Jameis Watch: Bucs Scouting Boss In Louisville

October 31st, 2014


Crab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, Heisman-Trophy-winning, national champion James Winston, the pride of Florida State University, continues to look like a much better quarterback prospect than Mike Glennon and Josh McCown.

Perhaps that’s why the Bucs sent their top-dog talent evaluator to Louisville for last night’s big Seminoles-Cardinals clash.

Yes, Bucs general manager Jason Licht was there taking notes, as Winston threw for 401 yards with three interceptions against what was college football’s top defense.

Yeah, there are other players on the field, not just Winston. But the Bucs sure seem to be in the market for a quarterback — and Winston sure looks like the leading man in the 2015 NFL Draft.

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90 Responses to “Jameis Watch: Bucs Scouting Boss In Louisville”

  1. Patrick in VA Says:

    Or, he could have been watching the best defense in college to find standouts. Didn’t watch the game but heard Winston was picked 3 times.

  2. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Who need to “scout” Jameis. His generational talent is clear. Last night’s game wasn’t even a good one to scout. Playing the 25th team in the nation after a dramatic win against a top 10 N.D. team?

    They wasted their money other than to learn Jameis does have heart on the athletic field playing through that gimpy ankle.

    Where the scouts should be is in Tallahassee trying to smoke out every bit of personal information about Winston they can. They should hire private detectives to interview his teachers from kindergarten to grade school to high school. They should plant some college age kids at FSU to try and ascertain just how deep his problems run. Hire a shrink or two to guage the odds on his growing up and turning his life around. Actually I’d be surprised if many NFL teams haven’t done just that.

    Yes Jameis is clearly the best choice based on athletic skill, leadership, etc.
    But can he stay on the field or will we simply see a far more talented version of JFro?

  3. Buc1987 Says:

    Joe you’re going to drive Gator fans nuts….and I love it!

  4. DB55 Says:

    87 The All Knowing (TM)

    I know you on cloud 9 this morning. What a game! I think the post-game PC was even better.

  5. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    You missed one of the most entertaining games of the year. A superior FSU team perhaps flat after the ND victory ran into an inspired team on the road with a better coach than the Noles.

    The Noles made it entertaining but only because they ran into a perfect storm including an ankle injury in the 2nd half that really limited Jameis. Yet they still won.

    I’ll give it up to you Noles. I’d still rather have Dak Prescott than Jameis but nobody can argue against his ability. I’m a Floridian and since the Gators and Canes have no chance this year I’m rooting for you guys.

  6. Brandon Says:

    I still think Mariota is the safer bet. Winston is more pro ready by a good amount, but Mariota seems to be squeaky clean off the field…thoiugh I’ve just seen criticism that he is too nice.

  7. DallasBuc Says:

    He could have just been there for the free food in the box. From the looks of it lapdog’s eye for talent bites a big one so I doubt any actual work was getting done.

  8. Buc1987 Says:

    The whole team starts of slow defensive and offensive. Not just Jameis. That’s just been this season for FSU. Last season they jumped out to huge early leads. Most of the games were over by halftime.

    Like I said early in last nights open thread. The kid could go out and throw 5 picks, but he never gets rattled by it. Nothing bothers this kid on or off the field.
    He feels no pressure. That’s what I’m talking about when I say ice in his veins.

    He also raises the energy level of everyone on that team. He’s FSU’s biggest cheerleader on the sidelines and their biggest hero on the field.

  9. The Buc Realist Says:

    uh-oh, I think Joe is falling in love again!

  10. b.d Says:

    Its all about number 5…..right joe? Just a different number 5.

  11. RastaMon Says:

    Lovie has already said we have our quarterback of the FUTURE……..

  12. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Don’t win 4 Winston!!

    Hey Joe, there’s still a multi-hour delay from when I post to when they actually show up. Can anything be done about this? It’s been going on since August….

  13. lightningbuc Says:

    “He’s FSU biggest cheerleader”


    FSU’s biggest cheerleader is the Tallahassee Police Department.

