Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

September 22nd, 2014


A long look at the Bucs yesterday, today, and what to expect tomorrow and beyond.

So we begin today with changes. Oh, yes, there will be changes with the Bucs. Exactly what and how many will soon be determined, maybe as early as this afternoon.

We know one likely change: Unless turnover-prone quarterback Josh McCown has a miraculous recovery, it is Mike Glennon’s job to get the Bucs their first win of the season Sunday in Pittsburgh. No matter who the quarterback is, good luck with that.

The beat up Bucs are 0-3 and a woeful, ugly, unnerving 0-3. Losses to slug Derek Anderson, neverbeen Austin Davis and getting skinned alive by Matty Ice have all but ended the season. Only five times in NFL history have teams rallied from an 0-3 start to make the playoffs (one being John McKay in 1982). It hasn’t happened since 1998.

Given the quarterback situation, the inconsistent running attack, the defense (healthy or otherwise) that struggles against the lamest of quarterbacks, the non-existent pass rush and injuries, Joe is not sure how anyone can concoct a reasonable argument the Bucs can turn things around in a hurry.

Not when the next three quarterbacks you are facing will be Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees and Joe Flacco.

Sad state

How miserable has it been for Bucs fans of late? Too often since Chucky left the building, September has provoked draft talk. This is the second straight year Bucs fans have been reduced to draft chatter. In September. That is just sad.

Joe senses a good percentage of Bucs fans have just checked out, in some cases for good. There was so much optimism when Lovie Smith was hired, and Joe totally understands this rebuild — sorry Bucs suits, you are in a rebuild; no more spinning — may take time, perhaps even into a third Lovie season.

Fans were on such a Cloud Nine this winter with all the moves and the draft and talk that originated from One Buc Palace that happier days were here again. For the team to start the season flopping worse than some European kickball player, well, those same fans are simply devastated.

Bucs fans were concerned by preseason results. Worried after the Week One loss. Angry after the Week Two loss. Strung out after the Week Three seal-clubbing. Right now Bucs fans are at their worst from a team perspective: apathetic and just a step away from suspicious.

With all the talk the past few years and the teasing of 2010 and 2012, Bucs fans have just about had it. They are to the point that nothing short of wins is going to win them over. Right now, that’s like trying to see the Texas shoreline from Treasure Island.

A string of wins seems far, far, far away.

Looking in the Mirror

Joe hopes the extra couple of days after the Thursday night debacle provided everyone at One Buc Palace, from the suits down to the scouts, time for a long, hard look at everything the team has done this year.

Could any of the five departed offensive linemen who have made starts for other teams have been coached up in the new regime? Was the Darrelle Revis contract really that onerous? Couldn’t a defense have been built around him? Was Julius Peppers really a worse gamble than Michael Johnson (who?)? Was it that imperative to wash hands of Mike Williams? Can a non-Tampa 2 defense work better with the talent at hand long-term?

Right now, it sure seems there were more than one or two missteps in player evaluation. How could there not have been mistakes when so many transactions occurred and there has been so much turnover of the roster under the new regime, and yet the Bucs are quite likely the worst team in the NFL as of Sept. 22?

As Joe has typed repeatedly for years: Good coaches adjust. Let’s see how Lovie responds.

NFL Thoughts

Chargers: So far the Chargers are looking like a legit candidate to fight Peyton Manning and the Broncos for AFC West supremacy. Philip Rivers was efficient handing the Bills their first loss.

Bengals: Though it is early, the Bengals may just be the best team in the AFC. Once again, A.J. Green leads the way, the best wide receiver in the AFC. Oh, and yes, all Andy Dalton does is win. What, you would rather have Josh McCown?

Crows: Speaking of guys who just win, there is Joe Flacco. Dude gets the job done. Tossed for over 200 yards yesterday. Mock him if you wish. Joe will take him any time.

Lions: The Lions came up big, using a stout defense and an opportunistic offense. In case you haven’t heard of this guy before, remember the name of Detroit offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi. He was quarterbacks coach under Sean Payton for years with the Saints. He has really opened up the Lions offense big time. And in case you didn’t know, yes, he is the grandson of you-know-who.

