Smelling Another Roster Upheaval

November 11th, 2014

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Joe laughed and snickered for hours yesterday when he read a comment on this here corner of the Interwebs from a fed up fan (understandable) wailing the Bucs are currently horrible because of former rock star general manager Mark Dominik.

That was better than any Sam Kinison line Joe could remember.

On Sunday, the Bucs had eight starters on offense who were playing football somewhere else when Dominik had an office at One Buc Palace. Man, the blind, irrational hate for the man who gave his soul to the Bucs, Joe doesn’t know who people want to nail to a cross more at times, Jameis Winston or Dominik.

Despite the roster upheaval by Bucs overlord of football operations Lovie Smith, with the Bucs staring down the barrel of a 2-14 season, Joe must believe another housecleaning is coming after reading the words from Woody Cummings of The Tampa Tribune.

After watching Tampa Bay drop its fifth straight game to fall to 1-8 overall, Smith spent the bulk of his news conference discussing many of the same topics as when his team was 1-4.

He talked about the lack of a pass rush and the struggles of the secondary in coverage. He talked about an inconsistent running game and shaky special teams play.

What seemed to bother Smith the most, though, was that here he was, after nine games, still talking about the variety of ways in which Bucs continue to beat themselves.

Lovie preaches from the same Gospel week after week yet the words are not sinking in on his flock. Is Lovie coaching at an “F” level this season? Unquestionably, though it isn’t always a one-way street. Coaches can take a mule and yell and holler and plead at the mule for 365 days, but that doesn’t mean the mule will ever win the Kentucky Derby. The Bucs simply don’t have the horses — namely pass rush — to get the job done.

At the end of the day, that falls on the head honcho, Lovie. He picked the players and assistant coaches. If Lovie keeps the same cast and fails next year, then it may be his last in the NFL. Getting rid of guys who aren’t getting the job done not only means you can find suitable replacements, but it often buys time to coach up new faces.

Of course, Jim Caldwell and Mike Pettine never subscribed to the “it takes time” theory with their clubs, both of which have been doormat franchises for years.

59 Responses to “Smelling Another Roster Upheaval”

  1. mach Says:

    To be honest I’ve been one of Lovies critics the past few weeks.but…. I have to say watching both HC and QB press conferences after the game and the day after I’ve changed my mind. I do think they will turn it around it just won’t be as quick as we hoped.For the first time Lovie came across genuine and I have to say mown’ got heart.. even though he sucks lol. makes me want to keep supporting him to do well .

    so I’ve made the decision no more complaining I’m going to support them through this bas patch.Go Bucs..

  2. Tom Edrington Says:

    With all those ridiculous under-performing, overpaid free agents Lovie brought in, this team is heading straight for salary cap hell.

    You just can’t dump these bums and have dead money sinking the ship, which is already sinking.

  3. gotbbucs Says:

    What im having a hard time with is the fact that with all these highly drafted players and big budget FA acquisitions, we cant find a coaching staff with the sense to build schemes around their many talents.
    This team is an absolute organizational failure, and little of that has to do with the players themselves. This is the product of what you get when you have junior varsity Offensive Coordinators and unimaginative Defensive Coordinators, and this problem goes back three regime’s.

    Dominik didn’t do us many favors though, lets not be naive enough to think he stacked this roster full.

  4. Northend Says:

    Look at the holes in this roster.Domenick had some quality on this roster just 3seasons ago.Could you imagine if we plugged in Talib,Revis at Cb,Bennett at De,TIm Wright still at TE,Gilberry or Selvie at De and Zuttah and Meredith at Oline.And Ahmad was a good cover safety,would fit perfect in this scheme.

  5. bucrightoff Says:

    The problem with Lovie “turning it around” is his mouth has cost him all his time. Now an 0-3 start to next year is instant fired. Lovie has blown all his goodwill, and has to dip into his goodwill reserves because he’s alienated the fan base so much. The fan base is the worst thing it can be now, apathetic and indifferent.