  14. Greg Schiano Says:


    I love what you write, but the Rapist Winston would be doing 15-25 if not for Tallahassee shielding him. All other NCAA programs cooperate with Title IX investigations, but not FSU or Winston. Where does Winston get the money for the high dollar attorney out of Atlanta…I thought all athletes were broke?

    The two animals (room mates) who filmed the act and then destroyed the film are guilty of felonies and should have been arrested. I am stunned and frustrated that the media can spew this young lady (from Tampa) would consent to being sexually assaulted while his two room mates watched. I am even more frustrated that anyone thinks this young lady would consent to having these animals film her being sexually assaulted by the Rapist Winston! Finally, if it was consensual, why did they destroy (supposedly) the video evidence that would have proved to the world that this Tampa Ho (according to the Tallahassee Police and the Moral Giants at FSU) was begging the Rapist Winston to assualt her and then drive her all over Tallahassee so she could not testify as to where he lived.

    Do you want this animal playing football in Tampa, no matter how well he plays? My God, isn’t there anyone out there with a daughter who thinks this punk should be breaking rocks in prison, not playing football on national TV?

    Yep, let Cam Newton get away with hundreds of thousands for a house for his parents…what a moral role model Supercam is!

    You know….all the media did was cut Tim Tebow crap, but none of us would have to be afraid that he would spike our daughters drinks in college and assault her!

    What happenned to sports heros being role models? Winston will be charged…there is not statute of limitations on rape and the season is over in 3 months. Bet on it!

    Greg Schiano

  15. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    ^^^^^ Those Jameis tears are salty and delicious!!!! Keep ’em coming!!

  16. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Check out the cover of this week’s ESPN the magazine. That’s where you find the player who should be the Bucs franchise QB.

    Dak Prescott on the cover. Tim Tebow with an NFL arm!!! Same ability to run with power, same heart, same class as Tebow but he can actually throw the ball.

    I’m starting a draft Dak Prescott group right now! Even if he stays for another year at MSU we can draft lineman next year and wait. Why not get the skills off the field to go with those on the field. No crab legs or angry parents or viral videos.

  17. billy buckaroo Says:

    With all the defense help they need I find it very hard to believe that lovie wouldnt take a couple of def players first in the draft and also he wont spend the big money on a QB with so many unknowns for next year in the entire offense scheme
    Offense coordinator?
    Line blocking?
    Offense line coach?

    Winston will be gone before Lovie gets to him.
    They prob add a QB but there are some other things to fix first before the money guy comes to town.
    He thinks def first-always has

  18. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    “Its all about number 5…..right joe? Just a different number 5.”

    I’m all for our next franchise QB having a 5 on his jersey. As long as there is a 1 in front of that 5.

  19. Jason Says:

    @Greg Schiano,
    I hope you’re right about them eventually pressing charges against Winston, I agree that dirtbag rapists shouldn’t be playing on Saturdays or Sundays. However, this wouldn’t be the first case of an athletic specimen being shielded from the legal repercussions of their actions, and unfortunately it won’t be the last.
    And for the record, I have no daughters but I still want no part of this guy on my Buccaneers team, talent or no.

  20. ufcguy Says:

    To Greg schiano, you obviously have a clear agenda against winston. Last time I checked you did not witness or ever talk to the girl in question did you? You make blanket statements about what she would or wouldn’t do. Bottom line that girl had multiple sperms in her and on top of that tried to blackmail him for 7 million. Winston did not back down and if u look at most people who are guilty they will just settle and make it go away. She saw a way to make money and get back at him for kicking her out bc he had a gf. He might be immature but he’s not a rapist

  21. Tom Edrington Says:

    Is this the same Jason Licht who has given us a collection of the most over-paid, under-producing free agents in the NFL??

  22. BUCTROOPER Says:

    Winston could be the Buccaneers cam Newton. Except just not a douche bag.

