“Worst To First”

September 3rd, 2014

Bruce Allen can tap dance with the best

If you want to watch Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp slow dance, then you want to watch this NFL Network segment.

Sapp and his fellow analysts stand around and decide what 2013 playoff teams will be ousted from the postseason.

Of course, their replacements are named.

Sapp says the Bucs are a worst-to-first team, believing “Kurt Warner’s understudy,” Josh McCown will get it done.

This doesn’t surprise Joe at all. Ever since Lovie Smith was hired, Sapp has been selling that the Bucs have the pieces on defense and that Lovie’s system will fix all on that side of the ball.

Sapp even got irritated with Joe at Super Bowl media day when Joe sat with Sapp and dared to suggest Da’Quan Bowers and Adrian Clayborn might not be the edge rushers Lovie wants. Sapp was confident those two would blossom outside of Greg Schiano’s misplaced college defense.

The confidence in McCown, however, Sapp’s former teammate in Oakland, is a much newer phenomenon.

12 Responses to ““Worst To First””

  1. MaHaBoNe.D Buc Says:

    What’s in Sapp’s tea this morning? Whatever it is pass it this way! Would love that proclamation to come true.

  2. Chef Paul Says:

    I love that group of guys. Best national guys on T.V. Which isnt saying much, but you throw in Deion and it all goes down hill.

  3. Buc the Haters Says:

    Anyone who doesn’t have confidence in our guys like Sapp, Herm Edwards, Gil Brandt, Peter King, & myself do will be looking silly by the end of the year.

  4. billy buckaroo Says:

    The players have been put in that can get the job done. I am real confident about that.
    Now its up to the COACHES to call the right plays and make the right adjustments from game to game/ team to team.
    I am really excited about seeing how that goes after watching last years fiasco.

  5. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Just a few more days to go, and then we’ll see what these guys can do. I feel good about the defense and the skill players on offense….I just still worry about the O-line, but if they can shore that up, a worst to first turn around could be a possibility! Can’t wait for Sunday to get here!

  6. Eric Says:

    Not sure our man has Kurt Warner skills, but id be happy with a Brad Johnson/Jeff Garcia type of year from him.

    Lovie can make that work.

  7. Sapp, STFU Says:

    Beyond the coaches calling the right plays, the mediocre players need to step it up. No team, not even a championship team, is built on every
    Player being the best in the league. Rather, the coaches and great players draw the best from the rest. Everyone contributes.

    That’s why teams peak and fall. The key is to peak at the right time

  8. TheShaz Says:

    Funny segment.

    Wish it comes true.

  9. Erick Says:

    Pretty sure Gil Brandt picked the Bucs to finish last in the division.

  10. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    DallasBuc does NOT approve this post, as he disagrees vehemently with Sapp and is certain his own opinion of McCown’s “mediocre career” is overwhelmingly correct. Never mind that McCown seemed to blossom last year and is described by most pundits as a late bloomer. Nah…that was just a fluke and DallasBuc knows the real McCown, the king of mediocrity, will return to form this year. Damn that ignorant Lovie and his drooling idiot lapdog Licht.

  11. MadMax Says:

    All I know is game 1 “Scram” will be scramming for his life, will probably go down…..Here kitty kitty kitty!

    Im sticking with my 8 to 9 prediction unless that O line starts to gel, then its 10 and playoffs.

  12. Zam Says:

    You’re lucky fatboy didn’t try to eat you. GET IN M’ BELLY!