Offense? “Blow It Up”

December 15th, 2014

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The Bucs’ offensive line is, at best, a jumbled mess. Anyone who thinks Josh McCown is anything more than a turnover-prone journeyman has to be watching games well into a bottle — and the running game is a rumor, short of accidents here and there.

This offense is truly a mess. In five of the Bucs last seven losses, the defense has held its opponents to 22 or fewer points. That right there tells you the offense is a hot mess.

There is no way the Bucs can return this same offensive line next year. There is no way the Bucs can bring back McCown and expect to compete for a playoff berth. An attitude has to be fostered to run the ball.

In short, types Pat Yasinskas of ESPN, it’s time to pull the trigger on the hand grenade. “Blow it up.”

The only good thing you can say about Tampa Bay’s offense is that we only have to watch it for two more games. After that, the Bucs need to blow it up and start from scratch next year. The offense just hasn’t worked and it’s time for an overhaul. New offensive coordinator. New scheme. New quarterback. …

The Bucs ran the ball well in the first half against Carolina; Doug Martin ran for 92 of his 96 yards, including a 63-yarder, before halftime. But they went away from the running game in the second half. The passing game didn’t come to the rescue: McCown completed less than 50 percent of his passes, going 13-for-28 for 154 yards with one touchdown, one interception, three sacks and two fumbles lost.

Those aren’t the type of numbers you would expect from a guy who was brought in to deliver a savvy, veteran presence. But McCown, 35, hasn’t been playing like a savvy veteran. He has been turning the ball over way too much, with 11 interceptions in the nine games in which he has played.

Went away from the running game, eh? Where have we heard that before? Damned near every week since the Cleveland game, right?

Look, it is clear Arroyo, through no fault of his own, is over his head. Lovie should brought in a guy who was versed in the NFL to work on his staff alongside Arroyo. But that is water under the bridge.

As Joe has written, Lovie has 14 days to pounce on the best offensive coordinator he can find; not just some retread slug who will do anything to keep a job in the NFL. The draft position alone should lure the best of the best.

The decision Lovie makes in a few short weeks not only will determine what the Bucs offense will be, but may determine Lovie’s job security.

Lovie simply cannot swing and miss on this hire.

30 Responses to “Offense? “Blow It Up””

  1. meh Says:

    Nuke it from orbit.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We don’t need to blow up our entire offense…..we have many good players at skill positions…….WR, TE, RB & a good backup QB…..we need about 3 new stout Olinemen & an OC.
    As far as QB….I would love to see what Glennon could do with a really good Oline….and an OC that uses TEs & slot recievers and 2 back sets.
    Not saying we shouldn’t draft a QB…but its really the Oline that is priority.

  3. Robert 9 Says:

    trade back, drafy the top 2 OL guys, then a QB, start Glennon, get depth in the later rounds and get some decent DE, OL in FA and we’re good to go.

    Trade Vjax for a pick and/or get his younge, faster replacement.

    Other than that I would say fire lovie. he’s just buying time. the amount of disfunctionality on this team is beyond position coaches. it stinks of apathy, and that starts up top.

    yeah, maybe it is TV, but one only need to watch one of a few dozen movies on great teams, once that exceeded their talent level, and there is one common denominator. The HEAD COACH. I would take a high school coach over lovie at this point. seriously. he does not care and it shows in the players and on the field.

  4. tmaxcon Says:


    Come on you are intelligent guys…. Do you really think a high draft pick in this years draft will offset Lovies 10 year track record of blowing up OC’s.. Really!

    I just don’t see that happening. I know you disagree there is more to the Tedford circus than health or at least that is what you have written in the past. Do you not think for a minute the coaches gossip hotline does not have the facts why this did not work out. Again, given Lovie’s track record it really does not make the bucs job attractive.

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    Marcus Arroyo did NOT bring in Josh McCown to be the QB.

    Marcus Arroyo did NOT gut the previous O-line and bring in his players.

    Marcus Arroyo did NOT draft ASJ in the 2nd round.

    Marcus Arroyo did NOT draft Sims in the 3rd round.

    Marcus Arroyo did NOT trade Tim Wright for a washed up Left Guard.

    I’m not saying Arroyo should even be an OC, but to blame the awful offense, with its lack of talent at many positions, on him is stupid.

  6. Marcus Dominus Dominick Says:

    As you’re imperator I demand that we trade down our number one pick potentially for a safety that can hit (even though NFL receivers are protected) and enforce the backside of our defense. Remember I’ve handpicked our QB of the future, Mike the Cannon Glennon has far more upside then Winston or Mariotta.

    Also simpletons please remember when I come back from retirement; my we don’t spend valuable draft picks on OLine. I myself must see them compete in NFL action before wasting valuable resources. Pitonio from the Browns, Long from the Bears, Martin and Frederick from the Cowboys all look good… But Doug Martin and Mark Barron are great.

