Boring Is Good

September 18th, 2014

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We were sold a bill of goods, some may say. The Bucs had the “Dunkaneers” and a college football offensive wizard. This was going to be a new day in Tampa Bay.

Yet, by the looks of the past two weeks, there really isn’t much difference between the early weeks of the Lovie Smith Administration and the Greg Schiano Era, sans the defensive front stunts. Same suspect defense. Same stagnant offense. Same losing record. Boring.

But no, boring his good, says Emory Hunt. The Czar of the Playbook explains how boring can win the game tonight for the Bucs.

58 Responses to “Boring Is Good”

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    Schiano (idiot no nothing Rutgers coach) and Sully put up 41 “boring” points on Atlanta last season in a game.

  2. sho nuff Says:

    and they wonder why they have no fan base? sorry got better things to do on beautiful fall sunday in florida for 4 hours…..# irrelevant

  3. Architek Says:

    Lovie doesn’t need and boredom reinforcing.

  4. lightningbuc Says:

    there really isn’t much difference between the early weeks of the Lovie Smith Administration and the Greg Schiano Era,


    Except for the fact that the Big Meanie Schiano actually won in the early weeks of his era.

  5. Brandon Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    September 18th, 2014 at 11:28 am
    Schiano (idiot no nothing Rutgers coach) —————

    Haha, was that pun intended?

    Seriously, Joe the number of mistakes even in an article ths short is alarming. This last post was almost indecipherable.

  6. Mike Glennon Mob Says:

    Interesting…..I guess typing D-u-e-m-i-g, regardless of context, gets your comment automatically flagged for moderation.

  7. Buddhaboy Says:

    Boring is right. Goodness, my wife was watching disney movies with the kids she got so bored with the bucs games. I tried convincing her this was going to be different this year. After the 1st 3 qrts, i lost her. That is the average fan.

    She says, why cant the bucs play like that, while watching the Broncos game. Ha ha. One can dream.

    We are losers. Period

  8. CC Says:

    Is it to late for a do over? Kevin Sumlin next coach up.

  9. BirdDoggers Says:

    We may never know what the mystery Jeff Tedford offense was supposed to look like if Lovie can’t get past his conservative tendencies.

  10. Says:

    I remember a lot of Bucs fans in the stadium during the boring Dungy years. Heck, Seattle won a Boring SuperBowl, I bet Denver fans weren’t board.

    Only one thing matter people. Winning.
    As BUcs fans we should know all about this. Remember that boring NFC Championship game vs Rams…11-6?

    Its going to take time, The roster is depleted because of all the regime changes fans want. Every new coach, you rid yourself of another layer of talent to bring “Your guys” in.
    THATS why the Bucs are thin and not a good team.

    All this BS about its a QB driven league? you need offense? Go back and watch the Super Bowl.

  11. Says:

    CC your right, they should fire Lovie, get your new coach in. he will come in and get rid of both QBs, Vjax makes a lot of money, don’t need him anymore. Maybe they’ll bring in a 3-4 defense, don’t need Gerald McCoy for a 3-4. Bye Gmac. Levonte David? too small , new coach prob get rid of him too.

    Thats why the Bucs are a bad team now…Too many regime changes. Raheem dumped all those Gruden players in 2009. In 2012 Schiano dumped Morris’s players. Now Lovie had gotten rid of Schiano’s.

    Sure you want a new coach? after 2 games?

  12. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Although it will surprise many if the Bucs win tonight, it won’t surprise me one bit. I think our offense will perform.

  13. Soggy Says:

    @CC or maybe sell the team to chucky he will know what to do..

  14. Biff Barker Says:

    It’s bad enough that the NFL is clinging to a greasy rope, worse yet when your own crappy team plays boring winless football.

    Not much joy in Mudvillle with the mighty Lovie at bat.

  15. Captain Stagger Says:

    Schiano’s run blitz and stunts produced a top 5 run defense…..and a lot of tfl’s…..and David was making a lot of splash plays….

    But that’s none of my business…..

  16. Buccfan37 Says:

    Don’t get your hopes up too high for a Bucs win tonight. Telling that to a true Bucs fan is like talking to a wall. Go Bucs!

  17. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    I don’t want the Bucs to have a winning season but I do want them to win this game.