  23. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Greg Schiano Says,

    You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I bet that some of the people who slander this kid are some creepy people in many ways. You talk about a winning coach who got fired after going 10-6 and then hate on a kid accused of rape but no evidence to prove the allegation, NONE!
    Who are the real creeps, the real losers, the real scumbags, liars, cheaters,etc? You’d rather have a scrub QB who is doing nothing for your franchise than one who can make it better because of an allegation that isn’t even talked about anymore by the media. Oh yeah, the state of Florida, police, FSU, the government have all made it their job to protect this black kid, foolish people.

  24. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Same thing goes for you too jason and all others like you, dumb @ss

  25. ihateloviesmith Says:

    i think this guy will self destruct like another number 5 ,I once saw what was his name, oh well it don’t matter, lovie’s gonna pick a punter. lovie you suck

  26. Bill T Says:

    With the players Licht and Lovie brought in this offseason, what makes you think they know good talent? There was a lot of talent on the field.

    To me, jury is still out on Winston. FSU’s offense is nothing like what the Bucs run (great for FSU). They mostly run from the shotgun, pass first and running game is off that. Bucs do nothing like that. Also, receivers, TEs and RBs were wide open in the 2nd half where most of us could make those passes. When do you see the Bucs more than a yard open?

    Winston definitely is a pro QB. How good or how high a pick, I’m not sure yet. He forces passes into coverage when there is any pressure on him (and 37% completion) going into last night’s game. Can’t do that in the NFL or you will have Geno Smith type numbers.

  27. phil Says:

    We should do everything possible to draft Jameis Winston and fire Lovie. We don’t need Lovie messing up Jameis. We need to get him a real coach that knows how to coach. Lovie is not the answer. Jameis is the answer.

  28. Architek Says:

    Last night game was the perfect game to scout because you got all of Winston – especially his comeback abilities and composer.

    Glennon has nothing on this kid!

  29. Skyline Crew Says:

    If he cleans up his play and keeps his nose clean the rest of the year he might become a Buc, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mariota and Winston gone before we pick.

  30. destro44 Says:

    I’d prefer be be there scouting Louisville’s safety. The one that leads the nation with 10 picks. That is the kind player we need. A true ball hawk patrolling the secondary.

  31. Architek Says:

    Skyline – I believe the Bucs would trade up for him…

  32. Kalind Says:

    Schiano, come on man. That whole situation stunk to high heaven. You think the elected judges, and state attorneys are SUCH BIG fsu fans they shielded this kid? You’re crazy man. There just wasn’t enough evidence to secure an indictment.

    Then, it came out that this was just a big money grab by the girl (TMZ, the original story ‘reporting’ agency)

  33. lightningbuc Says:

    You think the elected judges, and state attorneys are SUCH BIG fsu fans they shielded this kid?



    YES! Did you read the New York Times in depth article on the corruption that exists within the Tallahassee Police Department and City Hall as it pertains to FSU – and not just Winston, but all the football athletes?

  34. Zane Pope Says:

    James would save us i hope we get him.

  35. Buccfan37 Says:

    Who leads overall in the FSU- Gators matchups? That’s what I thought. I can see where Winston gets his smarts, his parents could’nt even spell James.

  36. Buc1987 Says:


    “YES! Did you read the New York Times in depth article on the corruption that exists within the Tallahassee Police Department and City Hall as it pertains to FSU – and not just Winston, but all the football athletes?”

    Did you read FSU’s rebuttal proving most of the Times article to be false and misleading?

    Ha who would have thunk it? The NYT misleading the readers…THAT never happens!

  37. rdbucfan Says:


    Her attorney sent a demand letter. The civil lawsuit will not be filed until he is drafted or until his 2nd contract.

  38. Buc1987 Says:

    There was so many people that were involved in the investigation. SVU detectives included.

    So what the dissenters are saying is that out of the 40 or more people doing the investigation…no one cracked, no one leaked out this “cover up”, no one worried about their own freedom risking jail time for FSU and Winston a kid that was not even named the starting QB at the time the incident was reported.

    I call that HOGWASH!

  39. Buccfan37 Says:

    The New York Times also has never met a war it did’nt shill for.

