Offense Coming Along

August 5th, 2014

Still coy about the offense.

It is hard not to get excited about the Bucs offense (!) when you see a monster tight end like Austin Seferian-Jenkins toy with a linebacker like a snake would a trapped mouse.

Of course, Vincent Jackson looks to be in mid-season form and Mike Evans makes an elevated catch now and then to remind people he’s in the mix, too.

The Bucs are still guarding secrets of the Jeff Tedford offense like the Manhattan Project. In this video, Olivia Stacey tries to put the Bucs’ offensive puzzle together with information from Bucs coach Lovie Smith and Tedford offering insight.

2 Responses to “Offense Coming Along”

  1. feelthepewterpower Says:

    nothing new here. we won’t know until game one..

  2. jb Says:

    It certainly would be nice to see an up tempo offense here for once. I thought we might be headed that way until Rutgers felt the need to screw with it. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see an offense to rival the defenses we were spoiled with some 15 years ago.