Bucs Preparing To Shop Players

November 17th, 2014
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On the trading block?

Buried under Sunday’s games and faux DEA raids (some folks are watching “Homeland” a little too much) was a column by a national NFL scribe that revealed information about the Bucs that is hardly a surprise or a state secret.

Jason La Canfora put fingertips to keyboard and wrote how Tampa Bay, anxious to load up on draft picks, will shop three players to see if anyone nibbles at the bait.

The CBS Sports columnist learned that Hawk Goldson, Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin will be dangled for draft picks once the season is complete.

While general manager Jason Licht was unable to find suitable deals for running back Doug Martin, receiver Vincent Jackson and safety Dashon Goldson before the trade deadline, the team will field overtures for all three this season, sources said, with other general managers under the impression they will be available in 2015 at the right price.

Tampa held out for a second-round pick for Jackson, and that price could drop this offseason, especially as 2014 draft picks Mike Evans and Austin Seferian-Jenkins continuing to make strides in the second half of the season. Martin can be had for a late-round pick in all likelihood and Goldon’s bloated contract limits his market but he very well will not be back in 2015.

With Tampa falling well short of renewed expectations in coach Lovie Smith’s first season at the helm, the team is expected to remain very active in trying to fill many voids, and the team will also very likely be in the market for a proven offensive coordinator after the season as well, with health problems forcing Jeff Tedford to miss all of this season. The offensive staff has been undermanned and scrambling without the playcaller on the job.

Joe is torn on the subject of Jackson. There is no way Joe could justify paying an aging, deteriorating No. 2 wide receiver $10 million a year for the final two years of his contract. Not when the Bucs have so, so, so many holes. For that kind of cash, you could get two decent players.

Problem is, the Bucs will let you know that Jackson has been a significant factor in the development of Evans as a stud receiver. And Jackson is still a threat to be reckoned with, despite his rash of dropsies.

Already the Bucs have been rotating Hawk in and out of the lineup. Hard to justify Hawk’s salary if he is a part-time player. And with Martin slipping like he has, Joe would take just about any offer for him.

47 Responses to “Bucs Preparing To Shop Players”

  1. Dave Pear Says:

    So, does this list mean that Glennon is still the QBOTF?

  2. Warren Says:

    I say keep VJax. In recent past we have discarded quality vets too quickly. That can’t be good for team leadership and morale. I am sure VJax would negotiate fairly knowing he is on the back end of a great career and he has a chance to make a legacy for himself here. He is a total class act through and through. Sometimes it’s not all about the $$

  3. Robert 9 Says:

    lol, cause they did so well in this years draft, short of the 1st pick.

  4. meh Says:

    I wouldn’t move Jackson for anything less than a very high 2nd rounder, and even then I still might not. Even with Evans quickly becoming a star and Jackson on the downslope of his career, he has huge value to this team. He’s a leader. Evans has openly talked about how much help he’s been. I don’t unload him unless I’m blown away by the offer.

    Martin, I’d take what I can get. He should have some value, but it isn’t going to be great. He has no future here though, so take what we can get.

    Goldson? Nobody is trading for a subpar player with a big contract. Forget it. Cut him and eat the $3m or whatever portion it is we have to eat.

  5. Robert 9 Says:

    on a positive note. Congrats to the bucs players for the win! Go Bucs. I did not watch the game, but as my wife even said yesterday, ya know, Sundays are pretty nice without football.

    gotta love FL.

  6. bucrightoff Says:

    lol at getting a draft pick for Goldson. Conditional 7th, maybe. Martin is the same, no one is gonna give up higher than a 5th. Jackson you only trade for value, as mentioned lots of upside to keeping him around for Evans, trading him for a 4th just to trade him makes no sense.

  7. Patrick in VA Says:

    If VJax is unwilling to renegotiate at the end of this year, what do you all think of getting an Andre Johnson from the Texans? From what I remember from the offseason, the Texans see him as being on the decline and might not bring him back. If he’s willing to come here for a lesser contract than Jackson’s then he still has the big body and can be a mentor for Evans without the big price tag. If put in a #2 role then Johnson could be great for us.

  8. BirdDoggers Says:

    I don’t see anyone giving up a draft pick for Jackson, not when you consider his contract. The team might be better off keeping him if they can fit his salary under the cap. Goldson’s contract is hefty too, and he hasn’t done anything special since he got here. He’ll probably be released. Martin could be the only one of the three with trade value, although it would probably be a late round pick. His only good season is fading in the rearview and RBs don’t have much value anymore.

  9. meh Says:

    I’d rather either keep Jackson or get another young guy to grow.

  10. billy buckaroo Says:

    I would hope they could renegotiate a contract with Vjax rather than trade him. If Mike Evans got banged up Vjax would look great being available. I doubt they can draft a top receiver with all their other needs. He still commands respect and I think he will still have some great catches left in him.

  11. Me Says:

    We could send Bowers anywhere for some towels and practice balls…. Ok just the towels

  12. Harry Says:

    For what VJax is being paid and adding in his age, I would be shocked if we got anything more than a 5th round pick. I like VJax, and I agree he is a significant mentor to ME13, but after this year if the Bucs could get a 4th or 5th rd pick, they should take it.

