Lovie’s List Of Hope

December 23rd, 2014
The head coach's list of names had notable inclusions and omissions

The head coach’s list of names had notable inclusions and omissions

On Lovie Smith’s radio show last night, the coach was asked a simple question sent in by a fan.

“What hope can you give us for next year?”

After glowing about Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans and calling them “two special receivers,” Lovie rolled into love for Doug Martin and Charles Sims, “two young players, you know, when you’re talking about skill.” Then he added Austin Seferian-Jenkins as an important name for 2015.

On his beaten down offensive line, Lovie praised “the move of Demar Doston to the left side” and talked about Evan Dietrich-Smith playing good football yesterday. And the head coach said,”Logan Mankins has been everything we wanted him to be as we made the trade for him.” That last one sure made Joe do a double take.

On the defensive side of the ball, Lovie named Bradley McDougald, Lavonte David, Johnthan Banks, Alterraun Verner, Gerald McCoy, “Jack” [aka Jacquies] Smith and T.J. Fatinikun as uplifting components of the future.

And then came the most telling line of the evening, “Michael Johnson getting well.”

Lovie also heaped praise on Patrick Murray, and that was it.

No quarterback of the future, no Josh McCown, no Mason Foster, and there’s more.

“We know there are some bright things that we have. We need to add some, and we will,” Lovie said.

46 Responses to “Lovie’s List Of Hope”

  1. Soggy Says:

    OK Lovie, show us, we will be watching..

  2. bucrightoff Says:

    And the head coach said,”Logan Mankins has been everything we wanted him to be as we made the trade for him

    See it’s stuff like this that really makes Lovie unlikeable. He’s either lying with this one, or he truly believes Mankins has been anything other than poor this year. Either choice is an insult to the fans intelligence.

  3. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:


  4. DWE Says:

    Joe, what was the earth shattering news you were going to post at 5 am yesterday. I read everything, did I miss it somehow?

    As far a Lovie. I really don’t care what crap comes out of his mouth. need to see some real change and hope he and the GM can do a better job of evaluating talent. he needs a good, strong OC to insist on Mariota and to help with the offensive.

  5. DWE Says:

    help with the offensive line.

  6. Ken Says:

    The more I read comments from Lovie, my confidence in him lessens. I sure hope I’m proven wrong about him and this staff.

  7. BucFan40 Says:

    I hate him

  8. Sam Says:

    Lovie please go back to Chicago or wherever you’re from and let us hire someone who can give us some REAL hope!

  9. mikeh Says:

    @DWE it was that joe is rooting for the bucs to lose for the number 1 pick!

  10. port richey george Says:

    those comments lovie made about the 0-line are garbage.
    I think the usf bulls defense could get threw that 0-line to josh mccown. in several nfl cities where football is big business wealthy individuals or corporations would be buying billboard space to ask for lovie to resign.

  11. Casual Observer Says:

    Why not ask Lovie if he plans to us the same advisors to evaluate FAs and draft picks this season as he used last season. If he says yes, ask why?

  12. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    He can’t talk one single time without weaving in some lies! We need a coach!

  13. thegregwitul Says:

    I don’t see why people get worked up over some of Lovie’s comments. He’s a master of ‘coach speak’ on a variety of topics, and since these press conferences are public and widely reported on, you don’t want to give too much away. You can’t always come out and say that so and so stinks or whatever.

    I appreciate an article like this because with coach speak, it’s always interesting to see who isn’t being discussed, and the good news is that Lovie isn’t talking about a ‘QB of the future’ that is currently on the roster, because that QB doesn’t exist yet. Year two will be key for Lovie/Licht. They took a shot this season on being able to win right away in a weak division and it didn’t work out. Now, for the first time, Lovie will have either the first or second overall pick, and a QB must be selected for this team to begin heading in the right direction.

  14. JonBuc Says:

    The only hope is can the dope. Make a dark horse move in the 11th hour for Harbaugh. Lovie has been exposed…game has passed him by as if he’s standing still.

  15. LargoBuc Says:

    No one other than Dotson should be safe going into the offseason. And evrn he is only average at best.

  16. warrenfb12 Says:

    Another showing of how clueless Lovie is. Mankins has been bad, Johnson, a complete joke.

    If the Glazer’s are a savvy as some assume, they will make a cerebral decision and fire Lovie on black Monday.

    He is going to completely butcher this high draft pick. Wouldnt even be shocked if he selected a DT there, or traded back. If he does go QB, bet on it being Mariota and setting this franchise back years. Keep Licht, let him hire a guy.

    Lovie is going to swing and miss hard on this pick.

  17. lightningbuc Says:

    Good Lord, this man is a buffoon. Doug Martin and Charles Sims? Yeah, single them out, especially after this past Sunday with their 16 yards on 14 carries.

    Lovie’s a BOOB!

  18. NewTampaChris Says:

    Honestly, people, what do you expect the man to say?

    And who cares what any coach says? You’ve watched all 15 games with your own eyes and read all of the analysis. You know who can play and who can’t. You don’t need Lovie to say it.

