Another “C, C-” Grade For Glennon

October 11th, 2014
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A Bucs icon checks in on No. 8

Man, if Mike Glennon is getting average grades for his starts from esteemed football men, Joe can only imagine where Josh McCown’s GPA would be.

None other than Mr. Derrick Brooks was willing to grade No. 8.

“I give him right at that C, C- [grade].”Brooks told the Ron and Ian show on WDAE-AM 620 Thursday. “I agree with Shaun [King]. Many times we got clean pockets and we’re not converting. Whether it’s a dropped ball or whether it’s a bad delivery on [Glennon’s] part; you’ve got five opportunities to stand tall in the pocket and deliver the ball, four out of five you’ve got to hit. Because they’re big plays, big play opportunities are critical in games.”

For those wondering Shaun King actually gave Glennon a C+, better than Brooks’ mark. And to think so many Bucs fans were irritated by King’s assessment.

Regardless, Glennon’s going to need better grades and a handful of Ws to earn himself a third season as Bucs starting quarterback.

66 Responses to “Another “C, C-” Grade For Glennon”

  1. Buccfan37 Says:

    Brooks has an opinion just like anybody else. If he saw MG’s game as a C or C-, more power to him. However, I don’t see his grading having any more weight than the fan’s opinions. Personally myself, I’m not looking for his opinion on anything concerning the Bucs in whatever capacity or influence he might feel inclined to give it.

  2. Justin Says:

    Again, what throws are these guys talking about? I saw maybe 1-2 instances of such on the coaches tape. Not 6. No way. Are king and Brooks taking into consideration some of the down/distances that Glennon and the offense faced?

    Get off Glennons ass and harp on the OL run blocking which has been an absolute abortion.

    The lack of running game and the penalties have handcuffed this offense. It’s not Glennon’s play which has been better than C-.

  3. knucknbuc Says:

    Ha now ppl mad at Brooks saying his opinion doesn’t matter. I’ll listen to his opinion over any of the Joe smoes on this board. Lol

  4. Justin Says:

    Glennon didn’t leave much yardage out on the field Sunday. I would challenge anyone to point it out. And Brooks’ quote is implying that he did.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    Furthermore, Brooks was a great player for the Bucs, granted. The hall of fame was most deserved and he will be remembered as one of the best Buccaneers of all time. Now he seems to be in Lovie’s pocket, his backup defender in all things of Lovie’s magnificence. Sorry Derrick, I have’nt seen that yet, but I’ll wait and come to my own conclusions, hopefully I’ll figure it out sooner than much later.

  6. BoJim Says:

    Wasn’t Brooks a linebacker? Hmmmmm……….

  7. abdominal snowman Says:

    Dang if Glennon is getting C’s for his performance I can’t wait to see his A game. We might break a scoring record. All jokes aside, if we can get 30 on the board again our defense needs to help us out a little. Brooks and Sapp would have been happier than pigs to in s(p)it for 30 points.

  8. Captain Stagger Says:

    Throws for 250, has 98 yards called back on penalties and has another 75 yards in drops…..yeah Derrick….. You just stick to your side of the ball alright buddy….

  9. INDYbucsfan Says:

    It’s so sad that we as fans get so defensive over average QB play. Glennon has been playing like a average starting QB should play, but our perception is so skewed because of what McCown showed us in the beginning. Glennon has not been great as a QB but he has shown signs of improvement, especially so in regards to pocket awareness.
    It’s only his second year and he’s getting better as the season goes on which should make all of us happy. We just need to find out what his true ceiling is because I personally believe glennon will be a consistent player. But we don’t want a consistently average QB, even though it’s been a long time since we’ve had one.

  10. Will Says:

    I love Derrick Brooks but, a C-? Really? He must have watched different game than I did because IMO Glennon got a solid B. Glennon never gets credit for anything really.

  11. SteveK Says:

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. Glennon has gone from “no chance” to “C grade”. He’s getting better, and just needs to keep it up.

  12. Oingo Boingo Says:

    Sean King knows nothing…really. He has been wrong about everything football. I give him a D minus.

  13. Architek Says:

    HOFer knows more about football and the QB position than all of us combined. You guys may be delusional if you don’t think Mr Brooks knows what he see.