    And Lovie turned over more than a third of this roster, brought in “his guys” to run “his system”, and the results are unquestionably worse, so it’s either poor coaching or poor talent evaluation, both of which fall on Lovie. Lovie needs to do some serious self-evaluation this offseason because he’s not gonna have much of a leash next year, and keeping with the same philosophy and approach will get him fired quickly.

  6. phil Says:

    I hope the house cleaning starts with Lovie. Say what you will about the roster but we had a lot more talent last year than this year and it’s because of Lovie. They can’t get this coach out of here fast enough to suit me. This team is beyond bad. Bad would be an improvement.

  7. Gooberville Says:

    Hmm another article on the pass rush. What happened to never mentioning again cause we don’t have one.

  8. Mort Says:

    You guys do realize that firing coaches after two years twice in a row is exactly the reason the bucs are in their current state right? There is no time for a regime to draft and develop guys who fit their schemes and then someone else comes in and has differing priorities. Think about that the next time you blockheads think firing Lovie is a brilliant move. It’s called the reset button for a reason. Don’t be so quick to hit it just after reboot or you’ll never get a chance to see if it actually solved the problem.

  9. Famous Jameis or Bust Says:

    So if the Browns Stadium = Factory of Sadness
    Tampa Stadium = Dungeon of Depression

    Then I suppose = Website of Whining and Worries (WWW)

  10. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    “Lovie preaches from the same Gospel week after week yet the words are not sinking in on his flock. Is Lovie coaching at an “F” level this season? Unquestionably, though it isn’t always a one-way street. Coaches can take a mule and yell and holler and plead at the mule for 365 days, but that doesn’t mean the mule will ever win the Kentucky Derby. The Bucs simply don’t have the horses — namely pass rush — to get the job done ”

    Arizona Cardinals

    • 11th in total defense
    • 27th against the pass
    • 27th in total sacks (with 14 sacks) ←
    • 3rd against the rush ←
    • 3rd in total points allowed ←

    No More Excuses!!

    Jim Harbaugh (Head Coach) & Jim Tomsula (Defensive Coordinator) for 2015

  11. Matt Says:

    What’s really done us in was Dominik’s insistence upon ignoring our offensive line in the early part of the draft. Free agency and UDFA are not where you build successful olines. Looking back, we have had horrendous luck with Aaron Sears, Trueblood, and then the ladder part of Joseph’s career. A solid oline can make the rest of the team look a lot better than it really is (see the Cowboys). The Oline makes the dline better in practice and sets the tone on gameday.

    For us to have any success anytime soon, we need to draft heavy on the oline over the next couple years.

    The only lineman on our team worth keeping is Dotson. He still has more upside. Kadeem Edwards and Pamphile are major projects and for the life of me I do not understand why we didn’t draft a Cyril Richardson or Sentreal Henderson. They have higher floors than our drafted lineman and we were in NO SITUATION to be drafting TWO project olineman. Edwards has potential to be a great starting guard, he is exceptionally agile and quick but he also has major bust potential bc of his inconsistencies.

    We must draft 2 olineman in the top 3 rounds next yeAr and atleast 2 the following year. Winston and Mariotta are horrible under pressure and we would be no better off with either of them with our current oline. I know Bucs fans are hungry for a franchise QB but there are no Andrew Lucks coming out this year. We have to build the foundation first.

  12. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Speaking of Dominik, who is to blame, Dom or the men who hired him? He wasn’t ready to be an NFL GM in 2009. So I don’t blame Dominik, I blame the bums that hired him.

  13. Chef Paul Says:

    With just a couple exceptions, Dom left with us with basically an expansion team. The cupboards weren’t nearly as bare for the Lions and Browns.

  14. Justin Says:

    Hear, hear!! @mach

  15. Chef Paul Says:

    Since we have no OC and Trestman might be on the hot seat….. You know where I’m going with this. Wouldn’t that irony be delicious?

  16. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    I can recall a reporter asking Dom-“what about veteran leadership”? He replied –As Coach Morris have stated we’re YOUNGRY-Coaches-Coach. Players-play. There’s no need for veteran Leadership…smh

    When the 1st depth chart was released 2011, the average age of the starters on the team was 25.9 years old. Only three starters were above 30.

