“Shocked” By Lovie Smith

August 14th, 2014

NFL Network analyst and former NFL and Florida State offensive lineman Jamie Dukes can’t understand Lovie Smith

Referring to Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson as “Rolls Royces” and “Clydesdales,” NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes, the former NFL offensive lineman and Florida State star, seems ready to bang his head against a wall.

Dukes simply can’t understand the approach of Tampa Bay head coach Lovie Smith.

Speaking this morning on WDAE-AM 620, Dukes said Lovie is playing “here-we-go-again” in Tampa with a “fantastic” defense and a bumbling offensive line.

“I’m still shocked that they will allow the same Achilles’ heel that got them fired the first time to be trouble for them this time,” said Dukes, referring to Lovie and quarterback-challenged Tennessee Titans head coach Ken Wisenhunt. “Lovie Smith gets fired because he couldn’t find a line to protect Jay Cutler. You guys have two big 6-foot-5 stallions, big clydesdales outside, and you’re not going to be able to use them because that offensive line is going to be a problem.”

“Here we come right back down to what got you in trouble the last time. …

“While you’re waiting to rebuild this offensive line, which they want to do through the draft, go get you some guys you know can play. And that’s what they’re going to have to do, or this is going to be kind of a wasted season because everybody had a lot of expectation, as they should have. But as I sat there and watched all the offensive lineman just systematically get kind of parsed off, I said, ‘Oh boy, here we go again.’”

What is hopefully an “overreaction” to Friday’s O-line mess continues.

You can listen to all of Dukes’ audio take below.

57 Responses to ““Shocked” By Lovie Smith”

  1. Louis Friend Says:

    Captain Hindsight to the rescue! Seriously, a dude acting self righteous after something has happened and claiming the wisdom to have known what to do all along – no better than a troll on a comment board.

    Duh, we need line help. Who doesn’t?

  2. dick2111 Says:

    “While you’re waiting to rebuild this offensive line, which they want to do through the draft, go get you some guys you know can play.”

    The ‘obvious’ obviously didn’t escape Jamie Dukes.

    Something deep down inside tells me that Lovie and Jason have been trying to do that since Day One.

  3. Buddhaboy Says:

    Dont like Dukes, but unfortunately he is spot on. 🙁

  4. LutzBuczFan Says:

    How did Demar Dotson become our best o-lineman?

  5. Chef Paul Says:

    I thought he banged his against the wall because he had to listen to his dumbass self speak every time he opens his dumbass mouth.

    Let me guess. As soon as WDEA said the words “Jaime Dukes” their ratings plummeted.

  6. FanOfBucs Says:

    We all knew Lovie’s past line issues.

    Gotta wait n see on this go around.

    If our line sucks this year, it will be a worthy criticism imo.

    Gotta wait n see!

  7. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Sorry about wanting to maintain a good facade, Time to go get incognito AND Boone damit

  8. billy buckaroo Says:

    If Dukes had made this comment before the first reg season game and nothing had changed since 1st preseason game I could understand it.
    Jumping the gun a bit I think.
    They have a lot of good trade bait for other teams hurting for wide receiver or running back. I will wait and see a little longer.

  9. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's locker Says:

    I think Mr. Duke proved again to be a gifted Anaylst.
    I realize some here feel the concerns over the line are an ver reaction.
    But their opinions should quickly be disguarded
    Because anyone who knows anything at all about Football, would have had fire alarms going off Friday.

    Our starting offensive line was completely and utterly dominated by the very mediocre talent of the Jags Defensive line.
    They werent”out of Sync”. They weren’t” trying to be a cohesive unit”
    They were so physically dominated, so overpowered, that our Offense was incapable of anything except Damage control. They were so inept- that it was obviously not a unit that should be playing in the NFL. They were completing outclassed, by a huge margin.

    Those of you who think they will improve together over time- are wrong. Several guys showed that they will always be dominated in a 1on 1 matchup. It was that simple.

    And those of you who are crying patience, confident that the team is working to fix this- go read some Chicago Bear archived articles.
    Every year, they were confident the line would be addressed.

    And every year it wasn’t.