  40. Mr. Patrick Says:

    On the field a stud, off the field a turd. Million dollar arm, 10 cent brain

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    September 14th 2014 Orlando Sentinel :

    TMZ.com first reported early Wednesday morning it obtained a letter from Winston’s lawyer, David Cornwell, sent to FSU saying Winston would fully cooperate with the school’s investigation into its handling of the rape charge. In the letter later acquired by the Sentinel, Cornwell wrote one of the accuser’s attorneys, Patricia Carroll, sought $7 million in exchange for a promise her client would never speak out against Winston again.

    Cornwell stated he rejected her offer and she went to the media four days later with allegations Winston raped her client.


  42. jo_mama Says:

    It’s Obvious that Joe does not know Jack about Football and only cares about Clicks.

    This Jameis watch is such BS.

    Mike Glennon will have a longer and much better career than Jameis Winston ever will.

  43. Skyline Crew Says:

    Yahoo Sports October 15th, 2014:

    Last December, Winston avoided prosecution when state’s attorney William Meggs deemed there was insufficient evidence to press charges, in part because of a bungled Tallahassee Police Department investigation.

    Dritt was supportive of Meggs after that decision. She’s anything but some blind advocate looking to take down a Heisman winner.

    That doesn’t mean she isn’t troubled by the continued actions of what she believes is a small, but frenzied group of Seminoles fans who have taken to defending Winston by attacking the woman at all costs, labeling her a liar or an opportunist seeking money. They are encouraged by bold and overwhelming support from the FSU athletic department and coaches, not to mention heated accusations by Winston’s defense team claiming the case is nothing more than a motivated and purposefully false allegation.

    While the Winston case has served as an opportunity to educate the public on how sexual assaults occur and has shined a necessary light on poor police work, the backlash has wiped out many of the positive gains.

    “Some people hoped it would just go away, but as it’s become clear it’s not going to go away, certain people are pushing back on the victim,” Dritt said. “I think there are actually less people supporting Jameis now, but they have ratcheted up the rhetoric that this is a case about a false accusation.

    “This isn’t about a false allegation though,” she said. “It’s not consistent with a false allegation. It’s not at all consistent with that.”

    I don’t know if Jameis Winston sexually assaulted the woman. Neither do you.

    I also don’t know if he didn’t. And neither do you.

    The Tallahassee Police Department did such a shoddy job looking into the case that it’s unlikely anyone other than the people involved definitively know, and that is almost certainly a matter of disagreement.

    “It’s clear that she does not believe she gave consent,” Dritt said. “While he may believe he had consent, she doesn’t believe it.”

    And that is important to consider. Especially as the Free Jameis movement has continued to push into darker and more troubling places, and as his defense team has turned to an unfortunate offense.

    “This is a scheme, this is shakedown of a college student because he’s prominent and he’s going to make a lot of money,” one of Winston’s attorneys told Sports Illustrated this week.

    Various statistics ranging from the FBI to the Department of Justice say just 2 to 8 percent of sexual assault allegations are false. To falsely accuse someone of rape is a crime, as it should be. It’s an evil, evil thing to do. That’s probably why it’s relatively rare.

    Common sense, and FBI studies, says this isn’t one of those cases.


  44. rdbucfan Says:


    “on top of that tried to blackmail him for 7 million”

    Blackmail. So if this was your daugher would you feel the same way. If it was blackmail, it would not have been a demand letter sent by an attorney. If there is a civil suit, it will be filed if/when he is drafted.

  45. Buccfan37 Says:

    1987… Anybody with a brain knows Winston raped the girl without her consent. Most don’t care. Many are fine with it as long as he can QB and the Bucs could get him.

  46. Skyline Crew Says:

    On Dec. 7, 2012, at 3:22 a.m. ET, the Florida State University police received a call from a female friend of the woman looking to report a “sexual batter[y] by an unknown subject,” according to the investigative report by James Newlin of the State Attorney’s Office.

    The woman had been driven on a scooter to a corner near her dorm by, she would much later learn, Jameis Winston at about 2 a.m. She soon went to her room and via text and phone call told her friend she had been raped at a nearby apartment. The friend came over and soon called the FSU police.

