Real Football Reveals “More Aggressive” Defense

August 3rd, 2014

Doug Martin weighs in on what he saw from Lavonte David and friends

Real football was played at One Buc Palace today. During goal line work, Lovie Smith gave the tackle-to-the-ground order — the stuff that separates the men from the future bellhops.

And the Bucs defense was dominant.

Doug Martin was stuffed twice, and Joe talked to Martin about what he’s seeing on the other side of the ball.

Martin said the intensity of a game week (Friday night at Jacksonville) and the hunger for roster spots, plus Lovieball has things more jacked up than he’s seen in practice during his career.

“You can definitely tell the defense is more aggressive and a little more physical, definitely at the goal line, than last year,” Martin said. “But both sides of the ball are doing a better job of being physical out here.”

Lovie Smith expressed pride in his defense during his news conference. They clearly won most of their tests.

Of course, that’s both good and bad.

Regardless, there was a nasty streak in the Bucs defense today. Real nasty. Joe sure hopes it lasts.

5 Responses to “Real Football Reveals “More Aggressive” Defense”

  1. Ptwalk Says:


  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    All these good defenses in the NFC south seem to closing in on the caliber of the NFC west division. Add in the Bucs expected improved offense and there should be some hard fought close games in store for Buc fans.

  3. John23 Says:

    NFC south pretty stacked teams

  4. andres Says:


  5. Piratic Says:

    This new offense will continue to struggle against this defense when it’s full contact, imo. I have NO problem with that. The O needs to come together as soon as possible, and going against this very talented D is just the thing.