Colts: Joe has noticed a simmering backlash against Andrew Luck from the football Twitter sophists. Why? He has retreads for receivers and is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He absolutely shredded the sadsack Jags defense yesterday. You would have thought it was Matty Ice against the Bucs.

Patriots: The Raiders came “that far” from beating the Patriots. A Darren McFadden touchdown for the lead was wiped out due to a holding penalty and the Fighting Belicheats survive.

Saints: Rob Ryan’s defense finally showed up, but really, they were going up against a de-clawed cat. Without child-whipping Adrian Peterson, the biggest thing Ryan and the Saints defense had to worry about was Matt Cassel.

Giants: So maybe Tom Coughlin’s job is safe? The New York crowd was wailing for the lame Giants this year. What happens? Eli Manning goes out and tosses a pair of touchdowns.

Eagles: This was a helluva game. The Eagles look so damn good. Just think if not for Josh Freeman, the Bucs very well may have had Chip Kelly. Eh, can’t change the past.

Cowboys: The pokes had their biggest come-from-behind win. Given all the comebacks the Cowboys have had in their history, that is saying something. Remember how the Bucs choke job at Seattle last year was a kick-in-gut? The Lambs choked away a three-touchdown lead. It was so bad, the Lambs even physically lashed out at quarterback Austin Davis (remember him?).

Cardinals: Who picked the Cardinals to be 3-0? Solid win over San Francisco yesterday. Backup Drew Stanton threw for over 200 yards with a pair of touchdowns and no picks. The Darnell Dockett-less defense was strong holding San Francisco scoreless in the second half.

Chiefs: Just when the Chiefs looked like they were going to stink all year, they go down to Miami and slap around the Dolphins. The immortal Kniles Davis led the Chiefs with 132 yards rushing.

Seahawks: Joe laughs whenever Bucs fans try to claim the Seahawks win with defense. For reasons unknown, people want to dismiss stud quarterback Russell Wilson, who is no Trent Dilfer. Dude just outdueled Peyton Manning for a win in the rematch of the Super Bowl.

Non-NFL Thoughts

1. OK, Joe is starting to get scared of Twitter. The absolute mob mentality (being quite serious here) is disturbing. It is as if folks want laws, justice and order thrown out and folks should be beaten into a pulp in broad daylight. Just because.

There are two targets. One is Roger Goodell.

In Goodell’s case, Twitter still wants Goodell fired. For freaking what? What did Goodell do that was so awful? Wasn’t a wrong, righted? Isn’t that the most important thing? And that the NFL admitted a mistake was made and policies are being changed to ensure there is no repeat? Isn’t that what is important here? Didn’t Ray Rice get a just sentence for his misdeeds? Case closed as far as Joe is concerned. And the do-gooders on Twitter want Goodell fired. Joe can’t help but laugh.

So Goodell, who broke no laws that Joe knows of, who doubled NFL revenue in the past six years, who has done more to grow the game that is easily at the height of its popularity, should be fired? People must live in deranged worlds.

2. Then there is Jameis Winston. This guy is no choirboy. In fact, he may just be a con artist (at best). Whatever the hell happened nearly two years ago in Tallahassee in a really tawdry hassle with a girl, no one may ever truly know outside of those involved. Winston was not charged. He may be guilty as hell, he may be clueless, but we still live in America. He was not charged, the state even investigated and came up empty (don’t kid yourselves: There are plenty of Bull Gators and Alabama/Auburn types with the cash and the legal pull who would love nothing more than to see Winston locked up. So if there was anything tangible to stick to Winston, it would likely have been dug up by now.) and still folks want blood. The crap on Twitter was hysterical Saturday night. “Oh, it’s obnoxious he is on the sidelines.” Then shut your f’ing TV off. The kid was serving his suspension that do-gooders screamed and hollered for. Yet that still wasn’t good enough.

3. Joe honestly thinks the Twitter mob would love nothing more than for Goodell and Winston to walk down the street dragging their own crosses, carrying their own hammers and bags of nails before people would shut up.

