Hurry Up… Maybe

December 30th, 2014

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Joe has stated that the most important goal for the Bucs and Lovie Smith is very simple: That would be to hire an offensive coordinator.

Who that coordinator may be will very likely determine who the Bucs select at quarterback in the 2015 draft, whether it be pro-style Jameis Winston or spread-option Marcus Mariota.

Bucs coach Lovie Smith believes the hiring of an offensive coordinator should be on the front burner, provided the burner is not too hot.

“As soon as possible,” Lovie said. “I mean, that’s it as far as the timeframe. We’re not playing a game tomorrow or anything like that, but I’d like to get the staff in place really as soon as possible. But at the same time, not rushing anything – we have time. So I’m going to take my time and use this opportunity, as I said, to talk to as many people as I possibly can and go from there.”

This is nice to know, but as far as Joe is concerned, if the Bucs don’t first hire an offensive coordinator, then there is no direction for both the offense and draft planning.

It is a tightrope to walk. The Bucs want to take their time to hire the right guy. Yet, the clock is ticking. The longer they wait to hire an offensive coordinator, the longer it takes to implement a plan.

65 Responses to “Hurry Up… Maybe”

  1. florida hillbilly Says:

    I would think that looking for a OC is pretty tough right now because the better OC’s are probably looking up for head coaching jobs.

  2. pete i Says:

    “As soon as possible” “really as soon as possible” ” But at the same time, not rushing anything – we have time. So I’m going to take my time ”

    Decisive leadership from the top. Always a good sign.

  3. "TheKevin" Says:


    Shut up you hater.

    Your one of the losers that would complain no matter what they do.

    So complain and whine like a little girl that you are but lovie isn’t going anywhere so suck it!!!!

    Find another team if you can’t support this one.

  4. "TheKevin" Says:

    I’m sick of all you haters.

    This is the worst fan base in all the league.

    Bunch of idiot losers sitting around living off the backs of others.

    Your all losers

  5. Espo Says:

    What Kevin said!

  6. Espo Says:

    Other than not knowing the difference between your and you’re. Everything else he said!

  7. Phred Says:

    Get off Lovie’s back. He’s got 11 months. Offensive Coordinator season doesn’t start until November.

  8. Richard Says:

    There are eight teams playing this weekend whose coaches we can’t even talk to yet. Doesn’t make sense to hurry right now, unless there’s a guy on one of the four bye teams we’ve already decided is the one.

  9. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    If they want A Chicago team, then Lovie will go for Trestman. I really don’t want to turn in to the Bears though, but it could go that way. What would you do then?

  10. finishers Says:

    Tell em kevin!

  11. T REX Says:

    @ Kevin

    Your and you’re – makes it hard to take you seriously. You’re calling people losers yet you can’t use proper English? Ok.

    @ Phred

    11 months? What schedule or calendar are you on? Yikes.

  12. CC Says:

    The second and almost as equally important is to find a new O line coach.

  13. "TheKevin" Says:


    My anger towards the losers in here makes my thinking cloudy with the whole

    Your, you’re thing.


  14. P'cola Buc Says:

    Actually “cc”…..probably not the oline coach but some quality oline players is what’s needed.

  15. Jacko101 Says:

    No offense Phred, he doesn’t have 11 months lol. What Lovie said makes sense “as soon as possible but not rushing”. You want someone good who fits but you don’t pick anyone who’s available right now just because they are. We will have one in less than 2 months I promise.

  16. Espo Says:

    T Rex

    I’m thinking he may have been poking fun at our coach. It’s hard to recognize, but some people don’t respect our team’s leader.

    Respect or not, it actually was pretty funny.

  17. Patrick in VA Says:

    I would imagine that they will be putting together a short list of potential OCs that they like and then judging the folks that are unavailable due to playoff situations against the front runners from the short list. That should make the process go pretty quickly once the playoffs are over. If you’ve whittled it down to 2 or 3 and then you have 1 or 2 more that you’re waiting for in the playoffs then it should be a quick turnaround from there.

  18. Brandon Says:

    We need an OC fairly soon if for no other reason than to have a complete staff inn place so the Bucs can coach the Senior Bowl. Coaching the Senior Bowl is a huge boost to scouting and gaining insight on players that attend (and sometimes gives insight on the ones that don’t).

    Also, naming an OC earlier MIGHT aid Winston and Mariota in their decisions to turn pro, provided the OC has a good reputation.

  19. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Espo – believe it or not, a good deal of the folks that comment on here don’t have much of a sense of humor and they’re pretty cantankerous people, so most attempts at humor are lost on them completely.

  20. Brandon Says:

    T REX Says:
    December 30th, 2014 at 7:31 am
    @ Kevin

    Your and you’re – makes it hard to take you seriously. You’re calling people losers yet you can’t use proper English? Ok.

