The Hidden Folly Of Turnovers

December 19th, 2014

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Yes, turnovers can kill a team. They can also help a team, if the team doesn’t need help scoring.

The last two Bucs coaches, commander Greg Schiano and current leader Lovie Smith, preached the Gospel of tunnovers. Lovie, in particular, seems obsessed with them.

Turnovers were a topic for Packers coach Mike McCarthy today in his final press conference before the Bucs host the Packers at the Den of Depression on Sunday,, based on the Twitters of the Packers official feed and Wes Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Yes, coughing up the football is never a good thing. Just because it is Christmastime doesn’t mean a football team could or should play Santa Claus. But putting so, so, so much focus on turnovers, to Joe, is time misspent.

Oh, and when opponents know you are focusing so much on turnovers, they focus just as much on ball security.

Look, turnovers are nice, but they are left to chance. Just because you want to force turnovers doesn’t mean it will happen. Why do some coaches put so much emphasis into an element of the game that is left to happenstance?

The Bucs, despite the daily preaching of Lovie, are No. 30 in takeaways. Last year the Bucs were fourth. How did that turn out? Getting takeaways is nice, but if your offense is a step above a toy tractor, it’s not going to make much of a difference.

Rather than working hard of making flukes happen, Joe wishes the team would concentrate much more on snap counts, avoiding delay of game whistles, knowing what play to run/audible to start the second half, and making sure offensive assistants can count to 12.

Those things, teams very much can control.

15 Responses to “The Hidden Folly Of Turnovers”

  1. Buccfan37 Says:

    Really, instead of a comedy of repeated errors, try getting one aspect of a successful team in gear.

  2. Zam Says:

    Teams comfortable with scheme will create more turnovers, because in a sense they have time and thought cycles to spare during a play. So it’s not totally chance.

    But you are right. And it shows a habit Lovie has of focusing on a single area and not worrying about being insufficient in other areas.

    Lo and behold there isn’t a magic bullet, you have to work hard on everything.

  3. Soggy Says:

    I think so too joe, teams depending to much on turnovers is hoping to win with luck or being lucky that the other team makes mistakes, turnovers are nice but just take them when you get a chance.. Lets build some decent offense= OC, QB, upgrade the Oline, I would think in that order..

  4. Yar Says:

    Obsessing over turnovers can have a negative effect i.e. we turned the ball over so we’re going to lose or we haven’t gotten a turnover therefore we can’t possibly win now. Turnovers are great but don’t think they are the only way to win. Score some points!

  5. jo_mama Says:

    Just another Stat that shows Greg Schanio was a better coach.

    Can’t wait until someone leaks the story that Lovie Smith is purposly trying to lose to get a high draft pick and then have people sue.

  6. lightningbuc Says:

    This game has all the makings of the Ravens game earlier this season. If the Bucs stay within 20 I’d be surprised.

  7. ddneast Says:

    I am convinced now that Joe posts stories centrally revolving around alcove just to stir the usual number of trolls up to post their normal allotment of irrational rants and ravings.
    Of course these clowns always bite down hard on the hook.
    Maybe if McCown would sit in on those meetings where Lovie talks about how much turnovers hurt the team, he’d stop coughing up the ball as regularly as Robert 9 posts irrational rants.
    I would venture to say McCown is responsible for 70 percent of the Bucs turnovers this year.

  8. BucFanForever Says:

    On offense, focus on getting the ball on the end zone. On defense focus on keeping the ball behind the 40 yard line. You get wins that way.

  9. biff barker Says:

    Joe said, “Look, turnovers are nice, but they are left to chance.”

    Not always. Lot’s of picks are the result of studying QB’s tendencies. Remember when Troy Aikman pointed out Freeman would always looking to the left side of the field before throwing there?

    Agree with you on fumbles though. Gotta bite that football dontcha know!

  10. OB Says:

    Well Josh McCown has had so far this year 12 interceptions and 9 fumbles of which at least 4 have been lost.

    I think we would need two defenses to just stay even with his ball mishandling. I think it puts him in a class of his own and this is why Lovie insists that he is a winner, it is just the wrong win. Poor Lovie.

  11. willie D Says:

    return team has fumbled7 times this year, Eric Page only fumbled twice all year. Replacing players is more important than turnovers. Herron and Patton together = Eric Page good job lovie. Thigpen tearing it up for Buffalo. ST coach and Lovie stink on ice!

  12. Harry Says:

    Lightning, have to agree with you. I expect a blowout. And if it gets us a franchise QB, I am good with that

  13. bucs4lyfe Says:

    who knew Michael Johnson would make Adrian claiborne an offseason priority to resign, people hate that guy but he got 7 sacks as a rookie and 5 or 6 last year despite the two that were taken away from him for roughing the passer…

  14. Tye Says:

    24-3 @ halftime and the Packers put up historical yards against Lovie’s so-called improved defense…

  15. ddneast Says:

    Bucs4lyfe, I might be inclined to agree with you. Claiborne had 7.5 sacks his rooki4 year when he played on his normal right side. He was injured four or vive games into his second season and was then moved to the left side where he was also, for some strange reason know only to Schiano, he was asked to cover backs coming out of the backfield.
    No one in the past three years has matched Claiborne’s rookie sack total. I was never in love with him because of his physical handicap and have often derided the decision to draft him No. 1, but I have never doubted his hustle or heart for the game.
    I now long for him to be on the right side instead of the lazy heartless Michael Johnson who looks like he can’t wait to retire from the game with his guaranteed money.