4. How did Clemson lose to Florida State Saturday night? It was almost as if they were paid off in the final two minutes. That was the ultimate in letting a team hang around. And before you know it, you walk out a loser.

5. Why the hell did Dabo Swinney have his quarterback in shotgun twice needing only a foot for a first down? That’s not just insane, but rotten coaching beyond words. No wonder he can’t beat Steve Spurrier. Swinney is crazier than Les Miles.

6. Speaking of Les Miles, Joe can never remember the Tigers losing at home to Mississippi State. Joe knew the Bulldogs were going to be halfway decent this year but never dreamed they would beat LSU on the road.

7. So, Indiana beat Missouri. In football. LOL

8. Who thought Alabama would suddenly go Air Coryell? And that Blake Sims would be the quarterback?

9. Will BYU crash the party and make the final four playoff? Nothing seems to slow them down.

10. So we enter the final week of the baseball season and the Cardinals and the Pirates are bringing it down to the wire; 2.5 games separate them. The Pirates have been on fire since getting swept by the Redbirds, winning 14 of 16.

39 Responses to “Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    It feels like so long ago that I walked into the RayJay, SO EXCITED, to watch the Bucs play the visiting Carolina Panthers….

  2. BucBob1 Says:

    The Steelers handled the Panthers, in their house last night, quite easily. Unless the Bucs make a miraculous turn around, I don’t see it happening.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Keep Hope Alive!!!

  4. billy buckaroo Says:

    When I was in school (many years ago)
    I did very well some years and not so well others.

    When I had a good teacher, i did well.
    When I had a poor teacher, (going thru the motions) I didn’t do as well.
    For some reason, this team reminds me of those years??

  5. 911bucs Says:

    Absolutely no way to turn this team around in 10 days, not a chance.

  6. JT Says:

    Im rooting for lovie. I dont beleive in him and am still disapointed but im over the loss. Its time to move on. Dig deep Bucs. And i really hope this isnt the second coming of raheem.

  7. Tom Edrington Says:

    After watching what the Pittsburgh defense did to Cam Newton, Glennon should be afraid, VERY afraid…..

    What’s the over-under on how many times Glennon will be sacked at Three Rivers?

    6, 7, 8?

  8. Kevin Says:

    One silver lining is…At least they didn’t wear our beloved red and pewter uniforms. If they had disgraced those Champion uniforms Thursday night I would of been sick! As much as I HATE the new joke of a uniform, I’m glad this team is wearing them.

  9. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    I thank Clemson for Clemsoning. The Twitter mob is ridiculous. There were plenty of kids back when I was in school yelling out far more baudy 2 Live Crew lyrics. George Carlin is spinning is his grave.

    I will save all my Bucs thoughts until after this Sunday. A 1/4 season is a good litmus test.

  10. passthebuc` Says:

    Twitter is the current day method of forming a lynch mob.

  11. Harry Says:

    I hate to say it, but I think I am checked out. I can’t stomach this crap anymore. So friggin excited to start the season and then we get this ugly display. Year after year. And what scares me is after only 3 games, I don’t trust Lovie. His personnel choices have not been good, not here, not in CHI. You absolutely know it was Lovie who gave up a 2nd rd pick for Gaines Adams. And now he runs our show.

    You know how Lovie, in response to last years Bucs, likes to say: “But we were 4-12”. Well Lovie, YOU are 0-3 with one of the worst beat downs EVER by a Bucs franchise. Own it.

  12. passthebuc` Says:

    Good article Joe. Its about time you started writing about football instead of being a pseudo general manager.
    you spent so long being an anti Glennon that you overlooked his short term value.
    What I want to know is why we have not picked anyone off the practice squads of other teams given the state of affairs. Lastly, we can draft all we want, we can make great selections on that day but if you cannot coach what does it matter.

    I’m out

  13. Chef Paul Says:

    I love Twitter for all the instant info from any damn thing you need, but if I was famous, I’d stay as far away from Twitter as possible. No one needs the negative trolls found all over the thing.