    After a promising (10-6) season. The only free agent acquisition he made was a freaking punter!!!!!!! Nuff said

  17. Soggy Says:

    If lovie was running a big hotel he would be fired yesterday..And who says in time we are to be at the SB or any better? I am from detroit and heard that for 30 years but maybe this will be the lions SB year, I hate well we suck but give it time, Blow it out your as$..

  18. Buccfan37 Says:

    Everyone knows Lovie is not going anywhere soon. I see the shift from irate fans to a softening of criticism as the reality of the season has progressed. We’ve all been here before. I’ll jump on that bandwagon temporarily. It must be something in the air. Go Bucs!

  19. OB Says:

    This years’team is the result of this this years’ coaching and front office along with the owners, nobody else.

    Neither Dominik nor any one else put the schemes and plays in from before. from what most of you and me are saying is that a lot of released and traded players are doing very well else where, why? Who pick the present coaches and approved the present offensive, defensive, and special team schemes and players? That is who is responsible for this train wreck. GMC saying this is the most undisciplined team he has been on is indicative of who is in change of this mess and how they are doing.

  20. LutzBuczFan Says:

    We had more yards and more time of possession, but also twice as many penalties and more turnovers. It’s fair to put blame on the players for losing, especially after selfish “look at me” penalties and high school quality punting.

  21. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    Maybe all Lovie had to choose from was mules. Maybe Licht only had mules to choose from that athletically looked to fit the program.

    What seemed to fit the scheme seem to be a mirage…

    …and we keep the fire going! lol

  22. BirdDoggers Says:

    Another free agent spending spree will likely generate the same results. You can’t build a team through free agency. If theres one thing that made sense in the Raheem era, it’s the original plan they had to build the team through the draft. The problem is that Raheem had a bare cupboard to work with and building through the draft takes a lot of patience. The plan was scrapped and the result is what it is. A bunch of overpaid, underperforming players that aren’t homegrown Bucs.

  23. Walter White Says:

    Yes, firing coaches a year or two in is, at least in part, why our franchise has become an irrelevant joke. However, let’s remember one important fact:

    We do NOT, nor have we really ever save for a couple years before 5 vanished like Alicia Silverston, an elite or even second tier NFL QB.

    I’ve said it before – if Freeman had continued to progress the way we all thought he would, RAHEEM MORRIS would most likely still be our head coach. It is my opinion that Josh Freeman is SOLELY responsible for Rah losing his (team and therefore) job.

    Our franchise really is in largely the same place it was when the Glazers fired Gruden. WE STILL DO NOT HAVE A QB.

    All that being said, again, no it is not ideal to bring in a new coach ever other year. However, can we all honestly look at factual information and collectively admit and accept and Lovie Smith has only ever been mediocre at best as a head coach. In addition to the poor results of wins, player evaluation, and overall coaching decisions, he sounds like a complete dufus in his press conferences. Again, going back to a young inexperienced Rah he actually sounded more intelligent than Lovie with any lack thereof being directly related to his actual lack of NFL experience! Lovie talks SUCH a big game. Dude, shut your mouth! He talked this team up SO big in the off season and set the expectations higher than they ever needed to be. Now he’s running his mouth about Charles Sims. Dude, shut up and leave this kid alone! Just let him play! He doesn’t need you over hyping him and setting him up to fail.

    You can either deny a mistake and keep going with it, continuing to make the same mistake over and over – or, you can ADMIT you made a mistake, accept it, and move on before it drags you any deeper.

  24. Doc Says:

    Why is every one calling out the coach and not the players. Two coaches same results same players,get some real football players and get rid of the goodie two shoes players. “Talent wins”

  25. Matt Says:

    Our entire secondary aside from Banks (he needs to learn to just make the tackle for a 6yard gain on 3rd and 8 instead of going for a pick), LVD and GMAC from the front seven and that’s it, everyone else is duct tape. 3/11 the rest are backups and/or projects. IMHO Gholston will be a great 3/4 DE but last I checked we run a 4-3 so he can follow in Bennett’s footsteps and go be great for another team. I still think MJ isn’t 100% but let’s face it, he’s no Simeon Rice.

