“Out Of Control And A Little Ludicrous”

August 12th, 2014

Josh McCown 0809So what if Josh McCown’s ball security was poor Friday and he tossed a senseless pick-6, that’s no reason to throw the guy off the St. Petersburg Pier with a football helmet tied to his shoe.

Even a Mike Glennon Mob boss likely would agree.

But alas, some Bucs fans have seen enough.

Jenna Laine, a Bucs reporter for FOX Sports 1 and Sports Talk Florida, asked starting center Evan Dietrich-Smith yesterday what he would say to fans who are doubting McCown so soon. Dietrich-Smith called any such talk “out of control and a little ludicrous” and explained that McCown is the respected commander in chief of the Bucs offense. (You can enjoy his response via the SportsTalkFlorida.com video below.)

27 Responses to ““Out Of Control And A Little Ludicrous””

  1. robert9 Says:

    meh, I saw what I saw. He should have audibled to quick slants if needed. and if not for the pick 6 they would have won the game. Glennon looked more in control pre-snap.

  2. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    What do you expect a teammate to say? There was plenty of blame to go around for that 1st team offense’s dismal performance, and McCown deserves some of it. Throwing up a floater over the middle as you’re falling backwards usually ends poorly for the offense, McCown knows better.

  3. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    The MGM knows, that if the outcomes were reversed, what Joe’s response would have been.

    Of course, the worst outcome would have been if Glennon had “flamed out” and “Panicked” like old man mcCown. and Manziel thrown 3 touchdown for his opener. That would have been the worst out come because Joe would have crowed all season long. He is already crowing because our d-line beat up some Jacksonville slappies!

  4. Joseph Mamma Says:

    That’s what fans do, they get out of control and a little ludicrous. If they did not, then the NFL wouldn’t be such a cash cow, billion dollar business. And guys like Even Deitrech Smith would have to get a normal job. Sheeesh.

  5. teacherman777 Says:

    do you know who would get wide eyed and freaked out???


    do you know who was the WORST leader ever?


    Do you know who loves to party in Miami and enjoy the sugar??


    Do you know is doing the same stuff now?


    Do you know what alcohol does to an athlete??


    Do you know what smoking weed does to an athlete??


    Go ask Ricky Williams or 90% of the Seattle Seahawks! (Best team in the solar system)

  6. lightningbuc Says:

    After reading the title, I thought the article was going to be about NFL player salaries!

  7. louden Says:

    Nothing against McCown, BUT:
    Wouldn´t it be better to let Glennon play simply because he is young needs experience and McCown (if better) couldn´t be sooo much better (career backup).

    Than we can see what we have in Glennon. Because to me Glennon is also just an career backup, So: if Glennon stinks it up, we could draft an Braxton Miller or sth. next year
    If Glennon rocks it however: we migth have our franchise QB.

    Either way: Hoping Brown try to sneak Connor Shaw onto their Practice squad, so that we could sign him. At the very least he would be (great) 2nd string option (competition for Glennon; i dont see McCwon lasting more than 2 years here, at max)

    Go Bucs!

  8. Tom Edrington Says:

    Shouldn’t we simply take a deep breath and see how the second “practice” goes against the Dolphins this weekend?

  9. blind melon Says:

    jeez, I get everyone having an opinion… but there is a lot of dumb in our fan base.

  10. Northend Says:

    It’s Fucking pre season !!

    First game at that.How about a little common sense.Sheeesh

  11. flrocker1 Says:

    @blind melon – agreed

  12. buc'd Up Says:

    Years of being a fan in Tampa will make a person stupid.

  13. buc'd Up Says:

    Years of being a fan in Tampa will make a person stupid.

  14. DallasBuc Says:

    That oline play is “Out Of Control And A Little Ludicrous”. Hard to argue that there is a worse starting oline in the league. Even worse is our terrible starting QB to go with that terrible oline.

  15. RealityCheck Says:


    Do you know how dumb you sound?