    There is a war against the NFL right now. I think the “powers that be” are trying to take down the NFL and get soccer to rise as fast as they can, because these softies think football is too dangerous. The worst part is, they are winning. Goodell has done nothing but try to make these losers happy, but he is helpless. Once they get their claws into something, they dont stop.

  14. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Joe nailed the one inescapable fact – L&L turned over the entire roster, told us we could win immediately, and wound up building the worst, least talented team in the NFL. Chew on that for a minute.

  15. gatherspeed Says:

    As a season ticket holder, I just want to be relevant in October instead of sad Septembers.

    I’m starting to think Chucky sprinkled some voodoo dust around One Buc before he left and put a pox on this franchise.

    The Chucky Curse….

  16. The don Says:

    Child whipping. Ha ha

  17. Snook Says:

    “4. How did Clemson lose to Florida State Saturday night? It was almost as if they were paid off in the final two minutes. That was the ultimate in letting a team hang around. And before you know it, you walk out a loser.”

    Its called “want to”. Bucs don’t have it. Neither does Clemson. FSU does have it. #90 on the Noles stripped the ball loose AND totally dominated the Clemson G on 4th and 1. Pure want to. Clemson isn’t 0-5 versus #1 teams in its history for nothing.

    5. Why the hell did Dabo Swinney have his quarterback in shotgun twice needing only a foot for a first down? That’s not just insane, but rotten coaching beyond words. No wonder he can’t beat Steve Spurrier. Swinney is crazier than Les Miles.

    He’s probably never taken a snap from under center. Ever. But that’s still the coaches fault for not taking care of this already. Kind of like a 2014 1st round draft pick WR never being taught to switch hands when a defender approaches.

  18. Snook Says:

    Pretty sad that its not even October yet and I’m trying to figure out where the Bucs would draft. They’re one of only 3 winless teams now. Jax and Oak are the others… who also drafted QBs in 2014.

    C’mon Marcus….

  19. OB Says:


    I remember Chucky, he never won a playoff game after the Super Bowl and his team was going down hill when he left.

    We need a winning coach who understands the modern rules and the way to win on both sides of the ball. I don’t know if we have him yet but it is not looking good when the HC states after the massacre that the inept QB that he show cased for three game is still the starter. I will give him that he was shell shocked will come to his senses. We shall see.

    Thanks for telling us about Joe Lombardi, if this doesn’t work, he could be the future.

  20. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    You nailed it on the head about us Buc fans Joe. Last Thursday was really a “last straw” epiphany for many of us who have been cheering for this God forsaken, cursed franchise. This franchise is bad right now, probably only Jacksonville and Oakland are as dysfunctional (though both have QBs now: Bortles and Carr) and I am willing to bet they both win before the Bucs do, just like last year. The Tampa faithful is sick of waiting til next $#$@^ damn year! How about winning now???? The 12-4 2002 season and that miracle of all miracles: a Buc Super Bowl win is ancient history!

    Nice take on the games: its interesting to note how the Raiders and Rams both lost in a “drop kick to the package” type of fashion. Its a good bet the Bucs will manage to bungle a couple of wins away just like them (lose a big lead ala Seattle last year and have a winning score negated by a flimsy penalty late in the game) as they already lost a chance to beat the Rams via blocked kicks and Mike Evans causing a 10 second run off to end a chance at redemption for the special teams.

    Tough being a Bucs fan Joe, but life will go on. Pitt opened as an 8 point favorite so look for that line to go double digit and perhaps the Bucs can cost the degenerate gamblers who load up on Pitt a ton of money if they actually take advantage of the rest, Pitt being on a much shorter week and perhaps a little fire in their gut…. I am not predicting a Buc win, just one of those 6 or 7 point losses that Lovie will probably try to spin into some sort of moral victory….

  21. IamTheOne Says:

    I think Josh might be fine. We just need to fit his helmet with google glass.

    Google, what color jerseys are the bucs wearing in todays game?
    Google, who should throw the ball to?

  22. RCH Says:

    BYU losses October 9th book it!