    Marcus Crassus Dominus Dominick

  7. Dean Says:

    Here’s the situation guys. How are we sitting with the “mistakes” made last year in free agency? How much will it cost us to admit those mistakes?
    DE Johnson Dead money….7 mil Cap savings….2 mil.
    Dashon Goldson Dead money….4 mil Cap Savings….4 mil
    LT Collins Dead money 3 mil Cap savings….3 mil

    If we cut these losers, it costs us 14 million, but save us 9 million. Not a good deal, but by cutting Mankins, McCown, EDS, Koenen and Myers we would save 21.5 million in cap savings with ZERO (0) dead money. That along with about 18 million carry-over and an increase to 140 in total cap and the Bucs will have 58 million in cap space to sign David and rebuild the lines.

  8. Robert 9 Says:

    but lightning……you work with what you have.

    aroyo has done nothing original or change anything. it’s the same old same old.

    doing the same thing over and over when it does not work is idiotic.

  9. HawaiianBuc Says:

    I’ve been very supportive of Lovie since we were rumored to be hiring him. I let certain things go that I absolutely hated (cutting Revis, trading Zuttah, etc.). Although I’m still optimistic, I’m starting to lose patience. I expect major changes in 14 days. Number one, an offensive coordinator. Not only that, the new OC needs to have control, not Lovie. Lovie isn’t an offensive guy, so he shouldn’t be meddling very much with the offense. Number two, we better have a capable starting QB next year. Not Glennon, and certainly not McClown. I would prefer we draft one, but if they don’t believe in any of the QB’s in the draft, then we better do whatever we can to get a GOOD veteran. I don’t want no damn Brian Hoyer’s or Jay Cutler’s, period. I’m not buying that, not for a second. We better pull of some blockbuster trade of a franchise QB. Third, we need to get rid of the guys not earning their money. Michael Johnson, Anthony Collins, EDS, Dashon Goldson, and probably even Logan Mankins – Aloha! Those guys don’t even deserve a roster spot, much less the millions of dollars they are earning. I’d rather give their money to #54 & #56 than having to watch them stink up the joint. In particular Michael Johnson should be arrested for stealing.

    These three things are the minimum that will convince me that Lovie even deserves this job. If he’s going to be so stubborn as to not make these necessary changes, then he can join Schiano in his basement. I’m getting really sick and damn tired of professional football guys making amateur decisions. It needs to stop, and it needs to stop now.

  10. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    Not idiotic, but insanity ^^

  11. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    I’ll keep beating the drum for Chudzinski. He has a strong resume and would be a great OC to help groom Cam Newton clone Jameis Winston or Mariota. IMO.

  12. Patrickbucs Says:

    Great info Dean.

    We need a QB period, not Glennon not some 3rd project, we need OLine, a right DE, another quality CB, a new OC, Defensive coordinator, Special teams Coordinator and related assistants. We are not firing Lovie in year 1, year 2 that’s different.

    Think we are good with RB’s, TE’s for the most part, need a 3rd explosive WR and redo VJack’s deal, LB’s, most of D-Line and secondary.

    I think ASJ will be really good once healthy, Sims I’m not sure. You have to give rookies at least two years and with injuries and the MSD with our offense and the OC you have to cut those guys a break IMO. Sims might be best in a Reggie Bush role our slot receiver anyway.

  13. Marcus Dominus Dominick Says:

    My excellent talent evaluation brought us Arrelious Benn and Brian Price over that wretched immature Gronkowski in New England. Plebs like Aqib Talib and Michael Bennett wouldn’t conform to the rule of Dominik and now play for inferior teams like Seattle and Denver.

    The best work I have done was to rent Darrelle Revis for one season instead of use that valuable draft pick on Sheldon Ricardson, Chandler Jones, Kenny Vacarro, Kyle Long, Deandre Hopkins, Eric Reid, or Alec Ogletree.

    We already had Doug the stud Martin as lead warrior so we had no need to draft LeVeon Bell in 2012, the year before my one year leave. Don’t fear BucNation, SandersP and I will be back stronger then ever to take over the 2015 off season. Mike Sherman will be head coach and I’ll tax you all for the vitriol remarks made while I was sent on vacation for a year.

  14. Cannon Says:

    Has there been an offseason in the last decade where we didn’t need to blow up the offense?

  15. OB Says:

    If Lovie as the head coach can’t tell his OC before, during, and after a game, that we need to have more running plays for balance and it is working, what good is he? Just like dumb penalties and not being able to tell that his hand picked QB can’t hit what he is throwing at most of the time. We have at least two receiver that almost every team in the league would kill for and a QB that has the best intentions but can’t do the job.

    We must have a new HC coach two weeks from today.

  16. port richey george Says:

    lovie will probably keep everthing the same and not change anything on the team. he will keep the O line and QB positions the same. he will probably draft players he really doesn’t need.

  17. mikeh Says:

    @PORTRICHEY- I hope he does. then they can get rid of this clown.