  14. bucrightoff Says:

    By default, if Brooks is giving Glennon a C- the defense has to be graded F. If Glennon is a C- and we almost won and more or less were in control in the 4th quarter, then that C- was good enough to win. To lose requires a F from another unit, in this case the defense.

  15. tickrdr Says:

    A little math lesson:
    In 2.5 games MG8 has thrown for 672 yds. 5 TDs, and 2 INTs.
    That is an average of 268.8 yds/game, 2 TDs/game, 0.8 INTs/game.

    Extrapolated over a full 16 game season yields:
    4300 passing yards
    32 TDs
    13 INTs

    All for a 2nd year player!

    tickrdr Charter member of the MGM

  16. BFFL Says:

    Dropped balls, OL penalties, no running game is stopping the offense from converting not Glennon. I would not give Glennon an A because he’s not elite yet, but he definitively deserve solid B for his performance given how other offensive personnel are under performing.

  17. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Glennon played good enough to get us a win last week. Glennon was not the problem…it was our leaky defense that allowed Dew Brees to pick us apart in the 4th qtr, after we had built a double digit lead.

  18. Delson Says:

    Derrick brooks schmerrick brooks who is that?

  19. lightningbuc Says:

    I think Brooks is already showing signs of that early onset dementia many former NFLers get.

    Take his critiques with a grain of salt – Brooks is Lovie’s biggest shill.

  20. NewTampaChris Says:

    Grades don’t matter. Wins do.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Different criteria for measurement…..equals a different grade from one person to another……clean pocket….on target throw from Glennon….dropped pass….in my book that’s an A for Glennon…in Brooks…its a negative…..same with penalties.

    Again I say, if Glennon is a C….everyone else is an F.

    The truth be told….Glennon would probably give himself a C….that makes him at least a B in my book!!!

  22. Depressedbucsfan Says:

    Mc own would have an F-

  23. ddneast Says:

    Brooks as much as admits he doesn’t take dropped passes as a contributing factor when he is grading a QB in the quote you attribute to him.
    I think that’s a good idea. Don’t attribute holding calls or illegal motion or formation penalties that turn first downs into third and longs, either.
    That makes a much sence as putting a second tier NFL assistant coach who has never been a coordinator in the head coaching position.
    Oh, we did that. At least twice.
    Okay, this makes all perfect sence to me now.
    I give the offense team a C minus and Gennon a B plus. If the rest of the team had played as well as Glennon did last week, this team would have won.
    Now grade that statement out.

  24. buc4lyfe Says:

    Imagine that… An average quarterback getting an average grade, you Glennon apologist are pathetic unless your saying Glennon is an above average quarterback in this league which just makes you stupid.

    Look it up we rank 8 in drops before the ravens game, every team ranked higher has a better offense. Glennon still has alot if work to do, his passing % is lower than mccown even though the first two games were the best defenses we played so far and mccown played most of that awful Atlanta game. He’s average but if they say flacco is average Glennon isn’t even that. Tampa never had a franchise qb and are so desperate you still won’t take a wait and see approach

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    ddneast says :

    “If the rest of the team had played as well as Glennon did last week, this team would have won.”

    I agree with that statement 100%.

    However Brook’s is entitled to his opinion. Just like everyone else. If the Glennon gets a C- someone needs to ask Brooks about the rest of his team. Brooks grade has no bearing on my opinion of Glennon at all. Of course it’s very significant to the Glennon detractors as they are grasping for any negative nugget they can find on the 2nd yr pro. This makes them HAPPY!

    Perhaps Ron & Ian, or Joe, or someone could ask Brooks to grade Lovie’s defense so far? Instead Brooks just defends his buddy Lovie, left and right. That’s quite obvious.

    “you’ve got five opportunities to stand tall in the pocket and deliver the ball, four out of five you’ve got to hit.” – Brooks

    If he does that what does he get an A?

  26. buc4lyfe Says:

    He wasn’t asked to grade lovie defense he asked about Glennon. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have much around him or on his defense and he still wins like a lot of other quarterbacks in this league which is why those quarterbacks get A’s and B’s. It’s why a team like the colts can win 1 game draft a quarterback the next year and make the playoffs. He’s not that type of quarterbacks so it means he’s average, last I checked that’s what a C grade is. Why are so many people crying for Glennon

  27. Buc1987 Says:

    The Bucs get an A in dropped passes in my book. The running game a D. The O-line a C +. The defense gets an unsatisfactory grade. Play calling a C-, WTF happened to the play action pass?