  23. Patrickbucs Says:

    @ Joe

    Opened up the Lions offense? They have combined for a Bucs like 17 points the last 2 games. Stafford looks lost and MegaTron has 160 yards or so last 2 games. Their offense was much, much better last year their defense won them that game yesterday.

  24. Dean Says:

    Just some well-thought out observations on this whole domestic violence mess. First of all, the NFL was caught completely off guard with 4 very headline-grabbing cases (including a stomach-turning video). If there had been only one case, sans video, little would have been said or done. But pile on 4 cases and you have a major problem, that is now at the forefront. Could the NFL have seen this coming? What if it had been 4 cases of DWI with injuries? Or 4 cases of whatever felony you can think of? You just can’t foresee this “perfect storm” of stupid actions all lumped together.
    So, yes the NFL mishandled the punishments, but they have the opportunity now to get it right. Address not only punishments, but actions that can be taken to PREVENT this from escalating. Work with law enforcement, counselors, victims and others to devise an aggressive support system. You have the money to fund this. You have the support of the populace and the experts are there to help you going forward, to make a tremendous change in the approach and actions concerning domestic violence. The NFL needs to “get this right”.

  25. Memphisbuc65 Says:

    @ chef paul

    Let’s Go ROWDIES! Let’s Go ROWDIES!

  26. John Ensch Says:

    Mike Williams is out of town because of the media. They were the ones who were stirring up everyone about his behavior. I truly don’t understand the whole why is he not here mentality from the media when they were the ones who wanted him out of town to begin with. There are those of us who see the media for what they truly are and then there are the people who buy into everything that the media has to say. Think for yourselves people don’t rely on the media circus.

  27. Phillip Says:

    Sorry but Jameis is a complete moron and shouldn’t have been on the field period.. Kid comes out in full pads and gear for warm-ups and then acts surprised when the Coach tells him to go change? Did you see Jimbo’s face? I bet if they weren’t ranked 1st and have such a terrible backup QB he would have been kicked off the team already this is just getting embarrassing.. All the talent in the world and he can’t stop doing stupid things and lying about them… Say what you will about Johnny Football but he never lied about stealing crab legs, or in an ongoing investigation for rape, and lied to the University about what he stood up and said during a student union… There is a pattern here with this kid lying and it’s not good…

    Also with Goodell he “righted” that wrong AFTER he got all the backlash from everyone… You have had policies in place for years now that had PED’s or Drug suspensions minimum of 4 games… Domestic violence gets 2? He also didn’t technically right any wrong either it’s called TMZ did by releasing that 2nd video and whether or not Goodell suspended Rice indefinitely doesn’t matter because NO ONE in their right mind would touch Ray Rice for atleast a year… There is article after article how bad Domestic abuse with players in the NFL for years and he has had plenty of chances to change the policy but takes a video of a man beating up his then fiance to change it? Where was his suspension for Greg Hardy he was CONVICTED of domestic violence and is allowed to play week 1? I don’t care if he is appealing it you are innocent till proven guilty well guess what? He was proven GUILTY and still allowed to play week one and would have played in week two if not for the Ray Rice video… Nope sorry he needs to be gone.

    Onto the Bucs

    I really hope the Glazers take a really long look at this season if we continue to get blown out by good QB driven teams… The rules have changed the way the game is played… The stats are video game like now… I’ve been saying it since Schiano was hired we needed to hire an Offensive HC for this team and let him either work with Glennon or go out and get his QB… I’ve listed OC’s from numerous good to great offenses plenty of times that we should seriously consider… DC’s are much easier to come by IMO.. Look how long it took Zimmer to get a HC job… Rob Ryan still hasn’t gotten a sniff at one… Ray Horton or Vic Fangio… I’m not saying they would make a lateral move to another DC but I’m sure their LB, DB, D-line, and assistant coaches would relish the opportunity to become a DC…

    Remember Lovie made it to the playoffs 3 times in 9 seasons I believe? Idc how many winning seasons he had or 8-8 seasons. What’s the point if you don’t make the playoffs? How many OC’s did he go through while at Chicago?

