Lovie Serves Up A Question For Fans

October 13th, 2014

lovie and lichtThe leader of Lovieball, Lovie Smith, had a firm message for fans today.

And the head coach also offered up a question at his afternoon news conference.

Asked how he respond to Bucs fans who are upset by the team enduring horrific blowout losses in the first six games, Lovie had plenty to say.

“I would say first off, I’m disappointed, too. That’s what I’d say to [fans],” Lovie said.

“It’s like I would say also. It’s like when you’re in a game, you don’t crown anyone the winner of the game during the game. We’re disappointed right now, is what I would say. We’re disappointed right now also. But let it all play out. Yeah, I’ve said that before, but the game isn’t over yet. And that would be my statement. Give us time. We’ll continue to get guys back, and there’s a lot of football left to go.

“If we were 6-0 right now, would you start buying your Super Bowl tickets? You have to just hold on a little bit is what I would say. And I don’t listen to talk radio. And I don’t have to. I know what’s out there. We’re all disappointed right now. … That will change, though.”

First, Joe is happy to answer Lovie’s question about Super Bowl tickets. Yes, coach, legions of fans would be making plans for the Super Bowl, if the team was 6-0. Not all, but a lot more than Lovie might think. In addition, Joe’s sure Lovie’s comrades in the Bucs’ front office, with a 6-0 team, would be promoting the heck out of the fact Bucs season pass members get a guaranteed playoff tickets to purchase, and a shot at tickets to the Super Bowl.

That’s the NFL, Lovie. It’s a rollercoaster ride and fans are dying to ride the high, however long it might last.

Unfortunately, the current regime has only provided one high: a glorious win in Pittsburgh versus five painful losses, all brutally agonizing for different reasons.

Yes, Joe understands Lovie’s plea for patience. The lunatic fringe that expects Lovie to be fired in October and/or make drastic changes to his coaching philosophy, well, those folks are nuts. Lovie deserves more time.

However, if Lovie can’t right his ship by the end of the season, Joe wouldn’t quibble with any fan calling for revolution.

119 Responses to “Lovie Serves Up A Question For Fans”

  1. billy buckaroo Says:

    Nice way to dodge the current situation at hand I guess.

  2. CB Buc Says:

    Somewhere on YouTube there’s a compilation of Lovie saying “there’s alot of football left.” on Chicago

    There’s alot of BAD football left, I’m afraid

  3. RealityCheck Says:

    Well that “win now” philosophy sure changed pretty quickly. What he doesn’t mention is that the team is not improving. I’m sure most of the fans would be a lot less angry if we could find any sign of improvement from game to game.

  4. Robert 9 Says:

    ummmm lovie.

    dissapointed is when your 1-5 in close games.

    this is more like embarassement, humiliation, disgusted, fed up, sell your tickets for 10 cent on the dollar.

    I still do not think he gets it. how long is his contract?

  5. Wombat Says:


  6. Robert 9 Says:

    lobama smith

  7. Soggy Says:

    More Brainfarts Lovie?

  8. Chef Paul Says:

    I’ve got a question too. Has he, at the very least apologized yet? Because if he hasn’t I don’t want to hear one more f*cking word out of his mouth. At least Rex had the decency to apologize to the fans that are left.

  9. bucrightoff Says:

    So which co-ordinator gets fired first to buy Lovie more time? You would think Frazier but he and Leslie are boys.

  10. PanthersSuck! Says:

    “If we were 6-0 right now”

  11. Dan Says:

    You know what’s a better question?

    If Harbaugh leaves the 49ers, would the Glazers (who favor fan opinion) keep Lovie over him?

  12. DB55 Says:

    At the 1-14 PC he’ll be saying we still have time. Don’t worry I got this. Remember guys it takes time. You people calling for Lovies job are insane. Giving up 28 points in the 1st qrt is strategery. Next year all the teams will be doing it. Lovely is just ahead of his time.

    He should just come out and say shut up stupid I know what I’m doing.

  13. NewTampaChris Says:

    Easy for Lovie to preach patience. A 5-year contract with a nice paycheck versus the gut-wrenching week-to-week agony that we feel — gratis.

    And our stomach has been in a knot since the last four games of 2008. Even in Freeman’s savant year of 2010, we didn’t make the playoffs.

