions.

    Joe will state it right now. If the Bucs hire Rex Ryan, Joe will give you a crisp $100 bill. Joe has your email and you have Joe’s.

    Only way the Bucs hire Rex Ryan is if there is a total housecleaning like last January.

  34. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Jim Haslett was let go today. There is another DC that can be interviewed.

  35. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Rex Ryan is interviewing for HC positions. Not sure he wants to be a DC.

  36. Joe Says:

    Jim Haslett was let go today. There is another DC that can be interviewed.

    For what position, beer vendor?

  37. Barry Says:

    Lovie may be a good coach, we’ll find out. But the key is Licht! He must be the strong GM, no more Lovie Dovie. Even if they divorce, Licht must call the shots. IMO

  38. Todd Says:

    Please no!!!!

  39. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:


    For DC….I’m just waiting for Frazier to be let go.

  40. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Not sure why he is still here besides the fact that Licht hasn’t pulled the plug on that disaster.

  41. Joe Says:

    But the key is Licht!

    Bigger key is Team Glazer, but this year, Licht is key.

  42. lion Says:

    What exactly did Frazier do that was so wrong? It’s not his fault this team severely lacks a pass rush. Also, the emergence of young rising stars such as Danny Lansanah, McDougald, Jac Smith bodes well for Frazier’s resume, so I don’t quite get where you come off in blaming Frazier for anything.

  43. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Our defense sucks Lion. Frazier has everything to do with that. Our secondary was awful. We couldn’t keep teams from scoring. Look at Joe’s article about the terrible defense. We lost around 4-6 games because of defense. We had a point lead in the 4th quarter and they would always blow it. They couldn’t stop anyone on 3rd downs. It was a disaster compared to what we had last year. Defense and Offense both regressed this year compared to last year. So yes, I hold Frazier accountable for that.

  44. Todd Says:

    Does lovie smith have final say on the draft pick over are gm ?

  45. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    This from the Bucs season report card:

    “Lovie Smith is supposed to be a defensive guru. But the defense didn’t play up to his standards the first half of the season. He made a bunch of personnel changes as the season went on and the defense did show improvement. But considering this group had great individual talent in Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David, it didn’t come close to reaching its potential.”

  46. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Hey any reason why the Bucs just signed Seth Lobato to futures contract?

  47. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Lobato is the fifth player known to be signed to a futures contract for 2015, joining punter Chase Tenpenny and three players from the Bucs’ practice squad: DT Matt Masifilo, S Shelton Johnson and OL Matt Patchan.

  48. lion Says:

    Can’t have a good secondary in the cover two scheme with no pass rush, so please answer how exactly it is Fraziers fault that he was given lazy garbage Michael Johnson, Clayborn injury, and the rest of the sackless bum DE’s. If you can’t get pressure with your front 4, specifically at the DE position when running the cover two, you are doomed to fail horribly which is exactly what happened. Defense played well at the end of the season and held arguably the best offense in the NFL to 10 points though three quarters while having one of the worst offensive performances I have ever seen during the same game.

    The defense needs minor tweaking, nothing too major. Our focus this offseason should solely be on fixing the offense. You should spend your time worrying about how the offense will be fixed and forget about the defense.

  49. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    He didn’t do anything. He is the DC he is accountable. You can’t blame the assistant coach for it. We need to stop running a straight Tampa 2 as well. We can use it part time, but we need to use something else. We are a team still playing the dark ages, while other teams have moved on to a more advanced schema.

    Defense lost us quite a few games, so I believe I will worry about the defense. We need a lot more than just a DE for our defense. Both sides of the ball need fixing it isn’t just offense.

  50. buddah Says:

    Let’s be fair Joe:

    Mornhinweg masterminded the Eagles offense in the final six games of the 2006 season, and into the NFC Playoffs. Coach Andy Reid gave Mornhinweg the play-calling responsibilities after the Eagles’ disastrous loss to the Indianapolis Colts, 45–21. The Eagles won all six games, employing a more balanced run/pass attack. The wins included an unprecedented three consecutive December divisional road games, all with a back-up quarterback, Jeff Garcia. It was the only time Reid yielded play-calling responsibilities, a role Mornhinweg continued through the 2007 season.

    Joe was fair. Joe referenced his success in S.F. and Philly. –Joe

  51. ManzielMadness Says:

    The first part of my post was deleted but basically it said the bucs are doing their due diligence by talking to/looking at a number of coordinators including Greg Roman, Brad Childress, Dirk Keottler, Rob Chudzinski,

  52. ManzielMadness Says:

    And Marc Trestman

  53. ManzielMadness Says:

    According cup Greg Auman

  54. Dave Pear Says:

    Rumor has it that Gus Bradley (Jaguar’s coach) and Marc Trestman are good friends and that Trestman will soon be the new OC in Jacksonville.

  55. Howard Cosell Says:

    It depends if the Glazers want to pay for a Trestman
    or do a low-ball salary patch job with a Mornhinweg.

    If they hire Morning-way it speaks volumes about their
    approach to the Bucs in general.

    You know what I mean, Gene?

  56. No qb in 1st Says:

    Don’t waste a pick on Winston or mariota trade the 1st pick beef up the offensive line and good things will happen with glennon behind center. He’s done positive things for the bucs with little help. Get a good OC draft TCU’s or Baylors qb in the third and see what happens

  57. OB Says:

    Love thinks it is a vast step up from where we are.

  58. Senor Mofo Says:

    Mornhinweg has produced eight top-10 scoring offenses, nine top-10 passing offenses, and six top-10 rushing offenses. Yeah, why would we even sniff this scrub?

    Just because his two years with the Jets were subpar with a struggling Geno Smith and Rex Ryan likely stepping on his playcalling, people are going to write him off? Mariota playing in Mornhinweg’s scheme would easily produce the most points we’ve ever scored around here.

  59. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    So let me get this straight, you people are upset just because his name has surfaced? So just the idea of considering him makes you upset? Wow, smh. You guys really are out for blood. In his defense, who could possibly have success in New York with that offense (and with Rex Ryan)? I’m not saying I’d love the hire, but no coach is going to be successful without talent.

  60. BirdDoggers Says:

    The Jets rushing rank both years isn’t too bad but everything else is lousy. One of the worst QB situations in the league has a lot to do with it. Unfortunately the Bucs are in the same predicament with QBs. Although I would take Glennon over Smith any day. The coordinator hire has to go hand in hand with the QB they decide to draft, assuming they draft one.

  61. Zam Says:

    good running game, and no threat to overthrow the current head coach… seems like a certainty now that you mention it

  62. Zam Says:

    And hey it’s still better than Arroyo, and probably better than Jeff “Ted” Tedford

  63. Matt Says:

    Oh we are keep Frazier, he did a solid job down the stretch. To get Marinelli, Lovie will need to essentiallygive him.a phat raise and a promotion. Give Marinellia 20% raise and the assistant coach title and hire a top o coordinator and by this time next year, Lovie looks like a genius. Lovie had Rivera in chi, he needs great coordinators, just like Dungy did in Tpa and Indy.

    We’re gonna be as good as the next 2 assistants Lovie hires.

  64. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Great hire…if the only goal is to double the Bucs 2014 win total next year and start the coaching search in 2016.