  28. Soggy Says:

    Nice article joe, Wish lovie could have got FA hester but lovie would have to know how to use a one man recking ball.. Thanks

  29. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’m trying to find the talent on the Bucs roster that can contend in these upcoming games The receivers don’t look too swift, the running backs don’t look too nifty and the blockers don’t look too solid. Injuries have taken their toll on the Bucs. If Glennon starts he needs somebody to throw to, a big factor is who is going to play next week coming off of injury. I’m surprised the Bucs are’nt high teens underdogs, but I agree with the above comment that the Pittsburgh game will be closer than expected.

  30. "that guy" Says:

    im “that guy” that wants goodell fired. not that he didnt “right his wrongs”, its that he knew what was going on the whole time. kept it away from the publics eye, and then used deniable plausability. he had seen the tape, and claimed it had not even been sent to him, on MULTIPLE occasions. for me its not so much anything else, but that by supporting goodell, and the nfl while goodell is still there, you support the idea that “what they dont know wont hurt them”. actions should have been taken long before it caught the publics eye. and this could have been done. instead, he covers it up until it becomes his problem. i dont like supporting snake like, thug style regime, no matter how profitable it is.

  31. "that guy" Says:

    p.s. i dont think im living in such a “deranged world”

  32. JonBuc Says:

    Nice article, Joe….truly sums everything up to a “T”. Chip Kelly would have been nice….but the Bucs really whiffed on Bruce Arians when they ( and every other team with a head coaching vacancy ) had the chance to grab him pre-Schartano. All he ‘s done is lead Indy and the Cards to winning records. And he knows a thing or two about offense.

  33. Buc Neckid Says:

    First in Line here for the Mariota Mob
    Maybe the Future that Lovie was talking about is all falling in line so that he has the high draft pick so that he can pick up the Perfect QB for his new Tedford offense
    Let us just hope that Tedford is still Healthy/With the team next year to unveil it

  34. buc4lyfe Says:

    Bucs are doomed we make any defense look top 5. We’ve had lots of one hit wonders at quarterback. Please Glennon can you atleast be that one nfl week in your life…. His check down system will get destroyed this week, difference between mcown and Glennon….. About 11nfl seasons dude is already on track to follow mccowns footsteps except to people who actually believe he’s a quarterback of the future.

  35. crazy Says:

    As inept as the offense has been the horrific defense has been the problem. The mystery is why they are playing worse each week. The coaching certainly isn’t improving the play on the field. The staff ought to be able to do this unless the players are laying down and tuning them out. Something more than injuries to key players is seriously wrong here and it’s not the Tampa 2 version of zone coverage.

  36. Soggy Says:

    Frazier is a good coach, when he was head coach at minnisota he threw freeman in there, I thought that was good..

  37. Soggy Says:

    ^^ It just did not show up on the stats..

  38. Bucsfanman Says:

    Much like last year, I see a lot of blame heaped onto coaching. For once lets start placing blame where it belongs, the players. McCown throwing picks, the o-line missing blocks, receivers dropping passes(Mike Evans you’re a rookie but you have to catch that pass!), defense missing tackles and not lined up properly…there’s only so much a coach can do. AND, when you have as little depth as we do, who do you replace them with? Exactly, you get Da’Quan Bowers!
    I’ve seen enough of McCown to tell me he is NOT the answer. And dear god in heaven, can we throw down the field sometime, anytime? What good is it to have two trees at WR and not throw to them?! AND, lets start making back-up QBs look like back-ups….PLEASE!

  39. drdneast Says:

    Unfortunately for the Bucs defense, the only thing that changed significantly was the defensive line and since 3/4 of them have missed practically every game, how are you to judge.
    Same goes for the offensive line with Mankin’s hobbled.
    The Rams’ Davis didn’t look to third stringish yesterday when he hung 31 points on the Cowboys. Same with Anderson when he came in and hit his WR with a beautiful TD pass against the Steelers in mop up duty.
    Until the Bucs generate any type of pass rush they will be having problems like this all year and it just can’t come from McCoy.