  10. DallasBuc Says:

    I don’t much care for Dukes like the rest of you but he is right. How could Lovie allow his lapdog Licht to send competent vet olinemen packing without having a plan? How is not having starting caliber guards on the roster after traing camp and leading into the 2nd preseason game not malpractice? And why is criticism of this incompetence considered an overreaction? You can’t score any points on offense with a terrible oline.

  11. Bill Wheeler Says:

    And now we get to here from the omnipresent and always overrated Shaun King…..Ron and Ian come across as fools when they listen to this idiot spout his nonsense.

  12. Scot Says:

    Hey we all know it is essential to build part of your team through draft.This is on Lovies shoulders but, Lovie knows his job is not on the line. He will have time to perfect it. Theoretically our line should improve with our 2 high priced accusations already.. guess we will see how it all plays out. I trust Lovie though.

  13. Chef Paul Says:

    Not knocking your post Capt. I agree with your O-line takes 100%.

    But I’m very shocked that Capt Tim and Davie Jones were the same dude. I always pictured the Capt as guy that walks around his house with a blue blazer, wearing a captains hat, smoking a pipe and talking like Thurston Howell III. Then I pictured Davie Jones as a junkie in a garage band, with a wicked sense of humor and a care free attitude that talked like Spicoli.

  14. Nick Says:

    It always amazes me that us on the outside think we are more aware of the team’s weaknesses than those who’s livelihoods are tied to the team’s successes and failures. Do we honestly believe that Lovie and Licht sit around pondering “why does our qb keep getting hit??”. They know. They’re fixing it. Settle the eff down.

  15. Tom Edrington Says:

    Well, if you are going to judge the entire season by one quarter of preaseason football, you are a bigger fool than most.

    Let’s wait until all the preseason “evidence” is presented, then sent in the JFB army of jurors for their “deliberation”

  16. DallasBuc Says:

    Hey Nick- people with big egos and lots of money often have a hard time acknowledging their mistakes. Licht is a rookie with no ability to override the HC. Lovie may be a nice guy but has a proven track record of huge mistakes and oversights in the exact areas of concern right now, QB & oline. You are a fan of the mediocre. Some of us are less tolerant of it.

  17. Louis Friend Says:

    Quite true Nick. Commenters like Dukes are only relevant when they can successfully predict what will happen – and how many of them do you see doing that? Almost all of them (like Dukes) can only state the obvious, and with a few exceptions mostly just pile on with the rest of the herd. All the while claiming to have ‘insight’ the fans need.

  18. Jeagan1999 Says:

    It was painfully obvious to anyone that saw the Jax game that we need better play on the O-line. So now what? If coach Smith does nothing to address the deficiencies there, he will rightfully be second guessed and criticized …especially if the Bucs have a poor season. But there is still time to address this need before the games become truly meaningful. I would hope that we are looking at other options behind the scenes…trading for Boone, scouring other teams practice squads, monitoring the waiver wires to see who gets cut, etc. There is time to address the bad line play….but there also needs to be a sense of urgency about it too! You cant just throw 5 guys together and expect them to gel into a cohesive unit overnight…it takes time and practice and we are less than a month away from the (stinking) Panthers and the regular season!

  19. DallasBuc Says:

    Tom- training camp is over and we still do not have starting NFL caliber guards. What more evidence do you need?

  20. Louis Friend Says:


    As only a Super Bowl win is a success for you, and everything else just pisses you off – perhaps you’re following the wrong team. Lots of open spots to be a Patriots or Seahawks fan. I’m sure they’d love to have you.

  21. jo_mama Says:

    Crystal Ball says…..

    Poor guard plays leads to starting Tampa QB with Torn ACL.

    Lovie Check your Ego at the Door and get Incognito.

  22. DallasBuc Says:

    Hey Louis- hate to break the mold as a Bucs fan by asking for better that mediocrity but I don’t think it is a stretch to ask for starting caliber QB and guards. Have some standards!

  23. Orca Says:

    As long as Cousins and Meredith aren’t in the starting lineup, I believe they will find some guys to play the guard spots capably. Being impatient and whining about it makes no difference, and I prefer to be hopeful about the development of the young guys. This is one of the things that preseason is for, especially with a new coach and a hugely turned-over roster. I’m all for bringing in an experienced starter if a decent one is available, but I’m not panicking. Sorry if this is too reasonable for some of you.

