Training Camp Notes & Observations — Day 8

August 3rd, 2014

Yes, this was shot today during a team water break. Offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford is always coaching.

Your beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers were back on the practice field this afternoon getting further prepared for the preseason opener on Friday night in Jacksonville.

Joe was on the scene and has plenty to share.

*It was floppy hat and sneakers time again for center Evan Dietrich-Smith, and cornerbacks Alterraun Verner and Mike Jenkins. Joe would be stunned if either of those corners play on Friday. Danny Gorrer has one hell of an opportunity ahead of him.

*Basic passing drills (no defense) saw two drops each from wide receivers Louis Murphy and Russell Shepard. Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans added drops, too. Evans got a chat from a coach, as Evans shook his head.

*Leaping grab by rookie Robert Herron gets love from the crowd.

*Chris Owusu appears to tweak his knee. Worth noting given how injury-prone he’s been.

*Punting out of the back of the end zone work begins with Michael Koenen sort of shanking one out of bounds. About a 28-yard punt.

*Skye Dawson and Eric Page get the majority of the return reps.

*Herron drops punt. Common happening for him.

*Keith Tandy, Steven Means and Bobby Rainey are among those on the first team punting unit.

*Jonathan Casillas and Dane Fletcher, projected special teams studs, have a heated, seemingly productive, chat around the water cooler about whatever happened on the field.

*Luke Stocker was praised for his special teams blocking.

*Kickoff work draws an applause for a Jeff Demps return.

*More drillwork nets a one-hand grab by Murphy. V-Jax gives him multiple bows in praise.

*Joe moves over to watch defensive line practice, and they’re working on line stunts. Coaches dialed into precision.

*In 5-on-5 work (aka route running against defense) Martin has a bad drop on a short pass.

*11-on-11 begins. Oh, what fun. Mark Barron is up on the D-line again, as he’s been in previous sets.

*Bucs run off left tackle. Nice gain by Martin, maybe eight yards. Left tackle Anthony Collins slaps defensive line coach Joe Cullen on the ass and startles him and he drops his pencil. Collins seems to be saying, ‘We beat you.’

*Will Gholston gets most of the reps at right defensive end.

*Man, Gerald McCoy is hustling until he hears the whistle.

*Evans looks a little lost in his route running with second team in 11-on-11.

*Pitch left to Martin nets nothing.

*Hopeful defensive linemen Euclid Cummings and Jibreel Black jump offsides on consecutive snaps. Not a good look.

*Rookie right tackle, fifth-round pick Kevin Pamphile gets an earful from O-line coach George Warhop.

*More runs get stuffed in the backfield.

*Charles Sims cuts back on a sweep (stopped on a dime), running up the middle for nice gain.

*McCown to Murphy but if a game, he would have been splashed by Adrian Clayborn, who stopped his rush from RDE right in front of McCown.

*Working with third team, Jeff Demps with some nice wiggle to avoid a tackle and turn chicken s(p)it into chicken salad.

*Scary how easily Gerald McCoy split Oneil Cousins (left guard) and Jamon Meredith (left tackle) during pass rush drills.

*Undrafted rookie defensive end Chaz Sutton continues to look lightning quick every practice.

*Guard-center bubble guy Jace Daniels tossed bubble DT Matthew Masifilo to the ground in 1-on-1’s. Daniels having a good day.

*Hello Mike Evans. The rook skies over three defenders to catch pass over the middle. Looked like Dennis Rodman going for rebound.

*McCown hits Murphy in numbers on down and in.

*Ugly pass by McCown for Brandon Myers that should have been picked by Lavonte David. Hit him inside left shoulder. Next play, McCown sails ball out of bounds intended for Evans. Then he badly overthrows Lavelle Hawkins on go route. Not McCown’s sharpest day.

*McCown bounces back to nicely floated ball to Bobby Rainey in stride. Jonathan Casillas can’t stay with speedy Rainey.

*Man, Joe’s dying to see what it looks like when real opponents try to tackle Austin Seferian-Jenkins. That will be interesting.

*Charles Sims is one polished route runner.

*Skye Dawson impressive catch over the middle. Perfect throw by Mike Glennon.

*Collins handles Michael Johnson in 1-on-1.

*Rookie Kevin Pamphile handles Da’Quan Bowers easily in 1-on-1 drills.

*McCown on a designed rollout/keeper. Looked like Alex Smith vs. Saints in playoffs few years ago.

*First team defense getting gouged by first team offense. Jorvorskie Lane on a wheel route again for big gain.

*Loads of short-yardage offense work today.

*Quick slant to Murphy. Nice.

*Glennon shows fluid movement in pocket. Not the kind you saw from him last year.

*Dietrich-Smith may be wearing a floppy hat and sneakers, but he’s all business, as close to the action as possible and giving a visible education to rookie guard Andrew Miller.

*First team defense returns, and Da’Quan Bowers is at LDE. He stuffs a run up the gut by Doug Martin on first play. No gain.

*Quick out to Lavelle Hawkins. McCown delivers fast when he wants to.

*Nice pass breakup by Danny Gorrer on Owusu. Gorrer getting that first-team work today. Excellent technique.

*Nice job, O-line, Rainey breaks free up the gut.

*Teamwide water break doesn’t stop Jeff Tedford. The man can’t stop coaching.

*Smooth connection from McCown to Streeter, followed by a way-off dumpoff pass from McCown to Lane.

*Glennon bounces a ball to Herron under heavy pass rush.

*INTERCEPTION! The Mike Glennon Mob won’t be happy. After bounce pass above, Glennon throws right into the hands of MLB Dane Fletcher over the middle. Pass intended for Seferian-Jenkins.

*Hooray! Glennon bounces back with nice out throw to Hawkins.

*Helmets are cracking in goal line work. Twice Doug Martin is stuffed. McCown hits Seferian-Jenkins for a sweet score in corner of end zone over Jonathan Casillas.
*First-team defense if fired up! Rainey stuffed twice in more goal line. Once up the gut, once wide by a swarm of red. Offense fails again on rollout.

Stick with Joe through the night for much more out of today’s training camp practice.

8 Responses to “Training Camp Notes & Observations — Day 8”

  1. biff barker Says:

    Gracias Jose’. You sweat so we don’t have to!

    Excited about Sims, Gorer and Sutton all. We expected this from Sims but the other two are using their time well. Steven Means and Rasheed Melvin should be nervous.

    Sounds like EDS is the real deal. When was the last time anyone saw a team go deep in the playoffs with a crappy center?

  2. Doc Says:

    Joe,any information on Mike James.

    He’s practicing and healthy. –Joe

  3. Doc Says:

    Very good job Joe, the coverage.

  4. Harry Says:

    “…Rookie Kevin Pamphile handles Da’Quan Bowers easily in 1-on-1 drills…”

    How is it possible for Cheeseburger, a 3 year vet with alleged endless talent to be ‘handled’ by a 5th rd rookie? Disgusting!

  5. Harry Says:

    “…First team defense getting gouged by first team offense. Jorvorskie Lane on a wheel route again for big gain…”

    It seems like forever (maybe bc it is…) where we read that the Bucs O is beating the D! Maybe this year is going to be very exciting with the Tedford offense! How awesome that would be!!

  6. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Thank y’all for toughing it out, and giving us the updates Joe’s-much appreciated

  7. Buccfan37 Says:

    Kudos to the written coverage. I enjoyed it all.

  8. Tom Says:

    Sounds like ASJ is really making his mark here during training camp. I’m totally geeked about this guy, maybe more so than Evans