    Hell, look at what we gave up for Mankins. If would could find a trading partner like us, maybe we could get a higher pick. LOL

  13. Robert 9 Says:

    the only way we get decent value for vjax is from a superbowl contender who just needs a great #2 WR for 1-2 years and has draft picks to spare.

  14. theodore Says:

    No one is trading for Jackson and his salary. He’ll be cut. If we know that, so do GMs,

  15. pick6 Says:

    @davepear, apparently mccown is our QBOTF. dungy’s defensive philosophy and gruden’s QB philosophy together again, glory days are back [sarcasm]

  16. pick6 Says:

    i think jackson would prefer to remain a buc, but if the patriots or seahawks came calling and they asked him to take a paycut to complete the deal, i’m betting he wouldn’t object too much.

  17. mike n Says:

    nobody will give anything fopr Goldson, and maybe we get a 5th rd pick for martin.
    I really hope we keep VJAX. I believe some of Mike evans success comes from his leadership and the fact that dbs have to give vjax extra attention.

  18. ATLBucsFan Says:

    Keep VJ if he renegotiates his contract. I’d like to see a healthy DM play some games before letting him go. Sad to see such talent not being utilized and I feel like (with no facts here) that he is still injured and not 100%. My 2 cents.

  19. bucsfaninchina Says:

    With Godzilla off and running regularly wrecking teams now, one has to think VJax’s days are numbered. I love the guy, got his jersey a week after they signed him, but this is a head over heart sort of deal. In getting a second rounder, you would have the ammunition to trade up for the coveted franchise QB or moving back into the first to pick up a stud MLB like either Perryman or McKinney should either situation present itself. And the free agent class at WR is pretty stacked for a #2 wideout – Cecil Shorts, Torrey Smith, many more – who can be had for much less than $10 mil a year.

  20. NewTampaChris Says:

    They have no one behind VJax. This is the bind that a team gets in when they draft poorly. The Bucs have to overpay in certain (OK, most) areas to field a decent team.

    The Broncos would not pay $10m for VJax but the Bucs may have to. In today’s NFL, you have to be able to be productive in the air.

  21. Louis Friend Says:

    The question isn’t whether they should trade Jackson – but whether or not his contract is too much to keep him? Presently they’re okay on the cap, depending on how much of a boost it gets in the offseason it may not hurt them to keep Jackson around.

    Remember, there are is a lot of money coming off the table in 2015, like Mankins, Koenen, Goldson (who seems to be a certain cut) and possibly a few others. Combine that with the cap increase and it may not be a burden to keep Jackson around. $10 million is just a number. They have to spend the cap regardless, why not keep a solid security blanket on a team without a #3 waiting in the wings to move up?

  22. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Please don’t get rid of Vjax, at least not without replacing him. Other than Evams who would we have to throw to with him gone? ASJ and Louis Murphy?

    Vjax is on the tail end of his career, but still has value left. I’m glad we didn’t trade him this season and learner don’t this offseason. It could seriously stunt Evans’ growth, with double teams and lack of mentoring. Evans is a Jackson clone, who better to learn from?

    Martin, Goldson, Collins, Johnson, Mankins, and EDS are all disposable.

  23. Brent Says:

    That sucks about Jackson. He’s overpaid but we have no one to fill his shoes and the odds of drafting a guy that will be better than him is low. Plus he’s a good vet and mentor. We can’t afford to take risky positions at 2-8 and a frustrated fan base. Anyways were talking one more year on his contract. How cheap can you be. Who wants a team devoid of good vets?

  24. DallasBuc Says:

    A late round pick is not more valuable than Doug Martin. You people are insane.

  25. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    The following comments will show many why I am no NFL GM, but if it were me I’d keep Martin on roster unless someone pulls a Colts-for-Richardson type over payment. I think the fact none of the Bucs RB’s have really had much success this year shows a lot of the blame is on OLine run blocking scheme and execution. Martin still has value especially if Sims doesn’t pan out. As for VJax the man has done a lot for the Bucs and the community, he deserves a shot at a ring on a team that is poised to win now. Trade him to the Patriots or Broncos if they are willing to deal. The Hawk…well he can fly away for what the Bucs have gotten for $8M

  26. Architek Says:

    Restructure VJax.

  27. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    If we get rid of VJax we will have to draft another receiver or two to find one that is good enough to play #2. Or we have to really find someone in FA and still pay them. So might as well keep VJax for another year at least.

  28. Brent Says:

    Ditto skyline crew. Why would a 2-8 team get rid of a valuable player just to create another hole. Oh yeah, we can afford him and there’s plenty of other players we can cut who have no value. I think he only has 1 year on contract anyways so age no issue. also, draft picks are great but they are risky not guarantees. Most of them fail. Vjax will def be productive next year.. He earned the money anyways. I don’t get this idea. Penny smart dollar stupid.

  29. Buctebow Says:

    keep vjax and restructure if possible. No more holes please. We can afford him regardless.