    It’s called “irony”. As an English teacher of 10+ years, I’ve had to learn to swallow my disdain for the horrid grammar and spelling I see on here (most of the time).

  21. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Brandon – That’s a good point about the Senior Bowl. I would imagine that there are some players that wouldn’t be considered otherwise that will get attention because of the direct connection at the senior bowl. While the underclassmen, who are often the more talented prospects (speaking in generalities of course), will most likely go a bit higher, great drafting is about who you bring in during those later rounds that can contribute quality minutes. Hopefully we can get someone in soon after the first round of the playoffs and they’ll be in place prior to the Senior Bowl on the 24th.

  22. MadMax Says:

    “if the Bucs don’t first hire an offensive coordinator, then there is no direction for both the offense and draft planning.”

    But the draft boards are already set, right? Mariota and Winston havent even officially declared yet. Williams has though. Im telling you, dont be surprised if we DO go pass rush first with Williams…. then QB, then OT. Im ok with either decision. This is the first draft I can be happy with either of the many different directions we can go. But could Winston/Mariota shed the Heisman winning QB curse? Maybe, maybe not. The Williams pick is a home run though, no matter how you look at it.

  23. Espo Says:

    @ Brandon

    My favorite phrase seen on most sites is, “your an idiot.” I’m not an English teacher and I’m far from perfect but it cracks me up each time.

  24. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    No the worst fans are here in Philly, Chip has them 10-6 2 years in a row, and they want him fired and Shady McCoy ran out of town. AS a fan base, we are frustrated that this franchise seems it never has a clear path, or a plan. Lovie knows this is make or break. If the O goes down in flames, he will never get another NFL gig, so the man wants to get it right. But I agree, get the OC first so you can make the other decisions around the other coaches asap.

  25. The Buc Realist Says:

    I just don’t see a really good OC hitching there wagon to the “Lovie disaster” . Lovie is on the hot seat for 2015. That means that the OC that accepts will be on a 1 year deal to succeed or Lovie is gone! add a drafted rookie Qb, and another patchwork O-line and it will not turn out well.

    Lovie needs a 9 win season just to “tie” Coach Schiano’s record!

  26. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    Joe, considering the dismal season of 2014, I would think the choosing of an OC would be quickly. Question – who would have the say on the OC, Lovie or Licht? Reason I ask is I would think both of their jobs are on the line if the team shows no hope next year.

  27. Tom Edrington Says:

    Offensive coordinators that are under contract do not move laterally….they can interview for head coaching jobs…..

    So don’t think you’re going to hire an existing OC to become a Buc OC…..unless it’s a lousy OC that a team wants gone…

  28. Mightyjoey1 Says:

    @ Brandon

    **It’s called “irony”. As an English teacher of 10+ years, I’ve had to learn to swallow my disdain for the horrid grammar and spelling I see on here (most of the time).**

    Is that the place where they teach you not to change tenses in the same sentence?

  29. 911bucs Says:

    So besides finding a new OC, what Bucs coaches are on the hot seat?

  30. Martinii Says:

    Bravo!,,, I’m glad to hear other posters are sick of all the negativity. 2014 is over so lets get behind our team and hope for some good offseason moves and success in 2015. 2014 is what it was. All of you haters, take a break………….
    Go Bucs

  31. BeeMoney Says:

    Lovie Smith wants Carl Smith from Seattle!!!!!!

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s time for many to realize that Lovie has been retained and won’t be fired….so, I’m asking all of you “fire Lovie” fans to at least hold off until we are 0-1 next year……PLEASE.
    Let’s use this site for positive suggestions on how to improve our team.

    I do believe that the Glazers should take a heavy hand in the hiring of an OC…..and he should be offered the opportunity to choose his QB.

  33. The Buc Realist Says:

    I am POSITIVE that if we replace the head coach that the Bucs will instantly be a better team!

  34. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Realist

    You’ve been good since we got rid of the “Pop Star”… don’t start being a one trick pony again…..I know you have more in you than that….

    How about your choices for OC…..and don’t you agree that the Glazers should make sure Lovie hires someone that actually could replace him?

  35. The Buc Realist Says:


    if I was the Glazers, i would go off the board. I would demote Lovie to DC and hire an Offensive Head Coach. It would be much like the Gruden head coach and Kiffen as defensive head coach setup.

  36. bucrightoff Says:

    Firing Lovie is for long term sakes. He simply has proven he can’t build a consistent winner, with 10 years of NFL experience to prove it. This isn’t some rookie on his first go, and so far all his faults and flaws from Chicago are the exact same. We all know he’s going to be back, but I’m fairly certain most people would rather have an offensive head coach here making the #1 pick instead of Lovie. Lovie’s draft and QB track records are disturbing.