    An officer was dispatched to the dorm, took an initial statement and then contacted the Tallahassee Police Department because the incident took place off campus. At 4:10 a.m. a TPD officer arrived for another interview and the collection of clothes she wore for possible evidence.

    The woman was then transported to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital where “a sexual assault examination was performed,” per the report.

    An additional interview was conducted at the hospital until it was determined that due to exhaustion, things could wait until the next day. That night the woman got word to her parents in the Tampa area about what happened. They immediately drove to Tallahassee, “my dad went like 100 the whole way,” the woman texted one of her friends later. The woman also informed a number of her friends.

    The next day, at 3:45 p.m., the woman went to the Tallahassee police and sat for a detailed interview that was recorded both via video and audio.

    At no time did she name her alleged assailant because she didn’t know who it was.

    It wasn’t until Jan. 10, 2013, more than a month after the alleged incident, that the woman walked into one of her FSU classes, recognized the man and waited for roll call to hear his name … Jameis Winston.

    So … for this to be a false accusation of rape, for this woman to be making this entire thing up in an effort to get Jameis Winston or take down FSU football or to scheme for money or to do it out of scorn or revenge, for this woman to not believe 100 percent that she was, indeed, raped, to believe she never consented to sex that night, the following would’ve had to occur.

    • She needed to immediately tell a friend she was assaulted.

    • She needed to have that friend call the police and subject herself to questioning.

    • She needed the first police department to call a second police department for another interview and evidence collection.

    • She needed all of this to occur in her dorm, where the presence of police, and thus the painful reason for their presence, would surely be known by all of the other students.

    • She needed to admit she was out drinking despite being underage. She needed to admit she left a bar alone with three men when she didn’t even know their names. She needed to admit getting in a cab and going to their apartment. All of this is behavior that would be, for many, embarrassing or even shameful to discuss.

    • She needed to willingly go to the hospital and endure a rape kit, which, by all accounts, is one of the most dehumanizing and humiliating experiences a person can go through.

    • She needed to have another talk with police at the hospital and discuss her drinking and actions that night with medical professionals. She needed to willingly subject herself to a toxicology test.

    • She needed to wake her parents in the middle of the night and talk to them about being assaulted, while acknowledging behavior (drinking, leaving the bar with strange men, etc.) that they presumably would disapprove. How many women want to discuss sex, in any way, shape or form, with their father?

    View gallery
    Jameis Winston runs off the field after Florida State’s win over Oklahoma State on Aug. 30. (AP)

    Jameis Winston runs off the field after Florida State’s win over Oklahoma State on Aug. 30. (AP)

    • She needed to tell more friends of this behavior the next day, even though the least humiliating thing she could have ever done was never tell anyone where she was. Other than Winston and his two FSU teammates he lived with, no one knew where she went that night. Had she been embarrassed by consensual actions, she could’ve just remained silent and hoped to never run into guys she didn’t even know again.

    • She needed to go to the TPD the next afternoon for an additional interview, which was recorded. She needed to file a false police report knowing that, if it were proven she lied, she would be prosecuted. She needed to repeatedly lie to the police, another crime.

    So she did all of that, she subjected herself to what was likely embarrassment over her actions and the incident to her parents, friends, dormmates, police, nurses and so on, underwent the horror of a rape kit, she did all of that to accuse … no one.

    No one.

    Not Jameis Winston. Not an FSU football player. Not someone she was trying to get back at or wanted the attention of or whatever other motivation there might be.

    She accused no one. She had no name. She had no real identification. She had nothing.

    Remember, she didn’t realize it was Winston until over a month later, where, now with so much time between the incident that, should she have been making this up or embellishing it or just doing it as some sick plan to get attention and sympathy, she could’ve let it fade off forever without any consequence.

    According to FBI studies of false reports, it would actually be more believable – although still extremely unlikely – that she invented the entire thing if she had never found Winston. More plausible, although extremely unlikely, is that she had invented an unknown (and thus assuredly never to be found) attacker.

    Instead she called the cops and found their suspect for them despite immediately realizing that he was a big name and this would complicate her life and this case immensely.

