The Quarterback Cesspool

December 26th, 2014

McCownlaughPut your boots on and wade through this mess.

It might get you right on board with Joe’s goal for the 2015 NFL Draft. dove into potentially available quarterbacks this offseason. Here’s the mess:

Available by trade:

Jay Cutler
Geno Smith
Mike Glennon
E.J. Manuel
Robert Griffin III

Available via free agency:

Mark Sanchez
Brian Hoyer
Ryan Mallett
Jake Locker
Michael Vick

And those listed as “others:”

Matt Moore, Shaun Hill, Colt McCoy, Tarvaris Jackson, Christian Ponder, Jimmy Clausen, Blaine Gabbert.

This kind of garbage is why Joe was repeatedly demanding the Bucs draft Johnny Football or Teddy Bridgewater this past spring — two guys they could have had in addition to Mike Evans.

Regarding’s names on the 2015 quarterback market, Joe has one question: Where is Josh McCown?

69 Responses to “The Quarterback Cesspool”

  1. oldschoolbucsfan Says:

    Gotta have Jameis!

  2. EventPastor Says:

    McClown is not even worthy to make that list. Of that list Hoyer is the only one I would consider. Hoping we do it right…. McCown to QB coach, Glennon traded to N.O., sign Hoyer as #2 to compete with Mariota

  3. JMN Says:

    The qb free agent market is never good. Teams do not get rid of good quarterbacks period. The Bucs need to take a chance on Winston or Mariotta. It is a 50/50 chance of either of them working out as franchise players but it is a risk that needs to be taken. Otherwise stay irrelevant forever with current qbs or the ones on the market.

  4. armchairGM Says:

    I laugh every time I see that picture. Glad Joe keeps using that one, hilarious.

  5. DB55 Says:

    I’ll take mike glennon and matt Moore please and ty. Have a nice day sir.

  6. bucrightoff Says:

    I look at that list and pretty much think Glennon is the best QB there. Also thank god we didn’t draft Johnny CFL or we’d be in a world of hurt. He would have been worse than McCown without a doubt.

  7. RayRay1 Says:

    Any of them + Winston or Mariota and you still have the 4th best QB in the division. This will be a 2-3 year process no matter how you slice it. Won’t know if Lovie is the answer for another 1-2 years.

  8. deminion Says:

    Get Famous

  9. Dylan Says:

    @joe. we agree! @josh mccown is gonna be jobless lmao. #Winston

  10. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    get rid of Old Man McCown and draft Mariota. Glennon vs Mariota in the preseason and the best one goes forward as the other is a backup. Or you can just go with Glennon and have Mariota sit for a couple of games before bringing him if you need to. Or you can bring in Hoyer for some competition and maybe have him start while Mariota sits a few games or start Mariota right away. Either way I think Glennon will be fine as a backup. I still think he deserves a full preseason of knowing he is the starter and being ready to go.

  11. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I also disagree if you took a scrub like Manziel or Bridgewater that you would get Evans as well. Were you going to trade up into the 1st rd to take Evans? He wouldn’t be available in the 2nd.

  12. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Since Joe likes to grade QBs off of hot GFs then we take Mariota because Winston doesn’t have a GF.

  13. SuperSam Says:

    Oh lord give it up on Manziel already. To quote the great Bill Parcells, “He looks like a kid in a cornfield….LOST!”

  14. Another J Says:

    Mike Glennon is the best of that lovely bunch of rejects.

  15. OB Says:

    Pull the plug on Lovie, and the QB cesspool will drain for the Bucs.

  16. Bill T Says:

    No way Bucs could have had Evans and Manziel in the draft unless they traded up with Cleveland. The Browns had the 22nd pick. The Bucs #38. The Bucs would have had to give up a lot to move up 16 spots for Manziel… No thanks

  17. Buccfan37 Says:

    Keep Glennon, ditch McCown, draft Winston. Good to go at the QB spot. Lovie will probably be 0-3 on my take.

