John Lynch Calls Barron A “Colossal Failure” By The Bucs, Lovie & Schiano

October 31st, 2014

Bucs icon John Lynch was a ferocious hitter on the field, and he channeled his old ways during an interview yesterday.

Lynch is no fan of the Mark Barron trade.

“Getting a fourth and sixth-[round draft picks] for Mark Barron is a colossal failure for the Buccaneers. And I understand that this isn’t the general manager or the head coach that drafted him, but to me, he’s a safety who fits in any scheme,” Lynch said on WHFS-FM 98.7. “And Mark Barron has to bear some of the burden of not panning out, but I think the coaches, on both Greg Schiano’s staff and this staff. Because believe me, I studied him coming out of college. He’s got everything you want in a big-time safety. I don’t think he’s a guy that only fits in a system fit.

“People talk about he’s just a box safety, that’s not what I see at all. I see a guy who can really play in all facets, and for whatever reason he didn’t develop the way he should have. Like I said, I think the responsibility, you know, is on both sides, on the coaching and on the player himself.”

Wow! Lynch really seemed stunned that at team would give up on a guy who just turned 25 and has plenty of talent. Keep in mind Lynch was a TV color man on all Buccaneers preseason games in 2012, and he has had their games since with FOX-TV.

It’s going to be a real stunner on a lot of front if Jeff Fisher can get Barron playing up to his draft status with the Rams.

54 Responses to “John Lynch Calls Barron A “Colossal Failure” By The Bucs, Lovie & Schiano”

  1. Buccfan37 Says:

    Finally a voice of reason.

  2. RastaMon Says:

    Yes..I heard him on the radio yesterday….even while choosing his words carefully….you could tell he WAS PISSED….trust me the Glazers respect and have there pulse on credible former Bucs and how they view this disasterous downward spiral….they won’t be asking Tony Dungy for endorsments next time…….Lovie is an empty suit

  3. ander Says:

    just because lynch says that doesnt mean much too me, barron could have all the tools you want in a safety, however i believe is the mental part that is not making him succeed at an elite level. we got him too shutdown all the tight ends in the nfc south and unfortuanetly it has been a fiasco.

  4. DB55 Says:

    Are you saying that lynch called Barron a colossal failure or the trade itself? The way I heard him speak it sounded to me like he was saying the trade was a failure. He couldn’t believe they would let him go for a 4thbn 6th and that lynch has been a fan of (studying) Barron since college. Lynch praised Barron while trying not to slam Lovie but read through the lines people.

  5. Andrew 1 Says:

    It doesn’t suck that he was traded, its sucks that he, like Lynch said, didn’t “pan out”. He has all the tools to be a gifted safety, but whether it was lack of drive or coaching, its just didn’t work. So you move on. It’s not to say that we’ll never have a good safety going forward because we traded Barron. You build a defense from front to back anyway, so start with the d line.

  6. FowlBall Says:

    It’s my understanding that Lovie’s son is the safety coach. Hmmm.

  7. The Buc Realist Says:

    John Lynch was also impressed with Freeman! If Barron is as talented as Lynch said he will succeed with the rams were he failed with Lovie!!

  8. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Um I trust Lovie Smith and his judgement waaaay more than this media guy. I mean, who is this John Lynch guy anyway? How is he more qualified than Lovie Smith at player evaluation.

  9. Bogiedr Says:

    Booker Reese also had all the talent in the world … And Eric Curry …

  10. Robert 9 Says:

    he’s saying barron can play ball and fit any system.

    but it’s on him and the coaches for not becoming elite, because lynch/no one knows but barron.

    and we’ll see when he is a pro bowler for the rams. the guy was not slow or scared. he’s balls out.

    even tyson got his a$$ kicked without the right mentor/coach

  11. Robert 9 Says:

    @ 237


    I hope thats sarcarsm, cause if not you are the new village idiot

  12. Andrew 1 Says:

    And Fisher may very will get Barron to play at a higher level. But what difference does it make, he wasn’t getting it done here.

  13. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    I don’t even know who John Lynch is… I even googled him. Who is this clown???

  14. RastaMon Says:

    Surprising #47 fact….he never retuned an NT for a TD…..