    You were all kvetching a year ago about our pass rush and our OL. You were right and L&L tried (unsuccessfully) to fix it.

    My point is that we all know these things. It’s just a question of can they be upgraded.

  19. wibucsfan Says:

    Was at the game Sunday, sad to see all the green. No way would Schiano’s team would be this bad if he was given another year.smdh

  20. BucFan20 Says:

    So you expected Mankins to draw flags and get blown up?

  21. mac Says:

    Put hope in one hand and sh*t in the other, see which one fills up first…

    Lovie better have a worst to first turn around next year because I really can’t take much more losing…

    It starts with the offensive line… I’ve been screaming it since this summer… I knew this offensive line would suck and I knew that neither McCown or Glennon were good enough to compensate for it… If L&L don’t make several intelligent choices in both free agency and the draft to fix this line it will be more of the same…

  22. Jeff Says:

    Offseason plan. Operation 8-8.

    1. Go get an accomplished O-Coordinator whose offensive style matches the strengths of the QB under center. Lovie is a fool if he doesn’t do this. I’m scared Arroyo will get to keep the job. Yes, Lovie is that stubborn and potentially stupid enough to do this.

    2. New Left Tackle and significant investments in the O-Line for Depth.

    3. Stud Middle LB that “fits” the Tampa 2 and 4-3 schemes.

    4. Need to nail the draft and take care of the QB situation with a 1st round pick or a veteran QB with more upside than McClown and MG. I like Marcus M. over J. Winston. Winston has those “Freeman Eyes.” Yes, that scared and overwhelmed look that Josh Freeman ALWAYS had on his face.

  23. SeanyMacinSC Says:

    TheGregWitul is spot on. This is coach speak. He is never going to say anything bad to the press about any players, coaches, or staff. Therefore as Greg points out, you have to read into these statements what is not being said that speaks more volumes.

    This front office is going to have to do something big to excite the fan base to sell tickets. IMHO it will be a QB with the 1st pick and a shiny new proven NFL OC. If those two things don’t happen, 2015 is lost as well and the Glazer’s are out coach shopping again.

  24. Solinor Says:

    I think there would be considerable hope for us if Lovie brought Tebow in for a workout. The guy is a winner! I don’t know why people hate him so much. Maybe because of his faith. Get over it! As long as he wins right?

  25. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    The most important questions are two that Lovie simply cannot answer at this point.

    1.) Will you take a QB? There are many ways Lovie could spin this. If he planned to swap #1 for a bushel of picks he’s probably want to say that yes he wants a QB. That would keep the teams that want a QB guessing and keep the pick more valuable. Bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what Lovie says anyway. He’s be dumb to tell the truth and give the other teams a heads up on Bucs draft strategy.

    2.) Who is the next Offensive Coordinator. Lovie obviously can’t answer this until black Monday when Marcus Arroyo either gets cut loose or demoted.

    Will the new OC have a lot of autonomy? As much as he might hate it, Lovie would be smart to turn over the entire offense to the new OC. If the offense sucks then it’s on the new OC and not Lovie and Lovie gets at least a third year.

  26. J Moné Says:

    All hail prince Lovie

  27. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    His faith? Really? Stop with the persecution complex! I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but at the end of EVERY NFL game, players of a like mind, Christians gather to pray.

    The reason people do not like Tebow is because he does not have an NFL quality arm. Yes he won on the College level but he couldn’t even crack the New York Jets lineup. Why? Because he’s religious? Hardly. Because he barely got by with that arm and delivery in the SEC, because yes he was a winner and an incredible athlete, but the NFL is full of incredible athletes and Tebow doesn’t measure up.

    Now Solinor if you had lobbied to bring in Tebow as a TE or H back I would have been with you. I think Tebow IS a winner, he does possess an impressive physical skill set (minus an NFL quality arm) and he could be a multi-dimensional offensive threat lining up all over the field and yes perhaps even throwing an occasional pass on an option. Tebow is the consummate teammate and would also be an effective blocker at the edge and downfield. I thought his athleticism alone would get Tebow a long look at a position other than QB. Then again maybe Tebow is only interested in QB.

  28. Phil Says:

    I just he doesn’t screw up the number one pick. Of course they probably will draft the wrong guy.

  29. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lovie repeats the same old lines over and over. He doesn’t say much, just kind of leaves one hanging and wondering what the hell is going on.

  30. DB55 Says:


    Once again bro you are on top of it. Hundreds of comments posted since Sunday but not one mention that we had a 109 yards of total offense. How does that even happen?

  31. ihateloviesmith Says:

    t’was the night after the season, and all thru one buc house, ole’ stoneface was scurrying, drunk as a louse, all the gin was gone, and the O.C. not there, he let out a burp, soon draft will be here. dreams of jamies, mariota, danced thru his stinking head. cause he knew he wanted a tackle instead. when to his surprise there was such a clatter, the glazers were knocking, with such noisy chatter, 2-14 I say 2-14 no, there will be no sweet kisses under your mistletoe, away with your defense, and ineptitude, oh get away get away get away too. as harbaugh arrived with first pick galore. we heard the sound of delightment, gone is the bore. soon dreams of playoffs danced in our heads, with a franchise QB and a head coach who led….. merry Christmas everyone, cept for you lovie………….