  18. Buccfan37 Says:

    That is a funny pic of McCown, trying to squeeze out a win.

  19. Howard Cosell Says:

    A lot of casual fans over-value the QB position and defer any failings
    of the offense in general to the QB. However, in Culters defense,
    the Chicago o-line is Buccaneer-level bad. McCown is a good backup.
    Probably marginally better than the Cannon. With a good o-line the
    Cutler/McCown tandem could excel.

    As Howard gazes into his crystal balls he sees the Bucs trading the #1
    pick for more picks, stocking up on linemen and signing Cutler for a steal.
    The Cannon will be traded and all will be right in Lovies world.

  20. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    We can have our cake and eat it too. Assuming we get one of the first two picks.

    We take one of the Heismans, either works for me, but I prefer Mariota, Jameis would be fine if Mariota is gone.

    Then we package some picks and Mike Glennon. We offer our number two..actually the 33rd or 34th pick. We move up a dozen or so spots to get high enough to get a franchise tackle…ND’s Ronnie Stanley…Scherff….Peat…
    We take our next two picks and try to find a guard/center. Anything else is gravy.

    Imagine coming out of the draft with a franchise QB AND a franchise tackle AND a starting guard…two shots at finding one in the draft.

  21. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lovie’s love affair with Cutler is downright scary. Retro Lovie begets retro McCown begets retro Cutler. I’d rather take a star rookie and the chance to develop our own franchise QB. Rehashed Lovie loves aint getting it for me. Let some other team struggle with Cutler’s inconsistency. Pass on Cutler.

  22. Luther Says:

    I like that StPete which means it won’t happen.

  23. Name Required Says:

    Matt Moore is a great backup. I’d take him over the Island of Misfit QBs we have on the roster.

    But… Josh is Lovie’s guy. He remains on the team, helping to groom the new guy (hopefully Mariota).

    Draft is months away. I’d prefer we focus on the OCs right now. Then we know what we’re really doing with this team.

  24. tgreg Says:

    And Johnny Football looked very impressive from the start and brought the Browns stunning success

  25. Nick2 Says:

    Like I said if we don’t draft Mariota or Winston things are going to look pretty bleak in Ray Jay next year. THe Glazers have to take a stand. Draft a quarterback first round or hit the road!!!!!!!

  26. Bannor Says:

    that list is a steaming pile of poo. may none of those names be on the bucs roster next year.

  27. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    So Walter Football has 3rd mock out. They have us taking Mariota #1, then a RB in the 2nd and a DE/OLB in the 3rd. I would be pissed if we took another RB.

  28. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    ^^3 round Mock

  29. BoJim Says:

    Take that Glennon guy.

  30. DB55 Says:

    We have 2 fourth round and 2 sixth round picks correct?

  31. DB55 Says:


    You’re thinking like a winner. STOP! Lovie doesn’t like that.

  32. Harry Says:

    You almost read my mind… Either Mariota or Jameis #1 (I prefer Winston). And trade up from 33/34 to high 20’s – a mid 3rd round pick is sufficient, so possibly a trade of Glennon would fit nicely in such a trade – this would allow us to draft a good DE (I think a DE would be Lovie’s preference over a OT which would be easier to sign in FA). Then 3rd and 4th rounds belong to the Oline and/or save using one of those for a MIKE

  33. Tom Edrington Says:

    Johnny Football will be available after 2015.

  34. biff barker Says:

    Manuel, Griffin, Geno all busts alike.

    All were thrown in the fire as rookies too. That’s the lesson there for me.

    Bring in Mariotta. Start Glennon next season, ditch McCown.

    Sad thing is the Glazers gave the key to Bucville to Lovie so it can’t happen.

  35. Harry Says:

    We will keep McCown. First, with all his experience and leadership skills, he would be a far better mentor to a rookie QB than Glennon. Second, Glennon, because he makes less money and, some would say, has more “potential”, he would command a higher draft pick in a trade.