    Our patience has expired.

  14. Buddhaboy Says:

    excuses excuses. Sick of it. Get rid of the bum.

    Trust the system. my azz

  15. MadMax ™ Says:

    The biggest problem I see is with Leslie led defense as DC….Schiano should be brought back and made the DC…and make Leslie the water boy!

  16. Soggy Says:

    @bucrightoff Frazier is a awesome coach, he started freeman for one game, I thought that was great..lol

  17. BucfaninMi Says:

    0 confidence in this staff, or any of his answers. He sounds like a politician to me. A lot of talk and no results.

  18. Bill T Says:

    Joe says: The lunatic fringe that expects Lovie to be fired in October and/or make drastic changes to his coaching philosophy, well, those folks are nuts.

    Nuts? there shouldn’t be drastic changes to his philosophy? You can’t play a Tampa 2 as a base defense. “Keyword for Joe is drastic. That’s just not going to happen after six games. Nor should it after six games.–Joe” That has been proved over the last few years, just like Dallas last year. Why do you think Dallas made the drastic change to it this year? Montie Kiffin’s D early on had perfect players for it….nothing like that now

  19. Jim Says:

    I usually enjoy making comments, but after the way this season is going, this season ticket holder since 1977, is speechless! The 0-26 games were more entertaining.

  20. meh Says:

    We aren’t making the playoffs. The season is dead. Wait for what? There’s nothing to wait for this season except draft position.

  21. PFUDOR Says:

    This bad team is obviously the handiwork of really bad NFL fans
    who are just destroying this team.
    Damn fans. I hate them.
    This is all their fault with their blogging and talking and listening
    to radio with their slimy little ears. If I had my way fans would
    be outlawed.

  22. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    CB… since you are a knowledgeable HS football coach. Answer this question: Why is Seattle’s cover 2 defense so successful and what will it take for the Bucs to reach that level of play?

  23. Buddhaboy Says:

    Luvvy can kiss it. Wait for what? YOu picked this team. You hired and fired.

    We gave you the keys to team, and you drove it off the fricken skyway.

    You are horrible. We will see i guess, its you and the jags and raiders for number 1 loser ……

  24. Soggy Says:

    That picture above, Is Lovie grabbing Jason’s arse?

  25. BUCTROOPER Says:

    Someone needs to follow up with the question “how long do you need? Tell us how long you need to make this work? That way we won’t bother you with expectations while you’re still trying to hammer this turd into a viable product. Do you need 10 games? a season and a half? what?? Let us know so we won’t annoy you anymore with our expectations!”

  26. Buccoon Says:

    mike Glennon is about to explode i don’t think God would allow this man too lose more than 7 games this year!!!! Mark my words the raven cause mike Glennon to want to be even better That’s like putting fuel on a fire that’s already fueled..get ready TAMPA BAY

  27. Bill T Says:

    ok Joe….we agree changes have to me made…Lovie won’t eliminate Tampa2 as he stated….but he better mix it up in a big way

  28. Bee Says:

    We can’t keep changing coaches every two years and expect to become successful. That’s what we’ve been doing and look where the team is at now. Like it or not Lovie will get, and deserves two years. Maybe more. We need at least 3 years of good drafts to get this team filled with talent and depth. And think about this… if we do start winning we’ll be out of the running for a top QB. Glennon is good, this team needs great. This team needs great players. Not average or mediocre talent. That’s why the Bucs suck. And if they can give Raheem and Schiano 2 years, Lovie can get 2 years. Is Lovie the best coaching option available, who knows maybe not, but we have done worse… right?

  29. Dustin K Says:

    Seahawks cover two works because they have a 4 man pass rush. And really good corners and safeties. None of the above do the bucs have. This team is void of speed and playmakers.

  30. Florida Hillbilly Says:

    Sounds like a politician to me! Lovie says “If we were 6-0 right now, would you start buying your Super Bowl tickets? Lovie “If we were 6-0 right now, we wouldn’t be listening to this BS. 1st bad decision was declaring a backup QB the starter before any position competition. All other positions was based on competition, wow Lovie if you don’t fix this train wreck soon, there won’t much of fan left for you to politic too. Good luck Glazers!

