Blame For Seven Sacks Of Shame

December 22nd, 2014

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Josh McCown absorbed seven sacks by the Packers yesterday.

Joe was up for some pain and went back to the film of each one.

Here’s how Joe assigned blame:

Sack 1  – Oneil Cousins, Logan Mankins and Demar Dotson led the group jailbreak. The Packers rushed five and the pocket collapsed on McCown from all angles.

(Side note: After Sack 1, a pass bat down came courtesy of Dotson getting eaten up.)

Sack 2 – Garrett Gilkey, in as the second tight end, gets gobbled up very quickly.

Sack 3 – Cousins bullrushed by Julius Peppers.

Sack 4 – Mankins can’t slide over fast enough to slow down the stunt rusher in his gap. Charles Sims could have picked him but had started a route.

Sack 5 – Peppers rips past rookie Josh Allen, who was in at right guard. Ronde Barber called it “a mismatch of epic proportions.”

Sack 6 – Four-man rush. Allen and Dietrich-Smith are beaten. McCown steps right into the pass rush stunt coming from the right defensive end.

Sack 7 – Patrick Omameh at right guard was badly bullrushed and knocked off balance. Dotston getting collapsed, not as badly, on opposite side.

One could argue McCown held the ball too long on Sack 4, but Joe can’t hang that one all on McCown.

So there you have it. Joe considered typing up something on the trouble in the run game, but it really can be summed up simply: the Bucs are nowhere near physical enough.

26 Responses to “Blame For Seven Sacks Of Shame”

  1. Mark Says:

    Look how much better the Browns OL is this year with the only big change being Warhop. I’d run to the CFL too if that was my line coach.

  2. Flmike Says:

    Tedford is about the only guy on this staff to show enough smarts to run the hell away from Lovie Smith…he’s a career killer.

  3. bucrightoff Says:

    People seriously want to put a rookie QB behind this line? Why? So we can assure he’s a bust?

  4. theodore Says:

    Run Mariota Run!

  5. SteveK Says:


    Thanks for the break down. I feel very fortunate to have had prior plans yesterday, and being unable to watch the game.

    I pulled up the game track on my phone, and much to my dismay the Bucs O had five straight 3 and outs to open up the game.

    SMH, Lovie should have put Glennon in.

    Your breakdown furthe proves that our team is inferior on the offensive line. Our defensive line is inferior too… It is a trench war, Joe, we need trade back the #1 pick and draft as many quality linemen as possible, on both sides of the ball.

    We can draft your brand new shiny QB when we have at least a league average offensive line, you know, four more starting linemen that are at least average.

  6. ufcguy Says:

    I disagree. I don’t get to pick 1st very often. Pick the qb and build the lines. At this point if we build the lines first we will fall into the 7 and 9 or 8 -8 trap. Get your guy and build around him

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ ufcguy

    I tend to agree……especially if its Mariota…..we can build the lines with pick 2,3,4 & FA…….

  8. D-Rome Says:

    It’s evident the Bucs need to draft a QB but I can’t seem to shake this uncomfortable feeling that the Bucs (i.e. Lovie) will not draft a QB in the 1st round.

  9. DB55 Says:

    Since you mentioned it Simms has got to be the worse pass blocker on the team and that’s saying a lot.

  10. bucrightoff Says:

    If we start a rookie behind that line we’ll be like Jacksonville and Bortles, so horrible. That means either more McCown (so horrible) or we run the rookie out there and risk ruining him (not worth it at all). But people need to accept that with the line as it is we’re very likely to be in the top 5 again next year.

  11. pick6 Says:

    this OL might get overrun by some of the defenses in the upcoming college football playoffs. hopefully the coach was the heart of the problem, but i see a bunch of guys losing one-on-ones (physical\mental inadequacy at the player level) in addition having no idea how to work together to slow down stunts and blitzes. what a project this is going to be. the new low was when our best chance to protect our QB became benching all LT options Lovie & co had signed or drafted and plugging in our former UFA holdover RT. any line where demar dotson is your best player is a line that will be overmatched most sundays.

  12. pick6 Says:

    *”the coach” i am referencing is warhop

  13. Brandon Says:

    A truly mobile QB will do wonders to slow down the defensive pass rush. A mobile QB forces Dlinemen to stay in their lanes and push the pocket instead of hitting the gaps and going after the QB with their ears back. An undisciplined rush will crush a defense when there is a mobile QB involved.

    Also, with Mariota, read option plays will do wonders to also make the defense and line more disciplined, having to respect the threat of a QB run allows the tackles to leave the DEs unblocked as they get to the second level and find LBs.

    I know the read option plays are no longer en vogue in the NFL but that doesn’t mean they are completely ineffective, it just means you can’t rely on it for every play like the Redskins did when RG3 took them to the playoffs a couple years back (and Kaepernick took his team to the Super Bowl). Even now when RG3 plays and the team runs out of the read option, the DEs have to respect the run of Griffin and it helps keep that backside DE out of the picture for their RBs. Mariota and a well versed and diverse in many systems and ideologies will do wonders to spark the offense.