  28. SAMCRO Says:

    Talk about no respect, maybe MG8 should just throw in the towel and bow out with a season ending injury. Go out on a high note and then ask to be traded to a team that might appreciate what he brings to the table. C- No respect

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    buc4lyfe…and that’s why I said someone NEEDS to have him follow up with grading everyone on the team as well. How about grade Lovie Smith’s performance so far Derrick?

    But that question never gets asked. He’s a HOF LB. I’m curious what grade he’d give the D more than what he grades Glennon out… Most of you should be curious as well.

    Buc4lyfe(Freeman lover) I am in wait and see mode with Glennon. Most of the MGM are, but for a handful like robert9 and stevek.

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    He keeps telling us this D is going to take time to learn. Has he critiqued anything about what they are doing wrong on D this season so far? I thought he was a defensive guy. He should know it like the back of his hand. One would think reporters and radio guys would jump to ask him to grade out Lovie’s D so far.

    I guess not though. Don’t want to paint Brooks into a corner where he’d have to give Lovie’s defense a D.

  31. Captain Stagger Says:

    Buc4lyfe…you’re funny…but not in a good way.

    Arron Rodgers doesn’t have much around him? What do you call McCarthy, Cobb, Nelson, and Lacy….all of which are major, MAJOR upgrades from what we have.

  32. buc4lyfe Says:

    Lol why ask the obvious question? The defense is garbage that’s not news but Glennon is. And Freeman is the reason I’m reserving judgement on Glennon all I see is average play, Shaun king pointed out passes he missed with a clean pocket and apparently a lot of people missed those plays. In no Freeman lover and if that’s your way of trying to dodge the fact that Glennon is average then OK. He’s good but good is average AVERAGE. Freeman frustrated everyone one but technically Glennon finally did what Freeman did in his very first game as a rookie. So what Glennon is better than Freeman and McClown, you look foolish for comparing Glennon to that caliber of player. Lol someone says Glennon is average and you bring up the defense, the line and Freeman to deflect attention from fact. Thank you Mr. Sensitive…. Still beginning up Freeman shows your motherly instinct to protect Glennon from fair criticism which is all apart of any sport and no one can look at the game or the stats and disagree. The bucs aren’t number 1 in drops so let it go

  33. billy buckaroo Says:

    I wonder what grade Brooks would give the offense coordinator and the offense line coach

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    buc4lyfe…your entitled to your opinion of course, but like I said many times before. I don’t think this kid is nowhere near his ceiling yet. So if I were to agree with you that’s he’s average, I’d have to couple that with my high ceiling belief.

    I’m waiting to see how much better he gets. I don’t see anyone on here labeling him all-world like you seem to think fans are doing though. Do point them out for me from time to time if you can.

  35. bigpoppabuc Says:

    I think Brooks is just really bothered by that safety Glennon took. He’s not really taking the entire body of work into his grade, just that series where we could have put the game away.
    it’s taken a large group of fans a while to see the potential in Glennon. Brooks is a guy who’s all about the Ws, and Glennon’s “grade” won’t get much higher until he gets some more wins.

  36. biff barker Says:

    Funny. King and Brooks alike offer pointed criticism of Glennon for the few plays he left on the field.

    But consider this….

    King was the guy who insisted we resign Freeman. A bumbling, inept, pick machine who collapsed under the pressure of being an NFL QB after 5 years.

    Brooks offers no criticism of Lovie and the defense though, saying the 10 year veteran coach just “needs time”.

    Glennon hasn’t completed a full season of play yet under some extremely adverse conditions.

    Draw your own conclusions…

  37. buc4lyfe Says:

    @Captain Stagger

    OK so they have an offensive coach but not one of those receivers is better than Vincent Jackson with an all star quarterback who puts ball on the money, no one even Nelson has put up the numbers v jack has. Cobb is average and easily gets shut down, lacy is a beast though however their line is average.

    Once again missing the point but I get it, you wanna believe what you believe no matter how obvious it isn’t true. This isn’t about whether Glennon is good he is but this is about psychotic fans thinking he’s above average, I know he’s good and if he’s the franchise, we’ve done it before so yes we can win a super bowl with an elite defense and him under center but my only point is he’s average which means so far C GRADE nothing more nothing less so I’m not sure how anyone is offended by that

  38. tickrdr Says:

    His “average” performance for 2014 extended over a full 16 game season equals 4300 yds and 32 touchdowns. But that would only be a “C-“. Yeah,right.