  18. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    CC i like the sumlin idea and bring in bryce petty, hire maranelli as the DC and some good professional coaches…………weird the best coach in the NFL is not a retread but a new fresh innovatice coach and he is tearing it up in the NFL and that is chip kelly, i like the sumlin idea

  19. Bobby Says:

    can we win tonight? Of course we can. New Orleans got beat by Cleveland for crying out loud. Any given Sunday. I’m just not optimistic. Theoretically it should be a shootout because both defenses can’t pressure the QB BUT they have Matt Ryan and we have door mat McClown. Doesn’t look too promising.

  20. Theodore Says:

    Tedford’s offense was never a mystery. Cal was a run-first, conventional pro-style offense. He once said your team “cannot have an offensive identity until we know who will be the starting RB.” Notice he didn’t say QB.

    That is why Lovie picked him. He is boring. Like Lovie.

  21. Bernard Cantu Says:

    Some of you Bucs fans are very impatient including you Joe. Comparing apples to oranges. Lovie has been to the promised land and Shiano could not coach his way out of a paper bag. I guess with a new offensive and deffensive system, new coaching staff, an offensive coordinater that is ill, and a ton of new players. the Bucs should be 2-0 and heading for the super bowl. Give me a damb Break. I bet when Lovie starts Winning all You ban wagon jumpers will be back on. yea it’s been a long time since the Bucs sniffed the playoffs but thats not Lovie’s fault. This guy is a Winner. He has been to a superbowl and was one Jay Cutler injury away from going to a second. Anyone Remember the Greenbay Game When Cutler went out in the 1st Quater and the packers Barley won that one due to the outdated cover 2 deffense that Lovie Runs.

  22. BFFL Says:

    I think people need to be a little patient. This team is learning how to win in a new system. Expect a turn around sometime this year..but I also expect them to start 2 & 8…Fans are pretty fullish to expect such a quick turn around with the holes that exist on this team.

  23. james west Says:

    as the mighty HMS glazer turned portside off the Georgia coast, the crew had an uneasy feel about her midst. her defenders, bloody and wounded after the last two battles, protecting her home port, were not confident in their captains cold steely glare, nor in their first officer Mr MCcown. fearing another defeat, their was a low murmer, almost a whisper among the crew, would there be a mutiny and a call for young mr glennon to man the helm, and lead them into battle, or will old stoneface, as called by the captains crew, stick to his guns and leave the beaten Mr MCcown to steady and right the ship!!!! more to come soon on “the battles of HMS glazer”

  24. RastaMon Says:

    boring is boring…

  25. Patrickbucs Says:

    So tired of hearing about Schiano comments. He was downright awful as a coach. How many interviews did he get this offseason? Zero that were reported anyway. When the Browns previous staff tinkered with that there was a fan revolt and major changes that followed. Not all because of him. Christ even Raheem got a coaching gig be it a secondary coach.

    Lovie traded for Marshall and Cutler and drafted Forte. Now they are a good offense that can’t stop anyone. I am as pissed as anyone about this conservative BS. I want to see some exciting plays and a coaching staff with balls. It cost us the Rams game for sure. We’ll see what’s up tonight, if they can’t stop the run the Falcons are in trouble IMO.

  26. dick2111 Says:

    Perhaps (just perhaps) fans were a little too optimistic about how quickly L&L could turn this ship around?

    On defense we’ve got mostly the same players we had last year. Depth really hasn’t improved much. Throw in a new coaching staff, a new defensive philosophy and perhaps (just perhaps) expecting a Super Bowl in the first year was a little over-the-top.

    On offense L&L pretty much gutted that puppy. A lot of really good new pieces though. But again, throw in a new coaching staff, a new offensive philosophy, and (oh ya) a new QB and perhaps (just perhaps) it might take a little bit of time to get pull it all together.

    I’ll stick up for Josh, even though few seem willing to. His completion percentage through 2 games is 68% … not that shabby. He’s scrambled well (he needed to). I’ll be the second one to say that he’s made several REALLY bonehead throws (he said it first). But I’ve been at both games, and he really did look a LOT better in the second one (so did the OLine by the way … strange that the two should go hand-in-hand, isn’t it). Play-calling in BOTH games was marginal (at best), but I suspect that’ll improve once Jeff Tedford gets back full time.

    Personally I’m a lot more concerned about our defense than I am about our offense. Injuries piling up too quickly. From that perspective, a lot of similarities to last year it seems.

