Jameis Watch: The Play

December 25th, 2014

jameis winston 1225Crab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, Heisman-Trophy-winning, national champion James Winston, the pride of Florida State University, continues to look like a much better quarterback prospect than Mike Glennon and Josh McCown.

It’s Joe’s daily nugget on the Jameis Watch, celebrating the best quarterback to wear No. 5 ever in the state of Florida.

Joe happened to be in Pittsburgh on Labor Day Weekend 2013. Florida State was playing at Pitt, and it turned out to be the debut of future Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston.

Joe sat in the stadium with a friend, a former college football player from the Steel City and a big Pitt fan. Winston put on a show few other quarterbacks ever have that night, completing 25 of 27 passes for 356 yards and four touchdowns. It blew Joe away.

More impressive was the way Winston threaded needles in traffic, and put passes on receivers where only the receivers had a shot at catching the ball, away from the hands of defenders.

At one point, Joe turned to his friend and said, “Did I just see what I think I saw or am I dreaming? He completed that pass?” Joe’s friend also agreed and couldn’t believe what he was seeing from a freshman, either.

What later sold Joe on Winston was a touchdown pass on the final play of the first half at Boston College. Greg Bedard of theMMQB.com broke it down with Boston College defensive coordinator Don Brown in a lengthy piece on Winston.

“Winston’s getting harassed here and drilled,” says Brown as he rewinds each part of the play several times for effect. “Steve Daniels is a big, strong guy. Right here. Watch him. Watch now. Watch what happens to Steve after he hits Winston.”

Having delivered the pass, Winston has his right foot off the ground when Daniels arrives, leading with his right shoulder. The result: Daniels bounces off Winston, reels two feet backward, and winds up on his rear end.

“You see what I’m getting at? That freaking guy,” says Brown. He leans back in his chair, both hands covering his face, as he recalls the 55-yard score that gave FSU a 24–17 lead in a 48–34 victory. “That’s the piece right there that separates him. That right there.”

Joe remembers watching that play — live at Hooters — and at that moment, Joe thought to himself, “This dude is a legit NFL quarterback and better than Josh Freeman, right now.”

Joe caught hell from Shaun King for Twittering that thought out. (Disclaimer: King has since admitted the error in his ways with his thoughts on Winston.)

That play reminded Joe of Matty Ice, in the rain at Virginia Tech, scanning all four options before firing a bullet (at the 3:45 minute of this video) to beat the Hokies. It was an NFL-throw moment for Matty Ice, just like Winston’s throw at Boston College.

Below is video of the Winston-Boston College play. What sticks out to Joe in this play is that Winston was always looking downfield despite the pocket breaking down, and he knew he was going to get lit up yet had the composure to plant and throw as he got blasted in the chest by a linebacker.

That’s an NFL quarterback, folks.

44 Responses to “Jameis Watch: The Play”

  1. The don Says:


  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    You just pushed me further into the draft Winston mob. Imagine the Bucs with that kind of QB!

  3. Connor Says:

    Take the quarterback that is more pro-ready: Jameis Winston.

    I don’t like him as a person but he COULD be the answer for us at quarterback! If we can with him as our QB, good enough for me.

  4. Couch Fan Says:

    Freeman is no comparison to Winston. Winston is a former Heisman winner and current reigning National Champ who has a 29 game winning streak and is unbeaten in his collegiate career. Freeman was nothing but a streaky QB that led mostly bad teams. I’m a Gator fan but Winston is in a different class. I’ll take him!!

  5. Dave Pear Says:

    Do the right thing Lovie.
    Just do the right thing.
    Draft Winston.

  6. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Who was the last QB that we drafted 1st overall? Oh yeah Vinny.
    And who did we give away to get that pick? Oh yeah Steve Young.
    Just say NO to both of these QBs and start building this team from the ground UP.
    We are not ready to win yet and both of these QBs will be a bust behind a patchwork OL.

  7. D-WOOD Says:

    I remember hearing all the hype going into last season from FSU people that witnessed spring practice. I kept thinking they were all nuts, no way was a freshman QB going to come in & be that good from day one. Then I watched the Pitt game. Just like Joe I’ve been a believer from that day forward.
    I continue to wait for him to get in over his head on the field & it just doesn’t happen.

  8. Architek Says:

    I would draft Winston because he’s more resilient to chaos and adversity while still winning –

    Coming to the Lovie clown show that has to count for something.

  9. Brandon Says:

    I have no qualms with drafting Winston. I spent a good portion of the night defending him last night. Right now, however, I still prefer Mariota as there are far fewer questions about his maturity and dedication. Winston’s on-field performances, even in his uneven 2014, are probably among the best 29 starts in NCAA history.

  10. Jim Says:

    My god….I wish we had a guy who hit a receiver 5 yards up field, let alone like that!