  31. jfat Says:

    Gotta give them through at least next season to turn it around before we start calling for lovie’s head. Starting over every other season is a big reason we can’t climb out of the cellar imo. However painful this season has been so far im willing to give this staff some time to get it together….i don’t want another off season of coach hype, it just makes the disappointment that follows worse.

  32. RastaMon Says:

    “If we were 6-0 right now, would you start buying your Super Bowl tickets? Lovie “
    I can only imagine the players having to listen to June Jones Lovie Smith

  33. Scott Says:

    I think one positive thing Lovie can do is fire Leslie Frazier….it’s obvious that we are hurting without Tedford.

  34. Architek Says:

    Seattle base defense is a 2 man or 3 shell – it’s really simple and predictable just like SF.

    But their players execute it to perfection and they have hungry professionals manning the ship and accountable coaches at the helm.

  35. cmurda Says:

    Give it time fans. Oh, and Josh McCown is my starting QB. Just shut up Lovie. I encourage the media to stop interviewing Lovie. I don’t want to hear the B.S. because that is all it is.

  36. OneLove Says:

    I agree! Let’s fire Lovie and hire some college prospect! I mean our players are playing like the Oakland Raiders, we might as well start firing coaches like they do ! Let’s get into an endless cycle of new Head Coaches, bad drafting, and losing seasons!

  37. DB55 Says:

    Man I wish I had a media pass cuz you guys ask some softball questions. Where is the contain? Why is mankins leaving his gap wide open for blitzes. Why can’t your oline pick up blitzes? Someone asked about jamming rcvs he said it’s hard to jam them. OMG there’s your future folks.

  38. DB55 Says:


    We’re already there

  39. Rutgers4Schiano Says:

    Five sacks and 15 hits yesterday,for the lovie of God lovie get Glennnon out of there before he gets killed.

  40. Rutgers4Schiano Says:

    I wonder if Lovie will repeat this mantra during the off season….”We just need more time”. This act worked in Chicago for awhile, seems to have a pretty good shelf life.

  41. OneLove Says:

    @DB55 Touche I stand corrected!! What I mean to say is LETS CONTINUE the cycle of new head coaches, bad drafting and losing season!!

    Lovie Smith should just retire. I bet he wished he waited another year to hopefully land a better spot. Who in their right mind would wanna coach the SCRUBS we have! I’m starting to agree with everyone on here.. He is an idiot….

  42. Luke Says:

    Aren’t they still paying Schiano next year too? No way they pay 3 coaches. Lovie will be back.

  43. lightningbuc Says:

    “If we were 6-0”

    WTF Lovie? IF grandma had balls she’d be grandpa too.

  44. RastaMon Says:

    Tomorrow is pay day in the NFL….Lovie’s networth will go up 250,000 win or lose guaranteed for the next 54 NFL paydays…..I can see missing on draft players transitioning into the NFL from college….some how no so much of veteran NFL HC’s…..

  45. Rutgers4Schiano Says:

    HEY JOE,

    Lovie is on record with the mantra of “Not changing the scheme” but I just did a little research and found that during Lovies 8 years in Chicago he had four different offesnive coordinators. Is that not the same thing? Every two years on average? Also, during Lovies hey-days he had one Ron Rivera as his DC. Ron Rivera is a far better choice than leslie frazier.

  46. MTM Says:

    Everybody is talking about defensive schemes. Schemes don’t make players soft or piss poor tacklers. The Bucs are losing in the trenches at almost every position. There is a lack of hunger on this team. Too many comfortable players on this team.
    Sapp and Brooks were used to winning and wouldn’t tolerate losing. I don’t see one player on this squad that leads by example. I trust Lovie sees it as well.

  47. OneLove Says:

    Lovie should have just came clean and been honest from the start! This team needs a few years to rebuild… But NO he excites us and teases us by saying they are going for the championship then we get an idiot like Herm Edwards predicting us to win the division and everyone thinks were driving a Cadillac instead of a Dodge Dart!! STOP playing with our emotions PLEASE!!

  48. Rutgers4Schiano Says:

    Someone asked why licht is laughing and Lovie of course is stone face. They are laughing at the millions of dollars both are making for doing nothing. I woudl laugh like that too if I was getting a fortune for failure.