  47. Buc1987 Says:

    Jameis is coming to Tampa!

    End of story….next.

  48. Buc1987 Says:

    I had a roommate once. He and his girl were fighting like crazy all the time. One day they got into this huge fight right in front of me. My roommate never laid a hand on her, I was there to witness the whole thing. As the fight got more and more out of hand. She turned to him and said I’m calling the cops. He said call them for what. She said I’m calling them and telling them you hit me and shoved me up against the wall. That never happened. The cops were called anyways and my roomamte was hauled off to jail for something he didn’t do. It happens ALL the time.

    I’m not saying Winston is innocent. I’m saying that sometimes the guy IS innocent.

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    Girl meets boy in an FSU bar. Girl willingly(not dragged) goes back to his apartment for what the naysayers seem to think is just for a friendly cup of tea.

    She just wanted to come over to his apartment for tea, cookies and a nice chat.
    Sex was the furthest thing from her mind when she left the bar that night.


  50. Skyline Crew Says:

    The article I just posted says the same thing. The people that want to call this girl a whore and a slut should probably calm down. The way the case has been handled isn’t the way things should be handled. We all know how Florida handles cases anyways.

  51. Biff Barker Says:

    Freeman part 2.

    Could the Bucs possibly be that stupid?


  52. Skyline Crew Says:

    The nice long report you pasted here is property of FOX. Joe can’t and won’t allow long excerpts of re-printed material here. That’s breaks the law. No more than a few paragraphs next time. Thanks.

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    If the civil suit does get filed her lawyer said she’s going to bring a lot of people down for this including jail time for many people involved.

    Yet no one’s cracked at the thought of jail time or losing their careers and reputation. That just doesn’t seem plausible to me. Hell I’ve been to jail a few times. It’s not fun. If I was involved in the “cover up” I would have cracked a long time ago.

  54. ColoradoBuc Says:

    As usual, your respondents get well out of hand with their comments. I’ve forgotten what the original article was even about…

  55. Buc1987 Says:

    Didn’t she hang around at the apartment for about an hour afterwards texting friends and what not? I thought I read that somewhere before.

    There’s just too much that does’nt add up from both sides.

    Jameis has witnesses(albeit friends) that said one of them tried to go in the room with the 2 of them and when the girl notice he was there she told him to get the hell out of the room. I guess that was planned made up story too?

    Too much doesn’t add up. That’s probably why the DA said there’s not enough evidence to charge him. He had witnesses(albeit friends) on his side and she had no one.

  56. lightningbuc Says:

    ^^^It was about Jameis Winston, an alleged rapist and admitted thief, which is what all the subsequent posts are about as well.

  57. Skyline Crew Says:

    The fact that it took her a month to find out that it was Jameis is the troubling part. If she is lying that is a very well planned out plot against Jameis. I’m just not buying the whole blackmail thing.

  58. Nybucsfan Says:

    Jameis is ten times the QB Glennon is. Glennon is so bad the guy stinks. This team needs a real QB to believe in. A QB the believe can win

  59. Skyline Crew Says:

    Yes Nybucsfan, he is 10 times the QB Glennon is. Please.

  60. Buc1987 Says:

    Who says dreams never come true?

    Jameis is coming to Tampa!

  61. BoJim Says:

    Argue all you want for or against him. The reality is, he’s got a real good lawyer who is gonna save his ass. I don’t care who we pick first as long as it’s oline or dline.

  62. Skyline Crew Says:

    Unless Winston can play in the 1st half of games he is just like Glennon. Throws off the back foot, makes stupid decisions when throwing (falling down and throwing), stares down receivers sometimes, over throws receivers sometimes, he likes to spot throw and if him and the receiver aren’t on the same page it is usually an interception. I’m sure he can develop though, but like I said he can’t be crap in the 1st half and then be good in the 2nd. Glennon already does that now and it isn’t working.

  63. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    jo_mama Says:
    October 31st, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    It’s Obvious that Joe does not know Jack about Football and only cares about Clicks.

    This Jameis watch is such BS.