  11. Jj Says:

    Lovie do the right thing don’t draft Winston!!

  12. Rrsrq Says:

    Go Titans

  13. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Winston threw THREE Picks in one quarter against the Gators.
    The ONLY reason we are still talking about him is cause the Gators’ offense SUCKS!!!!!!!
    Otherwise we would see that he is confused greatly by College Coordinators. Don’t forget how many teams FSU barely beat that were WAY undermatched by personnel. People want to talk about how he always ” Comes from behind with such Great Confidence”
    If he didnt throw FOURTEEN first half INTs, he would not have to have a “Comeback”

  14. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Go Bucs and go Titans!!!

  15. BK Says:

    This will all be decided Jan. 1st, I think you draft the winning QB of the Rose bowl game. After that all the Winston apologists will disappear into the sunset. We wonder why athletes feel entitled when rah rah articles are written daily like this one. 2013 is history.

  16. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Take Winston and contend for the division next season make the playoffs and lose in the first round. Trade vjax before the deadline for a draft pick and continue to build and content for a superbowl the 3rd year.

  17. Bucnut2 Says:

    Joes, merry Christmas. Look I could point to 3 plays in the gator game alone where wiston looked worse than McCown. This is about a body of work. You’re starting to reach with these daily updates. As I’ve said before, I think Winston has big time talent and could be a great pro. Bottom line, I don’t trust him. This pick will either set us up for 10 years or set us back 5 years. The difference In talent between Winston and mariota simply doesn’t justIfy taking on the added risk. Buy the way, with the recent rice issue, if Winston has any sex related issue whether guilty or not, he is going to get pounced on and suspended. Had the Big Ben incident happened this year he may have been out of the league for years. I’m not saying Winston should not be drafted and I am not saying he will not be good. I am saying his off the field behavior makes him to risky for the 1st or 2nd overall pick.

  18. Bucnut2 Says:

    Also, not buying the brooks mentoring. He can’t be with the guy 24/7

  19. paul Says:

    Your qb watch license is revoked after you parading for manziel last year.

  20. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Turd Winston will be a bust on and off the field in the NFL. If FSU played in the SEC they would be 7-4 at best and we would not be talking about him at all. Put Turd Winston or any other QB in this offense and behind this line and he will look like McCown

  21. bucnut2 Says:

    paul, sorry to agree with you but I do. Joes were all over Manziel last year and while it’s early, he looks bad. What is more disturbing and parallels with Winston is the lack of pro caliber work ethic and questionable off the filed decisions. Dansby said it all this week with his comments. You can’t fool the locker room. I know that Joes point to Polian liking Manzil, they don’t mention the godfather Gil Brandt’s comments prior to last years draft in which he said that Mike Evans made Manziel, not visa versa.

  22. ruggyup Says:

    Any, ANY, draftee will be a bust working under the same coaching staff with their same schemes. Get real people. 6th rounder Brady got to be where he is all because of himself? Get real people.

  23. gatrbuc17 Says:

    paul speaks the truth actually.

  24. bucnut2 Says:

    @Paul, must agree with you. Joes were all over Manziel and were advocating us taking him @7. While its early , Johnny looks like the Daquan Bowers of last years draft. Joes like to point to Polian liking Johnny in last year’s draft but fail to mention Gil Brandt saying” Mike Evans made Manziel, not visa versa.

  25. gatrbuc17 Says:

    so does bucnut2

  26. bucnut2 Says:

    this is largely a disguised homer discussion. Because many of us live in Florida we bring our biases with us. I’m in Indiana and not a fan of either FSU or Florida. This debate reminds me a lot of the crowd that was advocating Tebow for the Bucs using the” he’s a winner” argument. Gator fans said we should overlook his obvious flaws because he could will a team to win. The Winston arguement is similar. While I think he has the potential to be a MUCH better pro than Tebow, the Joes and other supporters ask us to overlook everything, his poor footwork(it doesn’t matter can be worked on in the NFL, high rate of interceptions this year(they are not his fault) and off field issues(she didn’t say no loudly enough and crab legs like to be stolen), because he is undefeated(tebow like winner) and he plays in a more pro style offense. SEEMS like a LOT of excuses for the #1 overall pick. To much risk, lets pass on the homer bias Joes.

  27. 87ForJameisOrMariota Says:

    gatrbuc17 …for someone that is so adamant that you show no Gator bias when it comes to Jameis, you sure do try to light up these Jameis threads with negativity on a daily basis.

    I like you and all, but you’re Gator colors are not only shining through, but they are glaring through by now.

    See ya tomorrow for some more unwarranted negativity.

    Jameis is going in the top 5 whether the Bucs take him or not. Do you want to know why? Because you, Bucnut, and Paul are not NFL scouts.