  15. Robert 9 Says:

    the difference it makes is our coaching staff has not been getting it done for 3 regimes now and continually feeds our players to other teams where they are solid contributors while being blamed and labeled here.

    we are the new raiders. we suck to all new levels. this franchise has continued to drain the talent pool while losing draft position for 1/2 dozen years. this aint pittsburgh. Floridians got more to do than football on a Sunday.

    this team is a joke, and the fans are not unloyal, they just have more options. just sell the team already.

  16. Robert 9 Says:


    I only fish on Sundays 🙂

  17. richardtyson Says:

    Practically all of Mark Dominic’s drafts are failures regardless of what team they are on now. Did you see Lorig accidentally strip the ball from Brees last night? Barron should have been a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Mark Barron failed to play to his # 7 pick….or for that matter a 1-3 round selection.
    To blame his failure on multiple coaches is absurd.
    He may succeed elsewhere but that would be purely because of his own willingness to put 100% effort. It might be another coach that could bring that about or a chance of settings….but the bottom line is he was very inconsistent and was awful in coverage.
    At times Keith Tandy looked better….

  19. SAMCRO Says:

    They traded Barron to appease the local media that were foaming at the mouth and demanding to see some changes. There was a lot of local media, including JOE, who were already calling Barron a bust, and that probably was the deciding factor for them to make that trade. It’s funny, that when the team finally makes that tough symbolic move on a player, (that the media was continually ripping on), the media all of a sudden acts surprised, knowing damn well, that it was them, who helped facilitate that decision in the first place.

    To even think the Bucs traded Barron because of the media is downright silly. But carry on. –Joe

  20. HawaiianBuc Says:

    I actually agree that Barron should have been developed better. Question is, how much of that is on the coaching staff and how much is on the player? Talent is not an issue. If he wasn’t talented, he wouldn’t have been picked #7. This is purely speculation, but I think it’s more so his attitude than anything else. He never seemed to play with any passion whatsoever which always bothered me. I didn’t like the way he looked strolling into the stadium before games. I didn’t like the fact that I never heard any sense of accountability through interviews (don’t actually recall many interviews at all). A coaching staff can only do so much, and he was bad for two different staffs. If he was that good, I feel very confident we would have seen more. Both coaching staffs were able to get a lot out of Lavonte and Gerald, so I’m not sure how much they can be blamed (and I rarely miss out on a chance to blame Schiano for something)

  21. MTM Says:

    I Barron would have been drafted in the 3rd round this wouldn’t be an issue. Because Barron was a first round pick he was kept on the field far too long. Major Wright outplays him consistently and is a much better open field tackler.

  22. HawaiianBuc Says:

    As for John Lynch, I will never say anything bad about him. You’re not a Bucs fan if you don’t respect his opinion. However, keep in mind that he’s not a scout. Even if he was, scouts miss on picks, and they do it all the time. Just because he says it doesn’t make it true.

  23. DB55 Says:

    Well if Tandy wright and mcdougle do all Barron couldn’t ie ints no missed tackles and defend passes then I’ll stfu and move on. Somehow I don’t think that will be the case but we shall see.

    It just seems we keep replacing players with less talented players. I’ve learned sooo much about football this year it’s amazing.

  24. Delson Says:

    Why didn’t lynch coach him up like sapp did mccoy? Smh help him get his head right. Nope that analyst job got u observing n dropping opinions that DONT MATTER AFTER THE FACT! Barron will be better because saint louis has a better defense than tampa by leaps n bounds. Pass rush cbs that cover n all around lbs great pick-up for the rams

  25. BirdDoggers Says:

    Regardless if Barron can become the player he was supposed to be when he was drafted, its a failure on the Bucs part. He was thought to be a complete safety, an impact player. That’s what he needed to be based on his draft status. Barron is just another high draft pick from the past few years no longer playing for the Bucs.

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Everything will depend on the 4th & 6th round picks we make…..if they are good…then it was worth it……we will see.

  27. DallasBuc Says:

    “It’s going to be a real stunner on a lot of front if Jeff Fisher can get Barron playing up to his draft status with the Rams.”
    Why? Just because you think he is a terrible football player? Maybe his coaches are terrible. Maybe if you change half the roster and start out exactly the same it is the coaching that is stinking up the joint.
    I think Lynch knows more than Joe about whether Barron is a good football player and whether this was a lousy trade or not!

