Defense Crestfallen

December 21st, 2014
Bucs DE Michael Johnson blasts Packers QB Aaron Rodgers in the first half.

Michael Johnson blasts Packers QB Aaron Rodgers in the first quarter. (Photo courtesy of

Joe only spoke to one offensive player after the beating by the Packers. Doug Martin, stand-up guy he is, faced the music.

As Joe wrote yesterday, unless Martin runs the ball effectively, the Bucs have little running attack.

But Joe spoke with many members of the Bucs defense. They were in virtual shock after the game.

It was one of the gutsiest defensive performances Joe can remember in years from the Pewter Pirates. All they had to show for it was a loss, thanks to that cesspool of an offense.

Facing one of the highest octane offenses in NFL history, against a future Hall of Fame quarterback, an All Pro wide receiver and one of the better runners in the NFL, the Bucs were only one score away from tying the game well into the second half.

The Bucs even had a thrilling goal-line stand, stopping the Packers on fourth-and-goal from the 1 yard line.

But the offense wasn’t just satisfied with wetting their own pants. They proceeded to urinate in the wind. It was a ghastly, embarrassing display of offense on a high school level, not to mention the NFL.

Somewhere, Joe learned, watching the game, Jerry Golsteyn was laughing so hysterically he was Baker Act’ed by local authorities.

One troubled guy was Bucs middle linebacker Mason Foster.

Perhaps he was on painkillers because he just re-injured his Achilles, perhaps he realized he may have just played his final game with the Bucs, as he is a free agent in a couple of weeks, but Joe had never, ever seen Foster look the way he looked.

Foster was shaken.

He was upset that the defense played its nuts off and was rewarded by the pathetic offense with a loss. Joe swears Foster had been crying. His eyes were moist and swollen. He spoke in hushed tones, in a daze. Joe has spoken with Foster dozens of times he never saw Foster shook up like this.

But that is how badly the defense felt. They put on a performance that Derrick Brooks likely stood and applauded, that Warren Sapp likely did shots in their honor.

The defense was that strong today.

And the offense that horrible.

Shame on the offense!

17 Responses to “Defense Crestfallen”

  1. lightningbuc Says:

    Rodgers was hurt AND sick and still managed 430 yards. Let’s not anoint this a great, or even semi-great, defense yet.

  2. unbelievable Says:

    This team would be better off never putting this offense on the field at all.

    Just dress 53 defensive and special teams players, and pray they get some pick-6s. I mean the results probably couldn’t get much worse right?

    Until the oline and dlines are addressed, this team will suck.

  3. unbelievable Says:

    @Lightning, I don’t think Rogers was that sick or hurt, and even if he was, it didn’t matter cuz he had ALL DAY to throw back there.

    I agree the defense is far from good, but considering they’re on the field 75% of every game, they’re playing alright.

  4. Destinjohnny Says:

    Its personal.’most coaching staffs if given talent are good enough to win.margus isn’t ready but we don’t have one player on the line who is even average

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m encouraged with some of our younger defensive players going forward….we apparently have some depth there…..

    I don’t want to stir up the “fire Lovie” crowd but the defensive side looks promising.

  6. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I think our defense is “on the verge” to use Lovie’s hated description.

    They played without their best DL. Once Foster left and Fletcher came in I thought uh oh.

    We are ONE double digit sack player away from having a very good defense and we’ve developed some depth. Smith, Lansana have been hidden gems. Gholston still has some upside if disappointing this year. What if Adrian Clayborn returned and played more like his rookie year.

    Bottom line it’s easy to imagine this defense being very good, not Seattle good but still very good if we can just find a genuine pass rusher.

  7. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Agree completely with you TBBF. We’ve discovered some hidden gems in Lansanah and Smith. We’ve uncovered some depth. We’re an impact pass rusher away from being really good.

  8. theodore Says:

    After the Jets had success the other week, PFT made this point to the Bucs: Don’t draft a QB in first round, find a running QB (cheaper) and run-first blockers (cheaper) and then build and spend on defense. On offense, just run run run as much as you can and have the defense knock the other teams block off. Hell, this is almost what Seattle does every week,

    Can’t be any worse.

  9. DB55 Says:

    the first series and the goalline stand both outstanding. Knocking Lacy out the game or making him quit EnORMOUS although they couldn’t stop Kuhn but hey didn’t get steamrolled by Lacy like I expected. I WAS WRONG!!! Lol

    Personally I think it was too damn hot for Rodgers down here but what do I know. Another record breaking day given up by the secondary to Cobb. Thank good we gave up barron for a 5? Is that right? A fking 5th? That can’t be right.

    Lovie in the PC acted like he forgot about week 3 schalacking we took, wouldn’t talk about tedford spitting in his face or the chance that his dline played better without mccoy. Oh did I say that? Haven’t seen mccoy stop a “… and short” this season but today we broke thru AND made a play. Whoop whoop I was stoked to say the least.

  10. Keith Says:

    If the OFFENSE could of moved the chains AT ALL, the Packers
    Offense wouldn’t have huge yardage numbers or that amount of points. And the Defense would’ve looked exceptional. Arroyo and that 10 mill for 2 years Garbage Lovie calls a QB is the problem. Yea the OLINE needs fixing. But give me a freaking break. “BEST CHANCE TO WIN”……. THE #1 pick overall! I hope when lovie was in his basement (LMFAO) He wanted Mr. Winston and this was his plan all along! Here’s to wishing!

  11. Architek Says:

    And who’s responsible / the man that has no answers but so much to say!

    Lovie is looking as inept as Schiano was.

  12. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Why aren’t more people calling for WARHOP’S head, I mean he is the 0-line coordinator. WARHOP I say, WARHOP!!!

  13. Keith Says:

    New bucs fan….
    we calling for everyones head. EVERYTHING I SAID!!

  14. Matt Says:

    It’s sad that you all actually think that we’re trying on offense. You’ll see next year. Just like the Texans tanked last year we’re doing the same this year. How many new additions do the Texans have on offense?!!! Yet they are muuuuch improved with a backup quarterback. We will be fine next year.

    The defense played GB perfectly today. I’m extremely proud of them. Foster was the worst LB out there today, he can go cry on another team as the backup 3-4 ilb as he is.

  15. SAMCRO Says:

    Trade out of #1, collect more picks
    make our first pick be OT
    pick #2 OT
    pick #3 OT,OG,C

    We need an offensive line, so I’m not opposed to spending our first 3 picks on the O-line. Can you imagine an O-line full of blue chippers that can dominate for several years together. We would be the toast of the draft for making such a bold move by drafting 3 of the best offensive lineman out of this years top 10 with our first 3 picks in the draft. Setting up what would look to be a formidable offensive line for years to come. Gotta put the horses before the cart I say.

  16. FanOfBucs Says:

    Defense did well today. I gotta say, I’m surprised . I thought it would be a total blowout but the Bucs d played solid.

    Now that’s been said, the Packers played a pretty conservative plan today. – A smart plan, imo. They were committed to not allowing their season to go down drain to an inferior opponent and played it close to the vest.

  17. Nick2 Says:

    Has this team ever had a prolific offense? As I have been watching them since 1978 I can say NO!!!!!!!!!!