  27. whocares92 Says:

    Too anybody saying they’re giving up on this team. then good go. You’re all fair weather fans anyways and that’s why we can’t get a stadium filled. I love this team to death and would watch and support them if they didn’t make the play-offs another 20 years because this is my team. There are teams that have been losing longer than us and their fans still stick by them. Not to mention when I go to the games Buc’s fans have the lowest football IQ out of any team. I remember a game when we were trying to go for a 2-point conversion to get the lead in a game and OUR fans wouldn’t stop making noise even though the whole sideline was trying to quiet the crowd. They ended up false starting, because our fans didn’t realize you want to be quiet for the home team so they can get the play call in and hear the cadence correctly. We’ve lost two close games with two new systems, numerous injuries, and our OC not being able to call plays and yet you want to fire the whole staff and start over again. Pete Carroll didn’t take the league by storm his first year exactly. It takes time to build a winning program and yet there’s a knee jerk reaction by Buc’s fans about everything our team does. F*#k all you fake fans, I love this team even when the ship’s sinking because IM A FAN

  28. Espo Says:

    WhoCares92, I think you’re my new best friend.

    New Bucs Fan, if you don’t want us to have a winning season then why do you even bother? What’s the point? Go be a bad fan for some other team.

  29. Architek Says:

    No the stadium is not filled because we are and have been a losing franchise and the product on the field have not warranted people to spend on tickets nor create the demand to want to attract fans.

    The macro perception is on point and the truth hurts but is the reality.

    I’m a die hard Buc fan but to knock people for venting and tire for losing culture is so shallow.

    You have your opinion and so do others.

  30. whocares92 Says:

    Espo, I really do love this team. It’s the only sports team that has my heart. I still like the direction this team is moving in. I think the playbook will continue to open up and our players on D will start playing instinctual instead of hesitating on making their reads. We need D’ends as well for this system to work.

  31. robert9 Says:

    “We were sold a bill of goods” best description to date!

  32. Bernard Cantu Says:

    Thank You. Finally some fans with brains and heart.

  33. robert9 Says:

    “We were sold a bill of goods” best description yet of this regime

  34. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Whocares…..come on man you need to look around, there is not a losing franchise in the NFL that packs teh stadiums, Buffalo was empty, jets, giants, lions, jags, falcons, etc. if an organization puts on a bad product the consumer does not buy it, its basic supply and demand 101…the bucs are a bad product so that is why no one goes it has nothing to do with support or allegiance or band wagoning, why would people be here on this site if they were not die hard for the bucs….we just want a solid competitive product and that is not happening…anyone can get into a p*ssing match about the level of support regardinng the bucs….were you at this game…did you get a tattoo….blah blah blah…..JUST WIN LOVIE or no one will support the product…it doesnt take a rocket scientist to look at mclown stats and see he is TURRIBLE and always has been so…Lovie owns that one

  35. Mike Glennon Mob Says:

    Now Lovie had gotten rid of Schiano’s.

    Uhhh, not really.

  36. Architek Says:

    Agreed Dusthty!!!!

  37. whocares92 Says:

    That’s the definition of fair weather fan. If we aren’t winning this team isn’t worth supporting. The browns fans fill their stadium, when the seahawks sucked for YEARS their fans still showed up. Your passion for a team shouldn’t falter on how well they’re performing. Fan is short for fanatic.

  38. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Going to a stadium and dropping $200 does not constitute a fan to watch some BS product….. that constitutes “a fool and his money are soon parted” communism makes people take a product regardless of the state of the product……you show the ownership that what they are putting out there is garbage either ownership understands that or they dont. And have you ever been to cleveland, there is a reason there are no tall buildings there…..there are 2 types of people in this world the duper or the dupee, by paying money for that crud on sunday people become the dupee….win lovie win….picking top 5 in the draft for the past decade is not something that gets anyone excited

  39. whocares92 Says:

    My comments aren’t for everyone, I see people like you and Architek post here all the time. I believe you’re just as die hard fans as I am. But the people saying the’re giving up on the team really angers me. If you can’t financially support the team that’s fine. I’ve only been to about 10 games the past 5 years or so but I’m not going to talk s*^t about my own team or claim that unless they win I won’t be a fan EVER and that has nothing to do with the product on the field. The Buccaneers are more then the current players and coaches for me.

  40. Soggy Says:

    I don’t get being seal clubbed for wanting to win and losing is just fine if your a real fan, I guess I am not a fan.. oh well.. My dad is bigger than your dad… bla bla bla..

  41. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    I forget who posted it a couple days ago but to paraphrase the comment after so many years of futility there are no bandwagon/fake Buccaneers fans left. Think about that next time you start calling out posters who are disgusted by losing back to back home games to teams with backup QB’s and choose to vent to other Bucs fans who are also disgusted by what they’ve witnessed.

