“I’m Never Happy”

August 17th, 2014

johnthan banks 0824Johnthan Banks is really growing on Joe. The second-year cornerback has a real edge to him.

He plays angry. He talks angry. Heck, Joe can still remember glare on Banks’ face when Joe asked Banks about being named a backup cornerback on Lovie Smith’s initial preseason depth chart.

Banks played his second consecutive good preseason game last night against Miami and, in typical Banks fashion, it didn’t suit him.

“I’m never happy,” Banks said in the locker room.

Last year’s second-round pick went on to talk about how he feels he’s made a huge leap in development from his rookie year to this season. Banks credits maturity and how in sync he his with Lovie Smith.

“The first thing I talked to coach about, when I first met him, his big thing was tackling — tackling, tackling, tackling,” Banks said. “And tackling is one of those ‘want-to’ things. You either want to do it or you don’t want to do it. There ain’t I can’t,’ Banks explained.

“I just put it in my mind, ‘I don’t really care about covering nobody right now. All I’m worried about is tackling.’ My coach in college always told me, ‘If you take care of tackling, everything else will take care of itself.’”

Banks says he’s a football player and that’s why he’s a great fit in Lovie’s defense, despite speculation that he’s not the best fit for the system.

Joe would be surprised if Banks isn’t starting come opening day. It’s hard to image newcomer veteran Mike Jenkins walking on the field after a couple of weeks of wearing a floppy hat and unseating Banks.

Now if the Bucs can get Pro Bowl Alterraun Verner on the field, and legitimately healthy, things could get quite nasty for opposing offenses.


21 Responses to ““I’m Never Happy””

  1. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Of course Bank’s is growing on you. He is a Coach Schiano draft pick!

  2. SteveK Says:

    Add Will Gholston to the impressive Schiano draft picks.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We can also add Tim Wright….not a draft pick, but a Schiano pick nonetheless….

  4. SAMCRO Says:

    “I’m never happy” is a metaphor, because after Banks defended a pass on the sideline where he knocked the ball away by reaching in with his left hand, he seemed pretty happy with himself as he celebrated with enthusiasm. We’ve all heard of coach speak, well, this is the same thing, but only from a player. They can never show the media they are complacent today, because more times than not, in the future, if he falters, the media would hold it against him. If it were me, I would always be gruff, and unsatisfied in front of the media. Only tell them what they want to hear.

  5. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I’m going to miss the Schiano drafts. Hopefully Licht and Lovie can do as well. They may not have picked the guys I preferred in every instance, but that doesn’t mean they are bad players.

    I’m hoping most of them work out.

  6. eric Says:

    Again I am really trying to understand this give the job to a veteran just because he is a veteran nothing against Mike Jenkins but he has been average at best in his career and the probability of him getting better are slim to none Lovie this kid should be starting at one of the corner positions period!

  7. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Pro Bowl alternate Verner

  8. RastaMon Says:

    Banks is a “High Character Man”
    before being a very good football player…

  9. Brandon Says:

    I don’t understand the people that say he isn’t a good fit… this defense is his best fit. He’s a long levered, tough, press corner without great recovery speed…. these traits alone scream, “COVER 2 CB!”

  10. BoJim Says:

    Banks is the man!!

  11. Destinjohnny Says:

    Plus he is from the great state of Mississippi

  12. DB55 Says:

    Just read that banks isn’t a starter? Seriously? Four players have shown they are ready for the regular season: McCoy, David, Vjax and Banks. Everyone else is a work in progress.

  13. Buc the Haters Says:

    Banks will be our franchise corner on that side for a while at some point, IMO…. Good dude, hard worker, physically gifted & talented, student of the game, plays with an edge…. that’s a recipe for long-term Success.

  14. DB55 Says:

    I see banks as a second team all-pro. Call me crazy.

  15. mach Says:

    As much as everyone is going to hate this I think Shimano did a great job as a talent evaluator. L & L should hire him as a scouting consultant, hell they the bucs are paying him anyway. sometimes you just got to do what’s good for the team.

  16. Pawel Says:

    To me, Banks and Melvin look fragile, everytime I see them go for tackles I feel like they will break in half. They look skinny.

  17. Buc the Haters Says:

    Mach, that is actually a brilliant idea. They ARE paying him anyway….. Ask him to come in and earn some of it. I know he still cares about these guys and this team. I talked to him a couple months ago in my vitamin store and I coud tell he genuinely tried his hardest to turn this franchise around andit just didn’t go as planned…

  18. Owlykat Says:

    Love how the Glennon Mob, silenced about Glennon will start at QB by his lousy performances now want to give Stupid Schiano credit for DOM’s pick of Gholston from Michigan State, which never played any Schiano team. I say prove it!!!

  19. Uncle Albert Says:

    Buc_Realist and RastaMon, you are both idiots. Your comments are nothing but negative nonsense. Go have a date and disappear forever. Gracias.

  20. BucfaninMO Says:

    That’s right you are the one that wants the Bucs to sign Tebow. Sure glad you are not the GM. Please brother, put down the crack pipe.

  21. teacherman777 Says:

    @Buc the Haters

    I love u dude!

    You are a good man!

    Schiano DID try his best.

    1.) He drafted great players.
    2.) He toughened up our D. (raheems D’s stopped tackling!!!)
    3.) Schiano was right about Freeman ( A bust comparable to jemarcus russell)
    4.) Schiano was right about Talib, Tanard Jackson, and Kellen WinSLOW

    Schiano cleaned up our team. Lovie is also a coach of high character

    Schiano’s big mistake??