  49. CB Buc Says:

    237 – Seattle isn’t playing a classic cover two. They get by with less interior pressure and have superior athletes at DB.

    When you are loaded with talent and coached with high emotion, you can play any system. Those boys just get after it.

    Sadly the new rules are affecting them more than most. They were a very physical “grabbing” cover unit.

    It starts with passionate coaching and a high standard of performance… We have neither

  50. RastaMon Says:

    Nothing has changed…it pains me to have to post this again..tough love..Lovie…don’t let the door hit ya….
    Lovie is in WAY over his head….I listened to his press conference yesterday and was underwhemled by his monotoned empty words…then by chance I listened to a long interview with #55 on all sorts of subject…a stark contrast in leadership and answering questions. Lovie is an empty suit that has been swept to this point in life by his association with the greatness of others. I don’t mean to be harsh…but that is what I see……2 September

  51. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Way to be irrelevant, Smith.

  52. MTM Says:

    @ CB Buc

    You left off, jacked up on adderal.

  53. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Again he needs to go all Frank Middleton, one of my all time favorite Buc linemen.
    Too bad we lost him to Oakland.

    After one of these horrible butt kickings when he was playing for the Bucs, Middleton a standup guy simply stated that the name should be changed from Tampa Bay Bucs to Tampa Bay Sucks. At least he was honest.

  54. 1bucfan88 Says:

    The balls on this Lovie Smith guy…

  55. CB Buc Says:

    MTM… I haven’t seen the Adderall. But that made me laugh…. Why weren’t our Adderall guys as good?

  56. Flmike Says:

    It’s bad, we know it’s bad, but what is good is ok and what is bad is not ok, we’ll continue to work on those things that are bad and those things that are not ok, we will work on those as well as those things that are good, or maybe not as good as it should be, we will work on all those things as well as what we think is good, we won’t be satisfied until what is good is better and what is not good to get better, we’ll work hard on those things as well as the things that are good, but not as hard as those things that aren’t as good….

  57. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I know it’s not their job, but can we get a coach that isn’t a complete idiot on the mic for once?

    “We’re the best team in the NFC, oh yeah, and we’re youngry and stats are for losers.” – Raheem Morris

    “Even though it works in the game, we won’t run it because we don’t practice it. TOES ON THE LINE FREEMAN!!” – Greg Schiano

    “I didn’t want to put points on the board, and we may be 1-5 but what if we were 6-0? ” – Lovie Smith

  58. Architek Says:

    If Lovie keeps saying there is a lot of football left maybe we will start to believe him – could someone tweet or Instagram him and let him know that (based on his first playoff projections for his roster) 1 – 5 teams dont make the playoffs.

  59. RastaMon Says:

    Lovie…Frazier..Nickerson…need Viagra

  60. DB55 Says:


    Seattles def is made up of 5-6 round picks too. Let’s not minimize that.

  61. CB Buc Says:

    Luke… We aren’t paying Raheem much, if at all. He got a job the next year and was the lowest paid HC in the league.

    Schiano is getting paid, yes, but we don’t know how much and for how long.

    We have to face reality. There is no leadership and no.accountability at One Buc.

    Hire a President to
    Hire a GM to
    Hire a Head Coach


    Drop a fortune in the lap of a tyrannical, demanding winner – Jim Harbaugh after he is fired in SF – and change the culture overnight. Just know it’s going to be messy.

    Say what you want. That guy is crazy competitive, a winner and will never be able to coexist with a GM.

  62. DB55 Says:


    Team cialis. If only the games were 5 mins long.

  63. CB Buc Says:

    The talent difference, between players, in the NFL is very thin – they can all play. It’s coaching up the desire and adjusting the scheme to fit the talent.

  64. RastaMon Says:

    DB55….group premature ejactulation…in the tunnel

  65. DB55 Says:


    Points for you, lmao

  66. DB55 Says:


    You know what Is ironic about this article? Dallas Cowboys already sent out Super Bowl tickets to the season ticket holder. They did it during the preseason. Why? Rod Marinelli.

  67. Joe Says:

    You know what Is ironic about this article? Dallas Cowboys already sent out Super Bowl tickets to the season ticket holder. They did it during the preseason. Why? Rod Marinelli.

    Yet from what Joe has heard, Marinelli rarely runs a Tampa-2, but he adjusts his defense to get the most out of the talent he has at hand. What a concept, huh?

