Doug Martin Gets The Boot

October 29th, 2014


The downward spiral of Doug Martin continued today at One Buc Palace.

Per the Twittering of scribes attending the session of practice open to media, Martin was on the sidelines.

He was wearing the dreaded protective boot around his left foot, noted beat writer Greg Auman.

The boot on Wednesday usually means no chance of playing Sunday.

As Joe noted earlier, Charles Sims is not 100 percent but should be active.

Bobby Rainey should be the bell cow, and considering Mike James came out of mothballs Sunday for one play — a fourth-down rush for a first down — he should get his share of work, too, in Cleveland.

Joe suspects Martin’s bad wheel really killed any potential trade opportunity before yesterday’s league trading deadline.

28 Responses to “Doug Martin Gets The Boot”

  1. Another J Says:

    Considering the way the offensive line has blocked for him, He’s lucky he’s only in a walking boot!

  2. bucrightoff Says:

    The best they were gonna get for Martin, even fully healthy, was a 5th round pick. Lots of RBs on the street that cost nothing that can give you 2.9YPC. There was never really much of a market for him to begin with.

  3. RastaMon Says:

    Martin has PROVEN…given a hole to run though…he is everything advertised …all he has seen is the bubble butt Buc OL jammed into his face….

  4. Zam Says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I think the Bucs win Sunday.

    W/o Barron I think the defense is way better. And Rainey/James/Sims is an upgrade over Martin.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Rastaman

    You missed an opportunity “Lovie needs to get the boot”……

    As for the article….I’d really like to see Mike James get some touches…..he always seems to get positive yardage even when the box is stacked…..

    Be careful with the use of Sims if he isn’t ready….

  6. BucFan20 Says:

    I didn’t know we had an OL. the only thing I have seen is a bunch of stick figures.

  7. Robert 9 Says:

    good for him.

    happy for Barron, Wright, Casillas, M williams, Penn, Zuttah, and any other player who is being paid, but does not have to play for lovie the a$$ clown smith

    is it really beneath lovie to come out and take some blame, “I failed you”…..just once???

    he’s the only coach, because of always passing the buc, that I would be happy to see a player get physical with.

    those smug MF’s who never admit any wrong are the worst people in the world IMO. a true cancer to society

  8. Dan Says:

    Now I’m really not buying that Sims won’t play much.

  9. DB55 Says:

    Really not sure why you guys are high on sims. What has he done? Nothing but get hurt. Why are you expecting him to contribute if Rainey martin and James haven’t been able to do a damn thing?

  10. BoJim Says:

    I don’t think Simm’s will see much action if any. I’m cool with that. No reason to mess with his career at this point.

  11. todd Says:

    Why trade Doug martin ? When it is due to the worst online in the NFL! How did the talib trade workout ?

  12. todd Says:

    O line not online

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    God bless any man- who believes the Bucs will win Sunday!
    And I mean every word of that!
    I hope you are!

  14. Nick2 Says:

    Yes I am skeptical Sims will or should play. This guy is part of our future I would hate to see him do more damage to those legs in a throwaway season like this. If hes healthy play him but if hes not 100 percent I say keep him on the bench until he is!! That would also maybe move us one step closer to Jameson or Mariota.

  15. Biff Barker Says:

    “The downward spiral of Doug Martin continued today at One Buc Palace.”

    Fitting terminology.

    Downward spiral….. it’s a Bucs life.

  16. "TheKevin" Says:


    You are all stupid if you think Martin has forgotten how to run.

    We have the worst o-line in the whole league and you blame Martin.

    You are as dumb as the toilet paper I use to wipe my ass.

    Starting with bucrightoff!!!!

  17. Rex Says:

    You need to watch the words you use bc by “the boot ” I almost thought that they cut him lol

  18. Jim Says:

    For Sale: Official Doug Martin Buccaneers jersey. Will sell cheap.

  19. Celly Says:

    Again, the ignorance of the “fans” shows itself.

    One post: “This o-line is garbage worst garbage in all of sports”

    Next post: “Martin is garbage and a bust. Whats wrong with him?”

    Smh. You guys are such huge hypocrites.

  20. sho nuff Says:

    pppffft “todays athlete”…not impressed

  21. Greg Says:

    Doug will get a chance to play for a real team next year and you will see him excel like he did his rookie year.
    All pro.

  22. getaclue Says:

    They need to feed james the ball I’ve been saying a while he is the best back on the roster and has the highest Ave per carry career on the team he hits the hole w authority

  23. Aubpierce Says:

    If you had Jim Browns power and size,Gayle Sayers speed,and Barry Sanders agility all wrapped into one back you would still have a back averaging less then four yds. a carry with this offensive line.You will have to use ten draft picks over the next four years to make the offensive line competent.Free agency was a complete bust over the last few years and not the answer.The Bucs appear to be along way from winning and we haven’t mentioned the putrid defense running an outdated scheme.

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    You guys never learn, lol.

  25. buc4lyfe Says:

    I’m glad he’s injured so some other running backs can get a look and people can finally shut up about Doug Martin… It’s stupid to complain about one guy averaging Like 2.7 yards per carry if the other guy is averaging like 2.9 yards. They aren’t big enough to constantly run people over like beast mode or Peterson

  26. Killian Says:

    Doug Martin = 2.9 Yards/Carry
    Bobby Rainey = 4.6 Yards/Carry

    It must be the Offensive Line’s fault…

  27. Delson Says:

    I think injuries are the coaches way of saying this player is underperforming n we are going to try somebody else in ur position tto see how that goes. Saying charles sims is not 100% is also saying don’t expect him to be a savior at the position but we have high hopes. However I hope sims performs very well. A 6’0 rb.. Having a six foot rb idk what to expect we always had short guys since I can remember. Possibly better vision hands blocking n more trucking

  28. Says:

    THE KEVIN is right…but propose Doug Martin wasn’t all that great to begin with. He had a good line in front of him in 2012. I know its the same line for the most part in 2013, but they didn’t perform as good as 2012.

    Any running back can gain 100 yards if a line opens a hole, any one of us can, thats no exaggeration. Any one of us can hit a hole and get a few yards.