No “Mistakes Within The Offense”

October 16th, 2014
What about Mike Evans' brain?

What about Mike Evans’ brain?

There’s a bit of a Bucs conundrum.

It is taking what feels like forever for Buccaneers to learn the Tampa Bay defense — while young offensive players are razor sharp in their knowledge of the Jeff-Tedford-turned Marcus Arroyo Experience.

Mike Glennon is throwing a lot to three rookie targets, Mike Evans, Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Robert Herron. And speaking on his Total Access radio show Tuesday night, Glennon said his rookie pass catchers “aren’t making mistakes within the offense.”

Glennon said that’s especially impressive and their challenges have really only been about execution. (Joe assumes that means squeezing the damn football.) Joe was glad to hear this about the youngsters. It would be normal for them to have a learning curve. Heck, Herron is the elder statesman of that bunch, and he only turned 22 in June.

All three rookie receivers have mad talent. But they have to catch the ball consistently (cough, ASJ and Herron) and the Bucs need to do a better job putting them in position.

Waiting until the second half go deep to Evans, or throw him a “Dunkaneer” jump ball, is inexcusable.

10 Responses to “No “Mistakes Within The Offense””

  1. Rob Says:

    warm and fuzzy comments for ASJ considering the # of mistakes we’ve all seen him make between the drops and the penalties. Robert Herron is largely invisible. No doubt that Evans has been solid.

  2. sho nuff Says:

    the bucs track record for picking up some of the dumbest players in the league lives on …

  3. Skyline Crew Says:

    That is good to know. Positions that we don’t really need to worry about when next year’s draft comes. Drafting all defense next year.

  4. gulfcoast Says:

    ….maybe the offense is just that simple and easy to learn.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    I think Lovie’s defensive prowess is overrated, like RastaMon’s suggestion that Lovie’s greatness is attained by association with others.

  6. Steady Mobbin Says:

    If we could avoid the bullcrap illegal formation/delay of game penalties that result from having a redshirt freshman OC, maybe we’d be better than the 25 points per game we’ve seen since Glennon was rightfully installed as starter.

    Hell, if he’d started from the jump, we’d be a 3-3 team with two terrible losses. And if we’d won an OT coin flip we’d be 4-2 in first place. With those two same terrible losses.

  7. Willie D Says:

    Answer=Eric Page

  8. ddneast Says:

    We’ll Bucfan37 that is pretty much the case in all aspects of like and work. Duhhh.
    Smart leaders hire smart and competent administrators. When they don’t perform well, heads start rolling and they get replaced.
    A smart leader also knows when it is time to start cutting. One third thru the season is certainly not the time to take anyone to the chopping block.
    But you can rest assured if the Bucs stay on their current course, player personnel and coaches will feel the wrath.
    Just because you don’t see Lovie rolling up on players on the sideline and blistering their ears doesn’t mean he isn’t upset and ready to break chairs like the rest of us idiots do.
    As for the WR’s we have, this May, overall, be the best unit we ave ever had. Have really been impressed with Louis Murphy and Herron, who started off slowly and was dropping balls, seems to be more sure handed as of late.
    Ohhhh if we only had an experienced OC to utilize these guys wh

  9. ddneast Says:

    I absolutely hate Ipads.
    You have a sneaky feeling this guy doesn’t get it when the Bucs are down 21-0 and the first play called from scrimmage after the obligatory touchback is a deep sideline go pattern requiring a 7 step drop.
    Egads man, call some plays where Glennon can get and keep his feet underneath him and you can give your defense a bit of a blow on the sideline. Get some first downs to stop the bleeding.
    The play calling last Sunday was just horrible.

  10. buctebow Says:

    Rookie receivers hang onto the ball (finally). Bucs win against the Vikings improving their record to 2-5.