  39. Buc1987 Says:

    biff barker ….it’s not too hard to draw the correct conclusions.

  40. buc4lyfe Says:

    OK all I’ll say is if no one thinks Glennon is an all world quarterback lol why are so many people offended by the criticism and two C Grade performances from two ex buccaneers. Meaning they actually played in the league so they know alot more than any of us. Fanatical doesn’t have to border on insanity. Our team is garbage and if your giving the excuse that the team around Glennon sucks well mccown has a higher passing percentage

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    buc4lyfe….the grade is for ONE game only the Saints game. You do realize that right? Not his overall body of work…

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    I think Glennon played above average in the Saints game. Yes I do. His overall body of work I’d say he’s average with a high ceiling, because he looks to be improving.

  43. buc4lyfe Says:

    tickrdr Says:
    October 11th, 2014 at 2:43 pm
    His “average” performance for 2014 extended over a full 16 game season equals 4300 yds and 32 touchdowns. But that would only be a “C-”. Yeah,right.

    tickrdr lol uuum stop it dude your embarrassing yourself. It’s not 16 games, ours not even a 6 game sample, it’s 2 GAMES. Still if you want to be fair, freshman had 27 touchdown to 6 interception ratio did that make him elite nope it was one season and look where he is right now

  44. Buc1987 Says:

    Why does someone so adamantly knock his teams starting QB and dispute anything positive said about that QB by other posters?

    Is it because they can’t stand the positive comments being said?

    Does it bother them that much or is it just hatred?


    What makes someone stay on a website and continue for an hour disputing positive grades from other posters about his OWN teams starting QB?

    Is it mental retardation?

  45. tickrdr Says:

    @ buc4lyfe
    Over his 15.5 game career to date, MG8 has thrown for 3280 yds, 24 TDs, and 11 INTs . Not even one full season yet. If anyone is embarassing himself,
    you are = you’re, not your!


  46. buc4lyfe Says:

    Hmmm wow OK so since your the slow one I’ll just point out the name of the article is Another “C, C-” Grade For Glennon and My position is..

    buc4lyfe Says:
    October 11th, 2014 at 1:38 pm
    Imagine that… An average quarterback getting an average grade, you Glennon apologist are pathetic unless your saying Glennon is an above average quarterback in this league. If you don’t like don’t say anything to me and me opinion can stand just like yours, now I’m annoyed I had to it break down Barney style for you

    Go bucs!!!! good luck Glennon keep on improving and hopefully one day I can say you’re the franchise meaning better than average because our fans are weak and fragile and don’t know if your fans can handle you having a mccown like game

  47. Destinjohnny Says:

    Dunno it’s hard to go into the dome and heinz feild man. Also getting hAlf the snaps in pre season and only 2 games in with a new offense. Now if it was year 5 and he had great talent then yes a c would be the grade.

  48. buc4lyfe Says:

    OK guys thanks for the chat my wife is done shopping so seeing as we have no choice but to wait we can pick this up tomorrow during the game go bucs. He’s young and not special…. He’s average and when you have to wait 3-5 years to find out if a guy is really the guy you either josh Freeman, josh mccown or Joe flacco, I’m hoping for Joe flacco or a modern day chat Pennington with a big arm

  49. tickrdr Says:

    @ buc4lyfe

    I have only posted statistical FACTS, without any apologies. I haven’t made any claim today about whether this performance is poor, average, or better than average. BTW, a “FREEMANITE” such as yourself should know that JF5 threw for 25 TDs in 2010, not 27. BTW2, he had 18 INTs in his rookie season.


  50. lightningbuc Says:

    bitterbuc4lyfe is in full force….I know, I know…you don’t like me…feelings mutual

  51. d-money Says:

    If his defense could stop ANYONE the C+ QB would be 2-0.

    That C- goes up to a B if his D isn’t coughing up 11 point leads in the 4th quarter.

    DB has always been about accountability yet he keeps making excuses for the D while expecting perfection from Glennon and the offense.