  28. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Barron seems to be one of those players who will finally get it on his 3rd team when he sees that he is not deemed worth a big contract and he wants to continue his career in the NFL. Just like Bowers and Clay they two will perform better when their NFL career flashes before their eyes. The three of them will never be pro bowlers but will be serviceable to good players on a good team. But some will still say Lovie could not develope them, oh well.

  29. pick6 Says:

    parting ways with talent is what the buccaneers do best in recent years. but, hey, 2 more lottery picks. if they’re good players, maybe we can trade them in a couple years too.

  30. biggun Says:

    Well it seems to me every player cut or traded this year are doing quite well with their new teams so far… well the ones who found a team but most are starters also hmmmm?

  31. sho nuff Says:

    your boy sucked john…own it


    I have zero confidence in this coaching staff EVER being successful here. I’m ready to start a FIRE LOVIE SMITH non-profit to raise money for FIRE LOVIE billboards. I kinda feel bad for any stud player who actually gets drafted by us or who gets talked into signing here (aside from the financial aspects). Noone will fulfill their true potential under this weak a$$ regime. #wesucktilloviesgone

  33. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Agreed pick6… lets go down the list for a second:

    Zuttah (G/C)
    Penn (LT)
    Joeseph (OG)
    Wright (TE)
    Barron (SS)

    I mean… why get rid of someone before you have 1 their replacement and 2 their backup.

    Why cut them? Just demote them to backup until you find a replacement.

    Same thing with Mike Glennon. Even if you draft a franchise QB in round 1 next year… don’t cut Glennon… keep him until the end of his contract to help the new rookie come up to speed.

    The Bucs need to stop dumping players that are better than street free agents.

  34. Zam Says:

    Lynch didn’t see Barron, he saw himself. Barron may do okay in a system where they point him in a direction and tell him to hit someone, but where he has to make calls on coverage, zones and runs he wasn’t hacking it. Sorry Johnboy.

  35. "TheKevin" Says:

    Lmao sorry john but your an idiot lmao

    What an idiot.

    Hey Johnny you must have not been watching any bucs games at all.

    Dude got burned ALL the time. More than a California forest fire. He had 1or 2 good games lol.

    John lynch has been a hater for a long time. He’s always downing the bucs.

    Just can’t admit that you were wrong can you Johnny lol.

  36. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Like I’ve been saying the whole time.


    Remember Lovie’s a Linebacker coach.

    When Lovie coached at ASU, no doubt he was one of the better positional ………….D-1 coaches. And while he was at ASU, he had the privilege of coaching one of the best linebacker prospects in the country in DARREN WOODSON. The Coach Dave Campo scouted Woodson, and converted him to play Safety for the Cowgirls. (You know the rest of the story)

  37. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Think about this……..

    When Barron was drafted by Coach Schiano Staff

    We had almost ALL of Jimmy Johnson’s staff on board to run the 4-3 stunt…except DAVE CAMPO. We didn’t even have a quality safety on the roster –to help coach the kid up. Except “The Great” Ronde Barber, who was himself just converted to play safety.

  38. NewTampaChris Says:

    2012 was a year that the Bucs had the #5 pick and many of the mocks had us taking Morris Claiborne. At the time our secondary was dreadful. Many folks were surprised that the Bucs dropped down two slots, had the Cowboys move ahead to take Claiborne.

    And yes, Kuechly was taken #9 but many mocks had him going in the 20s. DB was a screaming need at the time and Barron was a highly-rated guy.

    Yes he was a bust (at least here). But don’t let revisionist history get written. There weren’t very many serious complaints at the time.

    And by the way, Glennon was the third QB taken last year. No one taken after him has seen any serious playing time.

  39. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    When Lynch was here ….who was his position coach Lovie? Hell nah… it was coach HERMAN EDWARDS that molded Lynch into be the BEAST.

  40. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Go back… I thought Claiborne was soft-wouldn’t tackle for sh#t. And caught hell for it.

  41. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Looking back at old Post….