    Mike Glennon will have a longer and much better career than Jameis Winston ever will.
    As a BACK-UP!

  64. Newbucsfan!!! Says:


  65. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    I may want Joe to release the true names of skyline & jason so that they can be sued for defamation of character!

  66. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    I am concerned for that girls family but I am also concerned for Winston’s family. It’s not cool for the girl to be bashed but for some it is more than appropriate for Jameis to be crucified, bashed, convicted in the court of public opinion, etc. Such bias, INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!

  67. Skyline Crew Says:

    How are you going to sue me for defamation of character idiot? Because I posted what an article said? That is stupid and we are all dumber for having read your idiotic post.

  68. Buc1987 Says:

    From Yahoo Sports :

    Thursday night, Winston had his first three-interception game of his college career – “I’ve never thrown three interceptions in my life,” he said – and overcame it. He forced a fumble on the return of one of those interceptions. He threw three touchdowns, all in the second half, shredding what had been the No. 1 defense in the nation. He played through a twisted ankle, tomahawk chopping his way off the field in the end.

  69. Skyline Crew Says:

    And if Louisville had won what would the article say? Winston threw 3 interceptions and couldn’t recover. Blah blah blah.

  70. Buc1987 Says:

    Skyline…the team as a whole has started off slow all season long not just Jameis.
    Like I said last season he was lighting teams up way before halftime.

  71. Skyline Crew Says:

    GMs at the game last night.

    So what quarterback-needy team could be pondering picking Winston? St. Louis, Tampa Bay and Tennessee all appear to be in the quarterback market, and perhaps led to Les Snead, Jason Licht and Ruston Webster making in-person appearances. The Steelers and Vikings could end up in the quarterback market and had general managers here. (The other general managers in attendance were from the Colts, 49ers, Patriots, Chiefs and Browns).

  72. Skyline Crew Says:

    So you are going off last season then and not this season. Gotcha.

  73. Buc1987 Says:

    Skyline Crew Says:
    October 31st, 2014 at 2:37 pm

    “And if Louisville had won what would the article say? Winston threw 3 interceptions and couldn’t recover. Blah blah blah.”

    Damn so much bitterness….

  74. Skyline Crew Says:

    Not really. It is just amazing how you guys jump on this guys d!ck because he is from FSU.

  75. Buc1987 Says:

    No I’m going off the 2 seasons combined….Winston has not regressed if that’s what your bitter self is thinking. On the contrary. This season the team has faced a lot of adversity yet still they find a way to win. They don’t do that without Winston.

  76. Skyline Crew Says:

    I just think your Nole blinders are on and aren’t looking at him without bias.

  77. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Draft #15 not #5. We not only end all of this arguing about rape, crab legs, and viral videos we actually get a better player.

    Jameis is great. I’m not doubting his talent. Just saying Prescott is better! And with the extra bonus of no cement head baggage!

  78. WalkdaPlank Says:

    To be fair, those 3 TD’s were not fantastic. The first one, if Jameis didn’t hit that receiver, he should have had his Heisman taken away. The second was a good throw, bad decision. That easily should’ve gone for a 4th pick had the other Louisville defender not gotten in the way. The 3rd was a pass in the flat in garbage time.

    But I loved the fire he came out with and led his team back even with a bum ankle. The INT’s didn’t faze him.

  79. Newbucsfan!!! Says:


    I was trying to use the defamation of character as an example I guess you were the only one that didn’t understand what I was going for. Look in the mirror before you call someone an idiot

  80. Buc1987 Says:

    Newbucsfan!!!….actually people have been sued over things posted on the internet that was considered slander or defamation of character. I don’t know if anyone’s ever won their case or not, but it does happen.

  81. Buc1987 Says:

    Skyline Crew Says:
    October 31st, 2014 at 3:10 pm

    “I just think your Nole blinders are on and aren’t looking at him without bias.”

    I just think(know) they don’t give out Heisman trophy’s for being crappy. When this season is all said and done he might STILL win it again. 5 games left to play.

  82. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Great ’87. And so when Dak Prescott wins it this year as a junior you won’t mind me pimping for him to be drafted as hard as you are Infamous Jameis?