    Jameis is going in the top 5 picks.

    I HOPE it’s Tampa.

  28. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Hahaha…you can’t draft a QB based off one game. I dint think Jan. 1 will change that. What if both QBs are awesome and a team wins because of a special teams TD or a fumble. Some of you are ridiculous.

  29. JoshFreeman Says:

    I would draft him

  30. Joe Says:

    Gil Brandt’s comments prior to last years draft in which he said that Mike Evans made Manziel, not visa versa.

    Never heard that (but Brandt did tell Joe that Manziel was better than Staubach was at Navy) but there are plenty of excellent receivers who didn’t make a quarterback look good. Seems Evans magic hasn’t rubbed off on McCown. Also, Evans was pretty much a non-factor when Johnny beat Bama at Bama two years ago.

    Anyone that claims a receiver makes a quarterback, Joe has two words for you: Reggie Ball.

  31. Harry Says:

    For those who want to use a 1st rd on the Oline, I remember when Miami had a choice of Matty Ice or Jake Long way back when. And Long was a very good LT for a long time. But common sense says if the Dolphins could have done that over Matty Ice would not be playing in ATL

  32. armchairGM Says:

    The thing I don’t like is how he regressed from last year.

  33. gatrbuc17 Says:

    @87………..I have been completely Candid that I don’t want Either of the two QBs. You say I like to “light up” these threads from time to time. I think you have me confused with a shallow football fan. Back when Cam was on UF behind Tebow I was HIGHLY critical of him for getting caught cheating twice and the laptop incident. I said he MAY make it in the NFL and he MAY not based on his stupid decision making process and his lack of intelligence. Four years into his career with a team that took him NO. 1 Overall he is currently 28/31 and 1
    Im not a homer. I simply call em as I see em.

  34. gatrbuc17 Says:

    My dislike for Jameis has nothing to do with my 40+ years of Gator fandom.
    I distrust 2013 Jameis 40 tds to 10 ints. to 2014 Jameis 24 tds to 17 ints. Still has a game to play tho. People got tape on him. 14 first half ints in One Yr.! The NFL is MUCH harder than what DJ Durkin threw at him.

  35. gatrbuc17 Says:

    lol………..my comment to 87 wasn’t “waiting moderation” for the first 20 minutes it was up.

  36. Pawel Says:

    You can grab a lineman in round 2 but can you grab a QB in round 2?

  37. BK Says:

    I am confident Mariota will be the difference maker and win the Rose Bowl. Winston is good and does have flashes of talent. I dont think its ridiculous to use the NCAA version of the SuperBowl to judge these 2 QBs. How are NFL QBs judged? SuperBowl wins. These 2 QB are pretty close. I am just more confident at where Mariota is skill wise right now as a future NFL QB. Mariota has the 10+ YD/pass stat that I like and 60% completion. He is the better pick for the Bucs as he has the dedication it takes. Winston reminds me of early Cam Newton too much; do we want to wait 4-5 years for Winston to develop? No. Entitled since grade school issues a concern.

    At least Joe had the balls to come to stand for his belief Manzeil Winston or whoever. I cant say that about some on here who want to mock me or criticize others without taking a position of their own. Gutless wimps! Trolls of the internet.

  38. gatrbuc17 Says:

    You Go BK

  39. mcBuc Says:

    First of all johny has played two games,no way to tell how his career will turn out, so lay off Joe for wanting to draft the guy. I have also never heard anyone say Winston has a bad work ethic in football or baseball, so why do some of you keep saying it? Stop using the UF game to make a point. It is an instate rivalry. Both teams have beat each other when they should not have in the past, they play up for that game.

  40. mcBuc Says:

    And if you are going to say” if fsu played in the spec” then say it for the ducks too. What would there record be in the all mighty sec?

    The truth is fsu may still be undefeated in the sec, in fact I say ohio state beats the tide and plays fsu for the championship.

  41. Pickgrin Says:

    The way Winston avoids pressure to buy time to make the needed throw is quite evident on this play shown. But the play is not unique in terms of Winston delivering a nice ball downfield with pressure in his face leading to a good hit after the throw. This has happened many many times throughout Winston’s College career and shows why Jameis will be a successful pocket passer in the NFL.

  42. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    If you want to compare Cam Newton to someone in college, it’s far more Mariota, simply because of the offensive system.

    Once again, Winston is comparable to Big Ben.

    And once again, it’s so sad people are so desperate that they cling to 3 interceptions in one half, like a life raft on a sinking ship. The film is out there on 26 career wins. Or, you can focus on a game that he wasn’t even a loss.

  43. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    So then Dan Marino sucked? Because he didn’t win a Superbowl.

  44. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Also, I could argue Calvin Johnson made Stafford.