    All of our backs bring something to the table, ASJ and Evans are gonna be solid and Dotson is good. We now have some weapons on offense that we’ve never had. Listen, if we can hit homeruns on 2 olineman next draft this house of cards of a team we have will hold up for a playoff run next year. otherwise, our duct tape defense will get exposed for what it is and itll be another long season. And yes, we will be an expansion team looking for a new coach.

  26. Patrick in VA Says:

    So, I don’t claim to know much about the actual inner workings of nfl circles. That said, are there really a lot of nfl coaches that take whatever ragtag bunch of guys is put in front of them and build schemes around it? I mean, I know that the ideal is to have a coach that works with the talent they have but does it really happen at a high level that way in real life very often? Or, as I suspect, do most coaches try to triage what they have until they can get who they need? Maybe we don’t have a world beater coaching staff but they might not be quite as bad as we think either, when given a little while to put things together.

    What Pettine is doing is remarkable but I’m not that impressed by Caldwell. I could put together a game plan that would win if given a guy that might be a mt. Rushmore receiver when it’s all said and done, a beast dt, Stafford and bush. I think we might give our players a little more credit for their talent level than they deserve because they’re our team and we’re trying to see something that may not be there, or at least not at the level we think. I’m frustrated and Sundays suck this year but I haven’t given up on these guys yet

  27. sho-nuff Says:

    Look it’s easy to try and assign blame when everything sucks…but at the end of the day there is only 1 common denominator…the wimps that own the team…when you have weak leadership it filters down…

    there is NOTHING you can do about it Bucs fans…you will always blow if the Glazers own the team…

  28. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @Patrick in VA

    Look Up

    • Dom Capers
    • Wade Phillips
    • Dick LeBeau
    • Vic Fangio
    • Jack Del Rio
    • Gregg Williams
    • Todd Bowles
    • Ray Horton

    When your a regarded as a defensive guru, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  29. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    When your regarded as a defensive guru, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  30. NewTampaChris Says:

    It made me sick listening to Lovie’s presser yesterday. Not so much his answers but the softball questions lobbed by the Tampa media. You want to see some real questions – go check out the stories on the Bears on Chicago newspaper web sites. How about:

    “Lovie, how can you have a starting tight end that doesn’t know the celebration rules?”
    “You played the worst statistical defense in the league on Sunday yet scored only 17 points. How can you expect to compete against good defenses?”
    “What is your coaching staff doing differently now – versus week 5, for example – to get the team to improve?”
    “Lovie, the Falcons have more than half their sacks for the year in their two games against you. What can you do to improve your offensive line?”
    “How did you and Jason so badly overestimate the quality of your roster?”

    I’m tired of stupid questions like “talk about your quarterback crying after the game” and “Is there anything good to take away from this game?” Who cares? Stop asking questions that you could answer yourself or can clearly anticipate a bogus answer to.

    Tough questions can be asked professionally. Do it.

  31. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    The Great Buddy Ryan

    • Jets
    • Minnesota Vikings- “Purple People Eaters”
    • Chicago Bears-“46 Defense”
    • Philadelphia Eagles “Gang Green”

    “To stop a passing game, you can’t stop it unless you put pressure on it. Now some people are good enough to put it on with a three-man rush; well, we’re not. In fact, I don’t know whether we’re good enough to put it on with a four-man rush. If we have to send eight, we’ll send eight, but we’re not going to let you sit back there and pick us apart all day.”

    — Buddy Ryan,

  32. teacherman777 Says:

    Dom whiffed on Clayborne and Bowers.

    So, next year, we should try again.

    Draft two DE’s with our first two picks.

    We need depth and speed at DE.

    Michael Johnson will be given another shot next year, but if he fails again next year, he will be gone after just two years.

