Louis Murphy Cut

September 6th, 2014
The Bucs today cut WR Louis Murphy.

The Bucs today cut WR Louis Murphy.

When the Bucs promoted kick returner Solomon Patton and cornerback Brandon Dixon to the 53-man roster from the practice squad today, someone had to go.

They were receiver Louis Murphy and cornerback Quinton Pointer.

The cut of Murphy isn’t a shock. He started out slow in training camp and gradually got better, but not really any better than Tommy Streeter, who was also cut. Murphy, a St. Petersburg native who played at Lakewood High School and the University of Florida, rarely played with the first team and was injured in the final preseason game.

There is no word if Murphy received an injury settlement or not.

35 Responses to “Louis Murphy Cut”

  1. Theodore Says:

    Feel bad for him. Like Paris Warren, got injured in the final preseason game.

  2. DHutch Says:

    I actually liked him. He wasn’t flashy but he was a veteran. We are young an inexperienced now. Hate the injury…it happened on a dirty play.

  3. tickrdr Says:

    Joes: Please forgive me. I am not trying to hijack this thread.

    Totally OT, but how about a poll or some predictions for Mr. McCown?

    Many folks here pooh-poohed MG8′s 2013 stats which included :

    247 of 416 (59.4%) for 2608 yards and 19 TDs/9 INTs/QB rating 83.9;

    which if extrapolated for a full 16 game season would be:

    304 of 512 (59.4%) for 3209 yards and 23.4 TDs/11 INTs/ QB rating 83.9

    How about it? Let’s see how many are true believers vs Glennon haters.

    What will Josh McCown do in 2014? How many yards? Completion percentage?
    TDs? INTs? QB rating? Thoughts anyone.


  4. Al121976 Says:

    I don’t care about stat projections but I am curious if they are going to use Patton as receiver or just special teams? Also, if we cut 2 n signed 1, who else do they have in mind?

  5. Theodore Says:

    So who is our #3 WR? Are we asking this same question two, three years in a row now?

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    We are rolling with an EXTREMELY inexperienced corps of WR’s now. Behind VJax the Bucs WR’s basically have zero starting NFL experience (yeah Owusu has started a few but it’s still basically zero).

    Any time an entire position group has so few starts it usually takes quite a few games for them to really produce. I hope that isn’t the case here but history says otherwise. Murphy might not have been flashy but he had some savvy to his game and was pretty consistent.

    Evans, Herron, Patton and Shepard have zero starts. Owusu has like four, and he also has a history of having a great camp and then disappearing when the real games begin. If VJax goes down the Bucs are totally and irreparably screwed for the season.

  7. Macabee Says:


    They brought up CB Brandon Dixon along with Patton from the PS.

  8. Rrsrq Says:

    Looks like it is going to be a fluid roster in the botttom 50-53

  9. Architek Says:

    Where is Streeter?

  10. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Streeter is on the Dolphins’ practice squad currently.

  11. Bill Says:

    Why do the Bucs have two useless from scrimmage WRs (Shepard and Patton)?

  12. buccanAy Says:

    I think Streeter signed to Miami PS.

    As to McCown projections…I am also curious to see if McCown is held to same standard as Glennon. Already, it seems every fumble, int, or sack he has in NOT his fault, but that of oline or WR. IMO,he seem to stuggle more with pass rush than Glennon did in PS.

  13. biff barker Says:

    This is a surprise. We’re leaning heavily on Owusu and Herron now.

  14. Danati74 Says:

    On the bright side of things. We will still have VJAX, Evans, ASJ, B.Myers, and D.Martin still catching balls. That still pretty good. You can only spread the ball so much.

  15. unbelievable Says:

    Glennon looked really bad in preseason. I was surprised.

    McCown looked okay, even “decent” when he had some time to throw.

    Okay > bad.

  16. gotbbucs Says:

    Guys like this are interchangeable. Not a big deal. Murphy has had a few years in the NFL and everybody knows what you’re getting with him. The young guys with alot to prove are what I want to see anyway.

