Free Agent Repercussions

October 30th, 2014


When Team Glazer hired Lovie Smith in January, ending a months-long courtship, one concession Lovie must have had from Team Glazer was an allowance and freedom to spend big time on free agents.

While we are not quite at the halfway point of the 2014 season — the Cleveland game this Sunday will be game No. 8 — thus far the Bucs’ new free agents haven’t exactly been lottery winners. Let’s take a quick look:

Michael Johnson (DE): Thus far, invisible. Yes, he is dinged up. But if his ankle is rendering him useless, Johnson shouldn’t even be on the field. Thus far, a truly awful signing.

Josh McCown (QB): What can Joe say? The guy had three dreadful starts, was a turnover machine and was benched for the quarterback of the future and the quarterback of the past.

Anthony Collins (OT): Sketchy. He’s had good games and woeful games, none more so than last week against the Vikings. Now he is hurt.

Alterraun Verner (CB): Maybe the only free agent signing that has panned out, but he isn’t playing up to his All-Pro level. Yet.

Evan Dietrich-Smith (C): Serviceable. Nothing special. Not exactly a great signing, but not a Johnson-type signing either.


Brandon Myers (TE) : Production (16 catches, no touchdowns) is way down from his previous two seasons with the Giants and Raiders.

Clinton McDonald (DT): Disappointing. Brought in from the Super Bowl champs to rush the passer, but can’t capitalize on Gerald McCoy being double- and triple-teamed.

Recent offseasons, when Team Glazer gave permission to run free with their checkbook, were a colossal waste of cash. At least Dominik hit on Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks (stop it with blaming Nicks’ injury on Dominik; that’s idiotic. Nicks never missed a start with the Saints. If Dominik is to blame for Nicks’ toe, please cough up that crystal ball of yours so Joe can get this weekend’s lottery numbers).

Because the Bucs have swung and missed far more than they have hit on free agents, especially this past year, the “Custodian of Canton,” eye-RAH! Kaufman of The Tampa Tribune, wondered aloud whether Team Glazer may take its checkbook away from Lovie and force general manager Jason Licht to resume building through the draft.

That’s what Kaufman told Booger McFarland this week on WHFS-FM 98.7.

“I think we are looking at another overhaul [of the roster in the offseason,” Kaufman said. “And I am wondering whether the Glazers are going to give Licht and Smith the go-ahead to sign another [batch] of free agents because, guys, let’s be honest, this year’s did not work out. It did not.”

It’s an interesting thought. Since Dominik’s free agent haul just prior to the 2012 season, the Bucs are a shameful 12-27.

Team Glazer, who for years publicly preached building through the draft, had a much better record prior to 2012. Once they gave Dominik and Lovie permission to use the checkbook, the team has fallen off the cliff. So why would Team Glazer give Lovie yet another chance to toss tens of millions of dollars away when the front office is better off going on vacation when the free agency dinner bell rings?

It is an interesting observation. Because this year’s free agent class has been so dismal thus far, it could be the last time the Bucs are big-time players in free agency for a while.

29 Responses to “Free Agent Repercussions”

  1. Bucaneers Says:

    It’s not the players, it’s the coaching! Bill belichick would have this team 5-2

  2. JonBuc Says:

    Another reminder of the colossal failure the entire 2014 season has been…

  3. todd Says:

    why over haul free agents again ? sign a few every year should be the plan and I don’t me the most money just keep signing 2 or 3 players every year in FA. then keep building with the draft. Deal out doug martin before the draft for another pick keep getting more draft picks.

  4. Matts17 Says:

    Your assuming that L & L will make good decisions with the stockpiled draft picks. They’ve given me no indication that they can identify pro or amatuer talent.

  5. Pickgrin Says:

    So Matts17- I guess you are saying that Mike Evans, ASJ and Charles Simms are all without talent? Pretty hard to spin that that one towards your premise.

  6. Patrick in VA Says:

    Fine by me. We don’t need a shopping spree. We need to get solid role players that can function in the system the way we want them to. Let the Jets go drop a bag of cash on someone that worked in someone else’s system. We’ve seen that it doesn’t work for us so lets stop doing it. Draft well, fill the holes in FA, reward your home grown stars with the money that isn’t going to FAs anymore and we’ll build a winner.