    Dave Wannstedt Joins The Bucs
    February 1st, 2013

    (February 1st, 2013 at 6:33 pm)

    Dallas Cowboys/Canes
    • Dave Wannstedt: Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers (1989-92)

    • Butch Davis: Defensive Line (1989-92); Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers (1993); Defensive Coordinator (1994)

    • Dave Campo: Defensive Assistant (1989-90); Defensive Backs (1991-94); Defensive Coordinator (1995-99); Secondary (2008-2011)

    Dave Campo is currently Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs Coach at Kansas
would make a great addition as a safeties coach-(ref.-James Washington SS-Darren Woodson SS-Bill Bates SS-Thomas Everett FS-Brock Marion FS-Kenneth Gant FS/CB)

    Somewhere Jimmy Johnson is smiling!

  42. ElioT Says:


    How many snaps did the Bucs play Barron at SS vs FS this year?

    Do you break down the game tape in your Mom’s Florida room?
    “Dude got burned ALL the time.” How many times Mr. Expert? How about some specifics?

    What the f**k do you know?

    “Lmao sorry john but your an idiot lmao”

    Real smart sentence you f**king dumb *ss.

    It’s “you’re” as in: YOU ARE the idiot.

    Calling a Stanford educated, NFL Legend in John Lynch an idiot? SMFH…

    You’re a f**king tool!

    Go Sucs!

  43. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    You don’t take a Corvette to KIA or Saturn Dealership for service.

    When you select a prospects…. with your premium picks. You’ve gotta have the right combination…..staff…veterans at the position + scheme fit. For it all to workout.


    When Green Bay drafted Clay Matthews Jr to play Rush Backer in their 3-4. The organization was confident -because they had Winston Moss, Kevin Greene and Dom Capers on their staff.

    Who did we have?

  44. ddneast Says:

    I still remember Baron getting run, literally, on the final play of the NO game. So fresh in my mind.
    I was done with him after that. So should everyone else.

  45. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    I’ve watched

    • Mark Bavaro drag Ronnie Lott
    • Jerome Bettis roll over Brian Urlacher
    • Ronnie Harmon truck Mike Singletary

    +Countless others

    ……Sh#t happens

  46. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    You take a bad angle+lose leverage…Its a wrap

  47. BuccDeez Says:

    Barron is gone . we are 1-6 , i think that worked out for best for both parties involved.

  48. DickBig Says:

    couldnt agree more with john lynch here… why give up young talent and keep an old overpaid player that doesnt even play (goldson).. mark barron was the truth

  49. BigMacAttack Says:

    Well you can’t change the past but you can learn from it. You make the future with your actions and L & L are in a tight spot right now. So far almost all of their decisions have been wrong or backfired in their faces. Some coaches adapt their schemes to fit the players. It’s safe to say that Lovie isn’t that guy and that may become his downfall. I was hoping that maybe they would draft better and so far it’s a ?. Evans is good but Cooks looks better. This draft class looked better on paper than how they are performing. It appears to me that this team is in such a deep hole with a lack of talent that it may take a few years to dig out. If you continue to have poor underperforming drafts it could take longer. All of the Free Agents signed have sucked. This is a hungry fan base that had high hopes and again had them crushed within weeks of the start of the season. I have faith in Lovie but he needs to fix Lovie first because that is where the main problem lies. Plan A failed miserably. I don’t think he had a backup plan and now he’s grasping. The Barron trade was a despairation move and not a smart move. They are having a hard time matching money with performance and valuing players brought in and let go.

    I hate to say it but Lovie, you suck! until you prove otherwise. As a season ticket holder, I pay for the right to say you are wasting my damn money.

  50. BigMacAttack Says:

    I picked this team to go 5-11 thinking I was being pessimistic but now they don’t look like team that can beat anyone.

  51. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    I hear you brotha…Lovie went against the grain. And now he’s playing for it- DT Aaron Donald was the play. Even Bill Polian was shocked he didn’t draft him. It is what it is tho.

    +E. J. Gaines …smh

  52. Brent Says:

    That’s a restarted take zam. I’ll give you Barron had issue but lynch didn’t. I watched every game a lynch was great all around safety. You don’t make all those pro bowls and get mentioned for hof if you’re one dimensional. Go google tomlin and fungus take on lynch.

  53. sho nuff Says:

    thats why youre an analyst and havent built or coached a thing….not that i disagree with our piss poor coaching and leadership…but if Barron is the man you say he is he would have found a way to step up…nope

  54. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    And why didn’t anyone give Schiano the same benefit of the doubt?

    Racist much?