  68. Zam Says:

    I’d ask him back: how many 6-0 teams make the playoffs? And how many 1-5 teams do?

  69. deminion Says:


  70. Destinjohnny Says:

    Joe do a poll who would u rather have as a coach Greg or lovie

  71. Canadian Tampa 2 Fan Says:

    Holy crap, people! How can anybody be calling for Lovie’s head after 6 GAMES? No, I’m not happy with the losses. No, I’m not happy with how the team’s played. But this regime needs TIME to build this team the way that THEY want it. And that’s not going to happen in 6 games, or even a season. Call me crazy, but they need to be given 3 – YES THREE – full years to get this team right. NFL fans freak out WAY too quickly nowadays. Licht comes from proven programs, so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he knows what he’s doing. Lovie can coach. He’s proven it over his career. So the problem isn’t his defensive scheme (I’m so sick of hearing about how the Tampa 2 doesn’t work anymore), and it’s not his ability to coach. 2 main problems that I see: 1) PERSONNEL. This staff needs time to put the right pieces in place, and 1 season isn’t going to do it. Offensively and defensively, we’ re missing key pieces (franchise QB, better DE’s, better secondary, etc). 2) Offensive coaching. Arroyo was thrown into his position and is learning under fire. He’ll get better, but I’ll bet he’s no Tedford. Think of next season when we have a top QB prospect learning under Tedford’s system, and another offseason to upgrade personnel. This whole thing is a process, and I wish more people would understand that. Yes, we’ve dealing with this ‘process’ for a few years now. But that slate was wiped clean once Lovie & Licht were hired. They can’t be help responsible for previous regime’s problems. All I would ask for, if I was Lovie, is time to get this the way I want it. I’ll give it to him. I think he’s earned it.

  72. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    CB is right – hire a president to hire a GM to hire a head coach. But the 49’ers do have a GM, Trent Baalke, who was NFL executive of the year in 2011.

  73. RastaMon Says:

    Greg is still on the payroll…ask him to report for work…if he doesn’t he can be fired and his salary is off the hook….if he does…then fire Lovie…then alternate after the next loss….this is by far the queerest chapter in Buccaneer history…and we are not even at intermission

  74. JBuc Says:

    All you people that continually complain about the defensive scheme that Lovie runs as the reason for their failures thus far are truly idiots.

  75. CB Buc Says:

    Canadian – no one really wants Lovie fired today. BUT at the end of the season, at 2-14, it has to be on the table.

    Tedford is gone, forever. You cannot trust his health. Plus, he’s unproven to begin with.

    We won’t have a top 3 drafted QB under Lovie. If he goes into 2015, he has to win to survive. A rookie QB doesn’t help that. He’ll draft a DE.

    My argument is financial… Lovie coming off of 2-14 is a disaster for ticket sales, advertising, etc. It’ll hurt the Glazers in the wallet.

    Consider this: a new regime with the top QB in the draft would sell us all on the future.

  76. Veatch Says:

    I’d love to hear a coach or athlete acknowledge that while they are making millions win or lose, fans are laying out serious money to watch this atrocity. Lovie is asking season tickets holders to just stay with us while we get better meaning continue to pay your hard earned money on tickets, parking, and refreshments while we look like something that came out of the back-end of a dog. They get paid either way. The fans pay for this. At least acknowledge this fact.

  77. CB Buc Says:

    Buc 76 – yes the 9ers have a GM, a good one.

    But Harbaugh can’t seem to work with him. He’s a dictator, a successful one but appears to need to be the one and only boss.

  78. Pruritus Ani Says:

    It’s not only the losses that have people upset, it is the manner in which they loss. Yes we can all agree, statistically a loss is a loss. The problem is you see a team surrender this many points over a few games and can find little, if any areas of improvement. This team in all areas, offense, defense and special teams, appears unmotivated and unprepared as do its coaches. This is inexcusable and it’s this attitude that has fans questioning the HC, with many calling for his job.

    Personally, I think it’s early. Last year, before the midpoint slide off the deep end, I was willing to give Schiano another year. By the end of the year, it was obvious the team and the fans have quit on the coach and he had to go. I do not think we have reached that point yet with Lovie. I do still think there is some goodwill left from the Dungy era and with some of the success he had in Chicago. His future is predicated on how he finishes this year. God forbid we have another blowout like ATL and BAL, and whatever goodwill and credibility he and the front office had left will be gone.