  18. Brent Says:

    @hawaiian, agree with most of your post but don’t get the mg hate. You guys gotta get this qb savior thing out of your heads! I’m not willing to say he’s a franchise qb but he’s shown some potential. Statistically he’s played better than most of his peers or other young qbs. He’s a pocket qb playing behind a crappy o-line and without a legit oc. Yet everybody wants to dump him for what I don’t know? i havent heard any names given?? Of the last 63 qbs drafted only 1, luck, is a star. All these so called studs look shaky as hell now: cutler, kapernick,griffin., newton. Look at all the #1 busts out there. Also, nobody is going to trade a good veteran qb. They are commodities. If the scouting on mariotta or Winston comes back great take him by all means. But don’t dont throw the baby out with the bath water. The truth is we gotta get an o-line and find a good coach if Lovie can’t get it done..this qb savior thing is like winning the lottery..

  19. Alexstotle00 Says:

    I want Mariota, but would trade down with a team like Lets say the jets for mutiple picks, maybe this years and next years first? and Still pick up either OT Brandon Scherff or DE Randy Gregory.

    Just please dont think about Leonard WIlliams, he fits what we already have right now, and its effortless players.

  20. Brandon Says:

    Arroyo is in way over his head. He had one year leading a mediocre offense in college and now he’s the OC at the NFL level? That’s crazy… but that being said, he’s now far more experienced, far better equipped, and I’m sure he’s learned a lot… I wouldn’t mind seeing the next OC keep him on as an offensive assistant or QBs coach.

  21. mikeh Says:

    I agree with u brent. tom brady is a pocket passer. but I think they should draft mariota let him hold a clipboard and learn how to play in the nfl. keep mg cut mclown and go from there. also maybe even pick up a hoyer or somebody like that and hold open tryouts best QB starts if its the rookie so be it.

  22. mikeh Says:

    sorry meant to say don’t let him hold a clipboard let them fight it out! players have to compete. this coach said in the spring tha the starter is so and so wtf is that he is a idiot.

  23. HawaiianBuc Says:


    I do not hate Glennon, but I don’t think he is a franchise QB, period. Stats can be very misleading, especially in the case of Glennon. Glennon is fine with great protection, but what QB isn’t? They are all good with protection. That’s how they got in the league. Matt Leinart was a stud with 12 seconds to throw the ball in college! Glennon is also a horrible deep ball thrower. But I would be totally fine if Glennon stays to be the backup.

    As for the “star” QB reference, you left out Russell Wilson. If I hear another person say he isn’t a star, I’m going to flip out! You are obviously not watching him play if you believe that. Besides, what exactly is your definition of star? How many star QB’s are there in the league? Brees, Brady, Manning, Luck, Wilson, and Rodgers are the only ones I consider stars. It’s not easy to be a star, but we don’t necessarily have to find a star QB, just a good one would suffice at this point. How many games did we lose this year because of dreadful QB play? I would say at least 5 or 6, and that’s being conservative. Just give us decent QB play and we are probably contending for the dreadful NFC South title right now. Getting a real QB has to be priority #1 from a player standpoint.

  24. Marcus Dominus Dominick Says:

    Hawaii Buc
    My anointed future Franchise QB Mike Glennon chased that little circus midget Russell Wilson out of NC State. The Cannon doesn’t need gimmick offenses to succeed, I hand picked Glennon myself you know.

    Da’Quan Bowers and Mason Foster both showed me and my talent evaluation more then Russell circus midget Wilson did come draft time. Now I just need to rehire Dennis Hickey!!

    Marcus Crassus Dominus Dominick

  25. Brent Says:

    So Hawaiin, how many games do u think mg wins with average o-line as opposed to our putrid one along with a decent oc. That’s with our average defense. I agree any qb can succeed with a great o-line but I’m guessing ours is awful. I’m all for going qb if they grade out. I’m mainly saying this o-line and no oc makes it hard for mg and there may not be anybody out there markedly better in the short term.

  26. Brent Says:

    I like that idea mikeh

  27. BucBob1 Says:

    It’s inevitable, next season new Oc and new system.

  28. BucBob1 Says:

    IMAO I don’t think a new OC would want to come here, and run somebody else’s system. It’s possible, but unlikely.

  29. OneMississippi Says:

    System?? What system are they currently running, the Poot n Scoot?

  30. Junior Barnes Says:

    Lovie is not the issue, short of him still believing in Josh. Lovie deserves and will get 2 more seasons at the helm to prove his worth. Maybe 2 if they dont improve next year.

    I was OK with Josh coming out of camp as the starter, but really thought it was a tactic to push Glennon and that he would have beat out Josh by week 1. Sadly that didn’t happen and that tells you he kind of sucks too. If he could play, Josh would never have gone back as the #1.

    Looks like we have two solid back up QB’s nothing more. O-Line is shaky, though it seems on the days they play solid, not having an OC hurts us or the QB has his head up his butt.

    Looking forward to them cleaning house with a new offensive coaching staff, a new starting QB and some tweaking to the O line to fill some needs. The scary thing, the best name on the 2015 Free Agent QB list is probably Sanchez…… Do you take a run at him or Hoyer and kind of be in the same situation? Seems like a team will need to trade to get a QB if they dont want to draft one. So do you take a chance on say Winston or do you give up your picks to see if you can fix RGIII?