  36. CalBucsFan Says:

    Mariota. (that’s a period)

  37. port richey george Says:

    I don’t think any of those QB’S listed above will be able to survive the sacks and knock downs if the 0-line doesn’t improve. I give mccown a lot of credit for enduring the constant pressure, knock downs and sacks. reminds me of the trent dilfer/vinny testerverde days when there was a similar 0-line to the one we have now.

  38. SSG Mike Says:

    I would trade Glennon and don’t take a BS trade for a 7th round conditional crap. He is worth a solid 3rd or 4th rounder if the taker is the Saints or somebody else with a mancrush. Punt McCown the hell outta here like 3 seconds after the end of this weekends game. I see his name on a Bar Stool down at Ferg’s or Mastry’s. I think Hoyer would be the best fit of the retreads as a stop-gap starter until Mariotta or Winston are ready to play. Sanchez, Vick or McCoy might also be viable for 1 year duty. Do not by any means trade anything (except McCown or Glennon) for Cutler or any of the other trade bait QB’s on this list and still take one of the 2 top QB’s no matter what. Bring on the draft and free agency!! Bucs 2015!!

  39. Nybucsfan Says:

    @ Howard. Over value the QB? Really name the bad QB’s in the playoffs? What NFL do you watch? That’s crazy bull its a QB driven League. People that wanna trade back for picks are crazy if you the the the QB’s have a shot at being good take them the Rams traded back they make the playoffs? I don’t like RG3 but he did go to the playoffs before he got hurt. You think offense of linemen can’t be a bust? How many D lineman you wanna draft look how much good that’s done for us. Don’t be stupid take the QB

  40. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    EventPastor Says
    “McClown is not even worthy to make that list. Of that list Hoyer is the only one I would consider.”

    You would be falling for the same sort of thing that the Bucs did with McCown. One good year. Good for a few games until defenses figured him out, and then he started losing again.

  41. Kevin Schmidt Says:

    I would consider Hoyer and Matt Moore. Moore was doing a great job the year before Tannehill was drafted. But again, WHO THE HELL CARES???!!!!!!!!! We have no protection and/or play calling. So who gives a flying crap?? It mean absolutely nothing. This team is so far away it’s sad.

  42. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Sign Sanchez. Cut McCown. Trade Glennon for a 6th.

    Draft our QB. Start Sanchez until the oline is in good shape. Then put in our rookie.

  43. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Skyline…winston does have a girlfriend and he has a video to prove it.

  44. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Sanchez is awful

  45. Buccfan37 Says:

    A Bucs star franchise QB is greatly needed. This opportunity comes along rarely. It’s our turn to make that impact pick that can turn the Bucs around into a genuine contender. I wonder what Lovie’s thinking, scary.

  46. Bucnut2 Says:

    Joe, I think this is a little bit of revisionist history. As I recall it you were ok with bridgewater but pounding the table for manziel. A year from now I wonder if you will be saying you were ok with either Winston or mariota when you are running daily Winston updates with no mariota updates in sight.

  47. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I can definitely see things going the way you suggest, especially if Lovie has much input, which I hope he doesn’t.

    He’d be drooling if he could move up a dozen spots for a genuine edge rusher.
    If he does that and picks the right player then I’m ok with that since we need a pass rush. I just think the Oline is in shambles. The D could still create a rush with Bowers inside along with McCoy and McDonald and our root hog Akeem Spence to stuff runs. Now if Smith simply plays the same as this year, If Gholston continued to improve, if Adrian Clayborn could just regain his rookie form we’d probably have an adequate rush. Again it isn’t our defense that is sucking it’s our o and in particular our Oline. But we need a rush so I wouldn’t go nuts as long as he nabs the QB first.

