Rainey Among Most Elusive

November 26th, 2014

That data geeks weigh in

Joe knows many Bucs fans become incensed when one suggests running back Doug Martin doesn’t have it any longer. He doesn’t.

Joe has written too many times describing in great detail why Bobby Rainey is a better option now than Martin.

Don’t think so? Just look at what the spreadsheeters over at Pro Football Focus dug up.

It appears that Rainey is one of the most elusive running backs in the NFL.

What more is there to say? Martin is dead-last in the NFL in yards per attempt. Why keep beating a dead horse?

If Rainey is that elusive, he is the perfect back to run behind a suspect rush-blocking line, instead of a guy who doesn’t have vision, rarely looks for daylight, and just puts his head down and tries to plow through traffic.

11 Responses to “Rainey Among Most Elusive”

  1. San Francisco Joe Says:

    I don’t think anyone is arguing that he’s having a great season. I think most rational people are hesitant to scapegoat one player when the whole team underperforms and we know (or should know) the issues run deeper.

  2. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Martin must be hampered from a previous injury or an unreported injury because he is just not the same back he was. Also this zone style blocking scheme doesn’t suit him. He was much better with Sullivan and his power blocking that he used.

  3. Chef Paul for Brandon Scherff Says:

    I’m sick of hearing about Martin’s numbers declining because of O-line (2.8YPC). But the O-line blocks for Rainey (4.2YPC). Along with McCown sucks because of O-line and the O-line sucks because of Glennon. Yes the O-line is abysmal, but they block better for certain players?

    It’s the same dam line. Unless we have a bunch of Lomas Brown’s on the line. In which case, I wouldn’t doubt it.


  4. Harry Says:

    When I think of “most elusive”, Rainey is not the first thing that comes to mind. Most elusive is the Bucs getting a freaking W, M Johnson getting a sack, McCown NOT throwing an INT, the opposing teams QB, just signed off the street NOT looking like Payton Manning…

    Sorry, I will go take my meds now…

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Most elusive is Joe’s quest for Rachel Watson…..even in his dreams!!!

    Second most elusive is me getting a poll out of Joe on Jameis Watch!!!

  6. SeanyMacinSC Says:

    It seems that DM22 is only effective when he has a fullback to lead the way. The other backs can find their own holes to run thru.

  7. DWE Says:

    We need to keep Lovie and just hire a Head, Head Coach. that way he can tell Lovie: No you are not starting McCown, no you are not starting Martin but rather Rainey and so on and so on. Then Lovie can concentrate on what he does best, which is showing love and respect for the players.

  8. biff barker Says:

    Joe, I’ve said this before, Martin hasn’t been the same since being concussed during last seasons preseason game against Indy.

    Another in the Tampa bay media have alluded to Martin’s “other” problem. Sounds rather Freemanesque to me.

    Regardless, the results aren’t there and it’s fair to say bust.

  9. Buccfan37 Says:

    About the time everyone jumps on the Rainey is the best back bandwagon they’ll jump off as soon as he coughs up the ball. For the running game being so important to Lovie’s strategy, there is’nt much to speak of except for the lack of a running game.

  10. C. Alaka Says:

    Joe’s smear campaign continues lol Jonathan Stewart leads the list lmfaooo…enough said & you Trent Richardson right behind Rainey…listen Joe, the Bucs offense is bad…the running plays aren’t creative & are predictable, the o-line gets blown up due to these reasons…it would be different if the offense was middle of the pack but they aren’t & Doug Martin isn’t your reason…no he hasn’t ran well, some of it is on him but most of it is on what I stated earlier…GET OFF MARTIN’S BACK!!!!! You put him on the Broncos, Packers, Patriots you think he’s running for less than a 3.0 avg per rush?!?!?…no he’s their bellcow back!

  11. Buctebow Says:

    The flaw I see in this argument is equating Missed Tackles to Elusiveness. Marshawn Lynch is not elusive, he is just a beast they bounce off and can’t tackle. That being said I do believe that Rainey has good vision and has an elusive quality to him. I wish the best for DM, but he has underperformed severely and it’s time to move on.