TV Map For Stinking Panthers-Bucs Game

September 6th, 2014


OK, so the Bucs host the Stinking Panthers at 4:25 p.m., tomorrow, eastern time. If you live in the southeastern United States, you have a chance to watch the game free via broadcast television.

Below in the purple-shaded areas are where Bucs fans can watch the game on their local FOX, over-the-air affiliate. Chris Myers and Ronde Barber are the announcers.

Map is subject to change. Courtesy of

NFL TV map 0906

18 Responses to “TV Map For Stinking Panthers-Bucs Game”

  1. Soggybottom Says:

    Thanks Joe, Also at 1pm on fox you can see how our division rivals do, the saints at falcons

  2. Bawlmerbucfan Says:

    I can’t really explain it, but I totally dig it when you do this map Joe. I wish the blue extended up to Baltimore.

  3. deminion Says:

    Nice I’m in jville can’t wait

  4. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    That San Fran-Dallas game is gonna be good too… I think I will go to the bar to watch it.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    Great! Now if viewers in the Tampa bay area could get away from Dolphin broadcasts most every week we could get to see other games involving AFC teams. Long time Dolphin hater here. Hate the Jags too.

  6. 1gr8buc Says:

    @Dominion I just moved to j Ville. Looking for a good place to go watch the game. Any suggestions?

  7. 1gr8buc Says:

    DEMINION sorry, auto correct

  8. Joe Says:

    I can’t really explain it, but I totally dig it when you do this map Joe. I wish the blue extended up to Baltimore.

    You are welcome! 🙂

  9. Chef Paul Says:

    If you look closely in eastern Iowa, there is a teeny little purple dot. That’s my T.V.!

  10. bigpoppabuc Says:

    I feel your pain Bucfan37…. I live in South Florida and there is NO Bucs love here. As you can see on the map, all they ever air are the Giants, Pats, Cowboys, Steelers and a bunch of other northern teams. They NEVER have the Bucs.

    ok I’m done whining now.

  11. Flmike Says:

    Unless of course if your Fox affiliate is owned by Raycom and you have dish, dtv or cox cable, then you’re screwed, Raycom pulled their stations because they want twice the subscriber fees from these three deliverers than from Comcast or TWC.

  12. Flmike Says:

    Bigpoppabuc, I’m in WPB, and have DTV Sunday ticket, wouldn’t be without it…

  13. Vincente Says:

    Thank you Joe live it when you put this up. Sadly I’m in Texas but red zone does pretty good about showing the bucs. LETS GO BUCS!

  14. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Nfl Sunday ticket is the best.

  15. Michael Duggan Says:

    I would rather listen to the Bucs on the radio (which I have done in Montana/Colorado/Texas/Carolina) than watch a game that I have zero interest in…….I’m just saying:) Go Bucs!

  16. David Says:

    1Gr8tbuc… depends on wat side of town u live on. If Orange park/Westside, Ale house is good. If southside, there are a plethora of good sports bars there.

  17. Buccfan305 Says:

    I Don’t undsestans why that never show the bucs games in south Fl, i live in miami and i always have to find a sports bar to watch the bucs play…the whole state of Fl is shaded except that little part. why don’t they just cover the whole damn state and call it a day…

  18. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    @David, I’m at the ale house now. I live in Orange Park.