    I hope we honor our contract to Vincent Jackson and let him finish out his contract with honor. He has been the perfect Buc, and he is the perfect mentor to Mike Evans. So, I think we should keep V-Jax next year.

    But Dashon Goldson will be gone. He does nothing.

    But V-Jax and Mankins provide the Bucs with the kind of leadership we need to build up our program.

    Much like Hardy Nickerson and Brad Culpepper did.

  33. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I want to know where the second win is coming from/against.

  34. Phillip Says:

    Ya I’m sorry the fans who yelled, kicked, and screamed for Penn to be gone because he gave up so many sacks last season are saying what now? Also how are all the other linemen doing that are no longer here but were brought in or back by Dom?

    Zuttah is starting in Baltimore… Ted Larsen over in Arizona… Davin is starting for the Rams… Man if we had Penn Larsen Zuttah Omama Dotson line we’d be pretty happy right now and add in a 4th round pick and bring back Tim Wright. Ya Dom didn’t draft O-line but if you had a solid line who cares where you got them? Who is old in that lineup? Penn? Okay eventually draft or pluck someone to be groomed just like Penn, Dotson, and Omama was…

    Instead we let Penn, Zuttah, Larsen, and DJ go one way or the other and brought in Collins(BUST), Mankins(BUST), and EDS(BUST). All of them are making more than the players we let go or traded btw…

    We had a certain poster on kicking down the door to grab Collins because he never gave up a sack in part time work.. How is that working out?

    Fact is the players quit on Schiano last year and are proving it with their play this year it really is as simple as that.

    Not Dom’s fault we currently have a terrible line… You guys keep blaming him though…

  35. bucrightoff Says:

    Lol at not being impressed by Caldwell. Funny cause all offseason the Bucs made “the best hire” in Lovie and the Lions made “the worst hire” in Caldwell. Sorry but he’s done a very good job there, they’re closing games when they used to blow them and they are way, way done in stupid penalties, the sign of good coaching. We, meanwhile, have blown every game we could win and make unquestionably stupid penalties at a very consistent rate, often at the very worst moments, a sign of very poor coaching and discipline.

    At this point Caldwell is at least twice the hire Lovie is. Might that change down the road? Maybe, but now is now and Lovie is the worst hire by a comfortable margin right now.

  36. NewTampaChris Says:

    Caldwell has a QB, quality receivers and a decent RB. And a pretty good DL. End of story.

  37. Patrick in VA Says:

    @luvmybucs – as you’ve probably gathered by my wildly uninformed posts over time, I don’t have time to do a lot of in depth research and I simply am not going to look those guys up but I’ll ask simply whether those guys you listed were put into situations similar to this one and succeeded. Meaning, they picked up a team that had been through multiple rebuilds already and had remnants of multiple different defenses and we’re still able to succeed right out of the gate. If so, I’ll concede that these guys are subpar

  38. Phillip Says:

    It isn’t Scotty… It isn’t..

    I honestly don’t know if Lovie can survive a 1-15 season or any coach for that matter…

    We should go all Cleveland on Lovie if we do finish that poorly and get someone who wasn’t fired from his last job… Let’s try promoting someone from another team for once? Also let’s try looking at established OC’s to be a HC for once as well.. I’ve named them so many times there isn’t a need to list them again. Cut bait Glazors and send a message that a 1-15 team is not acceptable around here no matter how nostalgic it feels to have him around the lockeroom. The former great Bucs will get over it once we start winning again..

  39. Jon Says:

    Phillip nailed it. Read his comments. We could still have a 4th round pick Tim wright and cap money if we’d just keep Penn and Larsen. Just those two alone. Now we basically traded mark barron for a stinking 6th round pick because we already traded away a 4th for washed up mankins. I don’t trust LOvie at all. He’s lied from the start about players, he’s lied all the way thru and now his crummy coaching staff is killing our team. Again read Phillip before typing a comment.

  40. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Donald Penn used his release as motivation. After years of neglecting proper diet & workout. He’s in the best condition of his career. Released Donald Penn was bigger than football-we probably saved dudes life.