  48. BucFan20 Says:

    Glennon like Lovie is going nowhere. And they will still be trying to put an offensive line together if it is left up to Lovie. I don’t care who the QB is, they will get pounded into the ground.

  49. CC Says:

    Great picture. Why did you crop out Lovie from behind?

  50. Mr. Patrick Says:

    In 2 or 3 years, the name at the top of that “bust” list will be Jameis Winston

  51. Brandon Says:

    For a great, but not always updated, list of ALL mock drafts, visit If you’re into mock drafts, this site has links to just about every mock draft on the web.

  52. Seminole Bill Says:

    Guys, unless Lovie fixes the O-line we can grab Peyton and it still will be a 4-12 season, at best. McCown, WHEN HE HAS HAD TIME TO THROW, has looked good. Draft a QB, yes, but it will be 2 years at best until either Jameis or Marcus is ready. Until then, we need a healthy McCown. Picks 2, 3 and 4 need to be O-line players – draft 3 left tackles and let them fight it out. I was at RJ last weekend and watched Dotson fall down, letting the GB line go past him. It makes you wish for Donald Penn to be back.

  53. Architek Says:

    How about we first get a competent NFL HC to lead our team before anything???

  54. Harry Says:

    IMO, next year is likely “another” rebuilding year. So, who do you want mentoring your rookie QB? IMO, that is more important than who is under center – it is “who is giving advice and leadership” to our future franchise QB. My money would be on McCown as the better mentor. Sanchez is an air head

  55. Rich Says:

    Not that I think he’s anything special, but I think it’s interesting that Glennon is the ONLY one on either of the lists that has never had a chance to go thru an off season as a starter to develop chemistry with his teammates and have a playbook tailored to his strengths, yet everybody is convinced we know his ceiling. Kid’s kind of gotten a raw deal to start his career.

  56. Matt Says:

    St Pete nice scenario esp since you getva 5th year option on 1st rounders.

    Of all the free agent QBs I actually like Moore, Mallet and Hoyer tbe most. I think Hoyer will garner 6-8M which is too much for us considering we will have 6m in McCown and 8M in a rookie. Moore will only cost 3-5M or maybe get a discount on a recovering Mallett. It’s tough to see us adding a top tier FA QB.

    I also hope we are able to trade Glennon to give us the flexibility to trade back up into the 1st Round and come out with 2 first rounders. If we can get a QB and franchise LT Day 1 in the draft it would restore faith in Lovie.

    If we get Tresman or another QB guru I think it’s guaranteed we pick QB with our top pick.

  57. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Amen Rich

  58. It's a Bucs life Says:

    Glennon has shown he can’t throw the deep ball. You can’t teach arm strength.

  59. Ed Kerber Says:

    Ok, time to make a deal with the devil. We give Schiano his job back if Bill-I-cheat trades Brady for Mike Glennon and our 7th round. After years of getting the better end of the deals, he owes is!

  60. Mike10 Says:

    Na uh uh.. No backin down Joe. there was no “addition to” mike evans when u were clammoring for Johnny football last year. The only name u wanted to hear called when the Bucs were up at 7 was Johnny manziel… And no don’t try and soften your bet retrospectively, including bridgewater. It was one or the other and joe was 110% in on Johnny

  61. seminolebuccaneer Says:

    Isnt china doll bradford available too

  62. Name Required Says:

    Actually, I distinctly remember Joe saying Bridgewater was preferred- but he wasn’t going to be available. Manziel just generated site traffic. It worked.

  63. Hawk Says:

    It’s a Bucs life Said:

    “Glennon has shown he can’t throw the deep ball. You can’t teach arm strength.”

    Just because you’ve seen someone else type it, it doesn’t mean it’s true.
    Before you put YOUR name to it, you might want to look up any facts to back up your words. According to ‘Advanced Football Analytics’, Glennon LEADS THE LEAGUE in completion percentage of deep passes ( anything > 15 yds). The next best QB is over 4% points behind him. If you don’t mind, I’ll take the word of an organization who ‘digs’ stats for a living.