    I really hope that we get that #1 overall pick and that we’re able to trade back with someone who is willing to give up the farm to get their savior. We’re a long way from even being able to use a savior right now. If we can stock pile a ton of quality picks and draft well then we’ll see the improvement on the field. Patience folks. We need to build and not go for the quick fix. Quality stars, quality depth and understanding of the system is how this team is going to win. Not a superhero player coming in and putting the team on his back. It doesn’t happen like that in real life.

  7. CC Says:

    The Glazers are to blame. It all started to unravel when they got rid of Rich McCay.Every GM and coach they have hired since then has been a disaster. Their terrible drafts and FA signings have once again turned this team into the laughing stock of the NFL. It sucks to be a Bucs fan.Hate to be a downer but I don’t see it getting any better while they still own “OUR” team.

  8. biff barker Says:

    You can keep the FA churn going and expect next year to look much like this year’s goat cluck.

  9. Patrick in VA Says:

    Here’s a thought: What would you say the chances would be of getting McCown to restructure his deal to an 8, or so, year deal where he would be the Bucs’ designated backup forever at a much more team friendly number? That gives him and his family security. It gives us a great QB teacher and teammate. And it frees up cap money going in to next year for us to fill more holes.

    Probably out there but I’d entertain it. Outside the box

  10. phil Says:

    We just have to endure the suffering until Lovie is gone. I don’t see anything getting better.

  11. King Diamond Says:

    I’m really not a bid fan of the Glazers but I wouldn’t blame them for cutting off the money to those clueless bastards. As far a Nicks is concerned he never played; therefore, he was a terrible signing and waste of money anyway you spin it.

  12. Jon Says:

    I agree with Ira. Look at the two defensive stars we signed. 3 sacks between them. I know Clayborn would have more by now on effort alone if he were healthy. They overpaid for McCown, didn’t bring in any wide receiver depth. Spent a boatload on what is now one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL and like I wrote yesterday. The trades haven’t been good either, Barron for Mankins and a 6th, that’s a lose-lose since Mankins and his poor play won’t be here next year. Yes I know they traded Barron to St. Louis but they already burnt the 4th next year on Mankins.

  13. flmike Says:

    I wouldn’t give Lovie anything but an escort off the property…

  14. bucrightoff Says:

    Scariest thing is Lovie is gonna wanna go on another shopping spree tis offseason because he’ll be in win now mode to avoid getting fired. When the Bucs hired Lovie they should have included a clause in his contract banning him from being involved in the offense or personnel decisions.

    Oh, and no more free agency please. It’s the path loser teams take to go 7-9.

  15. MTM Says:

    Free agency has not been kind to the Bucs for the last 4yrs. The Bucs free agent signings Immediately end up on injury reserve or the bench. This team has zero depth at every position.

  16. Bill Says:

    How are the players that were lee go doing on their new teams? Specifically Penn, Zutah and Joseph?

  17. Gooberville Says:

    Agree with CC.. At some point the owners have to look at themselves. They’re the only constant in all this. The boys are clueless in how to hire, who to hire, and when to hire. They have 2 choices IMO.. Sell the team to Debartello or hire a proven successful GM and let him do whatever he wants. It’s past embarrassing. I wish the owners, coaches, players had to walk out of the stadium after yet another loss and hearing the happy fans of the opposing team.

  18. Buccfan37 Says:

    If these free agents were any good the teams who did’nt resign them would have. It was like a used car sale and the Bucs bid too high on what turned out to be dilapidated clunkers.

  19. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Eh we’re Bucs fans, what’s another complete purge/rebuild to us besides a few more years of sucking? The Glazier’s hitched the team’s wagon to Lovie for the rest of this year and most likely the next two, so watching this team will be like watching campy horror or comedy movies. The product is poor, but you watch anyway to laugh at how bad it is even knowing you’ve just wasted a few hours of your life you’ll never get back again.

  20. OB Says:


    We must look at the coaching, Talib, was really good at New England and Peter Kings’s All Pro at Denver so far this season, you said Penn and Zutah are doing wonders, so does this leave the coaching and their ability to get their players to play?