    Glennon and the rest if the offense are learning a new offense with an interim OC that looks like he just got out if high school, while the guy who designed the offense isn’t here and may not ever come back.

    I love you 55 but you’ve got a serious double standard going on here .

  52. BuccoBill Says:

    So Joe, does this mean you’re turning in your self appointed commission as “General of the MGM”?

  53. buc4lyfe Says:

    tickrdr Says:
    October 11th, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    I have only posted statistical FACTS, without any apologies. I haven’t made any claim today about whether this performance is poor, average, or better than average. BTW, a “FREEMANITE” such as yourself should know that JF5 threw for 25 TDs in 2010, not 27. BTW2, he had 18 INTs in his rookie season.——————————————————————-

    Why is it idiots all have to respond directly to me, I’m sorry food I mention his rookie year because it’s obvious you know I was talking about our 10 win season? Fine man 25 td’s not 27 but 25&6 is still better than average. You stupid idiots are still talking about josh Freemanites even everyone including myself admits Glennon is better which is beyond pathetic because what else could you say about a guy no longer in the league. I wonder how many of you would commit suicide if bucs draft another quarterback bunch of grown men in public gripping a big pink teddy bear. Obviously you missed the point so please resist the urge to say my name when you post a response simpleminded Bastard lol

    And you d-money what the hell are you talking about? You would upgrade the play of the offense if the defense played better? Are you in preschool because I wouldn’t want to make fun of a little kid who loves his bucs. I’ll just say that defense your complaining about spotted your offense 7 points which is the reason the game wasn’t over in regulation. Steelers game Glennon was lights out and given higher grades from EVERYONE

  54. Nybucsfan Says:

    Well I think brooks is right the MGM needs to come back to earth. Unless you know more than brooks. Glennon isn’t that good maybe someday not today and he was playing bad defenses.

  55. buc4lyfe Says:


    So desperate to be relevant again. I can’t think of alot of really good quarterbacks in the league national media loves talking about if they are on losing teams. I think we have good players and there’s no need to clean house, just like alot of people I expected us to take to this defense quickly but I wonder what’s gonna happen to the offense next year, it’s likely tedford won’t be back and arroyo isn’t qualified which means a new offense may be coming

  56. johnnytheMOON Says:

    Brooks will Give Glennon a C- …i wonder if he would give Lovie a D- or F ….lets remember Brooks does a radio show with Duemig.

  57. Skyline Crew Says:

    He said because of drops he gets a C….that is so stupid.

  58. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    If the Bucs draft Jameis Winston next year… then I’m gonna turn in my Buc fan card.

    I can’t stand that buffoon… and with this Freeman loving, apologizing crowd, I don’t think Winston will ever get rated a C.

  59. Skyline Crew Says:

    We won’t draft a QB in the 1st unless Glennon tanks.

  60. PRBucFan Says:

    If Glennon keeps performing as he is he’ll get the third season.

  61. Buc1987 Says:

    Buc Fan #237 …ha ha ha if that happens they will own my credit card for 10 years is all. I’ll kick Glennon to the curb in a flat hot second.

  62. Maze Says:

    Some of these Glennon lovers are hilarious

  63. bob in valrico Says:

    no fan has put the amount of time and effort that Brooks has put in watching and analyzing game film as a player,so the c was probably accurate.MG was also handcuffed somewhat by lack of running game,poor playcalling,penalties, and drops.
    That being said he needs mature from a shortfield leader to a QB that leads the team 80 yards to td multiple times a game. step it up at the end of game
    and we win.

  64. bob in valrico Says:

    in defense of the defense they put us back in game,with pic six and interception to set up field goal at end of 1 st half. limited New Orleans
    to two field goals that I thought were going to be touchdowns.another inter- ception prevented another td around the two. No sustained drives in first
    half kept defense on the field way too much .

  65. iamkingsu Says:

    C- considering the qbs brooks played with?? Lmao..sheesh ppl leave the league and lose all perspective smdh. He’s going a little bit overboard with the Lovie support

  66. Christopher Says:

    Oingo Boingo Says:
    October 11th, 2014 at 12:33 pm
    Sean King knows nothing…really. He has been wrong about everything football. I give him a D minus.

    You are absolutely wrong. Shaun king , has obnoxious as he is, is right more than wrong. He called out all of mark dominiks busts as he made the decisions. He was wright on every single one of them.