  24. Brian D. Says:

    My god as much as I love my Buccaneers…the IQ level of our fan base never ceases to embarass me. ONE QUARTER of bad o-line play and the season is shot! None of these guys can play! Evan-Dietrich Smith’s great year in Green Bay last season…FLUKE…Anthony Collins great year in Cincinatti…FLUKE!…DaQuan Bowers could probably have 5 sacks in a game against these guys!

    Chill the eff out people. Our tackles and center will be above average at worst…and the guards can not physically possibly be as much of a disaster as they looked on Friday. Meredith was the root of the line problems against JAX and he’s out. Let’s see how the next guy does.

  25. Snook Says:

    Everyone says the pre-season games are meaningless yet so much reaction is created over what happens in them.

    Very odd.

  26. lightningbuc Says:

    Louis Friend Says:
    August 14th, 2014 at 11:46 am

    As only a Super Bowl win is a success for you


    What else is there? I wonder if the Bills fans, players, and coaches of the 90s felt successful when they lost 4 Super Bowls in a row?

  27. Tye Says:

    Probably not an overreaction but even if it is it is probably not by much…. After all, it is Lovie Smith that he is talking about! What? 9 years of HC and still didn’t seem to get it with his former team….

    1st preseason game went as expected with questionable o-line and QB!
    “Here we go again!” seems about fitting…

  28. Architek Says:

    Dukes is right – however there is still some time to address the gap. Having one weak G is better than two.

    I would get a steady vet and then play Kadeem Edwards.

  29. Brian D. Says:


    Lest us not forget that Collins and Dietrich-Smith were upgrades and Dotson was one of the best right tackles in the league last year. I refuse to believe that shaky guard play can sink an offense. I’m glad they got the wake up call out of their system against Jacksonville rather than against Carolina.

  30. Bucamania Says:

    I agree Brian D! Better to have question marks at G than T or C. They’ll get it sorted. Can’t remake the entire roster overnight.

  31. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    That guy is spot on tho… no matter how much support you give Lovie… how can someone not seriously address a fault he had with his past team, AFTER a whole year to reflect?

    Very good question indeed.

  32. DallasBuc Says:

    Brian- “Lest us not forget that Collins and Dietrich-Smith were upgrades” debatable statement at best but certainly not fact. “Dotson was one of the best right tackles in the league last year.” Says who? I would argue that Penn had a down year last year because he was trying to do too much to make up for the loser guard he was playing next to. Guards matter folks. You act like its a third tight end. Bad guard play will sink your offensive effort and that is a fact.

  33. Nick Says:

    Bucs Fan #237- Your contention is that after a year contemplating the game, Lovie has decided that interior line play is not critical?


    I give up.

  34. DallasBuc Says:


    Nick- do you think they know that our QB and Oline sucksass?

  35. BirdDoggers Says:

    By all appearances it looks like Lovie is headed down the same road. The offensive line didn’t perform well last year so it’s understandable that changes had to be made. The one move that didn’t make sense was trading Zuttah for a late round pick. Zuttah was a proven commodity and versatile lineman. It’s hard to imagine a late round draft pick will replace what Zuttah provided. Maybe with time it can happen, but the draft is a crapshoot. You can’t always go bargain shopping when it comes to the offensive line. Hopefully history doesn’t repeat itself for Lovie.

  36. Orca Says:

    With all the b1tching and moaning, I haven’t heard anyone on any of these threads suggest a solution to the guard question, outside of signing that roidhead/turd Incognito. Why is it that 32 teams don’t think he’s worth signing? He’s not the answer. Trading for Boone? Well, we don’t know if he’s even on the market, and SF is not gonna take chump change for him. Until a better player becomes available, their best bet is to coach the young guys and prepare them to play, and they’re doing that. So, it seems the whiners and complainers are just doing what they like to do. With all the positive changes made to the team, all they can focus on is the guard “crisis” or complaining about Adrian Clayborn.