  37. T REX Says:

    @ Phred

    My apologies. You were poking fun at Lovie. That’s my bad.

    @ the anti-negative whiners

    Get over it! Our head coach just completed one of the worst seasons in Buc’s history. He deserves every comment. He did a horrible job. This is undeniable. So pull up your panties and be prepared for a long off-season.

    2-14 is unacceptable. Lovie talks a lot of crap but hasn’t backed up one word of it. Not one. So, he’s on the hot seat and every move should be analyzed.

    @ anyone thinking the Glazers should be involved in anything

    30-70 in our last 100 games. Ownership is a failure. This is a total organizational meltdown and it starts at the top. They need to hire a REAL president of football operations and dump Ed Glazer, who is worthless.

  38. Todd Says:

    Marc trestman!!!!!!

  39. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Get it through your stubborn “Lovie-like” thick heads…….The Glazers are not…..I repeat NOT firing Lovie….they are not considering demoting him either… can hope, plead, pray, bitch, moan, cry, threaten, march, pickett, protest, jihad…..It’s not going to happen….so quit wasting your time and ours by continually banging your empty heads against that wall.

  40. Soggy Says:

    @I’m sick of all you haters.

    This is the worst fan base in all the league.

    Bunch of idiot losers sitting around living off the backs of others.

    Your all losers


    It looks like you are the worst hater, you hate others that don’t have your same How many time this year have you come on here and just ripped somebody a new as$hole because they think or say something you don’t like.. you said everybody is living of the backs of others that says something about lovie – really? You are all losers – really.. funny thing is pete only said lovie is indecisive.. Wow thats all it took for you to blow all that bullsh!t above out your as$ for a mouth..

  41. biff barker Says:


    51.5 more weeks of endless material for the haters to feed on! A veritable treasure trove of clever quips will spew forth from Coach Clueless on a weekly basis.

    Meanwhile, the blind faithful known as Lovie’s luddites will cling to hope for another 49 weeks before playing the consistency card. Again.

    I’ll stop the bashing now as TBF suggested, because “it’s not about the future, it’s all about the future.”

    “Simple as that.”

  42. Soggy Says:

    That was for thekevin ^^^

  43. biff barker Says:

    Soggy Says:

    That was for thekevin ^^^

    And an honorable mention to that Bunghole Bonzai fellow! 🙂

  44. The Buc Realist Says:


    Oh, I stopped banging my head against the wall with the bucs. I stopped going to games and went to Europe for 3 weeks. I will spend my money on enjoyable things.

    These are just suggestions to make them better. If they want to finsh last again and again and again that is their business and appears to be ready for finish last again!

  45. Aaron Says:

    Jameis Winston / Marcus Mariota don’t have to declare for the draft until Jan 15th. Going to be tight to get an OC in here for the Senior Bowl…we’ll see.

  46. BoJim Says:

    @Kevin. lol. You crazy guy!! Don’t wet the bed Lil Buckaroo!! Get outta here you rascal!! No really. Get out.

    Everybody gets an opinion around here so pizz off.

  47. Zam Says:

    And we wonder why players don’t know where to be? Come up, but at the same time, go deep. Go left, but at the same time, go right. What the bloody hell?

  48. Self-proclaimed GM Says:

    I’d rather not take a re-tred for an OC. Then again there is the risk of promoting someone from the college ranks. I don’t hate the Tresman idea. I think the GM was at fault for Cutlers contract structure and maybe Tresman was just in over his head as the head coach. That defense was just horrible. Maybe he’d be a good fit as an OC, and maybe he’d see coming to work with Lovie as a fit as they were both Fired from Chicago. Worth a shot in my book….better than Arroyo any day of the week. Cutler was the problem in Chicago. It is kinda scary he was willing to name him they’re franchise QB though and give the extension that he was given

  49. Aaron Says:

    I can’t see a recently fired offensive minded head coaching coming here to be our OC – trying to be realistic on who we can get or who would want to come here…

    • If Mariota is the pick I like Seattle’s QB coach Carl Smith or 49’ers Greg Roman

    • If Jameis Winston is the pick I like Aaron Kromer

    In any case, I think adding Tony Sparano as our o-line / assistant coach at all cost is imperative. I have zero faith in lovie’s ability to assemble an offensive line much less coach one up.

    I just get the feeling that any talented offensive coach of anything won’t want to come to the Bucs…again, we’ll see.

