“Don’t Ask Me. I Didn’t Play.”

December 28th, 2014

gerald mccoy 0814Gerald McCoy loves to talk to the media. McCoy even does a “Dini’s Den” video feature on Buccaneers.com, and McCoy reminded Bucs fans the other day that “the camera loves me.”

But McCoy didn’t want to talk today.

There was no holding court for the media throng in the postgame locker room. Joe asked McCoy to chat, and McCoy said, “Don’t ask me. I didn’t play.” Joe and McCoy exchanged pleasantries and McCoy left.

GMC wasn’t being an obnoxious. He’s a good dude, great guy. What was there to say for a guy who couldn’t suit up due to injury?

Joe’s heard that response before from McCoy. It came in the locker room after the national humiliation in Atlanta.

Joe likes McCoy and, hey, guys surely aren’t obligated to give fancy interviews. But it was out of character for a player who will tell you he’s the leader of the defense. Lovie Smith calls McCoy the face of the franchise.

The Bucs had some interesting captains this season. Josh McCown talked a great game but couldn’t lead the Bucs anywhere and played like a rookie. Vincent Jackson leads by example but isn’t a big fan of public chatter. McCoy and David led a defense that was worse than it was in 2013, one that gave up fourth-quarter booty repeatedly.

Joe doesn’t think it’s out of line to think the Bucs might need some new leaders to emerge next season, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

9 Responses to ““Don’t Ask Me. I Didn’t Play.””

  1. mac Says:

    I’m sure Gerald is pretty frustrated by now… I hope he has a good off season and prepares himself to be Jamies Winston’s new big brother…

    The kid will need to be watched over…

  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    Dungy just said on TV that he was scared to take Winston and gave a shoutout to Lovie to draft Mariota. His sidekick agreed. Will Lovie go outside his norm?

  3. Brett Says:

    Did Joe say the defense was worse this year than 2013? What has Lovie done to my favorite franchise? He took a team that WAS on a upward track, dismantled it, and turned it into the worst team in the NFL. I was more optimistic at the end of last season( I thought Schiano was showing progress) than I am this year. If Lovie had a history of turning offenses around then I would be optimistic, but, he doesn’t. As a matter of fact he has a 11yr history of doing just the opposite. When he was successful, he had a “it isn’t terrible” offense and a good defense. This is a different league than 2yrs ago when he was fired for winning 10(?) games because of his inability to score points when it mattered. The NFL is changing rules to make football a more exciting, high scoring game. Lovie will need to completely change his coaching strategy or get left in the past with “hard nosed” defense. The 49ers are a great current example. A top 5 defense and no offense will have you home watching the Superbowl and waiting to see if the guy you want is still there when you pick on draft day.

  4. Gt40bear Says:

    With all the fourth quarter booty they gave up maybe we should be looking to s-can Frazier. After all, the defense played well for most of three quarters then collapsed repeatedly in the fourth. That’s play calling. Players don’t forget how to play for one quarter of football a game! Lovie whiffed on as many coaches and he did players this year and we’re going to trust him with the first o/a pick in April. Not getting excited warm fuzzies.

  5. TinBucToo Says:

    The only reason they gave up so many fourth quarter leads from the defense is because the defense was on the field WAY too long. Even the best defenses can only last so long. I think our defense is far better than last years.

  6. buccanAy Says:

    I’ve mentioned this on other sites, but I don’t think the Buc players were down with this ‘tank’ job of Lovies. IMO only, I think if Smith’s #1 pick and schemes don’t get off to a fast start, there could and should be some serious “questioning” by the players of his ability to lead this team. Lovie Smith has done NOTHING to give ANYONE, be it players or fans, the confidence that he knows what he’s doing.

  7. Piratic Says:

    Brett Says: “The NFL is changing rules to make football a more exciting, high scoring game.”

    –WRONG! The NFL is changing rules to avoid future litigation. Period.

  8. Stanton Says:

    “Don’t Ask Me. I Didn’t Play.”


  9. Java Says:

    We know Gerald. You’ve only finished 2 out of 5 seasons. Get healthy and stay that way in 2015 and see how JJ Watt makes impact plays and try to repeat that to earn your salary.