  42. Biff Barker Says:

    Bernard Cantu Says:

    Some of you Bucs fans are very impatient including you Joe. Comparing apples to oranges. Lovie has been to the promised land and Shiano could not coach his way out of a paper bag.

    Feel free to enjoy losing while waiting on Lovie. Promised land? That’s actually funny.

  43. Soggy Says:

    Mosses has been to the promised land, Chucky won the super bowl, Glazzers should sell the team to chucky, he will fix the sails in this ship and throw the chum overboard….

  44. Soggy Says:


  45. iamkingsu Says:

    Is Tedford calling plays tonight?

  46. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Toes that comment sums it up 100%…. we all say with pride when asked by whoever: “Who is your team?” we all shout “TAMPA” (not these crappy uniform Bucs, but nonetheless) and we never deviate or jump ship we as you stated here for the VERY lean years and still come back again and again, like 5 cent natty light that gives you a hangover, but they are OUR team….but…CMON, we are failry educated fans and can see through the BS that has been lumped upon us since chucky was told to go….and that has been mounds and mounds of BS…and this year there was a glimmer that everything was fresh and things would be better because their was a dungy man back in charge or a part of the organization…… but now the phrase coined by Mrk Twain of the Gilded Age has come to light because all that lovie has said will glitter is definitely not gold and you lose faith…..Im sorry call me a bandwagoner but I WANT A WINNER and that crap is not a winning product I hope that changes tonite because the falcons suck and mike smith is a nimrod

  47. lightningbuc Says:

    Vince Lombardi, who once said “show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser”, would not have been deemed a “true fan” by whocares92 and the rest of the “true fan” police.

  48. Soggy Says:

    @lightningbuc ^^ Nice, I got to remember that.. Thanks…

  49. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    lightning buc: RIGHT ON…..rock n roll… telling you right now come 825 ill have tv dialed in ready for a huge bucs victory while sippin on some jack daniels….but come come 11 pm and the same ol crap is on my tv…ill be back here on friday morning to vent…..if anyone cares and crap gets ugly there is a special on whitey bulger on cnn at 9pm….GO BUCS

  50. Jack Says:

    The Bucs offense could have a big week running and passing against this Atlanta defense. Our defense knows they have to bring pressure up the middle to move Atlanta QB out of the pocket and force INTS – their QB had 3-INTs last week. Bucs win 24-7

  51. Buccfan37 Says:

    Most all Bucs fans are real Bucs fans, otherwise they would’nt be on here commenting, lose or win.

  52. Soggy Says:

    @Dusthty Rhothdes, Even if it is like a car wreck I won’t be able to look away..ha

  53. BirdDoggers Says:

    Most fans are frustrated and are tired of the losing. It’s been going on for so long it’s not hard to get discouraged anymore. Lovie should be able to turn this team around and make it a consistent competitor. It will be frustrating to watch until that happens and will even be frustrating to watch when they’re more competitive. It’s the nature of a defensive minded coach and team.

  54. Jack Says:

    I don’t the “We were sold a bill of good” thing. All I remember being said was Coach Smith’s: This one applies to the whole team: “To play tough and relentless, fundamentally sound (emphasis his) situational football on every play.” On offense, the team will have a balance between a physical rushing attack and an opportunistic passing attack. On the other side, they will play aggressive gap-control defense predicated on creating takeaways – stressing that these are “takeaways,” and not “turnovers,” the former of which implies control and the latter chance. On special teams, they want to create at least two big plays per game.

  55. Jack Says:

    I don’t get the whole, “We were sold a bill of goods” thing – I remember hearing from the beginning Coach Smith’s philosophy: This one applies to the whole team: “To play tough and relentless, fundamentally sound (emphasis his) situational football on every play.” On offense, the team will have a balance between a physical rushing attack and an opportunistic passing attack. On the other side, they will play aggressive gap-control defense predicated on creating takeaways – stressing that these are “takeaways,” and not “turnovers,” the former of which implies control and the latter chance. On special teams, they want to create at least two big plays per game.

  56. Soggy Says:

    @ BirdDoggers, Ya, kind of like Dungy ball, I liked him and the team he built but He could never gets us over the top, Chucky comes in and kills it with the same team in his first year, It’s funny how we went all offence in the draft this year, sometime’s it is really hard to figure lovie out..

  57. Soggy Says:

    I remember boring games in days of dungy, like him and the team he built but he could never get us over the top, it took Chucky with the same team to win the SB in his first year..

  58. Soggy Says:

    Sorry wrong board^^