“We’re Hoping That’s Coming Soon”

October 14th, 2014

josh mccown 0815

Josh McCown was getting dressed in the Bucs locker room today with nothing on his bad thumb. It didn’t even look swollen.

“It’s getting there. It’s getting there. We’ll see,” McCown said of his injured thumb. “It feels like we’re making progress, so that’s encouraging.”

Asked if he could perform any football activities with the thumb, McCown offered up the following:

“Not quite yet. We’re hoping that’s coming soon. We’ll see,” McCown said.

McCown deferred talk about him being ready to play again Minnesota in two weeks to Lovie Smith.

32 Responses to ““We’re Hoping That’s Coming Soon””

  1. Waterboy Says:

    Hopefully he’ll be ready for the Minnesota game because the way Glennon was getting abused behind that offensive line Sunday they might need McCown to fill in for him soon.

  2. Buc1987 Says:

    The thumb was only banged up for one game. This whole thing is a farce nowadays at One Buc. I STILL think the thumb injury was bs. Yeah I saw him bang it on the helmet during the Falcons game. What a way out, such a seasoned pro at faking injury. So much BS going on.

  3. flmike Says:

    I’ve pretty much emotionally checked out on the Bucs as long as Stuffy Smith is the HC, but I hope for all you who are sticking around to continue watching the $hitshow that Stuffy produces on a weekly basis, he doesn’t install McClown back as the starter, he’s only guaranteeing you next drafts 1st pick with that move….

  4. Tom Edrington Says:

    WHAT? Are they trying to make SURE they lose to the Vikings?

    McCown needs to keep doing what he’s doing: Sit!!

  5. Buc1987 Says:

    My wife just told me that if McCown is the starter in the Vikings game then she’s done watching for the season. It won’t keep me from watching though. I like a good train wreck.

  6. Louis Friend Says:

    Actually considering the way Glennon was abused on Sunday, McCown being ready to play won’t be bad at all. Glennon will not last being hit that much.

  7. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Glennon may not be the answer, but he has clearly outperformed McCown in virtually every way imaginable.

    This is not coming from an MGMer but ya gotta admit. McCown NEVER won the job to begin with. He was simply Lovie’s fair haired boy. Before the season started, when hopes were high, people put up with Lovie’s choice. Well except for Joe’s continual rants about drafting Johnny Playboy…er Johnny Clipboard holder.

    But now that Glennon has clearly outplayed McCown Lovie’s would be pouring gasoline on the tire fire he has going over at One Buc if he tries to start McCown.

    Unless of course Glennon can come up with some “injury”. The way he was pounded last Sunday they may not have to fake it.

  8. "TheKevin" Says:

    If the bucs start mcclown (unless glennon is hurt)

    I will no longer support this team and will not have a favorite team anymore.

    There is no reason on this planet to start that bum of a quarterback.

  9. Ray Rice Says:

    Oh Hello No!!!! Stay your A$$ on the bench Josh. Put some use to that thumb and use it on your wife instead.

  10. DB55 Says:

    Mccown Martin banks mccoy not really hurt just benched. In two weeks glennon will mysteriously poke his eye out so Lovie can start mccown. Mark my words! The pick glennon threw on Sunday got him benched for the season if Lovie has anything to do with it.

  11. OB Says:


    Maybe both can play at the same time and only the center knows who is getting the ball, some of his hikes seem that way any way. That would slow the rush down some since they wouldn’t know which way to go.

  12. Buccfan37 Says:

    Stuffy Smith, more like Snuffy Smith. His coaching ability is good enough. It’s enough = snuff. Would McCown have fared any better against the Ravens? Lovie aims to find out. I know it aint going to happen, but I’m for ditching Lovie asap. His coaching is like watching paint dry. His talking is like watching paint peel.

  13. Brandon Says:

    Not a Mike Glennon fan in the least bit here…but… here are his numbers projected out for the whole season by taking the average of his 3 starts, multiplying by 13, and then adding in the stats from the half he played against the Falcons.