  17. buccanAy Says:

    Giving up on Mike Williams was a terrible decision by this crew, IMO. Williams has immense talent and is much more the “class clown” than the violent, women-beating, assault type. Williams, Evans and VJax would have been a VERY formidable threat.

  18. buc4lyfe Says:

    Bring back Tommy Streeter

  19. billy buckaroo Says:

    Sounds like a heavy dose of running back in the works

  20. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I’ll bite on the Josh prediction. 22td 16int. 3300 yrds Nothing flashy, but will run and get more first downs than Free ever got. i say he runs a goal line bootleg and a qb draw,, and gets 2 rush td this year and a 7-9 0r 8-8 record. Glennon doesn’t play a snap this year.

  21. Architek Says:

    Thanks FLBoy –

    I trust L&L but maaaan this has veeeery risky!

  22. JFat Says:

    People are flipping out over Louis Murphy? News flash! If VJax goes down we’re gonna be screwed with or without Murphy unless Evans can pick up the slack. The guy wasn’t going to play this week anyway. He could have taught our young guys how to properly warm the bench, not a whole lot else. Best of luck to the guy but really he wasn’t going to be a difference maker. Replaceable.

  23. dick2111 Says:

    Got a hunch we’ll see Murphy again, hopefully with the Bucs. My guess is that his back injury was severe enough to keep him out for several weeks, but not severe enough to land him on IR.

    Louis wasn’t necessarily flashy, but he was dependable, and he’s a decent slot receiver. This preseason he did have 8 catches for almost 100 yards … more receptions and yards than any other Bucs receiver.

  24. Mr. Mudge Says:

    Seriously. Non-issue. A mild surprise, that’s it. They must’ve really liked what they’ve seen from Dixon to bring him up after less than a week.

  25. gbuc Says:

    Another terrible roster call. Murphy was the third best receiver on our roster.

  26. Jon Says:

    Classic. Last year everyone complained that the Bucs had a poor plan at wide receiver. People, this is worse. Have mike Williams away for a freakin 6th round pick who can’t help! Banking on guys like owusu and shepherd from last year. Again I ask, how has this duo proved they are better evaluators of talent? I just don’t see it.

  27. Orca Says:

    ^^ Get over it.

  28. Orca Says:

    I love all the “experts” calling out mistakes like they know better. It’s frickin’ hilarious. And they haven’t even played a game yet. Literally astonishing how committed some people are to criticizing and complaining. I don’t know how you can enjoy anything having to do with the Bucs with this state of mind.

  29. Eric Says:

    Dang everyone went nuts when they released Patton. Now they bring him back and everyone goes nuts.


  30. BucFan20 Says:

    So did anyone really think Lovies pet return man Patton would not be there on opening day? You should have known when he said he was happy with the 53 man roster they had he was talking out both sides again. It has been one big circus. Now let’s see what happens with the new 53 man roster he is happy with. Or is he?

  31. BucFan20 Says:

    And Bowers survives yet again!

  32. Orca Says:

    Apparently you haven’t paid attention to how NFL rosters work. There is always churn at the bottom. It’s not just the Bucs. Every team. Any statements made by the head coach about the composition of the roster should be taken with a grain of salt… But, complain if you like… apparently that’s how 80% of the posters on JBF amuse themselves.

  33. DB55 Says:

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas and through the house …

  34. Owlykat Says:

    On Murphy I think it was the guaranteed 750,000 dollars Murphy would have made if he wasn’t cut today and it has Licht written all over it. Herron can get open but he will drop the ball and Lovie will scramble to get Murphy back as soon as he is well! I think it is a mistake to cut Quinton Porter too because if Leonard Johnson gets hurt Dixon won’t know how to play Tampa2. Good to have Patton back to return.

  35. BucsfaninChina Says:

    @DB55 thank you, sir.