Joe Talks Drudgery, Crossroads, Dotson & More

December 27th, 2014

joe_mug_shotIt’s time for Joe’s weekly podcast, with smooth-voiced Ronnie Lane of WDAE-AM 620 and the Buccaneers Radio Network.


4 Responses to “Joe Talks Drudgery, Crossroads, Dotson & More”

  1. Dean Says:

    Here’s what scares the crap out of me. Let’s look at what we need:
    At least 2 offensive lineman (preferably) three.
    Slot receiver
    That’s 4 or 5 needs on offense.

    Now comes defense:
    Top defensive end (Pass rusher)
    Middle linebacker that can cover
    1 Cornerback that can fill Rhonde’s shoes and has lightning reflexes.
    That’s a minimum of 3 guys on defense.

    Special Teams:
    New punter
    top return guy (hopefully, both punts and kickoffs)
    That’s a minimum of 2 guys on special teams.

    All together now, guys. That adds up to 9 or ten impactful bodies to make this team any where near competitive.
    Where do they come from? Only 3 spots are going to come from the draft. The rest are simply depth.
    So that leaves 6 or 7 spots that need to be filled through free agency and trades. You already know our great record in FA last year. So, do you have confidence that the braintrust can bring in 6 or 7 top players to fill those holes?
    The numbers are just too overwhelming. I would guess the best that can be done is hit on 6 total spots (3 from draft, 3 from FA or a trade) and the remainder is going to be more of the same crap we have seen this year.

  2. The don Says:

    but we were 2-14.

    it’s a bucs life. Hey ohh

  3. Buccfan37 Says:

    At least 2-14 is good enough to secure the top draft spot.

  4. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Draft Winston, (2) guards, MLB, CB, FS, DE then in FA get a punter, DE, punt returner, LB. Then bring in a lot of undrafted FA to camp and see who sticks for depth and contributors right away.