  30. Dcommand Says:

    You don’t trade strengths to fill weaknesses. We’ll be waiting years for a number 2 receiver if we trade Jackson and he won’t compare. Let him make his money restructure his contract later we are not cap strap.

  31. Mike J Says:

    Harry, Jackson doesn’t seem to have taught Evans how to drop passes.

  32. phil Says:

    No way should we trade VJ. We don’t have enough good players and VJ is a good player. We need more good players not less. We know what we have with VJ. Somebody that we haven’t drafted yet is a risk. And we aren’t very good at drafting.

  33. THETRUTH Says:

    Why are we concerned with cap space when we are always under. Why do we use that excuse to cut players that we can keep. VJ would serve better with new contract and less tax state here he know he cAnt get 10 mill so es here else but 5mil yr hear with 4mil bonus ain’t bad. And cap friendly.

    Joe last time we cut someone (revis) because 16 mil can be used for other players , that didn’t pan out!!! And again we are still under cap probably could have kept him. Yet you suggest that c’mon man.

    If you don’t have a legit #2 this offense goes nowhere again, unless y draft Cooper from Alabama.

    We were in this boat last year all people did was cry that we need another WR cause Jackson is double teamed , so we draft one just to be In the same boat the next year.

    Can anyone name who was out #2 all season last yr. ???? Point made

  34. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Truth, if we draft Cooper that means we didn’t take a QB.

  35. SeattleBucsFan Says:

    Keep Doug Martin, he is barely healthy. plus any RB would struggle with this OL

  36. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Mike Williams was our #2 last year, and a good one. We were crying for a slot reciever, but that was thrown out the window after Williams was traded for having the nerve to get stabbed. I think we would’ve been much better off with Williams AND Evans. Evans had tremendous success in the slot at A&M, and would eventually take over for Vjax as the #1 when he left the team. As you said we are in the same boat this year, with just a better #2 in Evans. Only difference is VJax is a year older, and one step closer to out the door.

  37. johnnytheMOON Says:

    No One is going to trade for any of the guys but Martin because his contract is reasonable …NO one is gOing to take on VJAX and the Hawks contracts ..when they know the Bucs are going to waive them ….Remember REVIS !!!

  38. THETRUTH Says:


    If my memory serves correct wasn’t williams out for almost the entire year levying ins to try different guy.. think was on IR come october.

    but VJAX numbers dint show drop off yet, maybe this year but that would be due to amount of passes evans is getting.

  39. THETRUTH Says:


    your correct, we need QB, I wouldn’t take WR when we have two proven ones, much more need than replacing good players every year, lets replace bad. IF no QB gotta go OLINE if there is a stud OLINEmen worth top 5 pick.

  40. Macabee Says:

    The Eagles made a strong push for Jackson before the trade deadline. The Bucs held out for a 2nd round pick.

    The Bucs will probably attempt to get Jackson to restructure at the end of the season. If he refuses, the Eagles will likely return and the Bucs will likely drop their price!


  41. ddneast Says:

    Can’t see why everyone is in a hurry to get rid of Martin. I haven’t seen one running back this year turn into the second coming of Gale Sayers when they got a chance to play.
    You can’t ever have enough good players at running back since the position takes a lot of punishment through one game, let alone 16.

  42. Buc'It Says:

    I feel as though trading/cutting Jackson would be asinine.. Asiten.. Asieleven! Think about, when was the last time Tampa signed a FA that truly seemed to buy into Tampa Bay and make it his home? Vincent has been a Buccaneer man since day 1 and never faulted as he accumulated big plays and remained a constant in the community. VJax looks to be the kind of individual who would have no problem at all renegotiating his contract knowing he’s aging and no longer would have to carrying the weighted stress of being a #1 receiver. After Simeon, he could go down as the best FA acquisition ever made in this franchise.

  43. Pickgrin Says:

    Goldson will be cut. Martin will be kept and VJax will be approached to restructure (but ultimately kept either way unless they can get a 2nd round pick in trade for him).

    Glennon is one of the few players Bucs would/should be willing to part with who has any decent trade value. (3rd or 4th round pick probably)

  44. teacherman777 Says:

    Keep V-Jax!!!

    The man is a pillar in the community and exactly the kind of mentor we need to rebuild “Buc football.”

    V-Jax is still a force to be reckoned with. This week and last week he was amazing.

    Mike Evans is getting single coverage because V-Jax is still gettin doubled.

    Hey Joe-

    Don’t call V-Jax “old and agin”

    He is wise and a great WR.

    I say we set a precedence and pay the man! And keep him!!

    And Logan Mankins for that matter.

  45. DrT Says:

    OK, Joe, what big numbers did your choices of Bucs’ running backs put up against the Redskins?
    Joe! Joe!
    Oh, the silence speaks it all!

  46. tha truth is... Says:

    Amari Cooper would be a nice replacement. Cheaper, younger, faster with ultimate upside. Tha receiver position would be set 4 a long time

  47. buc fan for life Says:

    I say keep V-Jax and Martin (still think Martin will be back to old self) there’s too much changing of players, teams that do best longer are teams that keep chemistry going as for the Hawk… try to dedo deal