Notes From Bucs Practice No. 9

August 4th, 2014
Bucs CB Alterraun Verner watches practice from the sidlines

Bucs CB Alterraun Verner  (21) watches practice from the sidelines. Again.

It was thankfully an overcast day at One Buc Palace Monday for Bucs training camp 2014 practice No. 9. The cloud cover on this sticky humid day helped keep the temperatures down.

Tempers flared a bit when a Bucs reserve linebacker decided to try to turn a Bucs running back into a projectile one too many times. Oh, and Austin Seferian-Jenkins is a freak of nature.

* Josh McCown struggling early. He was off on a screen pass and tossed a pick. Makes up for it by hitting Russell Shephard in space for long gain.

* Mike Glennon to Louis Murphy along left sideline has a fan on his feet in glee.

* Alterraun Verner is wearing the dreaded shorts and floppy hat. Again. (That’s six practices in a row)

* Tommy Streeter covered well by Johnthan Banks but Streeter puts a move on him out of a break to give him just enough separation to catch the Glennon offering.

* The tall Bucs receivers are abusing cornerback Anthony Gaitor. Mike Evans with a pretty over-the-shoulder catch (think Jim Edmonds) in corner of end zone from Mike Kafka. Gaitor had no prayer.

* This time Vincent Jackson shames Gaitor.

* Glennon with a beautiful back shoulder pass to Skye Dawson.

* After practice, Joe noticed Prickly Pete Prisco of CBS Sports chasing down Lavonte David.

* McCown in red zone drill has all time in the world. First three receivers covered and dumps off left to Doug Martin for six.

* On spur of moment during water break, Lovie orders field goal teams on field to simulate a field goal with the clock running out. Teams sprint out onto the field.

* Da’Quan Bowers must be hearing Greg Schiano’s voice in his head. He’s not suited up today.

* Stunning news for Bucs fans: Fan favorite TE Luke Stocker not suited up nursing a right leg injury of some sort. His right leg is wrapped in a bandage.

* Jeff Demps? Dropsies. Any day now might be a good time for him to learn how to hang on to the ball.

*Evans with a catch and delivers a major stiff arm on Mark Barron, who flew in to try to make the tackle.

* LB Danny Lansanah with a pick. This guy is worth keeping an eye on in preseason games. Makes a play in every practice it seems.

* Lane Fletcher damn near picks McCown.

* Bobby Rainey tries to run off left tackle and is swallowed up by Lansanah and Will Gholston.

* ASJ against a linebacker? That just ain’t right. Dude just ran away along right sideline like a prized thoroughbred down the stretch.

* Brandon Magee ragdolls Mike James into the water coolers and a brawl nearly erupts. Vincent Jackson got right in Magee’s grill.

* Quinton Pointer with a diving pick of McCown.

* First team D-line getting good penetration on first-team offense.

18 Responses to “Notes From Bucs Practice No. 9”

  1. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    What are your overall impressions of this team, as compared to last year (as well as the last few years)? From what I’ve been reading, I get the impression this is the most talented team we’ve had in a while, or is that just wishful thinking on my part? I know it’s way too early for predictions, but please tell me we can expect a lot more than 4 wins!

    Too early for some sweeping call on the season. –Joe

  2. DHutch Says:

    Joe, I haven’t been hearing a whole lotta good news about Herron and Demps. How do you see their fate on this team?

  3. Joe Says:


    If the two don’t figure out a way to hang on to the ball in the next three weeks, at best, they are bubble players.

  4. Joe Says:


    Much, much, much better offensively if not dangerous. Defense is solid. The offense seems like years better. Of course, this is only practice.

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Thanks Joe! Great work as always!

  6. Michael Quedens Says:

    Joe ,
    I have been told by a few players that they believe L. Hawkins is having a good camp & his experience will pay dividends into the season . You never talk or mention him that must. What’s your thoughts?

  7. Bob Says:

    Wow! Have you seen the Dotson video? I’m guessing he is not impressed with his O-Line mates. He’s already looking for his departure in the future. Not a good sign..

  8. Chris Says:

    Let’s not exaggerate, please. This is an intermittent issue only for some mobile-only readers. –Joe

  9. Joe Says:


    From what Joe has seen, Hawkings hasn’t logged many plays with the first team or second team. That’s a tip off right there. Frankly, he hasn’t made many (if any) plays that jump out at Joe. He’s OK. Generally, OK play when you are on the third team and there are studs on the ladder ahead of you isn’t an advantageous position.

    Of course, the more Robert Herron puts the ball on the ground, the better it is for Hawkins.

  10. Joe Says:


    Please read previous responses to solve the riddle on your end. Joe’s gotten these, too. If Joe knew how to stop them, it would have already happened.

  11. Buc the Haters Says:


    Much, much, much better offensively if not dangerous. Defense is solid. The offense seems like years better. Of course, this is only practice.

    ^^^^ I love this assessment. If this is still true 5 months from now, we’ll still be playing meaningful games. We all know that I think we’re going to the Superbowl this year, right?!? 🙂

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I am thinking along the lines that we should be pretty damn good this year. Last year, we were competitive in most games. In fact, we pretty much gave a bunch of games up due to terrible coaching (how many games did we lose because we sat on the ball with a lead, except for Glennon’s first game, when we aired it out with a lead and backed up against our goal line). Assuming we are more talented (which it appears we are, but you can’t really tell until the season begins), we should be able to win a lot of those games due to the fact that we have a real NFL coach. Not only Lovie, but his staff appears to be head and shoulders above what we’ve had since Gruden was fired. Unlike years past, our players seem to really fit the system (what a concept!). Finally, I think our schedule, albeit not easy, is not as difficult as last year. We don’t play too many cupcakes, but we play a bunch of decent, but not great, teams (Baltimore, Pitt, Washington, Chicago, etc.). If McCown can play well and we can stay relatively injury free, I really believe we are in for a good season. I really don’t know if I can take another 4-12 season without having a nervous breakdown!

  13. Anzac Buc Says:

    Joe – any indication that Goldson has successfully changed his tackling style?

  14. deminion Says:

    @Joe Is ASJ the real deal sure does seem like it from what Ive heard also I’m rdy for preseason I stay in jville thinkin about goin to the game are the Joes’s gunna b there?

  15. Joe Says:

    @Joe Is ASJ the real deal

    In the past three practices, Joe has become a believer.

  16. Joe Says:

    Joe – any indication that Goldson has successfully changed his tackling style?

    Will find out in games.

  17. Jim Halk Says:

    JOE Have you become a Glennon believer? Sure seems you have began writing positively about him and his talent. Bet Steve D will not say one good thing about him even if he toke us to the super bowl. Sure sounds like McCown is having a great camp. Sure wish him the best. He deserves a few good years after putting in the years without complaint that he has. Sounds like a real decent guy.

  18. Joe Says:

    JOE Have you become a Glennon believer?

    Joe is being open-minded. Glennon has to prove it to Joe on the field, which he has not (yet). Suits at One Buc Palace tell Joe that Glennon was hung out to dry by Schiano. So, Joe will be fair and try to be open-minded.

    Glennon plays well, Joe writes positive things about him; Glennon doesn’t play well, Joe wil be critical of him. No more complex than that.