  37. mike n Says:

    How is collins a sure fire upgrade? He has never played a full season. Why would we trade jermey z ? Why didn’t we offer davin a minimum or cheap contract. We do not have a starting caliber guard and the penetration up the middle will be troublesome. Dukes is spot on. I would have gone guard in rd #3 with the miss st product still on the board.

  38. Buc the Haters Says:

    But, the point is: if we would’ve kept Zuttah and resigned Joseph, we wouldn’t need line help. SMH. The Zuttah move alone makes me question L & L’s judgement; even though I love how we’ve stocked up on talent everywhere else.

  39. Cobraboy Says:

    one quarter of the first PS game with a new coach & complete offense, and “casual fans” hit the panic button…

    If I could buy “TV analysts” opinions for what they’re worth, and sell them for what they think they’re worth, I could buy the Clippers…

    If the O-Line looks like PS#1 in PS#3, THEN I’ll panic…

  40. Matt B Says:

    For anybody to say we are overreacting after one preseason game and that we are Monday morning quarterbacking is simply wrong, wrong, wrong. We have been sounding the alarm all offseason. Last Friday simply confirmed our suspicions. In fact it was worse than anyone could possibly imagine. We’re freaking out and angry because we were RIGHT! Lovie and Licht have NOT been working on this problem all offseason. If you think so, please explain the horrible Zuttah trade.

  41. DallasBuc Says:

    ^^^exactly right!

  42. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Who on earth thought that the multitude of problems that have infected this team could all be resolved in one offseason?

    You don’t take an Dominik abortion and just blink your eyes and have a competitive team.

    Tell you what, if you were still rooting for Dominik after 2012 (4 years in), how about you give these guys a SINGLE season before lambasting them?

    Talk about expecting instant gratification…..

  43. lightningbuc Says:

    Orca Says:
    August 14th, 2014 at 1:19 pm
    With all the b1tching and moaning, I haven’t heard anyone on any of these threads suggest a solution to the guard question


    Before the draft, amongst all of Joe’s avalanche of John Manziel hoopla, many posters on here were hopeful of drafting a quality guard before the 5th round, preferably in the 2nd or 3rd. Instead the Bucs drafted the one thing they didn’t really need – a running back.

    You are right – it’s probably too late now. Needed to be addressed in the draft, which a lot of people knew already back then

  44. lightningbuc Says:

    Orca Says:
    August 14th, 2014 at 1:19 pm
    With all the and moaning, I haven’t heard anyone on any of these threads suggest a solution to the guard question


    Before the draft, amongst all of Joe’s avalanche of John Manziel hoopla, many posters on here were hopeful of drafting a quality guard before the 5th round, preferably in the 2nd or 3rd. Instead the Bucs drafted the one thing they didn’t really need – a running back.

    You are right – it’s probably too late now. Needed to be addressed in the draft, which a lot of people knew already back then

  45. Couch Fan Says:

    We were told this was not a rebuilding year and we should expect to win now. That pretty much implies we should expect instant gratificiation. And who told us this? Lovie himself…. If someone is at fault, its the main man in charge, not the fans.

  46. Bobby Says:

    OK…..preseason games are to evaluate talent. So, what are the odds that L&L are doing just that and if they can’t find someone they can plug in they will get a deal done for Boone? I mean, they actually get paid to do this and they probably are aware that they need guard help. I know that shocks some of you who would like to think they are absolutley clueless but my guess is they are well aware of the problem. WOW! Stunning how panicky Bucs fans are. They’ll get it fixed. I’m sure the Glazers are letting them know they need to get it fixed too.

  47. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:


    The other side of the coin is that the would be attacked if they said the wouldn’t be competitive. It’s a perfect example of coach speak.

    Honestly, no one needed to ask Lovie if they expected to be competitive. All you needed to do is look at the roster when Dom and Schiano were canned. Look at the multitude of terrible drafts. Of trading a first rounder and giving a single player 16mm a year. Of never drafting offensive lineman. On and on……

    The multitude of mistakes of a five year period left the team with about as many important players as fingers on one hand. Little depth at most positions.

    You could have zombie Lombardi, John Madden, and Bill Parcells running this team and it still wouldn’t be ready for prime time after one single off season and draft.