  14. Pickgrin Says:

    A microcosm of our season right there Joe. Our entire OLine stinks. There’s honestly not 1 keeper in the whole bunch. And pass protection is supposedly this line’s “strength” – LOL. The running stats actually prove that so its a sad state of affairs.

    We can’t replace them all realistically in one year – so the best thing to do is bite the bullet and pay Mankins next year – keep him and Dotson and find 3 worthy replacement starters for Collins, EDS and whoever is watching the turnstile spin at the absolute worst position on the team – RG.

    If Warhop is OLine coach next year – then there are more serious problems with the decision making for this franchise than I could have ever imagined or that even a 2-14 record would suggest.

    Same goes for if I ever see either Gilkey or Cousins wear a Buccaneer uniform ever again after this week’s game. (But they will come in handy this week in our quest to Suck for the Duck or stay Winless for Winston so I hope they both start Sunday).

  15. Brandon Says:

    I saw a post last week that was soooo stupid that it talked about cutting all good talent and going with Tim Tebow at QB and running the ball 75% of the time… that was so stupid… until I watched Sunday’s game and realized that ANYTHING would’ve helped us more than what our offense currently is. Even an unsuccessful Tim Tebow offense would’ve burned time off the clock and not have only possessed the ball for 21 minutes and left the defense on the field for nearly 39. We may have only lost 13-6…and I wouldn’t be out $20.

  16. Brandon Says:

    SteveK Says:
    December 22nd, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    SMH, Lovie should have put Glennon in.


    You didn’t see it so let me explain how bad it really was. I HATE Glennon and have hyped up and then made excuses for McCown all season…and halfway through the 2nd quarter I was begging for Glennon to come in.

  17. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    ONG, people. It isn’t hard to figure out. GET THE QUARTERBACK AND THE OLINE THIS YEAR!!!!!!

    Jeez! You act like we can only get one player this off season! What are you? IDIOTS????????????

  18. Pickgrin Says:

    Bottom Line – keep Dotson, Mankins and Collins (who we owe $3M no matter what. If we didn’t have such a complete lack of ability among OL players – I would say get rid of Collins – but since we suck so bad up front – he’s worth keeping as an expensive back up for 1 year assuming/hoping we can find someone better).

    The rest of the OLine (save for their “projects” in Pamphile, Edwards and Omameh) should all be cut and not be here next year.

  19. Buccfan37 Says:

    “The Bucs are nowhere near physical enough.” Big problem! Might as well call this an expansion team.

  20. rdbucfan Says:


    That is if Lovie Dovie is still the head coach. I myself would draft Mariota if available, cut McCown, start Glennon until the line is fixed so Mariota does not turn in to the second coming of David Carr (ruined by an offensive – offensive line).

  21. aj Says:

    You can’t pass on Jameis because the line sucks. It’s unfortunate, but you use everything you’ve got left to draft/trade/free agent offensive lineman, and another pass rushing defensive end.

    And find a fricken offensive co-ordinator. Someone who knows what he is doing, and how to take advantage of the Dunkaneers. The quarterback is going to need the three step drop next year.

  22. Nose Tackle Says:

    Yea Bonzzee , I’m an idiot. Neither QB is worth the top pick but Scherff is and has a greater probability of starting or at least playing his first yr. Johnny turd is a prime example and he WAS mobile UNTIL yesterday. Like I’ve said before 2 of the best qb’s in the league were NOT first round pics and neither started their first yr’s. Build a line with some talent AND tude THEN even Josh or the Goose would have looked much better. And when you do bring in a young qb he has a running game to work off of.And hopefully he won’t get crippled before he matures and can actually give you the flash you so crave.

  23. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    NoseTackle: Bucs will probably go with a qb simply because they need to do something offseason to get a few fans back at RJS next fall and drafting in the trenches while it is the smart move, probably will not happen. BUT say you are right and the Bucs target Scherff of Iowa or Stanford’s Andrus Peat; then would it not be overkill to get them at #1 when you can trade down? Someone will want Winston or Mariota or both if they impress at workouts, the combines and manage to keep their Wunderlick scores above the teens; then trade down a bit and pick up a 2nd rounder and more and still get your guy….. However if the Bucs go qb, you could be right in that you can see what is transpiring in Jacksonville with Bortles getting sacked over and over again happen here in Tampa with a rookie qb and Jacksonville has Luke Joeckel on the line who was the #2 overall in 2012…. One pick, either OT or qb will make this ream much better but a #1 overall qb will get some of the public to drink Koolaid again and buy a few tickets….

  24. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    ughh ^ One pick either OT or qb will NOT make this team much better….

  25. RP Says:

    Dungy hated drafting OL with high draft picks, hence Lovie’s putrid history with OLs. Dungy also stuck with his boy Mike Shula. Lovie will probably stick with Arroyo. We’re doomed!!

  26. Nose Tackle Says:

    Fort Myers Dave , if indeed they can make a trade and pick up extra pics that would be sweet. My point is still about building an infrastructure first then add the qb. When you build something it is only as strong as the foundation.