  64. Phred Says:

    A QB at #1 is a 50/50 shot. For every Peyton Manning there’s a Ryan Leaf. I can’t picture Lovie taking that big a gamble. I expect the the Bucs will trade down and grab a handful of picks to fill out the rest of their needs. It’s clear they’re going to trade Glennon as well and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen on draft day. They’ll have to go to FA to pick up another marginal QB. As far as McCown? Take him out behind the barn and put him out of his misery.

  65. JVNootz Says:

    Joe, I’m not sure why you think Manziel still was a viable option. He has done everything WRONG off the field this season and the off season after he was drafted leading up to the season. Besides most recently being late to his rehab,(after getting injured, as was expected due to his size) he was also quoted as essentially saying ‘he didn’t try hard enough this year’. Add in his poor work as starter and fill in and he was everything I expected him to be: a failure.

    Too early to call him a bust, but he left little on the table to see any positive going forward. Glad we didn’t take Manziel.

  66. JVNootz Says:

    The biggest priority is taking a rookie with the 1st pick. I prefer Mariota, but Winston has grown on me based on his legendary preparation. I think BOTH need NFL seasoning which is why I’d love to see the Bucs make a move for RG3(POSITIVE TD/int%, career 91 QB rating, dual threat, mobile QB with a fantastic arm.) He should come relatively cheap too. And still has 10 years in the tank and possible franchise QB.

    The next option is Cutler. The Bears would have to eat at least HALF of that contract and we’d likely have to give up a bit for the deal to happen. He’s not elite, but maybe a change of scenery, better weather, and a built up o line can get the most out of him. Provides a good stop gap between McCown’s wretchedness and our future rookie franchise QB.

    The most realistic possibility is a Matt Moore type who comes in and handles the QB duties both cheap and with lowered expectations. He too will be the stop gap while our rookie develops. Saves money and picks to build the OLine necessary for success. Mallet is intriguing as well.

  67. JVNootz Says:


    In Glennon’s first season as starter he CONSISTENTLY under threw VJax. Watch the tape of most of their deep pass connections and you’ll see VJax repeatedly turning back or slowing down to make the catch. Glennon put maybe two or three passes in his bread basket and caught him in stride. Not a Glennon hater tho. He is a serviceable QB who can get the job done with a ball hawking defense. His floor is higher than most, but his ceiling is lower than most. Less risk, not a huge reward guy. He is a game manager who needs a great supporting cast.

  68. Hawk Says:

    JVNootz Says:


    –“In Glennon’s first season as starter he CONSISTENTLY under threw VJax. Watch the tape of most of their deep pass connections and you’ll see VJax repeatedly turning back or slowing down to make the catch.”–

    No argument there. He was a ROOKIE who did not get first string reps in training camp in order to get deep ball timing. He also had to mentor or teaching (Schiano said NFL QBs do not need teaching). Since he LEADS THE LEAGUE in completion percentage of deep passes, I’d would conclude that he has gotten better since last year.

    –“He is a serviceable QB who can get the job done with a ball hawking defense.”–

    With a “ball hawking defense” Peyton Manning would have gotten another ‘ring’ last year. Instead, the “ball hawking defense” gave it to Wilson.

    –“His floor is higher than most, but his ceiling is lower than most.”–

    I am amazed that you aren’t on speed-dial of every HC/GM in the league. So far, they don’t have ANYONE who can tell a player’s ceiling… especially after just 18 games of playing. You might want to give Lovie/Licht a call so they won’t make the same mistakes in the up-coming free agency and draft.

    I agree with your observation (Glennon’s deep ball was ‘off’ in his rookie season), just not your conclusions ( McCown has been doing the same thing, for enough years, that it would be ‘safe’ to say he has hit his ceiling).

  69. Hawk Says:

    ^^NO mentor^^