  16. Brandon Says:

    RealityCheck Says:
    August 12th, 2014 at 9:42 am

    Do you know how dumb you sound?


    As a an actual teacher, I used to be offended to have Teacherman777 try to associate himself with the people in my profession. However, having taught English for the last 10 years, I actually enjoy the irony of a moron calling himself a teacher and then spouting even more unbelievably moronic babble that only an idiot with think of spewing.

  17. dick2111 Says:

    No doubt in my mind that the first preseason game was scripted to the extent that the coaches wanted to see what they had, especially in the OLine and DLine. Lots of other things that Josh could’ve done (quick slants, etc) but that’s not what the coaches were looking for obviously.

    My guess is that they found out what they wanted to find out. Certain OL guys simply won’t cut it. Time to make some changes (which they have) and move on to the second preseason game. Most if not all of that will be scripted too I’d bet.

  18. louden Says:

    IF McCown starts this season, it means a career backup is better than our supposedly future franchise QB.
    A-Rod had to sit behind Brett Favre – there is quite a difference.
    Some Rookie QBs are coming from strict College systems which make a transition to the NFL difficult – not Glennon.

    All in all and i am not in the MGM: Glennon SHOULD start (he even had a good rookie season).
    Showing what we got in him. Franchise (back-up) QB?

    Lovie said: Competion at every position and McCown was just a starter becuause that you have to have a starting point.
    Cousins also wont start into the season – my beliefe, praying to god.
    Get good compition IF THE BROWNS TRY TO SNEAK CONNAR SHAW INTO PRACTICESQUAD. couldnt hurt to have better players on roster than now (at least better than kafka>> at least valueable compition for Glennon, therefore even starting compition, for Bucs….)

  19. Buccfan37 Says:

    You can call the Jags a crappy team, but they are not. It’s as if most expected a blowout by the Bucs. Welcome to reality, a close practice game loss at their place. Expect another close practice game this week, win or lose it does’nt matter. Just working out the kinks preparing for the real deal to begin.

  20. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    If Glennon stats with this o-line he will be in IR before the Carolina game. But I would love to have Connor Shaw picked up from the Browns PS if possible.

    @Tom – is all the Cafe Con Leche that we need to express at JBF. It’s all good!

  21. Jim Walker Says:

    …and Jacksonville showed only 5% of their defense.

  22. buc4lyfe Says:

    We’ve seen the poise of both these quarterbacks, actually we’ve barely seen mccown play and his career is almost over but I remember Glennon panicking in the face of a pass rush last year with that slow release. Who can forget sliding before a critical first down or running into the end zone and falling down. Glennon may have a higher ceiling but neither qb will get us anywhere because drew brees is the only qb in this division with a good o lin

  23. Couch Fan Says:

    Louden is on point. McCown is exactly what he has always been. Let’s see what we have in Glennon so we can move on if need be sooner rather than later. We are going to have an bad O-Line. Do we want a turnover machine as QB or a statue? I’ll take the statue all day, every day.

  24. DB55 Says:

    The first pass McCown threw to Martin, Myers was wide open as a check down. During the pick 6, VJ was open (drag across the middle) right in front of McCown and Myers was open in the flat. McCown should have thrown to VJ for a first down but didn’t. So all this talk about how well he reads his progressions is inaccurate at best if not total bs. But than again what do I know …. Stupid f* fans. How dare they? I mean its not let they’re paying us. We don’t need them anyway. Shut up and go away fans.

    Crappy game play + televised games = 20k out of control ludacris stupid fans in the seats.

  25. DB55 Says:

    Jim walker points for you sir

  26. Bucsfanman Says:

    Tap the brakes folks! This is preseason game #1, 40 new players, new HC, new OC, new DC. If you thought it was going to be pretty, you were just fooling yourself!

  27. zam Says:

    He’s going to be an interception machine at some point this season because he throws like crap, and then they will force him into the world of the checkdown where Glennon already hangs his shingle.