    I think so.

  21. jo_mama Says:

    Ask yourself why the Rams (2-5) made a trade?

    Answer; because their coach wants to win NOW.

    We gave Lovie too long of a contract.

    He is being out coached and out classed by his peers.

    if he had any balls he would make a play for Mike Williams.

  22. Patrick in VA Says:

    @OB – you know that Talib was sent to NE by another coach, right?

  23. DB55 Says:


    Please please please help me! Can you share with me a mark where GMC is being triple teamed. I hear this a lot but after watching each game multiple times (except Ravens) I am yet to see gmc triple teamed. Now I know I’m stupid ignorant moron but im not sure if I should add blind to that list. Maybe so!?!

    Just one mark joe please!
    i.e Baltimore 2nd qrt 12:34

    Something like that. I really got see this cuz all I see is him getting owned by udfa and rookies not to mention joseph. But remember I just a stupid moron that knows nothing about football and could possibly be (obviously be) blind.
    Help a brother out Joseph. Por favor!

  24. Justin Says:

    Stop signing middle of the road free agents with the hopes of a revival, and instead build through the draft.

  25. Tomcin Says:

    Dovie needs to go & most of his coaching staff especially DC & offensive line coach. I’m afraid we are stuck with Dovie through this year & part of next. At least get rid of Frazier & let Dovie take over as DC. At least the Glazers will be getting something for the 5mil, plus save Frazers salary. I don’t know. Feel like I’m just grasping at straws. All of a sudden Schiano is looking pretty good. The Glazers need to take Dovie ‘s power away. Oh by the way, maybe the Glazers would just sell the team.

  26. 1bucfan88 Says:

    And why should we have any more confidence in any hypothetical decision by Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb, and Tweedle Dumberer to build through the draft (again)? This organization needs to have a match taken to it. Step 1 is the Glazers hiring someone who knows a thing or two about American football, because it has obviously passed those jokers by. Every bad decision, every misstep, every knee-jerk reaction of the last decade can be laid at their feet. Who decided to can Gruden weeks too late? Who decided to hand the franchise over to a rookie HC and GM? Whose directive was it to avoid free agency and build through the draft THE FIRST TIME? Whose idea was it to bring in a middling college HC who had barely even so much as sniffed a conference championship? Who bought Lovie’s “back-to-the-glory-days” sales pitch, hook line and sinker? Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb, and Tweedle Dumberer, that’s who.

  27. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “Evan Dietrich-Smith (C): Serviceable. Nothing special. Not exactly a great signing, but not a Johnson-type signing either.” – Joe

    EDS has been nothing but a disappointment. You forget his god-awful plays resulting in safeties, fumbles, delay of games and worse. To me, he is the worse FA signing of them all.

    Also, am I wrong, or was Murphy a FA signing? I’d say he’s paid off as depth.

  28. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    For years, Tampa fans have complained that not enough money was being spent in free agency. This is what happens when you do it.

    Waaaay back when these signings happened, everyone was excited. I pointed out that each signing would have to do well if fan expectation could be met. I also said it was next to impossible.

    But hey, we’ll see the same thing from fans after the season. Whine, complain, demand particular action, get it, then complain again. Repeat.

    Tampa fans consist of fans who THINK they know it all and of fans who have nothing more than opinion (and don’t bother to know the team). Then there are the occasional smart fans, who know it takes time and the right parts to succeed.

    I do not personally believe Lovie got every staff member on the team that he wanted. For instance, Rod Marinelli. He’ll fire Frazier and get Rod this year. Obviously Tedford did not work out. So he didn’t get the OC he wanted either.

  29. mac Says:

    Hey Joe…

    I won’t blame Dominik for Nick’s toe injury. But to proclaim that “we don’t draft offensive lineman” then sign a fuking guard to a $50 million dollar deal is completely idiotic…

    Look at the best offensive line in the league – the Cowboys… Jerry Jones has been drafting lineman (especially first rounders) like crazy… But it has paid off…

    Dominik was just a bad GM on so many fronts… He was good with the cap… Bad with making personnel desicions in free agency, the draft and franchise QB selection…

    No bullspit, I could have done a better job and probably you could to bro…