  32. bucrightoff Says:

    Why do people think Lovie, with his utterly atrocious track record of OCs, is going to get a great one now? Especially since I’m sure people will be giving Tedford a call to see what’s up. 50-75% chance it’s a Mike Tice/Ron Turner/Mike Shula type hire. But great OCs aren’t coming here where the coach could be fired after next year. Great OCs want stability.

    And it’s reallly not coachspeak. He actually said something rather than nothing. He’s lying, not coachspeak which is saying nothing but actually using words. Watch Lord Belichick if you want to see a coachspeak master-class. Lovie could learn a thing or 60 from Bill.

  33. Matt Says:

    Logan Mankins must be in on the tanking with Lovie Smith and McCown. That’s THE ONLY reason I can think of Lovie would say something like that. If EDS didn’t suck even worse, then Mankins would be feeling the heat Kadeem Edwards is going to be putting on these boys for their jobs. Edwards has incredible length and he would make a great center. I guess aside from Dotson, Mankins is the least suckiest.

    Of course it’s coach speak. Lovie will keep his job and the bar is set really low. A 5-11 season next year will buy him one more year. Infact, I know this will sound bad but I hope we somewhat tank it this next year and not take a rookie QB but retool the ttrenches and get a shot at next year’s QBs. I fear if we get a QB tbis year and the linemen we get don’t work out then we will be stuck in mediocrity for years. And by the time we build our trenches, the QB we drafted this year has little confidence and is gun shy and we are stuck going 8-8 7-9 every year.

    The niners built their trenches in the 1st round, so did the Seahawks, Eagles, Texans and Rams (who will be in contention for playoffs next year) and they found QBs in later rounds or free agency. It is very rare to find an elite lineman in free agency without health issues. Im convinced the Saints knew about Nicks’ issues. I don’t want to go down that road again…

    Im not worried about the defense at all. I know its going to be top 15. If we can get a Tresman and some mauling linemen for a power running game we can be a top.10 d.

  34. Eric Says:

    Jameis Winston please.

  35. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    BucFan40 Says
    “I hate him.”

    Oh, grow up.

    You need to spend time away from this blog if you are stressed out that much. You read what these idiots say and it’ll corrupt your brain over time.

    You won’t feel this way once the team is winning, but if you let the people here influence you, you’ll have the joy sucked right out of you, and it won’t be Lovie’s fault, it will be your own.

  36. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    EDS has sucked. One game isn’t good enough. Not when he has cost us 3-4 wins.

  37. Zam Says:

    I can’t even listen to him any more.

  38. BucIt941 Says:

    I couple of moves i see people begging for I feel can be fixed with a simple switch of players already on the roster and time to train the whole offseason in said position!

    Leave Demar Dotson on the left side. He has earned it. With a full off season to get settled in on that side he can be a true Anchor for this O-Line.

    Switch Foster and Lansanah. Lansanah could be a very very good MLB in this defense and Foster would finally be allowed to show his strength at his natural position. If you think Foster isn’t an above average LBer you are blind no point and removing him all together when he still holds value!

    No matter how you crack it we do need more talented edge rushers. But to start I would move Jaq Smith to RE and let Clayborn and Johnson fight it out for the LE spot.

    Draft Needs in order
    depth across the board

    I also believe we need to invest in another tall ball hawking type of CB to pair on the outside with Banks and move ATV to Nickel where he can be an all pro

  39. Kevin Says:

    I dot think the Mankins comment is odd. He’s been exactly what we needed, a steady presence at LG. His play has dipped, but he’s been stuck between two stiffs all season long. It’s easy to look bad when you’re flanked by EDS and Collins’ sorry arse.

  40. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I like all of your moves. Alas I’m not sure Lovie is as bright as you..

  41. Yar Says:

    Warhop’s the problem. But Lovie won’t get rid of him. The O line looks lost when the D throw’ something different at them.

  42. CAN'T FIX IT Says:


  43. AdamBomb418 Says:

    ”Logan Mankins has been everything we wanted him to be as we made the trade for him.” – Lovie

    Are you serious Lovie?!?!? Say it ain’t so!

  44. ddneast Says:

    Maybe, just maybe, Lovie has realized the lack of a qualified OC has effected the offense more than he thought it would, especially on the offensive line.
    He may also know the OL coach is on his way out the door as well.

  45. BoJim Says:

    Call for Lovie’s head all you want but he will be here in 2015.

  46. Joseph F. Says:

    1) Q.B. ( Marcus Mariota ). That would be a great start
    2) O.C.
    3) O-LINE
    4) help for Gerald McCoy.
    5) Most of the off season should be working on fixing the worst offensive line I’ve ever seen.
    6) some more help on defense.
    O.K. there you have it.