    I’ve watched Ted Larsen play-He’s still garbage.

  41. Patrick in VA Says:

    @bucrightoff – that’s a solid point. It’s not always about scheming and part of coaching is eliminating a lot of the stupid errors that are killing us right now. We’ll played

  42. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Releasing Donald Penn was bigger than football-we probably saved dudes life.

  43. not willie d Says:

    curse of Eric Page hahahaha

  44. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @Patrick in VA

    Yes-And that’s based off memory

    Carolina was an expansion team when Capers took over. Then when he went to Green Bay-He completely turned around a their defense. Same can be said for pretty much everyone on the list.

    Bad Coaching is Bad Coaching

  45. bucrightoff Says:

    Curse of Eric Page maybe. But clearly last night should show it’s the Curse of Not Getting Chip Kelly more than anything. His system is so good they can toss aside DeSean Jackson, put in Mark Sanchez and it keeps humming. That was what has set this franchise back more than anything is missing Chip. That’s what has led us down the dark Schiano/Lovie path.

  46. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Mort Says
    “You guys do realize that firing coaches after two years twice in a row is exactly the reason the bucs are in their current state right? ”


    There just are NOT quick fixes in the NFL. Even the rare exceptions only work out temporarily. I don’t want just a trip to the superbowl and then another 5-10 years of boredom. I want a lasting contender, and that is built through stability at head coach.

    I can see firing assistants. Heck, Lovie doesn’t have the coordinators he wanted anyway.

  47. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Chip Kelly. lol. That is just…whatever, dude.

  48. Patrick in VA Says:

    @luvmybucs – fair enough. Doesn’t make me feel better about the state of things, or the road ahead, but even with that being the case, I can’t imagine that another coaching change is the answer. Not fora couple seasons at least. I think we just have to sleep in the bed that was made for a little while to give it a chance. It’s not exciting and has potential to be brutal but I don’t think that blowing it up is the answer. Especially not with our current ownership choosing the new coach. This position would be looked at as an under talented, badly disciplined, revolving door coaching job that a promising coach would shy away from. If there’s someone out there that could turn the team around he’ll be pursued by other teams that will likely have more stability and less of an uphill battle.

  49. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Cleveland Browns

    Romeo Crennel
    Eric Mangini
    Rob Chudzinski
    Mike Pettine <

    We'll eventually get it

  50. bucrightoff Says:

    Yeah whatever dude, going to the playoffs back to back years when having Michael Vick, Nick Foles, Matt Barkley and Mark Sanchez seeing meaningful action. It’s way better to be on a 4-12/1-15 stretch…..

  51. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Romeo Crennel 2005–2008

    Eric Mangini 2009–2010
    Pat Shurmur 2011–2012
    Rob Chudzinski 2013
    Mike Pettine 2014 ←

  52. SAMCRO Says:

    Of course Caldwell, and Pettine both stepped into programs that had been collecting draft picks like mad for the last several years. How many picks did the Browns have last year?

    2014 they had 6 picks in the first 4 rounds plus added 3 more to the 2015 draft
    2013 they had 7 of the first 120 draft picks
    2012 11 picks
    2011 9 picks

    2014 8 picks compensatory 4th rounder
    2013 9 picks compensatory 4th, 2- 6th, and 2- 7th rounders
    2012 8 picks 2 5th rounders
    2011 5 picks maybe not as prevalent as the Browns but way more picks than the Bucs during that time.

  53. biff barker Says:

    So the roster card is back in play?

    Sorry, I’m not falling for this crap again. Neither should anyone else.

    At the onset of the season the defense was supposedly stocked with talent and was going to carry the Bucs until the offense got traction.

    There is enough talent for us to be a .500 team.

    The Bucs have a penchant of shooting themselves in the face in the 4th quarter.

    It’s coaching.

  54. BucTrooper Says:

    “On Sunday, the Bucs had eight starters on offense who were playing football somewhere else when Dominik had an office at One Buc Palace.”