    He’s a better player without the baggage. Tim Tebow with an arm!!! Bigger and stronger than Jameis and a LOT more intelligent.

  83. Skyline Crew Says:

    87′, I’ve posted before the last 10 heisman winners and how many still play. Just because you win a Heisman doesn’t mean a thing in the NFL.

  84. Buc1987 Says:

    Skyline Crew…I’m NOT talking about the NFL. Hell Testeverde was a Heisman winner and look how that turned out.

    I’m stating that my Nole blinders are not on, because if that was true he would have never won a Heisman…not all the voters were Noles fans were they?

    Damn it why do I have to continually explain myself to you people in here. Was it THAT hard to figure out what I meant or do I have to have to draw it out in crayons for some of you?

    Of course a Heisman means nothing when it comes to the NFL….I’m not 5 years old. I’m 44 I do realize that. I’ve been around the block. I’m an old man. I don’t need a list of 10 Heisman busts to figure out this shyte.

    Again so you don’t get TOO confused. I’ll type in caps for you, not because I’m shouting either. THE PEOPLE THAT AWARDED JAMEIS WINSTON THE HEISMAN TROPHY DID NOT HAVE NOLE BLINDERS ON. You have to be pretty damned good to get noticed for it.

  85. Buc1987 Says:

    So in essence Winston’s Heisman trophy has no bearing on whether I think he will make a great NFL QB. Something I’ve known since his 3rd game of last season. Heisman or no Heisman. My Nole blinders we’re not on when I picked up on it last season 3 games into it. 3 games in while watching him play… I looked at my wife and said this kid belongs in the NFL and he’s going to be a star.

  86. Buc1987 Says:

    I hate to keep typing to myself, but I’m not done. I have one more thing to add and fans seeing a higher number of posts my bring peeps back in to have a look at my rant.

    This is what I’ll add, I mean this too. Do you see how angry fans are right now on this site? It happens every day. Hell it’s been going on for 2 years now of anger towards this team. It could be longer even.

    All that anger will go away if Winston’s name gets called off on draft day. It may be brief, but it will go away. Then after they hopefully build an o-line, the wins will start coming, one right after another.

    Matt Ryan is still young, but getting up there. Brees says he’ll play forever, but really I don’t think so. Cam…he’s on his way to a career ending injury someday.
    Draft Winston now and this division could be ours for many years to come.

    That is all for this early Saturday morning. Good morning everyone! 🙂

  87. Kalind Says:

    Lightning Buc. I don’t read anything the new york slimes puts out. They have nothing but inane slanderous drivel to write.

    And Joe, can you start deleting the slanderous claims that Jameis is a Rapist? I think it’s just as likely he was trapped. There is quite literally the exact same amount of evidence. But these fools on here saying BS like “I don’t want know rapists on muh team,” need to be silenced. It’s not right.

  88. Kalind Says:

    Dark Prescott isn’t very good dude, sorry. He’s the next in a looooooooong line of ESPN pushed SEC guys. But he isn’t a winner. He’s on a good but not great team in a weak conference w a weak schedule. I’m sorry. I don’t buy that the SEC is so good. Look at their drafter players. A significant portion don’t work out. That can’t be the hallmark of a dominant conference sooo much better than the others

  89. Skyline Crew Says:

    If Winston’s name is called for the Bucs you will have just as many pissed off fans. A lot don’t want him a lot do.Same as if Manziel would have came here.His name being called isn’t going to quiet the anger.

  90. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Haha, I hope you are trolling Kalind. Just because a player isn’t good in the NFL doesn’t mean he wasn’t great in college. Look at Herschel Walker, one of the best running backs to ever set foot on a college field, didn’t pan out. Other guys like Tim Tebow, Ryan Leaf, Vince Young, even our own Mark Barron, were good in college too. The SEC is without a doubt the best conference. Alabama, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Auburn, and Georgia are all top ranked teams on the running for the playoffs this year. In the past few years Florida and LSU have also been national champions. Draft picks are individual as well, these are good TEAMS.