  79. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    I wanted to give Schiano another year. Lovie Never gets asked hard questions,.. he is already being pampered! Treat him like you treated Schiano and he will leave on his own! Would we be 1-5 had they given Greg another year? NO WAY!

  80. buc4lyfe Says:

    Now he wants fans to be patient!!!! Yea is a new defense and players have to learn how to defend in this defense. But don’t piss on me and call it rain. I had no idea it meant learning how to rush the passer all over again, what does jamming a receiver or man to man coverage or just getting best one on one have to do with a new defense. You line up and best the guy in front of you. Of he teaching our backs how to play corner all over again?

  81. Harry Says:

    Lovie, YOU are 1-5. That is the level of coach that YOU are.

  82. drdneast Says:

    Excellent Dustin K. since That is exactly why the Cover 2 works in Seattle and now in Dallas.
    I dare say their players are also more familiar with the scheme.
    Seriously, I would wager only 10 percent at most of the people who post on this blog have even gone to a Bucs game, let alone own season tickets.
    You whiners are the same people who cried because the Bucs blacked out their home games, which, I agreed they should since I drop a thousand a year so you lazy whiners can sit at home and stuff your fat faces with pizzas, chips and beer.

  83. buc4lyfe Says:

    It can’t be the players unless someone can explain for instance how logan Mankins came to Tampa and all of a sudden became a bad player AFTER he learned the scheme better. It’s the coaches because when he got traded he didn’t know the offense he played on pure instinct

  84. bluesdawg Says:

    I hate zone defenses. Just go man to man. Keep it simple. Defensive backs on receivers and linebackers on running backs and tight ends. Eliminate the confusion…..man up & go one on one.

  85. Harry Says:


    I always find it interesting when someone feels the need to make their point by insulting the intelligence of others – without really making their own point, of course. So what you are saying is that only the 70,000 to 80,000 fans who attend Bucs’ games are smart enough to comment on the dreadful play of the Bucs? Is it the luck warm draft beer that is served at the games that makes them so smart? A score of 35-0 and 38-0 AT THE HALF of two different games that were 3 weeks apart is not enough of an indictment for you? Then I guess what you are really saying is that you are the dumb a$$

  86. CB Buc Says:

    Drdneast – for three years I had season tickets and lived in Toronto. I flew down to every game…it was $1000+ A GAME.

    Does that make me a better fan than you?

  87. Buc1987 Says:

    There’s also this guy in the White House. ( Any White House) He tells you what you want to hear.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    I don’t believe an effing word this guy says anymore. YOU shouldn’t either unless your a sap.

  88. Buc1987 Says:

    “Seriously, I would wager only 10 percent at most of the people who post on this blog have even gone to a Bucs game, let alone own season tickets.”


  89. Buc1987 Says:

    Like I said last night in here. I’ll give him 3 years. The same as Schiano (7-9 in his rookie NFL coaching debut not 10 years experience like Lovie) should have gotten.

    You fans didn’t want a former “Rutgers college coach” that went 7-9 in his rookie season. You wanted Lovie with all his experience. You expect more out of Lovie than you got under Schiano. I do too and we’re not getting it.

    Where do you draw the effing line?

    I’m giving him 3 years, but I don’t believe a word he says until I see it.

  90. MaHaBoNe.D Buc Says:

    Lovie is a windbag…. I’m not listening to no more BS. If Frazier is not held accountable, THEN the person protecting him should be! That IS Lovie!!!! I wish the games were blacked out, would save me the inclination to maybe watch this BS!

  91. CB Buc Says:

    From their own 5, less than two minutes to half. Harbaugh DOES want points!

    Lovie, that is today’s NFL

  92. NJBucsFan Says:

    4 months ago he was saying the fans shouldn’t be patient…this is a poor excuse for a coach and I really question his leadership and commitment to his craft. Things change in the world all the time. You need to keep pace and obviously he’s failing to do that. I say don’t give him the time. Fire his arse now.

  93. Buc1987 Says:

    HOLY CRAP…watch this.