    If it were that easy, all 4-12 teams would become contenders immediately. I wish that were the case. History clearly tells us it’s not.

  48. Matt B Says:

    Bobby, I’m sure they’re working on it too – this week. I doubt they were before though. I truly believe thet they thought Cousins was a good signing for example. I think it’s clear they actually believed they had the talent prior to training camp to put together an adequate line (why trade Zuttah for peanuts and wait so late in the draft to select a guard?). That is concerning since most of us doubted it all along. I just hope it’s not too late to fix it.

  49. Orca Says:

    People talk like Zuttah was a great player or something… Yeah, he would probably be one of our starting guards if he weren’t traded, but it’s in the past now. For all of the positive things L&L have done, some of you are focusing on that trade to conclude they’re incompetent. Complete lack of balance or realism. I know you’re bored, so switch tabs over to redtube or youporn for a while to get your frustrations out, and come back over here with a clear head and a sore wrist.

  50. The_Buc_Realist Says:


    Why switch tabs? Do you not have dual monitors???

  51. owlykat Says:

    Yes a successful OL needs chemistry and good communications; however, that is during the regular season when the other teams are focusing on our film and designing blitzes and stunts and different looks to trip us up. The Preseason, when everything is a lot more vanilla, does not require the level of chemistry and good communication in the Preseason that the real games do. It is more one on one vanilla battles. However, Cousins could not win those one on one vanilla battles and would be useless in real games even worse. Meredith will be fine as a backup once his bad leg heals up. However, I believe the Jace Daniels and Omameh can make a dramatic difference this week, but bear in mind Lindys rates the Miami Defense better than ours, so it won’t be easy. When the season starts it will still take some time to get the kind of chemistry and communications a good OL will have.

  52. Kevin Says:

    I cannot STAND this guy. SOOOOO full of himself. BUT, he is right. IF IF IF the line does not improve and quick and they do not bring in anyone else. We will be in trouble. Not going to panic yet though…

  53. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's locker Says:

    Chef Paul- lmao
    Both kinda true
    Started out as a proffesional musician- in a rock Band
    Now in Business. Frequently with the privilege of working with our Military.

    But I’m at home at the boat, drink in hand
    It’s a pirates life for me

  54. Pruritus Ani Says:

    It’s only been 1 preseason game… See what happens.

    Yes, in the last 3 seasons he was with the Bears, Lovie’s O Line finished in the top 10 …..in terms of sacks allowed….. a horrific statistic.

    However, at least give the guy a chance. It’s a different team with different players and he probably (hopefully) learned from whatever didn’t work in Chicago. We’re not going to know until they actually play some regular season games.

  55. PanhandleBucGuy28 Says:

    I love how all you guys think you can build an entire new team in 1 off-season after taking over a 4 win team!!!!!!! IT IS WHAT IT IS our guard play is sketchy but guess what were already a better team than we were last year and there is no one worth getting out there right now!!! Everyone just sits back and criticizes every freakin move that L/L has made after the fact. Again I say be happy that we have a proven winner at the helm and not a chump from college that never won Sh@!. The way I look at it is that more than 4 wins is a success. I’m totally on board with L/L and y’all should be to. “DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS” one of the oldest sayings in football just ask Peyton and the Broncos if its true. We will have one of the best D’s in the NFL this year and will only continue the get better as a team and as a Franchise with Lovie Smith as our head coach.

  56. PanhandleBucGuy28 Says:

    @Orca is right yall act like Zuttah was a pro-bowler or something!!!! Yeah lets base L/L’s intelligence on one guy that has never made a pro-bowl and no fans outside of Tampa know his name real smart. Yall gonna bit#$ & moan either way, how about supporting your head coach a little bit instead of criticizing every move they make like yall could do better….smh

  57. Bobby Says:

    Look, we may have plenty of time to gripe and moan after the season starts but right now it seems like a huge waste of emotional energy. They don’t game plan, the games don’t count and I remember the year Detroit went 4-0 in the pre-season and the 0-16 in the regular season. If the offense still looks this inept next week then it may be time to circle the wagons but right now I just figure they are well aware of the problem and they are taking steps to take care of it. If it just makes you feel better to be miserable then by all means…..carry on.