Lovie Not Worked Up About New Rules

August 1st, 2014
Bucs coach Lovie Smith isn't losing sleep over new NFL rules.

Lovie Smith isn’t losing sleep over new NFL rules

There are new NFL rules for 2014, and rules the NFL will enforce a bit more, which the league refers to as “point of emphasis.”

One is the “Mel Blount Rule.”

Never heard of the Mel Blount Rule? It’s where defensive backs can’t touch a receiver once he gets five yards downfield from the line of scrimmage.

It’s called the Mel Blount Rule because it was enacted largely to stop Blount in the 1970s. The Steelers All-World cornerback simply mauled receivers, effectively taking them out of plays before the quarterback even set up in the pocket.

Bucs coach Lovie Smith isn’t worked up about the point of emphasis on corners leaving receivers alone, largely because the NFL is doing its best to help players prepare accordingly.

“It’s an adjustment,” Lovie said. “Not much of one. We had officials, as you’ve probably noticed, at practice yesterday. We had them today and they’ll be there tomorrow. It’s always good to get them there. Tonight, they’ll talk and show a video of rule changes and be able to answer some of the questions that they might have. I don’t think it will be too much of an adjustment for us. And it’s pretty simple – what are the rules? Here are the rules and you have to abide by them. Simple as that.”

Joe was involved in a video presentation by NFL zebras yesterday about the new rules.

Of course, the NFL is implementing many under the guise of safety but, in fact, it is because the NFL is scared of getting its pants sued off; not about enhancing the game. Joe gets that. It is just the sad state of affairs of life in a litigious society. The suits always get in the way eventually.

One rule sure to get fans outraged, largely because of not knowing any better, is that if an offensive player rolls up on the side of a leg of a defender — intentionally or unintentionally — in an attempt to block the defender, then a clip will be flagged.

The video Joe witnessed produced by the NFL made Joe think it would be nice if all NFL teams were mandated to play that video on stadium JumboTrons just before kickoff, to help inform fans of the new rules. Joe doubts that will happen. It would get in the way of piping in promotional videos paid for by corporate sponsors.

In a way, Joe feels sorry for NFL refs. The rules over the past few years are splitting hairs so much, it is almost impossible for an official to have a perfect game, partially due to the speed of the game.

And when is the NFL going to allow replay reviews on pass interference? Those plays are potentially so crippling to a defense there is no logical reason why those plays cannot be reviewed.

13 Responses to “Lovie Not Worked Up About New Rules”

  1. Bob Says:

    It was of started as the Mel Blount rule but let’s no kid ourselves, it’s now the cheating Seahawks CB rule. These guys admitted to cheating and playing illegally knowing the refs wouldn’t throw a flag after every play. I would hope if a blatant foul is happening 5 times in a row, the ref would throw a flag that many times and if it’s as blatant as all that, they should consider throwing the player(s) getting flagged multiple times out of the game.

  2. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    After Seattle completely obliterated the Best Offense in NFL History. Measures had to be made , something had to be done.

    O I got one- lets cough, cough..re-“CLARIFY”…making it illegal for defenders to pull receivers jerseys..smh

    But what about when receivers Jolt & Pull-IN & OUT of breaking routes? Its all good I’m sure the defense will adjust.

    On our way to powder puff football

  3. biff barker Says:

    The Seattle secondary should have been charged with battery last season.

    I’m all for a physical game, but the the zebras need to get consistent.

  4. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    They did the same thing after the Pats mugged the Indy Colts deep in the playoffs. The Colts could not catcg the ball when the pats secondary put them in a full nelson,

    the rules have been in place, the refs just need to call what is in the rule book and stopping letting certain teams get away with it.


    Joe totally agree, replays on PI calls… It HAS to be done ! GO BUCS !!!!!!!

  6. Louis Friend Says:

    Defense wins championships, but offense gets TV ratings – and lawyers win class action lawsuits against employers who don’t do ‘enough’ to protect their people. The NFL is simply responding to their real threats. And losing fans isn’t one of them.

  7. Bob Says:

    Joe I love your site but it’s ridiculous when I’m constantly trying to read your articles and my App Store has to open up asking me if I want to download the Kardashian game every other minute.

  8. gulfcoast Says:

    Bob, I agree….but youre beating a dead horse. The response will be something along the lines of “xxxx number of visitors daily< numbers game mumbo jumbo…."…. I usually have to use a PC and shut off all flash players. From a smartphone, pffft, I gave up months ago once the changes rolled out… But, Go Bucs.

  9. Stanglassman Says:

    I agree with the Seattle cheating juicers and too many rule changes. But I don’t blame lawyers for everything and think the NFL should try to mitigate the systemic traumatic brain injury.

  10. Jim Walker Says:

    Yeah, pass interference penalties win and lose games. They need to be reviewed upstairs, just like scoring.

  11. Joe Says:

    Yeah, pass interference penalties win and lose games. They need to be reviewed upstairs, just like scoring.

    Exactly! No other penalty is so severe to a defense.

  12. Kevin Says:

    Majority of ALL the prime time games last season had ref’s letting things slide. Then you had OUR games where EVERYTHING got called. This is getting worse and worse every year and it will NEVER go away until the league goes away. Sucks. They are running the game. Not the NFL but lawyers and lawsuits. Why are they suing the NFL??? Because they played a game that involved hitting and knew before hand that risk was involved both short term and long term. Maybe that wasn’t written in the right places but it is common sense. Football is losing what makes the game so much fun to watch. Can’t even TOUCH a receiver at ALL after five yards??? This may be the beginning of the end very soon……..

  13. BoJim Says:

    No reviews on PI calls? How can they not???