    Lovie Smith On How He Plans To Motivate The Bucs …HOLY crap this is good stuff!


  94. sharkcoasttactical.com Says:


  95. Buc1987 Says:


  96. sharkcoasttactical.com Says:


  97. CB Buc Says:

    1987…. Awesome!

    But still you will give him three seasons of YOUR life?

  98. Buc1987 Says:

    CB.. I have too. Here’s another clip that’s awaiting moderation from Joe.

    Lovie Smith On How He Plans To Motivate The Bucs …


  99. Incognito Says:

    Why do all these over paid busts have radio shows anyway? Doesn’t it get old making excuses of how bad u suck?

  100. Rob in Orlando Says:

    Hey Coach Smith. How about competing instead of making ludicrous statements about being 6-0. Go 6-0 in any stretch this season or any other and fans will treat you and all the players like royalty. This is a football town with the worst team in the NFL. I’m pissed off as a die hard fan since 1980. I’m patient but good gosh Coach, we are getting our teeth kicked in repeatedly and playing with zero consistency, other than not being able to block, run, catch, tackle, sack the qb, etc etc. do your flipping job and show us improvement , I don’t care if we lose more games but how you lose matters. Quitters should be fired, regardless of who they are. We are too talented to give up 4 touchdowns in the first quarter. Go Bucs!

  101. Buc1987 Says:

    We can’t keep going backwards. Schiano SHOULD have gotten a 3rd season imo regardless of the 4-12. Lovie SHOULD get 3 years to implement his program.

    Everytime they hire a new coach it sets the team back and I believe that. The new coach gets rid of this player and that player. Pretty soon it’s a whole new team and learning all over again. No continuity.

    I don’t like where were at, but i have no control over it. If I did, I’d still say give Mr Magoo 3 years to implement his program. I’m tired of starting over. So maybe it’s time I stop expecting instant results.

  102. Buc1987 Says:

    “I don’t care if we lose more games but how you lose matters.”

    I get that Rob and I’m on the same page with you right now.

    I’m giving this guy this season and the next to show improvement. I’m not saying that I won’t bash him or be pissed from week to week during this season, because that’s inevitable. I’m too big of a Bucs fan not to react to the colossal failures that we’ve seen.

  103. Harry Says:

    @Buc1987 Says:
    “…We can’t keep going backwards… Everytime they hire a new coach it sets the team back and I believe that…”

    ’87, I admire your patience, and I think you are right. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have any more patience for this Glazer crap. I don’t think I have ever called them out on the horrendous mismanagement, but it is time. I am frustrated and hurt at how inept our Bucs are. I can take the bad with the good, but a reasonable mix of the two is only fair, We have had more than our share of BAD.

    The Glazers firing of Dungy, was a knee jerk reaction, as was the firing of Gruden. The promotion of Rah was also a knee jerk and the hiring of Schiano was a semi desperate move after being turned down by Kelly. Now, I believe Lovie may have been a knee jerk too. All of these points of mine certainly give some credence as to the Glazers NOT having a plan – EVER!

  104. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Actually Dallas played almost exclusive man-to-man against Seattle and Seattle plays man on the outside and a lot of cover 3 and cover 4. But both of those teams have a pass rush with guys that use to be Bucs

  105. lurker Says:

    “We can’t keep going backwards. Schiano SHOULD have gotten a 3rd season imo regardless of the 4-12. Lovie SHOULD get 3 years to implement his program.

    Everytime they hire a new coach it sets the team back and I believe that. The new coach gets rid of this player and that player. Pretty soon it’s a whole new team and learning all over again. No continuity.”


    “I’m giving this guy this season and the next to show improvement. I’m not saying that I won’t bash him or be pissed from week to week during this season, because that’s inevitable. I’m too big of a Bucs fan not to react to the colossal failures that we’ve seen.”


    i agree! that is the problem with the raiders, besides having had al davis, too much coaching turnover. this sucks major balls, but i can only hope it will get better. i just wish he didn’t have 5 years and control over personnel.

    also, as for your first youtube vid, buc1987, i read those same complaints about lovie by bears fans when i searched on lovie stats after his hiring.

  106. CB Buc Says:

    I disagree that Dungy was an impulsive firing…his time was definitely up. He couldn’t get it done.