  50. ihateloviesmith Says:

    well let us not be a realist, and let us be realistic, getting rid of ole stoneface smith would be the most fantastic thing that could happen and I mean right now to this club, we know in all probability it will not happen, the organization could make it a clean sweep, get rid of their whole body of ineptness, and start afresh. the lure of the 1st pick along with the chess pieces already on the board would and could b

  51. mikeh Says:

    @ SOGGY- too funny but true! I would like him to call me a loser hater to my face lol knock ur f..kin block off!! KEVIN – PATRICK- BRANDON. JUST BECAUSE U LIKE LOVIE DOES NOT MEAN EVERYBODY ELSE HAS TO! FREEDOM OF SPEECH PAL GET OVER IT!!!!!!

  52. ihateloviesmith Says:

    be very enticing to any head coach O.C. worth their salt. lovie may do the right thing with this coming draft, as in we need a QB, and probably with a whole lot of leverage and pressure by the (G) MEN- glazers he will draft one of the top two, but just look at his whole body of work, over the years he has been in the league, and it aint pretty then look at the decisions he has made with the bucs, decimating an effective not great Oline, his QB of choice? and all the other blunders in his stoic glorious career, do you really think it will be any different in three years with him at the helm? I think not, even on this site it was rumored that tedfords reasoning for leaving was he was being hamstringed by smith. I think we would all be better off and cleaning the slate the glazers admitting their mistake, and get a new cook in the kitchen. because the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding sucks

  53. Architek Says:

    Lovie is the master of saying a lot of nothing.

    Can we hear from Licht instead of Mr Empty – I’m counting down until the next black Monday when Schefter announce the demise of Lovie and his empty statements.

  54. mikeh Says:

    it does take some time. to hire a coordinator seasons not even over yet. but pinhead will wait until there is 2nd 3rd tier OC left. someone he can push around. and blame shit sure no one will be banging his door down to work for him.

  55. biff barker Says:

    The Glazers deserve as much or more hate than Lovie since it was reported that he was the only coach interviewed.

    Maybe it’s because they have talked with so many over the years?

    It’s going to be a bloodbath when the season ticket invoices come out in January.

    Ironic it is that the seasoned NFL veteran HC was clearly outperformed by the two previous rookies hired.

    My business advice? Hire a real football guy to call you from Florida.

  56. biff barker Says:

    Architek Says:

    Can we hear from Licht instead of Mr Empty – I’m counting down until the next black Monday when Schefter announce the demise of Lovie and his empty statements.

    Licht is really a glorified scout relegated to watching the sidelines.

    Shouldn’t a true GM be involved in the search for an OC? Apparently, King Lovie thinks not, the Glazers hired him first.

  57. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Biff is correct, 2015 tickets sales will suffer greatly and the stadium will be empty. If Winston’s on the squad (and starting?) maybe the FSU fans make an appearance.

  58. "TheKevin" Says:


    No you are wrong.

    I hate the people that come on here and bit*ch about anything and everything.
    They praised the off season moves then come in here and complain that it didn’t work as if they somehow knew more than everyone else.

    I’m sick and tired of all you “fire everybody” idiots.

    None of you know any more than anyone else yet you all act like your the crystal ball of answers.

    And if they did fire everyone these losers would complain and cry about that.
    And then cry about the replacement and scream fire him because they didn’t go to the super bowl in year one of a new regime.

    So basically I’m tired of people who are gonna whine and complain about anything and everything because their lives are miserable.

    If your not a fan of the bucs get the fuuuuck outta here and let the real fans discuss plausible ideas. Instead of fire fire fire.

    Bunch of idiots.

    Get on the train or get the F off.

  59. "TheKevin" Says:

    @ joe

    please allow my last comment to be posted. These losers need to hear the truth.

  60. bucrightoff Says:

    “TheKevin” Says:
    December 30th, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    So basically I’m tired of people who are gonna whine and complain about anything and everything because their lives are miserable.

    Mr. Pot have you met this guy, Mr. Kettle? The fact you care what anyone’s opinion on the internet is makes you the biggest loser here.

  61. "TheKevin" Says:

    I’m talking about the fire everybody crowd.

    Anyone with a brain knows they are not gonna fire lovie after one season.
    so give it a rest.

    It’s impossible to even reason with that crowd. You are probably one of them aren’t you?

    You would argue with a fence post!

  62. TAC Says:


    Sit down, STFU, and enjoy the opinions of others every once in a while.

    Did you just start posting on the internet little kev? Mom take off the net nanny?

    I hope you stick around so I can support any opinion concerning the bucs you may have in the future, that isn’t all sunshine and lollipops.

  63. Espo Says:

    Mmmmm sunshine n lollipops

  64. mikeh Says:


  65. chickster Says:

    Joe like creating a soap opera he has too he has no clue about football I am very disappointed in the season but I see bright things coming this team is close they were just too many new parts if the bucs had a qb just a bit better the close losses would have been wins and I for one am very hopeful for the future