    294 completions, 535 attempts, 57% completions, 3869 yards, 6.9 YPC, 27 TDs, 13 INTs, 32 sacks taken.

    Now, I love stats, I am a bit of a stats guy… and Glennon’s projected stats actually look really good, though he hasn’t convinced me he is the long-term answer outside of his impressive stats. If he can improve on his already fairly impressive stats, then just maybe, he improves the actual offensive showing, which is far more impressive than stats… you know, points on the board, when it matters. I look forward to the rest of the season to see if Glennon can become the guy and if Leslie Frazier is really Stevie Wonder in disguise.

  14. Robert 9 Says:

    put him in please, this season is over. no sense in getting glennon killed.

    go for the #1 pick.

    pick a QB, trade glennon to the dolphins so I can watch him for free.

  15. Robert 9 Says:

    lol at ray rice.

    maybe thats how he broke it the 1st time, cause it wasn’t that little stub on the helmet. all a ruse like 87 said.

    then again maybe she wanted a bigger thumb

  16. passthebuc` Says:


    Every play in the 1st Q the runner got stuffed behind the line, with the coach yelling “give the ball to LeRoy”

    Every play in the 2nd Q the runner got stuffed behind the line, with the coach yelling “give the ball to LeRoy” with 2 minutes the stands took up the coaches chant of “give the ball to LeRoy”

    The QB called time and went over to the sidelines and said to the coach,


  17. Incognito Says:

    McClown clearly gives the bucs the least chance to win Lovie.

  18. Andres Says:

    McCown should start. He knows the Vikings well and that gives him more upside than Glennon but not by much.

  19. ddneast Says:

    I seriously can’t believe some of, check that, most of the lunacy that is posted out here.
    If anyone out here actually works a job here, besides for me, I’m wondering when you find the time to post while spending all that time getting drug tested or having coworkers attempt interventions with you.

  20. owlykat Says:

    You are correct, Andre. The first half of the last game showed the same poor line play that hurt Josh’s stats, but if you multiply Josh’s first half stats by 5 for 5 more halves, you will see Josh was superior to Glennon. For one thing Josh ran two touchdowns himself in one game. His mobility makes him the obvious choice for the Minnesota game. Glennon running out of bounds last game when he could have just thrown the ball away and save yards, just prove that Glennon is not as smart as everybody thinks. Under pressure he suddenly starts throwing inaccurate throws and continues even on the downs where there is no pressure. We are going to have to draft a top QB in the upcoming draft, anyway, because Glennon clearly has had plenty of chances to show he is a winner, and he doesn’t have it. Josh gives us the best chance for our first Home Win this season!

  21. buc4lyfe Says:

    This is one of those situations that’s gonna be like the bock and foles saga. Either mccown is gonna come back and play like a starter finally or Glennon is gonna get mccown cut

  22. Zam Says:

    I’d like to see more McCown play. Cause if he stinks we need to cut him in the offseason and free up that $5M of cap room.

  23. sho-nuff Says:

    insert ambivalence here…

  24. clafollett Says:

    Right on ’87. I’ve been thinking that from the start. He needs to stay on the side lines. He makes a better coach than a player.

  25. Vincente Says:

    Put McCown in. I don’t want Glenkon getting hurt this year behind that o line. Let McCown take the hits you know they are coming.

  26. Vincente Says:


  27. Snook Says:

    He needs to play the rest of the season. That way, we won’t screw up our draft position by winning 2 or 3 meaningless games.

  28. PanthersSuck! Says:

    Can he play defensive end?

  29. SOOFIERCE Says:

    Put Lovie in as QB… It’s the only way to open his eyes to the $hit he meshed together.

    -Im pissed that I have to hind my Bucs mug at the office

  30. jlynch Says:

    Why don’t they bring in Luke Mc Cown everone liked him and thought he got hosed when the brought in tackling dummy Byron leftwich… that was fun to watch the hits he took

  31. BoJim Says:

    Hey! owelykat the albatross of JBF is back!!!!

  32. iamkingsu Says:

    And the news gets worse with every passing second