    I think Gruden scared the hell out of the Glazers with his strong personality. He was a professional football coach and demanded things.

    Raheem, Schiano, Lovie… All safe hires. Guys that wouldn’t rock the boat, knew their place and wouldn’t challenge the Glazers.

    Winners are strong demanding, intimidating guys. Players tune out the guys that can’t get it done.

  107. WalkdaPlank Says:

    So Lovie Smith has hardly ever had a hard time motivating his players to play hard and do what he wants them to do?

    Then he met the Bucs lol.

  108. Sick of this $hit Says:

    Marinelli huh? 10 -38 as a head coach. I’ll stick with Lovie, thank you. Now if we could convince Marinelli to come and be out DC, I’m all in.

  109. tweezydakidd Says:

    buc 1987 what does the White House have to do with football it seems like you are racist prick to me

  110. tweezydakidd Says:

    can i at least see the fire and rage from lovie that Mike Tomlin show after we beat them in Pittsburgh?not! all because love is okay with losing pay attention

  111. Buc1987 Says:

    tweezydakidd….I did say any White House you assclown. Seems your the racist if that’s your first thought. btw I’m 1/2 black.

  112. Buc1987 Says:

    tweezydakidd…allow me to explain my comment seeing how your too ignorant to understand. The President is the leader of our country. Most of them tell you what you want to hear.

    Lovie is the leader of our team. Right now he’s telling us fans what we want to hear…Do you get it now?

    I was using an analogy and not talking politics on a football blog. 6 years of not being able to say anything bad about the current White House for fear of being labeled a racist and that’s pathetic. I said plenty bad about the last President too, I was never called a racist for that. This country is effing ef’ed with thinking like that.

  113. P'cola Buc Says:

    Bring back Gruden…we KNOW he will finally draft a QB!

  114. Incognito Says:

    if we could just hire Shiano back everything would be a bed of roses. @ this point we need a maniacal prick to come in here with a high level of intensity to break this cycle of losing culture like a Buddy Ryan, Parcells, or maybe even Chucky who they shouldn’t of fired in the first place and replaced him with who? Raheem who last time I checked was a secondary coach now w the Redskins who suck ass well.

  115. Incognito Says:

    @ buc1987 I agree, I think the whole politically correct thing sucks.

  116. tweezydakidd Says:

    @buc 1987.. All I’m trying to say is don’t mix apples with oranges, if were talking bout football, then let’s talk about football. No need to put politics in it.

  117. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    @ Harry

    I am still on the conspiracy theory than Lovie’s hiring by Team Glazier was a calculated business move done to coincide with the unveiling of the new uniforms. What sells more merchandise with the new logo…a coach who had fans putting up billboards or one who harkened back to a feel good Bucs era? Problem Team Glazer never thought about was that maybe the guy they fired was a better fit at coach for the talent on on the team than the guy that gave them season ticket sales boners?

  118. PFUDOR Says:

    @ ToesOnTheLine

    It feels good to read your post and see that at least a few
    people are intelligent enough not be completely bullsh*ted
    by the Glazers.
    These are prototype BAD owners. Frankly we’re screwed.
    I think they’ll just continue on the way they have since
    they (the soccer-brats) took over the team until the lease
    is up in 2030 (?) and then they’ll take their loot and be on
    to the next chump city.

    #Evict the Glazers

  119. SailorJerry Says:

    Patient….Lovie wants us to be patient. WELL WE HAVE BEEN FOR FIVE YEARS!!
    Since the genius move by our owners of firing Gruden, the Bucs are 29-57 for a win rate of 33%. Our home record is 14-29 (32%) over the same period. We used to have a legitimate home field advantage but fans are disgusted, hopeless, and have stopped coming to the game in droves. This may be Lovie’s first year but this past off seasons personnel decisions are on him and Licht. Anthony Collins is a turnstile, Dietrich-Smith has underwhelmed, and the line is a joke. Can he really say that we are better off without Penn, Joseph, and Zutah? Are we really so strong at O-line that we should not look at Incognito?

    I haven’t missed a home game since ’96 and my section used to be full of OUR fans. Now we are constantly out-numbered by opponent fans. I did something on Sunday that I have never done before. I left the game early in the second quarter. I NO LONGER HAVE PATIENCE.