Judgment Night For Alterraun Verner

September 18th, 2014

VernerThe big-money free agent who replaced Darrelle Revis, Pro Bowler Alterraun Verner, has looked darn good in his first two Bucs games.

Verner can cover. He can tackle. And he’s 100 percent healthy after a late July hamstring pull.

But Verner really hasn’t been tested the way he’ll be tonight. Julio Jones is lurking. Banged up Roddy White is always tough and crafty. Harry Douglas has had huge games against the Bucs and is coming off a career year. Devin Hester appears revived as a receiver.

A game like this is one in which the Bucs have to get their money’s worth from Verner. Yeah, he’ll get beat at least a couple of times if the Bucs can’t manufacture a pass rush, but he should make some plays.

This is the national stage. Verner is “The Man” in the secondary. The guy needs to show he’s every bit as much the Pro Bowler that Jones and White are.

Joe’s looking forward to it.

9 Responses to “Judgment Night For Alterraun Verner”

  1. meh Says:

    I agree. Verner looks great so far. Tonight will be a real test.

  2. Jon Says:

    I still question lovie and licht as good football decision makers. I haven’t seen it. Remember McCown was “the man” to be a great leader and winner. Tonight I’m worried we will continue to see this years quantity we signed in free agency lack in quality players.

  3. DB55 Says:


    You’re right he’s been our best def player thus far. Same as Meyers has been our best off player.

  4. OB Says:


    If the QB has all day to throw, some receiver will always get open because the DB is reacting to what the receiver does.

  5. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    verner will be alright but barron will get exposed, dropping his value in a trade. banks will also show that he is not a full time starter in the nfl and his stock will also be toward in an eventual trade. The writing is on the wall!

  6. buc4lyfe Says:

    Barron, goldson it’s not news to nfl teams these guys came cover, we are stuck with those two but Leonard Johnson the guy who gave up the crucial first down to extend a drive for the rams at the end of last week, the guy who gives up more first down than any corner in the NFL was gifted the nickel corner spot, didn’t even have the common sense to turn his head last week but when mike Jenkins did that in game one he got called out. All this guy does is give up years and first downs and no one says anything, it’s like the guy who people let do whatever he wants because he’s a special needs kid, you know he’s gonna do something wrong but what can you really say

  7. ddneast Says:

    I can understand why you question smith and licht’s football decision making, although I think what you are alluding to is their football talent evaluation.
    After all those wonderful and productive drafts we experienced under Dummynick, those two have huge footprints to follow in.

  8. Kevin#1 Says:

    They really need to play some press with Verner and an extra guy on Julio. I’m tires of seeing this zone picked apart like a crock pot beef stew. And that was TWO backups one right behind the other. It is IMPOSSIBLE for our D to be that up to speed in four days. We can’t run the zone right now. Then on the flip side I can understand Lovie wanting to stick with it because it has to be mastered to work. I personally think they should be hitting the receivers after the snap and take advantage of the only five yards that our given. Jam the receivers throw off the route and at least we won’t be completely embarrassed. Otherwise it’s going to be another LOOOOOOOOONG night for the Bucs!

  9. Chef Paul Says:

    Julio Jones gonna get got!!