    So what you’re saying is Dominik drafted well for OTHER teams… just not the one he was working for.

    I am firmly convinced Joe and Dominik are some kind of personal friends in real life because you rarely see a criticism on 5 years of TERRIBLE draft picks that yielded exactly TWO contract extensions from the Bucs – and one of those extensions was traded to Buffalo.

    I don’t care where they’re playing now. In 5 drafts, Dominik found ONE player worth keeping for the long haul, not to mention the bevy of missed first and second round draft picks (which should be easier to hit on) and free agent gaffes.

    Easily… the WORST GM in Bucs history.

  55. Mike J Says:

    Joe, for reasons unclear, is Dominik’s #1 apologist.

    Hey Joe, how many offensive linemen did Mark draft?? How many that were any good??

    He was terrible & left the Bucs in almost as bad a mess as Obama will his successor.

  56. Dylan Says:

    @joe hahhaahah it is mark dominiks fault and guess what ill say it again. I stay up hours laughing at you thinking cause you run a fan based website purely opinions, how you think your the bucs guru. Don’t forget love laughs at you aswell. You keep defending mark dominik pal. theres a reason him and greg are on ESPN and NFL network and not working for a club. Matter fact, i bet greg schiano joins a NFL club before mark dominik. I use to be the biggest mark dominik supporter and fan. But wake up and smell the coffee boss. he missed EVERY DRAFT PICK and SIGNING besides…. the 3rd overall pick… omgg…. lets not forget mark dominik is the one who signs these stupid players but lets his stars walk. Ill never forget michael bennet. probably his only good pickup and he lets him walk for nothing cause he drafted the two bust adrian and daquan with the first and second round pick. see the trend here? this roster is complete garbage and i feel so bad for lovie, but i got the upmost respect for him for staying and sticking to his ways. the list goes on of wasted money he spent and picks. Its just way simpler to say this. Mccoy and Lavonte david were the only good things he did. Out of all the years he was GM his only two good moves were lavonte and mccoy… and i don’t give him credit for mccoy cause he was such a rare prospect passing on him would’ve been so stupid. him or suh were bucs depending on who fell. Its good to see a real GM come in and hit on his first two pics. once again how many combined TDs? sh*t, in one year he can be tied with dominik on great picks!!! mike evans is looking like a all pro already as a rookie!

  57. DrT Says:

    You miss the entire point of Dominikitis. It’s not only the the players who are here (Adrian Claybourne) – it’s the ones who are not (Luke Kuechly). I could go on and on, but you know better than I how stupid a$$ draft picks with overwhelming misses (Josh Freeman, Adrian Claybourne, Brian Price to name a few) have killed the Bucs. Oh, yeah, the rare hit – LaVonte David.

    Yep. Lovie screwed the pooch with free agency! Draft picks look like TD strikes so far at the top. Time will tell.

  58. Phillip Says:

    So if Dom traded for the following players while he was here would you all be complaining??

    QB – Tom Brady

    RB – Justin Forsett

    WR – Stevie Johnson and Jordy Nelson

    TE – Larry Donnell/Jason Witten/Martellus Bennett

    Like I said… IT DOESN’T MATTER how you get the players as long as they are good… And if they are older you put a plan in place to get their replacement whether that’s the draft or by signing or trading for another player..


    Don’t try and feed me or anyone else that bullsh!t about cutting Penn saved his life… Let’s not be ridiculous he is a PROFESSIONAL NFL player.. He was/is still a solid starting LT… It also doesn’t excuse the fact that we still signed your boy and he SUCKS out loud after you pounded the table all off-season that Penn stunk and he is the problem… Apparently you haven’t seen Larsen play this year or his @$$ would be on the bench and that 2012 1st round pick would be ahead of him on the depth chart.

  59. MARK WHEELER Says:

    It’s gotta be the CURSE OF SUPER BOWL 37. Without looking it up I would venture to guess that no 2 super bowl opponents have a worse record in the 12 years after they played. We don’t need new coaches or players, we need a curse lifted!!